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Hugs for EVERYONE*

*hugs you all* Because today is a day for hugs, and I’m going to run out of spoons if I go putting hugs in everyone’s ask box.

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*who is comfortable with being hugged. If you do not like hugs or are uncomfortable with physical contact, or even just prefer not a hug from someone not a mutual friend, cookies or other snacks suitable for your dietary needs and restrictions.

flower shop AUs

based on things that have actually happened to me working at a flower shop:

  • “someone just died in your family and you came in to order some flowers for their funeral and you’re just crying all alone at the counter and I feel so bad I want to hug you” AU
  • “you keep coming in here and asking for a single red rose and you’re such a regular you just call me on the phone and I have it ready for you when you come in but I’m also very interested who you’re buying all these roses for?" AU (bonus: person B keeps wanting to give the roses to person A but gets too flustered so they just have vases full of roses in their house)
  • "I work here to make some extra money while I go to school and you come in every day, walk around the store, steal a cookie and then leave and I’m starting wonder if you have any food to eat at home so now I’m concerned for your health” AU
  • “the store is dead and I go in the back to water some of the dish gardens and I bust out singing so I don’t hear the door open but when I turn around I see you standing there watching me and you look so good and I’m such a dweeb how could this happen to me?” AU

Get in line at supermarket. Completely inebriated man in front of me jumps back startled when he sees me behind him, turns to the cashier and screams: “OH MY GOD IT’S SANTA FROM THE MOVIE!”, then turns and tries to give me a hug.
Me: “Whoa whoa… whoa… whoa… let’s all remember the first rule of Santa, no one crushes Santa’s milk and cookies or it’s coal forever!”
Man (starting to cry holds out a can of Budweiser): “Santa will you buy my beer for me?”
Me: “You know, I’m sorry but we’re on the wagon since I caught the elves making gin in the bathtub again last week.”

Dating Jeon Jungkook would include:

Dating min yoongi would include 

  • sweet bunny mode when your alone 
  • “Jagiya don’t call me that.”
  • “Oh my gosh you just sounded so cute when you said that!”
  • wanting to be a man for you
  • always watching out for you when your with him in public
  • protective boyfriend 
  • also being a sweet and shy boyfriend 
  • vanilla af
  • never wanting to hurt you no matter what
  • helping him rehearse choreography 
  • singing you too sleep when your stressed out from work
  • “who hurt you Jagiya!”
  • “No one hurt me jun-”
  • “who was it!”
  •  being shy around you at first 
  • taking all his white shirts 
  • “did you have to take that one?”
  • “jungkook you have a drawer full.” 
  • you being the small spoon 
  • constant cuddles 
  • “you look beautiful today.” 
  • surprise hugs when your making breakfast 
  • “kookie I can’t reach the cookies.”
  • the hyungs giving him advice 
  • “wait you haven’t kissed her/him yet?”
  • “no…”
  • Suga telling him he would steal you because he’s min yoongi
  • getting jealous when fans try to flirt with him
  • “your the only girl for me jagi.”
  • him getting jealous when you get cat-called
  • “who said that!”
  • him trying to teach you all the songs and dance moves 
  • “but I want to learn Namjoons part.”
  • “I am much better than Namjoon hyung!”
  • gets salty when he isn’t your bias
  • no doubt he would be shy within the first few weeks of your relationship 
  • you being the one to first approach him.
  • long skype calls when he is away
  • never wanting to leave eachother’s side ever again.
  • fighting over the tv remote and not speaking to each other for the rest of the day. 
  • always play fighting 
  • pillow fights to the death 
  • piggyback rides around the bighit building 
  • management not wanting you to draw any attention to the relationship
  • all the other members being your family 
  • being treated like babies 
  • hating every second of it 
  • “now do you see what I have to deal with.”

(hope you liked it who do you want to see next? :) ) 

hear me out okay napoleon and illya as competitive summer camp counselors

napoleon being the counselor who all the single moms and dads flirt with and who all the angry dads get jealous over

illya being the counselor who all the grandmas dote over like oh my dear grandchild you’re going to camp again how lovely how about you take this box of two dozen cookies to mr kuryakin give him a hug for me won’t you

gaby as the organizer of the events and she just has the front row seat to all of illya and napoleon’s fights and she loves it

napoleon and illya baking with the kids!!!

okay but surely camp means cheers and that also means that illya may have to dance and won’t that be so awkward that it’s actually amazing to watch

napoleon and illya having absolutely nothing to do with the kayaking exercises bc really, after the incident last summer with them falling off their respective kayaks

napoleon and illya glaring at each other across the field bc damn it i’m going to win this game and i won’t be distracted by your shirtless state!!!

napoleon and illya meeting up after lights out and just cuddling and talking about their problem kids and eating all the leftover marshmallows and just falling asleep like that idk im weak

anonymous asked:

Wow guys... that's really sweet to accept something that I've messed up! No one has done that before! *blushes and gives each of you a hug. Probably trips and falls on a couple of you (hence the name)* ~Klutz

Careful, Klutz! Don’t want you to hurt yourself, do we? -Finch

It’s no problem, really! They’s good cookies, anyways! Hardly burnt at all! -Mush

How to Comfort the signs
  • Aries: Let them know they're strong and that they can handle anything if they try.
  • Taurus: As stereotypical as it sounds, make them a home cooked meal or bake them cookies. Surround them in blankets and give them hugs.
  • Gemini: Tell them that you still trust and believe in them. Do something they enjoy with them.
  • Cancer: Sit with them until they're alright again. Take good care of them and wait for the clouds to pass.
  • Leo: Remind them of how great they are, everything they've accomplished, and how much farther you know they can go.
  • Virgo: Get them to breathe and talk them through ways they can sort everything out.
  • Libra: Let them let all their thoughts out and help them weigh their options on the next step. Give them a hug while you're at it.
  • Scorpio: Tell them its okay to let everything out and stop for a moment. Let them know it will pass, and soon.
  • Sagittarius: Give them little bits of wisdom. Let them figure the path out themselves, go along for the ride, and be there for them when they need someone.
  • Capricorn: Tell them nothing can stop them and support them in anyway you can. Believe in them even when they don't believe in themselves.
  • Aquarius: Do what you can to understand them, but don't stay on their back. You may have to sit back and let them figure things out themselves, but don't disappear when they need you.
  • Pisces: Constantly remind them that you're there for them and that you love them. Support them in any way and offer what you can.
Okay but having Tony Stark as a Dad

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Tony Stark as a Father – (keep in mind this is much worse if you’re female)

Originally posted by iwantcupcakes

  • Getting the latest version of EVERYTHING
  • He’s very overprotective; it’s endearing at first but gets old real quick
  • “But dad whyy?” “Because I’m Iron Man, and you’re not.” (This argument is over).
  • He gives great hugs and comforts you when you’re feeling down (wiping tears, forehead kisses, stroking hair)
  • You can’t even stand next to other men. Especially not that fossil Steve. Or Bucky.
  • Peter Parker is OFF LIMITS.
  • All of the Avengers love you.
    • Steve thinks you’re a good sport and gets especially bashful when you tell him how amazing he is and lovingly stroke his shield.
    • Natasha takes you shopping and would kill to protect you.
    • Thor spoils you with hugs, carries you on his lap, gives you cookies and shares his schwarma with you.
    • Clint plays pranks on your dad with you all the time.
    • Bruce lets you help in the lab.
    • Bucky plays with your hair and likes the fact that you aren’t scared or intimidated by him and his arm.
  • If you spend time with someone else away from him for more than 20 minutes, he’ll require constant updates.
  • Cute pet names like “honey”, “pumpkin”, “sweetie”
  • When Steve needs tech support he doesn’t bother with Tony anymore, he goes straight to you
  • Clint jokingly calls you Tony’s “Starkling”

“Thanks, you know, for today.” You said as you walked alongside Dean outside the baseball stadium. “I had a good time.”

Dean looked sideways at you, and seeing the sad look on your face, he stopped in front of you and took your shoulders in his hands, bringing you into him for a long, tight, hug.

You swallowed the lump in your throat as you parted, and Dean kept his hands on your shoulders as he looked you squarely in the eyes.

“You know you always have me, right?” He asked. “I know I’m not your dad, and I can never replace him, but I want you to know that I’m always gonna be here for you; to fix stuff if you need me too, a guy to hang out with at a baseball game, someone to listen to, a shoulder to cry on, hell, if you need me to open a pickle jar I’ll be there. Okay?” 

You laughed, looking to the ground as you brushed a fallen tear away. Dean chuckled too, and put a finger under your chin, lifting your gaze to his. 

“Okay?” He asked again, his green eyes piercing.

You nodded, and a smile slowly spread across your face despite your grief as you looked at him.



Anonymous Request

Team Free will comforts you

This is just a short imagine of how the members of team free will might comfort you if you’re upset, written simply because I’m having a really rough time right now, and I wish any member of team free will was around to care.

Dean: Dean goes into mother hen mode. He hugs you, just really, really hugs you. He doesn’t care that your tears soak his shirt, or what time of night/day it is. He hugs you. Then, he distracts himself to give you some time to work things through on your own, though he’s never far away, doing little things for you he doesn’t think you’ll notice, liking making comfort food, and cookies, and playing awesome music and dancing around to it to make you smile. He’ll also take you down to the gun range and let you shoot off all your anxiety, and then take you out for the greasiest food he can find, and you know this is his way of saying he loves you.

Sam: Sam sits you down, and lets you tell him everything, and nods understandingly, even at the parts that sound stupid, even to you. He listens when you’re so choked up you don’t think you can speak, and when its pouring so hard and fast out of you you feel you’re exploding. Then, when you finally finish, and you start to feel like your load is lighter, somehow, he comes up and hugs you, in that caring way of his, understanding you and there for you. Then he’ll sit and comb out your hair, and style it some very particular way (”It feels nice when people play with your hair” He’ll say).

Cas: Cas first tries to heal you, unsuccessfully, and listens patiently when you explain that it isn’t a physical ailment. When he realizes this, he will keep you company. Cas doesn’t leave you alone for a second, constantly by your side, watching over you. And when the tears spill out of your eyes, he puts a hand on your shoulder, or a hand on yours, to let you know he is still there, and that he cares. Somehow, being watched over doesn’t seem so bad when it feels like your heart is bleeding, or your life is falling apart. Cas will also tell you that he has heard that laughter is the best medicine for humans, and will sit you down and watch those ridiculous, funny shows (you know the ones I’m talking about), until you cry from laughter, not sadness.

All: when they see the smile return to your face, and see how they each helped you, in their own way, they’ll smile at you. Those big, genuine, caring smiles. And you’ll look into those blue, green, and hazel eyes and know, you’re loved, and you can handle anything, because your family has your back.

I have this headcanon that Lily Luna Potter is in Slytherin. I mean, living as the youngest, only daughter, of the Potter household must have taught her at least a little manipulation, don’t you think? Just put on your traumatized face, let one tear out and Albus will get you a chocolate frog. Or if you want daddy to buy you a new doll, bake him some cookies and give him a kiss and a hug, don’t forget to gush about how much you love him. I’m not saying this is necessarily bad, so don’t start getting on my case about how Harry Potter’s daughter couldn’t possibly be evil! How scandalous! First of all, Slytherin is not the ‘bad’ house, I am so SICK of that stereotype. Second of all, even the most ‘evil’ sounding skills can be used for good. For example, pranking. I bet you she’s a HUGE prankster, and almost always gets out of trouble. On a more serious note, I bet she could be a great spy for the light. Third, what does bloodline have to do with opinions and moral? I mean, look at Sirius! Not that I’m insinuating Lily will turn to the Dark Arts, I’m just saying that lineage doesn’t confirm anything. And ambition? Come ON. She’s the child of HARRY AND GINNY for Merlin’s sake. Don’t tell me she doesn’t have a little competitivity and thirst to prove herself (her parents are hailed heroes of the wizarding world and she has two famous older brothers, I bet she feels pressured to live up to the Potter name) in her, because you would be wrong. So in summary? Lily Luna Potter is a badass Slytherin who is a fantastic actress, absolutely adores pranking, loves a good competition, and is completely loyal to her family and free of bloodline prejudice. Take that, Slytherin stereotypes!

Hi everyone! I’ve finally gotten around to doing this at last, mainly because I’m nearing 5k followers which is just- holy shit? Five thousand people actually care about what I have to say and that’s just mind boggling to say the least. I want to make all of you cookies and give them to you with a giant hug.

I’m doing something for all 5k of you too eventually; I mean, I don’t know what it’ll be, but it’s going to be something. Also, I follow so many great people so this is probably just going to end up being a list of people who I follow. Oh well.


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the aesthetics of the signs
  • Aries: Firecrackers, toddlers running and laughing, camping with friends and staying up all night to see the sunrise
  • Taurus: Fresh baked cookies, hugs, walking in New Orleans on a humid night in summer
  • Gemini: Driving on a back road, a cool day in the middle of a hot summer, bright eyes
  • Cancer: Old Hollywood, Winged eyeliner, when you get butterflies just from seeing somebody,listening to Elvis Presley records
  • Leo: Being cast the star in a play, the hottest day of the summer, hearing your favorite song come on the radio for the first time
  • Virgo: Re-reading your old favorite book, telling a story to a group that's giving you their undivided attention, looking cute in glasses
  • Libra: Watching old movies, bad puns that still make you laugh, having the perfect outfit for an event you're looking forward to
  • Scorpio: The first time you do something you aren't allowed to do with a group of friends, late nights spent talking and it becoming morning before you even realize it
  • Sagittarius: Fall, finding the perfect thing of what you've been looking for, being a low key trendsetter
  • Capricorn: Getting coffee at night in the winter, having a whispered conversation with someone at 3 a.m. because you feel like you should be quiet, brown eyes
  • Aquarius: Manic Pixie Dream Girls, meeting someone who's completely different than what you're used to, either bright blonde or dark black hair
  • Pisces: Getting sno cones, talking to somebody who understands you, catching up with an old friend
The signs cheering up their bestfriend
  • Aries: "cookies??? no... cat pictures??"
  • Taurus: Just sleep it off, then I will bring you food
  • Gemini: *writes them a story about their friendship and is all super cute*
  • Cancer: *hugs* "I love you, cheer up"
  • Leo: "you're gunna make me sad bro, cheer up, you're perfect"
  • Virgo: "Stop being a little bitch man up bro.... oh did I make it worse?"
  • Libra: "We can hang out? Wanna play a game? watch a movie? what do you wanna do?"
  • Scorpio: "Oh dude, you'll be okay *give icecream* eat up"
  • Sagittarius: "You need something to take your mind off it... Let's go camping, have some fun!"
  • Capricorn: "awwwwww, cheer up, please"
  • Aquarius: *tells them relatable story that happened to them*
  • Pisces: *send them inspirational quotes and stuff*
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The MBTI types baking cookies
  • ISTJ: According to the recipe book, we need to add 300 grams of flour, 150 grams of butter, 200 grams of su-
  • ENTJ: ISTJ, my recipe is better. Use mine.
  • ESTJ: No, follow MY instructions.
  • ESFJ: Guys, stop fighting... I'll give all of you cookies and hugs after we finish, alright?
  • INTJ: Ew, hugs.
  • INTP: Why squabble over a recipe when you can find them online... *somehow ends up on Wikipedia*
  • ENTP: Who caresssss??? *empties entire packet of sugar into mix*
  • ENFJ: Ohhhh my goddd *scrambles to salvage the batter*
  • ENFP: Ooh, can we add rainbow sparkles to the cookies???
  • ESTP: *turns on mixer to maximum speed* *batter splatters all over the place*
  • ISTP: Goddammit, ESTP. Just let me do it.
  • ISFP: Ooh let's use the flower-shaped cookie cutters! Or make cookie art...
  • ISFJ: Sighs. *takes the batter and bakes the cookies*
  • INFP: Let's eat! ...Wait, where did the cookies go?
  • ESFP: Huh? *looks up with their mouth full of cookie crumbs*
  • INFJ: I knew it.