Παγκόσμια ημέρα αγκαλιάς, λένε σήμερα. Αγκαλιαστείτε μέχρι οι παλμοί σας να χτυπούν στον ίδιο ρυθμό. Δώστε εκείνες τις αγκαλιές που σε κάνουν να θες να σφίξεις τα χέρια σου όσο περισσότερο μπορείς. Αυτές που σου δίνουν την αίσθηση ότι ενώθηκες με το κομμάτι που σου έλειπε. Αγκαλιαστείτε, γαμώτο, γιατί χανόμαστε.

On top of it being Women’s March Day (both Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are in attendance in London), January 21st is also National Hugging Day. After what I’ve been going through with friendship losses, afraid of offending/hurting others online, and growing more uncertain of whatever I post, I strongly need as many hugs as possible. I hope everyone stays safe that are marching out there. As for here, stay safe no matter what. ♥

The world is once again a much more unfriendly and cold place, but we can keep it the opposite by the actions we ourselves do.

The Saturday Morning Hug For All!

This week’s SECOND hug is RDJ tacklehugging Jude Law. A hug which is quiet but endless.

If you have a hug for the universe, feel free to reblog with your own!

hi honeys, just wanted to remind everyone that we have lots of louis & harry things to distract you if you need it, fics, pics, videos, fan art, etc., @harrystylesarchive is still doing harrys birthday charity project (DONATE !!!) also know that you are all so very loved !!! everyone on this blog loves every single one of you that follows us :) and always know louis and harry love you too and everything is going to be okay. ❤ - brenda (admin.)