So last night I was fortunate enough to be able to go down to Dublin and see Andrew Scott in Sea Wall. I did very little research on the monologue because I wanted to come into fresh and I was just blown away. The space itself was a very small performance room, very intimate. There was no stage, no set, so as soon as I walked in, Andrew was just standing there and I sort of just stopped dead and he smiled and continued walking in adorable circles and I managed to find a seat. I was fortunate to sit beside a group of lovely girls (you can follow of them here and here). The performance was spectacular. I wasn’t expecting to be so moved, but Andrew did a brilliant job and in the space of a half hour he broke my heart. It was beautiful. And I got to meet him! He was in a rush after the show, but he was still so nice and stopped to sign our programs and I asked for a hug and he was more than happy to comply and thanked us for being a great audience. Really, he earned his standing ovation and I’m so lucky I got the chance to witness such a beautiful work of art.