Jay Z photographed in the studio with production duo The Neptunes in February 2010. Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams would contribute “Gotta Have It” to Hov and Kanye West’s 2011 Watch the Throne collaboration album.

Not many know that a young Chad Hugo played saxophone on Jay’s 1997 single “The City is Mine.” Teddy Riley, the track’s producer, was the first person to introduce Hov to The Neptunes, which as we know now would result in many, many hit tracks.

(Short) Theory: What if the Riggins Hospital Scene... was in Dirk’s mind?

So, after this post the discord reminded me that there is another interaction with Riggins and Dirk, albeit Dirk is unconscious. This is in the last episode, the last look we have at Riggins. As the audience, we have just seen Amanda leave Todd for her new family - the Rowdy Three. We have just seen Bart and Ken promise to remain together. We have just seen Farah embrace Lydia and embrace herself as a person.

And then, the next scene…

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a professor of mine thinks victor hugo would have disliked his novels being turned into musicals because he'd said his poetry shouldn't be set to music; do you think she's right? for some reason i always figured he'd be at least amused (if annoyed les mis is still so relevant to society today)

I think he’d have more Opinions about the most famous adaptation of his novel being in English than anything else, really :P 

Honestly I’d look at how Hugo talked about Ernani, the opera adaptation of Hernani, on this, but I can’t FIND him talking about it; beyond that he mentions it several times as having been playing on the night of NIII’s coup. Which is frustrating.:/  But anyway yeah, there were definitely examples of people adapting Hugo’s work in his lifetime, and I’d be inclined to look at his reactions there. 

And also  there’s the whole thing where prose and poetry were not the same! Like, to him, and to that branch of Romantics in general. So that might have made a difference!

For lack of being able to find anything more specific about his reaction to musicals, I’d look to his speech to Congress of Literary, Industrial and Artistic Property in Paris in 1878.    Where he says 

Create a system of literary property, but at the same time, create the public domain! Let us go further. Let us expand the idea.  The law could give to all publishers the right to publish any book after the death of the author, the only requirement would be to pay the direct heirs a very low fee, which in no case would exceed five or ten percent of the net profit. This simple system, which combines the unquestionable property of the writer with the equally incontestable right of the public domain was suggested by the 1836 commission [on the rights of authors]; and you can find this solution, with all its details, in the minutes of the board, then published by the Ministry of the Interior.

The principle is twofold, do not forget. The book, as a book, belongs to the author, but as a thought, it  belongs – the word is not too extreme – to the human race. All intelligences, all minds, are eligible, all own it. If one of these two rights, the right of the writer and the right of the human mind, were to be sacrificed, it would certainly be the right of the writer, because the public interest is our only concern, and that must take precedence in anything that comes before us.  [Numerous sounds of approval.]But, as I just said, this sacrifice is not necessary.

It seems Hugo, while an advocate of author’s writes, was  also an early advocate of Public Domain as a concept based on people being able to access ideas,  especially after the (literal) death of the author , so that’s probably relevant to adaptations of his work. 

Would he have actively enjoyed the current musical? Friend, I cannot say; art styles and emphasis have changed so much in the intervening century-and-a-half.  Possibly he’d hate it for not being anti-Napoleon III enough. Maybe he’d really love Tiny Cosette. I do not know! But Hugo had SO many opinions from so many directions over the course of his life that I’d be really hesitant to just say “he’d hate it” OR “he’d love this particular thing” –the answer HE gave might well have depended on When You Asked. But there’s some things to look into about it! 


1961 Cadillac Fleetwood by Greg Gjerdingen
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28th Annual Pig Roast & Car Show September 20, 2015 Northern Lights Car Club Blacksmith Lounge Hugo, Minnesota Click here for more car pictures at my Flickr site.

“Though know I’ll have questions, like how the hell this a-hole came to know I was doing anything when I’ve never met him in my life. You sure are good at keeping secrets, Lau.” Parker sighed, regarding the three with a bit of scorn. He needed their help on this. 

“For now, lay low. Keep police off our heels. If this goes anything like LA, I’m going to need to have a task force getting civilians to safety. Let’s hope we can prevent that, gentlemen.”

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So long as there shall exist, by virtue of law and custom, decrees of damnation pronounced by society, artificially creating hells amid the civilization of earth, and adding the element of human fate to divine destiny; so long as the three great problems of the century—the degradation of man through pauperism, the corruption of woman through hunger, the crippling of children through lack of light—are unsolved; so long as social asphyxia is possible in any part of the world;—in other words, and with a still wider significance, so long as ignorance and poverty exist on earth, books of the nature of Les Misérables cannot fail to be of use.

Victor Hugo

«Tant qu’il existera, par le fait des lois et des mœurs, une damnation sociale créant artificiellement, en pleine civilisation, des enfers, et compliquant d’une fatalité humaine la destinée qui est divine ; tant que les trois problèmes du siècle, la dégradation de l’homme par le prolétariat, la déchéance de la femme par la faim, l’atrophie de l’enfant par la nuit, ne seront pas résolus; tant que, dans de certaines régions, l’asphyxie sociale sera possible ; en d’autres termes, et à un point de vue plus étendu encore, tant qu’il y aura sur la terre ignorance et misère, des livres de la nature de celui-ci pourront ne pas être inutiles.»


Hugo`s thoughts: “Oh god, stop doing it plz, I`m only 4 y/o and I`m already tired of it”

*feels really bad*
*draws silly fluff for Family/Future AU*
*can live, at least, one week*

Im such a trash…….