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Bro, my dude, have you ever drawn Friedkin? I'm regrettably in love with his stupidly handsome face, and him in your style would probably give me a heart attack of the best kind ;-; (no obligation at all, just know that if i could, I would marry your art style ;;;;-;)

This took me way too long, considering it’s not that much, but drawing characters for the first time is always hard. And i only drew him for you, I still hate his guts and want to set him on fire! 

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His prompt is more about them and their sons. The prompt is father son bonding (between either Damien and Ernest or Hugo and Lucien)

The slow-moving merger of the Bloodmarch and Vega households had been, to put it kindly, not going so hot. Most of the conflict boiled down to Hugo and Damien’s sons.

Lucien hadn’t minded it all so much, and Damien was proud of him for that. The teen was rather resilient and had once or twice, unprompted, told his dad how glad he was that Hugo had come along.

Ernest, on the other hand, had taken the news well until Lucien started sneezing. In fact, Lucien’s mild allergy to dogs meant that the actual households could not, in fact, merge. And this unspoken tension over Ernest’s canine friend had made him angry, bitter, and resentful. A combination which had boiled over at dinner one night some weeks later and resulted in a lot of swearing, yelling, and Ernest storming out of Damien’s house.

“Are we doing the right thing?” Hugo asked quietly as Damien escorted him the several steps back to his home that evening. “I worry we’re being too selfish…trying to do this…”

Damien sighed softly. “Frankly, I’m also quite uncertain.” They stopped in front of Hugo’s front door. “But I’m unwilling to entertain the thought of defeat. There must be a compromise that can be made somehow.” He slid his palm along Hugo’s cheek in a gentle caress, and Hugo turned his head to kiss Damien’s wrist.

“I’ve only been sure of two things in my life. That I love my son, and that I love you.” Hugo murmured against Damien’s smooth skin, feeling the quickening pulse beneath his lips. “You really think we can work as a family?”

I know it.” Damien whispered confidently.

They kissed goodnight, and Damien walked back to his own home - but he tossed and turned all night, wondering how he was going to back up his promise of certainty.

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My old sketches of brick!Javert and brick!Valjean as I imagine them. Jean Valjean is on his way to Digne. Javert… I just drew him as a prison guard in the Bagne of Toulon.

In fact Javert must look younger in the 1810′s. He was in his thirties when Valjean became a parolee. It’s more like you can see a M-sur-M-era or even Paris-era Javert in his old uniform on my sketch, not real Toulon-era Javert, haha.

…I wonder if anybody remembers that brick!Javert has an upturned nose. I like this detail about his appearance for some reason.

“You would have said, seeing the thoughtful reflection of his eye, that he had already, in some preceding existence, been through the revolutionary apocalypse. He knew its tradition like an eyewitness. He knew every little detail of that great thing.”

i havent drawn enjolras in soo long !! i always drew him with his associated colours (reds) but idk i wanted to try something diff?? it almost feels kinda refreshing :-)

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heyy sono ancora in tempo per chiederti un Enj in #149 o un R in #78? i tuoi disegni sono stupendi, complimenti!! grazie✌

Hiii!!!!! Sorry if it took me so long, I’m really sorry!

alla fine ho fatto solo un doppio R, Enj mi si è cancellato tipo tremila volte e a quel punto ho capito che nè photoshop nè hugo volevano che disegnassi enj
Spero ti piaccia, grazie mille per avermi mandato un messaggio e per i complimenti, davvero singificano tanto <3

translation: in the end I only drew a double R, photoshop crashed a thousand times while I was drawing Enj and clearly nor PS, nor Hugo wanted me to draw him
Hope you like it!! Thanks you so much for requesting and for the compliments, it really means a lot <3

tried to do some messier coloring?? drew my lovely boyfriend*, Hugo!!! This is from the first date with him! hope I did it justice! :0c
I’m hella proud of this, and @pnkboylars said I could tag them so /)////(\
(*note: not actually my bf, character from Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.**)
(**note: don’t judge it by its name its actually a rly good game.)

[[Image Description under the

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Three Gators for Gon’ E-Choo’s 3rd Anniversary Today.

Above: A boastful inkwell type gator by Sheen.  Yes, of “Bedfellows” fame.  I can’t show you the first one he drew of Gator and Otter wrassslin’ (Gator was winning).

Hugo’s rendition of Casey from the recent Foggy Fox comic strip run.

Gator of Clay from Tomorrowsphere.

My office is becoming a who’s who of my favorite artists on tumblr. The latest addition is an Erwin Smith pencil drawing gifted to me by my wonderful and talented friend 50plusotaku

(more photos below the cut, because when I show off, I REALLY show off :D)

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Drew some Hugo to de-stress. I don’t know why, but it always helps to do so for me. It also always starts off with him super crycry, and then leads to pictures of him much less crycry. Get out the sad, then bring in the happy by giving him what he really deserves: A big happy family of his 3 surogate dads……like it should have been…..