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What would Hugo's relationship to his parents be like?

I think Hugo would have an okay relationship with his parent. I think mostly his mother more than his dad. I see his dad very stern and is set on rules and tradition while his mother is more free going and understanding. “Do what your heart wants.” She would tell him all the time.

He loved reading more than anything. To the point he would lock himself in his room or in the library just reading and it concerned it parents. They wanted him to make friend but he strongly believed all the friends he needed were found in the stories he read. Maybe Father Vega did something drastic in an attempt to help Hugo but in the end hurting him. Like taking his books away. Maybe tearing one up and Hugo begs him not to. Afterwards he sees the damage he caused and Hugo explains why he loves books so much Father Vega understands and apologizes. Christmas that year he buys Hugo every book he wants. Which was about 20+ books.

I think his father would have been disappointed in him when Hugo told him he was gay. He would have told his mother first who was shocked but glad he told her. The hard part was telling his father. When he was informed Father Vega sat there in silence. Thinking. Pondering. Like Mama Vega he would be shocked. He would try to understand. Ask questions, become informed. Father Vega tells him that he doesn’t really understand but will try to. He loves him and will always support him. When his father told him this Hugo was over joyed and felt a stronger connection with his father. Years later Father Vega still asks him questions about LGBTQ+ related topics that he will read in the newspaper or online. Hugo is happy to talk about it.

I think they would have been proud he became a teacher. Being a teacher his hard work and having the weight of passing down knowledge to the younger generation in his parents eyes is an honor. They ask him constantly about work. And though he sometimes when it’s a bad day he doesn’t want to talk about it he is more then willing to share because he knows how proud they are of him.

They love Ernest and are constantly sending him presents. Ernest likes them too but doesn’t like it when grandma Vega gets too touchy and cuddly. Grandpa Vega he likes though. He calls Ernest chief and Ernest calls him sir. When they were told that Hugo was getting a divorce they were upset for him and supported him the whole way through. Though Father Vega was serious and level headed he knew son needed his father at this time so he made frequent calls and visit to check up on Hugo.


They love Dadsona! It takes a while for them
to warm up to him but they can see how much Hugo cares for him and that’s all the matters. Hugo would be nervous the first time they all meet. Father Vega remembers Hugo the last time his heart was hurt and so he make it very clear to Dadsona not to break his sons heart or he will break Dadsona. And he means it too. They all meet up from time to time for trivia and they compete as separate teams. Both Hugo and Father Vega are very well informed so most of the time they take over and Mama Vega and Dadsona would sit back and watch.

“Wanna see some baby pictures?”
“Heck yeah!”

No dad points for this one.