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(via O Mundo é a Tua Casa - YouTube)

A história do melhor do mundo contada com a tecnologia de hoje. Com a Smart NET do MEO podemos usar todas as nossas apps preferidas sem barreiras …porque o mundo é a tua casa. O mundo é MEO.

The history of the world’s best told with today’s technology. With MEO Smart NET we can use all our favorite apps without barriers … because the world is your home.
The world is MEO.

P.S.: There are English subtitles

Treat You Better

A/N: I’ve been working on this forever, so it’ll feel great to finally post it.For the people waiting for it, this is the Leadership Conference AU. 

I would like to dedicate this to @allenting, because A) It was her idea B) She literally has no idea how much she inspires me and C) I love her.

All characters are fictional. Any resemblance to a real life person is purely coincidental.

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Get To Know The DHMIS crew! (PT 1)

this dude is baker terry a think a fair number of you guys are familiar with him because he voices a lot of the puppets and he’s also one the head writers for the series! baker also use to be a teacher and he use to teach year 5!

this guy here is hugo donkin! hugo is a cinematographer and producer. he’s worked on nearly every project with becky and joe (even commercials). hugo is currently producing this monthly web series called 2016 year friends which you can find on vimeo!

this is joe’s brother charlie pelling! charlie works with joe on the music for the series. he also makes his own music as well!