One More Chance (hug-master-katara | but-youcalledmehere)

Aang was busy playing around with waterbending when his daughter came up to him and asked him how to do what he was doing.

“Well Kya, this is called streaming the water. Basically you keep the water in one fluid motion. letting it hover in the air for as long as you can…”

He watched as she took water in her hands and moved it fluidly, almost instantly getting it, not unlike the time Aang was first learning from Katara. Those were the days. Now they were a family, with two wonderful children, but Aang felt something was missing. They decided when they married they wanted three children. They loved Kya and Bumi, but Kya was a waterbender, and Bumi not a bender at all.

Their anniversary was approaching and Aang had a romantic evening planned for the two of them, and it could begin as soon as Sokka and Suki came to pick up Kya.

A few minutes after playing with Kya, he saw Sokka out of the corner of his eye, and he took her with him back to their house. Now it could begin. Their one special night, that would change their lives, and even the world. 

Dear other Katara roleplayers ((an ooc post))

I want to get to know you and I think we should get together and fangirl and discuss Katara 

then we should gather all our Katara’s up and have them in a party together and see how they would react….

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