Wirklich österreichische Fragen

Ich hab ja schon mal eine Österreich-gethemte Fragenliste gemacht, aber ohne die Fragen auch inhaltlich auf Österreich zu beziehen. Aber jetzt gibt’s wirklich österreichische Fragen. Nicht-Österreicher dürfen natürlich auch rebloggen!

  • A: Aus welchem Bundesland kommst du?
  • B: Kaffeehaus oder Coffeeshop?
  • C: Lieblingssongcontestsong aus Österreich?
  • D: Was hältst du von Kabarett/Kleinkunst?
  • E: Ironischer Lieblingssongcontestsong aus Österreich?
  • F: Hast du schon mal “The Sound of Music” geschaut, und was hältst du davon?
  • G: Hast du eine Mitzi Tant’?
  • H: Meinung zu Austropop?
  • I: Sprichtst du nach der Schrift/Standarddeutsch?
  • J: Schreibst/textest du in Mundart?
  • K: Apfelstrudelrandstück oder -mittelstück?
  • L: Was hältst du von Dirndln, Lederhosen, und Tracht allgemein?
  • M: Was sind die lustigsten Klischees über Österreicher?
  • N: Nova oder Frequency?
  • O: Viel wichtiger dieses Jahr: Nova oder Regenbogenparade?
  • P: Wie gut kennst du “Rock Me Amadeus” auswendig?
  • Q: Was ist deine Lieblingsverwendung des Wortes “Oida”
  • R: Warum verbringst du deinen Tag auf tumblr dot com, wenn du stattdessen an der frischen Luft unsere wunderschönen Berglandschaften genießen könntest?
  • S: Schrecklichster Songcontestsong aus Österreich? 
  • T: Wie viele hart arbeitenden Bifie bzw. Bildungsministeriumsangestellte braucht man, um eine Zentralmatura zusammenzustellen?
  • U: Kennst du den Film “Müllers Büro”?
  • V: Wenn du eine eigene Partei gründen könntest, wie würdest du sie nennen und was wäre das Programm?
  • W: Bundesheer oder Zivildienst? 
  • X: Gehst du gerne ins Theater oder in die Oper?
  • Y: “Servus”, “Grüß Gott”, “Grias di” oder “Guten Tag”?
  • Z: “Servus”, “Baba”, “Pfiat di”, oder “Tschüss”?
  • Ä: Was hältst du von Patriotismus? 
  • Ö: Hast du als Kind Forscherexpress geschaut?
  • Ü: Was sind die schlimmsten Deutschen™ Wörter?
  • ß:  Magst du Mehlspeisen als Hauptgericht?


10. T H E  H U G


So. John confesses he cheated. Ghost Mary is standing, listening. Sherlock notices that John sees Mary, he stays quiet, he listens. He has tears in his eyes. He sees his best friend, the most important man in his life, suffering, blaming himself, being torn apart by his inner demons.

And John talks. John talks about everything, about ‘the stupid daisy’, about texting while Mary was taking care of Rosie… Says he is not the man who she thought he was. But he wants to be that man. “ Who you thought I was… is the man who I want to be”

Inner John: Well, John Watson… Get the hell on with it”

John breaks. He breaks so hard, he covers his face with one hand and his tears are dropping on the floor, he’s sobbing, crying mess (in this place… Martin should get all the rewards for this scene. Really, no comment needed).

AND THEN SHERLOCK GETS UP FROM HIS CHAIR. He’s never done that before. He is no that kind of person, he would never do this for anyone else. But it’s not ‘anybody else’. It’s John, his John. Sherlock can feel safe, can do what his heart says he should.

He approaches John.

Moves his hand up Watson’s back

Puts his hand on the back of John’s neck.

Slides his fingers on his right arm and starts rubbing, comforting John.

“It’s okay”

“No, it’s not okay”

“No… but it is what it is”

John is so smol in his arms, like… God… I cannot watch this scene without crying so loud my mom asked me once if I’m okay, maybe I’m hurt? This was so beautiful, I am crying because this is all I’ve ever wanted. They finally opened for each other, they got close… They felt how it is to be in each others’ arms… They feel safe now.

It’s such a big step for them both, I feel we’re on the right path I hope TFP will have kiss included, because if not…

I have this image in my head of Mary being killed in the next series and after it happens John doesn’t say a word.For days he just doesn’t say anything.He just walks around Baker street making tea and staring at his computer,never talking.Sherlock would also just say nothing and watch his every move because he instinctively knew it wouldn’t be like this forever.In the middle of the night after about a week,Sherlock is woken by a noise and goes into the living room to investigate. John is just standing there having wrecked everything,breathing heavily,shoulders stiff and fists clenched.Sherlock very assuredly just walks right up to him, pulls him close and bear hugs him until he breaks down and cries into the collar of Sherlocks housecoat.

Sherlock would simply say:

“Let go John.I’m here.I’ll always be here for you John.Let go.”

20 questions tag

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Name: Veronika
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Zodiac Sign: scorpio
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Orientation: bi
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Fav Fruit: blackberries
Fav Season: spring
Fav Flower: daisy
Fav Scent: one of my best friends’ perfume
Fav Colour: blue, pink
Fav Animal:  all of them
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa:  I don’t like hot cocoa, but I can’t really decide between coffee and tea, sorry :D 
Average Hours of Sleep: either 1-3 or 8-12
Fav Fictional Character:  Minerva fucking McGonagall
Number of Blankets You Sleep With: one
Dream Trip: space
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S - stop children what’s that sound by buffalo springfield
T - tell mama by janis joplin
A - a case of you by joni mitchell
V - vo slavu velikim by arkona
R - riders on the storm by the doors
O - orkiestra dęta by pogodno 
G - gorzki płacz by kazik & kwartet proforma
I - i’m a stranger here by richie havens
N - nim wstanie dzień by strachy na lachy
O - obcy astronom by republika
V - vokuro by bjork
A - addicted by amy winehouse

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shes not racist for being a black person complaining about her oppressors - white people.
straight ppl can deal with a post on tumblr if lgbt ppl deal with all the horrible things ive listed. and if they cant handle it bc their poor feelings are too sensitive from NEVER being the butt of the joke and the ones to be treated unfairly to be completely fucking honest i could not give less of a shit.

also badchubbybunny or whatever is a fucking racist islamaphobia ass so their opinion is a pretty bad moral compass.

Tumblr Tuesday:  Accurate Crushes Edition


I hardly ever follow all of my crushes and I hardly ever recommend anyone because too many of you are too fabulous, so this is a big deal. If you are not following these quality ladies, I recommend you remedy that immediately. I cannot ensure that you will never be disappointed, but I have yet to be, and I am a disappointionist.

you know what makes me cry a little bit inside

when i go through the people I follow (this is something i don’t v. often) and realize someone i loved moved! like, I NEVER NOTICE THESE THINGS. WHY. 

and then i have to stalk their blogs, making up for the time i haven’t seen them on my dash.

I don’t like this at all. Come here, let me love you. 

Also, while I’m at this theory rant, IF Sherrinford and Euros are actually the same person, how would Mycroft be getting regular updates about her, while she’s freely roaming around, pretending to be different people and even spends a whole night with one of her brothers (while the other one is watching them on surveillance cameras)? Shouldn’t he have noticed that she was gone from where she was supposed to be “locked up” and more importantly, wouldn’t he recognise her while she was with Sherlock? Unless they haven’t seen each other in a long while, then maybe it makes sense.

Mycroft’s been shady as fuck this season. I don’t like it. 

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The thought I can’t get out of my head since seeing TLD is what the hell happened in the Holmes family while the siblings were still young, that would make Euros a psychopath (in a way), Sherlock try to cut his emotions off and Sherrinford being locked up somewhere, with Mycroft being the only one getting updates.  What did these siblings do to each other? Why do Mr. and Mrs. Holmes never mention Euros or Sherrinford at the Christmas dinner?

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