Note of advice

After i finish my last 2 Oc’s for my asks, blog
Ill go back to drawing tomtord
Im gonna attemps to do tordtom asks (in sketch/or paper if i have good lighting )
As well as My Oc asks (in color/or sketchs) both at the same time,.
I can hughly predict tordtom ask woul fet more attention, but dont worry it doesnt/won’t bother me ,honestly.


• your first impression of him was woW HE LOOKS SO CUTE AND SO COOL AND HE DANCES SO WELL OMG
• and the second he saw you he had the sudden urge to go up to you and cuddle bc u were cuTE but no, that’s weird minghao.
• when it came to asking you out he missioned himself to choreograph a dance for you and he refused ANY help from hoshi hyung bc tHIS NEEDED TO COME FROM HIS BRAIN AND HIS HEART OK OTHERWISE HOSHI HYUNG WAS ASKING U OUT ORETTY MUCH
• and he’s like ok ok chill
• legit for the period of time, the chill minghao that everyone knew and loved was gone and was replaced with savagehao lol
• then when the time came the members like dragged you to this empty room with a stage and u legit thought u were being kidnapped and u were about to call the police when the stage lit up and there was cool cutie minghao standing in the middle and he began to dance.
• like he started dancing and moving at the same time and at the end of it all he ended up in front of you and he took a rose out and was like, ‘will you go out with me’
• and he gets sooooooooo happy that he just picks u up right there and hugs u so tight
• took you to china town for ur first date bc u needed to have a taste of how great it was to be chinese
• went to every shop and stall there was even if it was boring bc u were with Minghao and he makes everyThing fun and exciting aw. ate in every stall and restaurant and pretty much ate and ate the whole day bc Minghao constantly insisted that one more bite wouldn’t hurt what a cutie
• and bought everything you looked at bc 'it was a souvenir’ and u were like 'we can always come back next time’ and he just got so happy bc THERE WAS GONNA BE A NEXT TIME U WANTED FO SEE HIM AGAIN!!!!1!1!11!!!!
• it was a really fun fun day and it was even better bc u were with him :))))
• calls u babe and all those cool as names and when u look at him he doesn’t look fazed by it at all and ur like WUD ?? ur a mess on the ground and he’s so chill ??????
• ooo first kiss !!!111!1! pretty much was teaching you some martial arts move and u fell and he caught u so swiftly and smoothly and ur faces were sO CLOSE AND THEY JUST GOT CLOSER UNTIL MWAHHHHH
• ^^ smoothhao
• is all for skinship yall, likes to hug u from behind and rest his head on ur head and wrap his arm around ur shoulders and everyone’s like oo minghao u good bf
• but u just stand there, as red as a tomato
• has a habit of rambling in chinese, whether it’s out of frustration or excitement he wil start to ramble in Chinese and ur like bABE I DONT KNO WHAT UR SAYING and he’s like oH OOPSIES
• but loves every hug bc he’s that cuddly sorta person
• starts to pout like a freaking puppy when u don’t give him the attention and affection he needs, will probably start to whine and tug on ur arm until I finally give in and love him yay
• likes (more like loves) the number 7, when he gets asked to pick something he’d pick the one that lines up with number 7. like there’s no other special significance, it’s just COZ he likes the number seven
• ^^ sweethao
• likes to shop, a lot.
• “jagi, let’s go shopping!”
• “but we just went yesterday?”
• “one can never get enough of shopping.”
• dislikes the feeling of being hungry, like nobody does but minghao takes it to the extreme. one missed snack time and he’ll start whining and saying he’s gonna die, and starts saying his dying speech and everyone’s just like stOP OVERREACRING and they chuck food at his face.
• will also get v v v v v grumpy if he’s ignored after whining non stop and will like pout hardcore until you give in bc everyone else doesn’t care if he’s mad they ain’t buying food.
• “this, is why I love you.”
• secretly sneaks down to the kitchen in like 2 in the morning to have a midnight snack and every morning you wake up and is like where’s all the cereal gone and minghaos just sitting there with this innocent face and is like “i dunnoooo”
• ^^sneakyhao
• has an addiction to bboying, he will bboy to any song that’s playing. even if it’s a slow dance song he will somehow make it work and even if you turn off the music it won’t stop him, he’ll just keep going without a care in the world and ur just like wow
• but like at the same time he loves couple items he thinks they’re adorable, especially w u ;;_;;
• when it comes to jealousy, he is all seriousness guys. like for reals, no adorablehao in this one. he doesn’t like the feeling of jealousy, and he certainly doesn’t like the sight of anyone trying to get with you. he’ll go up to the person and tell him square in the face that he doesn’t like the way they’re acting towards you and suggest they stop if they do want any trouble from him aw
• ^^herohao
• your phone background is a collage of the two of you the time you guys went into one of those photo booths where you can decorate the pictures in the end and at first you two were just pulling funny faces at the camera but then he kissed you on the cheek and you were red and flustered and you looked so surprised when the photo came out aw
• but he literally told you to go away bc he can decorate the pictures thank u v much
• his phone background is a photo of you with his parents. it was one of the times hat they visited, why wouldn’t he take a photo of it? it was the three people he loved most out of the world in one picture!!!
• sometimes wakes u up so early in the morning bc he’s hungry and he can’t miss a meal and ur just like WTH DO U WANT ME FOR??!!!1! and he’s like “i want company.”
• refuses to teach you bboy moves bc he doesn’t want you getting hurt and he literally scolded you when he saw you try and attempt a move he did (although he does admit you looked adorable trying) and you got all pouty but MINGHAO WAS LIKE NOPE NOT EVEN THAT BEAUTIFUL FACE CAN CHANGE MY MIND SRRY NOT SRRY
• but u know it’s bc he cares about u :))))
• sends you to sleep by picking you up and dropping you on the bed and burying his face in your neck and cuddling u til you sleep
• wakes u up by pulling the curtains open and jumping on the bed, this boy is literally a ball of energy in the morning and ur like ?? get down from the ceiling Spider-Man
• being a dancer for seventeen, especially the dancer that does all the flips and such, is very dangerous and very worrying for you. you often make trips to the hospital bc Minghao had been injured, or had overworked his body and had fainted from fatigue. it makes u rlly sad but it makes u even sadder when the second he’s better or the second he can walk he’s right back to dancing and practicing and u know he shouldn’t be training this hard :(((
• but he says he needs to get better all the time
• but he’s already amazing as he is ;;_;;
• first argument with minghao? not quite sure what the topic would be tbh, but it’s gonna be a pretty bad argument if it got him mad since he rarely ever feels that way. however the second he sees your eyes water he knows he’s gone too far and immediately say sorry
• “iloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyou.”
• xu minghao, your cuddly boyfriend. your cuddly sweet boyfriend. your cuddly, sweet boyfriend who could kick someone’s ass if they’re bothering you. your cuddly, sweet, kickass boyfriend who cares and looks out for you and whom your ever so lucky to have gotten. your cuddly, sweet, kickass boyfriend who is constantly wondering how in the world did he get lucky enough to have you, the boyfriend that will be by your side forever, no matter what, the boyfriend who you love and who damn well loves you back.
• “ //sends finger heart, hand heart, foot heart//” -minghao~

Royai Drabble

Riza opened the door and expected to be swarmed by her family, but instead she stood in the entranceway and was greeted by complete silence.   That…was not a good thing.  In fact, it was hughly improbable and possible catastrophic.

She set down the bag of groceries and took off her shoes, then slowly made her way down the hall to the living room.   She reached down to lift her skirt up to have access to her pistol if needed, but as she looked around the corner she relaxed and let the hem drop back down.  She needed her hand to rub over her eyes and made sure she wasn’t just imagining this.   When she opened them again, she was greeted by the same sight and let out an exasperated sigh.

Her baby was laying on the floor sucking on a dog bone while her husband lay sleeping a mere two feet away.   Maes was slurping and gurgling as he gummed the soup bone that she gave Hayate earlier and seemed to be oblivious to anything but his replacement pacifier.   Meanwhile his father was stretched out next to the couch on the floor, his head resting on the dog bed and he had a puppy asleep on his head.   Meanwhile Hayate and Bianca were sound asleep on the couch, enjoying the time away from their pups.  

She wanted to be angry that Roy neglected his duties as a babysitter again but she knew he was overworked and exhausted when she ran to the store for groceries. She should have seen this coming when she saw how tired he was when he got home, but she hoped he could stay alert for a mere hour while she got dinner.   She smiled as Falcor, the little all white pup perched on Roy’s head, stretched and his back paw landed on Roy’s nose as the front paws draped across his forehead.     The rest of the pups were eaither curled up in his uniform jacket that had been tossed on the floor, or were laying on his pant cape.  

She leaned out of the doorway a moment and went to grab the camera.    Moments like these were certainly not going to end up in some parenting magazine, but still were treasured moments for their family album.   She grabbed the camera and made sure everything was in frame and perfect before pressing the button, as she was going to get only one chance to get this before everyone realized Mom was home.

The flash went off and almost immediately dogs were airborne and flying off the couch.  Hayate and Bianca knew they weren’t supposed to be on the furniture, Roy did a wonderful job of spoiling his dogs even though they were supposed to be ‘servants of man’.    The pups stirred and Maes let out an squeal as he realized his Mom was home.  He started to crawl towards her and finally her husband’s eyes opened as he realized he had fallen asleep on the job.   He sat up and a white puppy yelped as his bedding moved, Roy casually caught the dog and held it as if it was the baby he was supposed to be watching.  Riza bent down as Maes crawled to her and locked eyes with her husband.  

“You will forever remain the one who I have to babysit the most.”

He sat up against the couch, the pups on his pant cape rumbled their annoyance as they were dragged across the floor.   “I’m okay with that.”

She scooped up their child and used her sleeve to wipe his mouth.   Then she walked over and brushed Roy’s hair from his eyes and knocked some dog fur off his face with her hand.   He leaned into her touch and closed his eyes so she bent over and placed a kiss on his forehead.   She sniffed his hair and shook her head.  “You smell like smoke, puppy and that gross baby food you picked out at the store last week.”

“Mmm..”  He looked up at her. “Havoc is smoking a few packs a day now that the due date is geeting close.  He’s handling pending fatherhood as well as I did, which is sad.”

She watched him lift up the puppy he was still holding and the dog licked his face and wagged it’s tail in response.  

“Puppies.  Puppies everywhere.”  He sighed and reached out to touch his son’s nose with his finger.  Maes gurgled and a tiny hand tried to grab his finger.  “And the baby thought the food was gross so he wiped it in my hair.”

Riza knew she’d find a jar of baby food under something from where he had left it unattended and a pup got a treat.   However she was glad he at least tried to feed the baby after she left.   “Well why don’t you go take a shower and I’ll make dinner.”

“I’m sorry I’m useless.”  He mumbled.

“You’re overworked and you keep getting up in the middle of the night to take care of your son.” She kissed him again and saw him smile.   “I think I’ll keep you.”

“Let me make dinner, you  do enough all day.  You deserve a break.”

“Take a shower.”  She whispered.   “I’ll start dinner and maybe we can work up an appetite when you’re clean.”

He cocked an eyebrow.  He wasn’t expecting her to be in the mood for sex after he proved he was incapable of watching his own child while she rushed getting groceries in the spare hour she was given.   “What did I do?”

“I love you.”  She said and kissed his lips then backed away to pluck a dog hair out of her mouth.   “You’re adorable and for some reason this crap makes me love you more.”