New Mexico Player Used Twitter Troll Who Mocked Moms Cancer as Motivation

Social media is awesome for things like networking, and sharing ideas. It also has its ugly dark side. A lot of people use Twitter as a forum to bully and cast hateful words.

Some take that hate thrown around on social media and use it as motivation.

New Mexico guard Hugh Greenwood, used an online troll for a little extra energy for…

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“Hugh was shaken out of his policeman’s resting trance by the smash of glass. Miss Fisher had done something impulsive, he thought, as he shoved past the lolling fence and completed its fall. Just in time to see her legs vanishing through the window.”

- Murder in Montparnasse, Kerry Greenwood

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Yeah I know we’re at least two years away from this being any sort of reality, but if Warner Bros. and DC Comics want to make that June 23rd, 2017 release date, then they’re going to have to assemble a cast some time soon. I’d say San Diego Comic-Con would be the best place for such announcing, but I’m not holding my breath. Anywhoozle, while Gal Gadot’s acting prowess as Diana of…

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Greenwood to represent Australia in World University Games

By Kyle Tomasi

Former Lobo star Hugh Greenwood has had a busy summer and it just got busier. He will be joining his home country this year in the 2015 World University Games taking place this summer.

Greenwood will take some time off with the Perth Wildcats to play in the University Games but will be right back at it once the games end.

He is confident in his abilities as a Wildcat after having an illustrious career donning the cherry and silver at the University of New Mexico the past four years.

“Wildcats fans can expect to see a guy who’s going to come out and play hard,” he said via “Perth is known for its defense and I’ll definitely bring that, but I’ll also bring a bit of versatility, I’m able to knock down shots, create plays, and make my teammates better.”

Greenwood has made it very clear that this isn’t the ultimate goal. He’s always dreamed of playing in the NBA and will leave the Wildcats if an opportunity arises for the young Aussie.

Just before signing a three-year deal with the Wildcats, Greenwood had a workout with the Utah Jazz who had nothing but good things to say about him.

“Hugh had a pretty good day,” Jazz Vice President Walt Perrin said via “He’s a very smart player - good basketball IQ for a point guard. He was helping the other players in our workouts, so it was good to bring him in.”

Greenwood is no stranger to high-level play after four years at a top basketball program in America and also representing Australia in the U-19 FIBA World Championships in 2011.

He also captained Australia’s U-17 team two years prior.

There will be some Mountain West ties on the Aussie roster this summer as Boise State’s Nicholas Duncan will also join Greenwood on the final roster for the games.

Basketball will not be the only sport at going on in Gwangju City this summer, however. Archery, baseball, diving, volleyball, and table tennis are among many other sports that will be taking place at the University Games.

The World University Games will take place during July starting on the 3rd and going through the 14th. All games will take place in Gwangju City, South Korea.