Paul’s Guitars:

  1. Gibson EDS-1275
  2. Gibson Les Paul R9
  3. Gibson USA Les Paul Special, TV yellow

I went to see an old friend of mine, Paul Deslauriers, from Montreal (Canada) play last week at Hugh’s Room, one of the best live venues in Toronto.  I met paul about 22 years ago when I was a working musician in Montreal, and Paul had just moved to town and was making us all realize just how sh*tty we were as guitar players next to this guy!  ;)

Note the wear on the LP Special.  That is 100% natural from 7 years of being played, hard, every day for 7 years!


Our Evening with Don Ross at Hugh’s Room:

So, yesterday we packed up the car at 9:15 a.m. and began our adventure (which ended at 5:30 this morning). We were very fortunate to have the magnificent Wayne Haneman accompany us on our trip - avoiding all of the traffic and allowing us to become unconscious on the trip home after all of the excitement. We can’t thank Wayne enough.

We arrived early for soundcheck and received the warmest welcome from all of the staff. What all of the artists have said about Hugh’s Room is true - Great people. Great food. Great music - Don’s 2 sets were exceptional. 

We had the opportunity to meet Canadian legends Don Ross and Brooke Miller who were so kind to us and we can’t wait to see them again. Hugh’s Room was completely packed!

We even spotted some LongHards IN T-SHIRTS. Thanks to Rudi Walvius, Katrina Menes, Kristian Menes and Andreas Menes for coming all the way to the show! It was a great surprise and nice to see at least a couple of familiar faces!

At 8:30, we hit the stage. We played three songs and to our surprise received a standing ovation and an encore. Afterwards, they announced on stage that out of 3500 shows which have been put on at the venue, we are the fifth opening act to receive these accolades. 

We mingled and met some wonderful people and couldn’t be happier. This is a night we absolutely will not forget. We were lucky to have a photographer present - these photos were taken by Derek Bruneau and you should also follow him on Tumblr: - the official website is

A huge thanks to Don Ross for allowing us to be a part of this event - and a huge thank to Hugh’s Room and all of the people in it for making us feel so at home.

This is only the beginning for us!

Dani, Luc & Nic

I’m going to throw a 1920s club/speakeasy themed Halloween party and there will be electro swing and jazz and champagne punch (as well as an assortment of other alcohols and of course water)and hors d'oeuvres and a room where you can just chill and watch miss fisher’s murder mysteries (like, duh) while getting completely smashed


2014-02-07, Hugh’s Room, Toronto.   Muddy Waters/Howlin’ Wolf tribute show starring:

  1.  Dylan Wickens with that candy apple/mint guard Strat.  Classic colour combination!
  2. Douglas Watson (left), a big man with a BIG voice!  And Pat Rush (right) who has played with the Winter Bros. and Jeff Healy.  Peter Temple, far left on the harp.
  3. Jerome Goboo, local harmonica god (left) and Chris Antonik whose winning awards and touring the world with his new record.
  4.  Dylan Wickens
  5. The living legend, Danny Marks.  This song with his old band Edward Bear wwas recorded in 1969 when he was 19.
  6. More Danny Marks…and I believe he built that SG himself too!
  7. Jerome & Chris
  8. Chris
  9. Peter, Jerome, Douglas Watson and Pat Rush.

Oh you know, just me canoodling with Bruce McCulloch in Toronto last night! We were reunited at his show with Brian Connelly (Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet). That’s me wearing Brian’s glasses. :D

So much fun! When I got there I was escorted to a table right up front which was amazing! Bruce did a variety of things - read some of his writings, did a little standup, sang a few songs (including a weird/fun version of “Daves I Know”). After the show I hung out with Bruce & Brian & caught up. Bruce’s memory amazes me, he remembered things we talked about 5 years ago! I’m so glad I was able to make it, it was such a great night! Bruce McCulloch, I adore you!


Alexandria performing ‘You Never Knew’ - Live at Hugh’s Room in Toronto - April 2015. Check her out @

DoP + Editor: Darius Bashar
Cam Op 1: Sam Jensen
Cam Op 2: Alec Mckay  
Cam Op 3: Chengaiz Khan


One of the songs I did at the Tom Wait’s Tribute night at Hugh’s Room.  Thanks Michael Schmitt for the video!


Jane Harbury began her career as a publicist after tackling multiple roles in the entertainment business starting in the late ‘60s - from managing Yorkville folk music club The Riverboat, to working as personal assistant to record producer Brian Ahern, and booking Eastern Sound, the leading Toronto recording studio of the day. Jane Harbury Publicity (JHP) was established in 1988. Her clients have included the Juno Awards, Ben Heppner, NXNE, Ontario Place Forum, Gemini Awards, The Chieftans, Borealis Records, Bluebird North and, for the past 10 years, promoting her own Discoveries series—a quarterly showcase featuring four 'discovery’ artists at Hugh’s Room in T.O.

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On April 20th, 2011, American folksinger Judy Collins performed an intimate set at Hugh’s Room in Toronto, serenading the audience with her icy-sweet voice and dishing from her rolodex of memories as a genuine 1960s survivor. Click here for our full review of Judy’s show.

But we didn’t go just to see those piercing blue eyes and her silver blonde mane. We went to talk with the “common people” — her “superfans”.

Alex Pangman - Album Launch

Two weeks ago, B was performing with Alex Pangman for her Album Launch at Hugh’s Room in the Dundas West neighborhood. I have always heard about performances taking place at Hugh’s Room, via mention on 91.1fm, so I decided to take the opportunity to check it out. I really enjoyed the ambiance, very low-key and unassuming. We didn’t order any food since we ate beforehand so I can’t say much about the food but judging from the performance - they have some pretty high-calibre musicians and talent performing at this venue, not that I’m biased in anyway of course! To hear for yourself you can check out some of Alex’s tunes here. Finally, I would just add that the average demographic (at least on the night I was there) was probably in the 40’s and the music is generally reflective of indie, blues, jazz, folksy and country genres. 

Onto the photos. Below are a couple of shots I grabbed using the available stage lighting.  The saxophone and violin player you see is our wonderfully talented friend Drew Jurecka who also writes music and sings, with a great voice might I add. 

Hmm okay maybe this first shot is not one of the performers, but I couldn’t help myself because he just embodies the quintessential jazz patron don’t you think?

Katie DuTemple "Give and Grow" Album Release Oct. 15 at Hugh's Room

Here is an event I am very excited to be a part of.

I’ve played in Katie’s band since we were both in music school and this record has been a long time coming.

That being said the what you will actually hear (when you get the album, and trust me you will…) didn’t take all that long to come to life. We (Katie, Robb and Jon) recorded the songs last November with Chris Jackson and Adam Tune at CBC Studios. Since I’ve stepped away from the bass booth Katie, Robb and Adam have slaved over the mixing (to make sure the bass sound is deep and punchy I’m sure). Then passed it on to Ron Skinner who as always did a superb job mastering and finally to Nick Counter who beautifully designed the physical album. Many heads and hands came together to make what you will hear and I’m very proud to be just one of the many villagers it took to raise this child.

The past few weeks we (Katie, Robb, Jon and I) have been busting our butts, dusting off the old tunes and whipping some new one into shape and getting ready for some very special guests.

Also the opening act is Michael Tobin he is an old friend of ours, a fantastic song writer and his band has the most amazing bassist but I may be biased.

Anyways I could say a lot more about all the people and music involved in this night but I’ve already written more than I usually do. so dig Katie’s site check out the record and come on over to Hugh’s Room on Tuesday night.


John Hammond “Heartache Blues” Live at Hugh’s Room February 19, 2011.