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Fecki n g hell, I'm not obsessed with this freaking AU where Tony-loving-Howard comes to the future. Especially because of that Tony-turning-into-child thing. It's amazing how fluffy it is and I am all. OVER. THAT. And also Bucky feeling miserable over that is... just... I did not expect that heartbreak at the end of such an adorable short man. Gahd! Ugh... I just love how... adoring Howard is... god, I imagine this Howard to sound a lot like Maes Hughes....

I MADE AN AU IN AN AU. AU-CEPTION. (Jesus Christ imagine AU Howard and Maes Hughes in a room, gushing about their children, wallets out and both of them have ridiculous amounts of pictures of them.)


Howard brings Tony back down to the kitchen. He takes a moment to feel heart broken about how obvious it is that Tony’s only recently moved back into the room of his childhood–because there are more clothes from his childhood there than suits.

Natasha sees the dress Tony’s wearing, white with red polka dots, and manages a small smile. “That’s a pretty dress, Tony. You look very nice.”

Tony hides behind Howard’s legs shyly. “Thank you. My friend Jan made it for me.”

“It’s very becoming. The red makes your eyes pop.”

“That’s what Jan said!” Tony exclaims, leaning around Howard to beam up at her, shyness apparently forgotten.

Natasha has to bite back a dopey grin. “Jan has excellent taste. Do you want some milk tea?”

Tony clambers into a seat with no grace whatsoever, not even flinching when Howard rushes to tuck his skirt back down properly. “Sounds gross!” he says cheerfully. “I’ll try it. Are you one of Daddy’s friends? ‘cause you were with Captain America and Sergeant Barnes?”

“…Yes,” she decides, because honestly what else can she say. “But I like to think I’m your friend, too.”

Tony beams at her as he accepts the mug she hands him. “You wanna be friends with me?”

“Why wouldn’t I want to be your friend?” Natasha asks, honestly curious. “You’re smart, funny, adorable. Sometimes we race when we’re wolves. You even let me win sometimes to make me feel better.”

“I win?!” Tony exclaims excitedly.

Natasha ruffles his hair. “All the time.”

Howard has no idea if she’s lying out of her ass or not but he puffs his chest out proudly anyway. “Of course he does! He’s perfect.”

Natasha turns back to the stove quickly so they can’t see her crying with the effort of holding in her laughter because Jesus Christ. These Starks.

Tony takes a sip of the milk tea. “This is really weird!” he decides. He thinks about it for a few seconds. “…But a good weird.” He slurps up more. It’s weird but not bad, and it warms him from the inside out. He doesn’t want to tell Daddy, but he’d been shivery cold ever since the monsters attacked.

Howard pats him on the back. “I’m glad. But remember, you’re supposed to keep your skirt down. We’ve been over this. Some people would be offended.”

Tony huffs, rolling his eyes. “Daddy,” he says primly. “Natasha was the one that got me proper clothes. She’s already seen me naked.” He pauses. “…I wonder why I was a wolf when those monsters attacked.”

Howard gapes at him speechlessly.

Natasha wheezes and covers her mouth with her fist. God, she was gonna pee herself at this rate.

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Imagine where Kuro's s/o is about to die so he turns her into his subclass and doesn't talk to her for a few weeks because he regrets it so much. Can it end in a bit of smut please? Thank you!

(Sure thing, my dear! I hope you enjoy this, and I hope the smut at the end wasn’t too weird! Putting it under a “Read More” since it gets a bit long! And I used female pronouns, since you said “her”!)

Kuro’s eyes drank in the sight of your form beneath him. Your own crimson eyes looked back at him, hazy with want but still as clear and bright as he knew them to be. He momentarily thought about what had happened in the weeks before, feeling his chest tighten and then relax as the memories played in his head like a movie.

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Yeah here are a few, idk ;)

-Hugh loves bees the most, but is fond of all bugs and creepy crawlies
-He is in charge of getting rid of spiders from the house
-Still eats an excessive amount of honey (Miss P always makes sure to buy the organic, bee-friendly stuff)
-is super healthy and almost never gets sick
-Hugh is everyone’s funny older brother whose always trying to embarrass them and tease them, but is also really sweet and caring and loves all the children dearly
-is not the best at comforting people, and having heart to hearts, but is much better at cheering people up and making them smile
-Hugh just knows when the children need to be sad for a while, and when they need to be cheered up by a funny story or silly joke
-Hugh has trained himself not to be ticklish, because of all the bees crawling over him
-(modern day) Hugh hates winter, as its bad for the bees and often a lot of them die, so he tries to stay inside a lot, but if he has to go out he will wear a thick scarf over his mouth so the bees don’t escape
-also doesn’t like to shower or have baths because of his bees, so he has to make sure to keep his mouth closed
-an actual conversation between the peculiar children:
Emma: “so Jake have any animals gone extinct since 1940?”
Jacob: “a few, also bees are dying”
Hugh, from three rooms over, already in tears: “WHAT”

Young God

Yooo hello Halsey anon!
Request: Could you write a Jason x reader based on Halsey’s song ‘i walk the line’ (or ‘young god’ whatever works better for you :))pretty please :)??

MUCH ANGST. Very slightly NSFW.

Jason and Roy both stared in awe at your form, ever since you landed in front of them. Your movements, filled with skill as you swing through the air with such ease, looking like a flying ballerina.
Roy swore his insides flinched a little with every hit you shoot to attacker. He wasn’t moving and neither was Jason, as he managed to notice. Both of them were dazzled by your enchanting form.

“Y-you… You did this by yourself?” The redhead stuttered once you landed better then, a self-pleased smirk covering your entire face.

“Yeah sure!” You flashed a genuine smile at him, before turning your attention to the one you had been seeking.



Your hands were thrown around him, to pull him in a hug, that couldn’t possibly show how much you had missed him. You didn’t care that you were bleeding, or that the stitches a pedestrian doctor had performed on you had opened. Jason’s luscious smell filling your nostrils couldn’t let you skip away from his arms, even if the pain was unbearable.

Jason noticed, almost instantly, that you’d flinch in pain, yet he didn’t want to let you go. He could remember him self seeking your attention, searching for your familiar scent in every place the Outlaws and him visited.
He’d give up every day and every night he’d hope again. He hoped that he could see you for one more time. Mostly, because he needed to know…

what was it, that was itching him about you for so long.

“Your bleeding” he whispered huskily in your ear in a way you couldn’t distinguish wgther you wanted to pull him in closer or let him go. “I’ll take you to our apartment.. I’m sure you have some wounds you can’t stitch.

“No mines just fine.” You lied. Of course you didn’t have an apartment. You lived in the streets ever since you got fired. You couldn’t even afford a ticket to go back to Gotham. Yet you still fought restlessly to protect Los Angeles. Or a small part of it at the very least.

“We’ll walk you there.” Jason announced and turned his gaze at Roy, who in turn nodded in approvement.


“And here we are” you turned to them and smiled in fake confidence.

“Is the apartment complex at the end of the street right?” Jason casually asked, causing am awkward shuttle to escape your lips add you sunk in deeper to his jacket.

“Nope. The bench right there is my apartment. Thanks for waking me home.”
Jason gasped in horror at how casually the words slipped of your mouth, as if they’d ever sound normal in his ears.

He grabbed your arm with such exceptional force, the moment you turned to leave. The pain was to much considering your arm was filled with bruises, but you daren’t flinch. You couldn’t afford to show any emotion. Pity, was exactly what you never wanted Jason to feel about you.

“You’ll be staying with us.” He announced coldly once again. Never giving you the chance to look back at the bench that had been your only company throughout all these horrid months.

Ten more minutes of walking was the most your body could take, before you collapsed in the floor. Roy sighed at the sight of Jason’s sadness.
“She’s the one right?” He asked while the ravenette bent down to pick you up in his arms, in order to carry you to his apartment.

“What?” Jason muttered and certainly it took Roy a while to understand that inhuman sound.

“ She’s the one you’ve been searching through ever city we’ve been right? ”

Jason nodded with pursed lips. He knew that his secret would be out one day, and tonight wasn’t early, it was in fact too late.
He had promised himself he’d give up on you, just one night ago. It was so ironic that you burst into his life like a sudden fire that he was sure had come to burn him in hell.


After that night, Jason had found himself creeping on you all the time. Was it his need for you? All he knew was that years had passed since the last time he saw you and that he wanted you all to himself.

It took him a couple of drinks to admit to Roy that he was indeed in love with you, even if he knew you’d never feel the same way.

And tonight? Tonight he was aroused. It wasn’t fake, he knew because one; he never got drunk by two glasses of whiskey and two; because how someone couldn’t be aroused when he accidentally entered the bathroom the moment you were slipping off your clothes.

Unfortunately, Jason was aware that tonight was going to be another night of frustration, and self service in the bathroom. He was happy though; some other nights he’d just fight with his own self or stay awake becayse he was a coward who wouldn’t admit his feeling for and to you.

So for him, it was no shame at all as he stared at your shady form showered through the non existent bathroom door.

Don’t get me wrong” he rehearsed his excuse inside his head. “I was just.. uhmm passing and basically the only thing that blocking my view is that curtain..”
He hated this excuse… but, oh well, that was all he had.l, he reminded himself.

“And you’re sure creeping on a the file you’re in love with, that by the way knows nothing, while she’s having a shower?” Roy interrupted, catching Jason off guard.

“It’s not my fault she’s…” The ravenette struggled to speak of a certain perfect feature of you.

Suddenly Jason felt all angry with himself. He was furious that he couldn’t hold himself back the moment your hands spread the bubbling soap on your breasts, then to the rest of your body.
It took him all if his patient not to rip the curtain and start giving it to you while the water run.

And now that he though about it, he needed a cold shower.

He knew that tonight was the last night he’d keep anything to himself. And so he matched to you room and sat on the end of your bed.

Needless to say that Roy and Jason had given you their room in order for you to feel more comfortable.
You had been sleeping on bench for two and a half years.

The moment you entered your room a Hugh pitched scream escaped your lips as you saw Jason sprawled onto your bed.

“Hey.. take it easy… I’m here for a reason okay?” He tried his best to calm you down, but you for sure didn’t need it.
Your face deadpanned once he finished his words and you rushed to answer.

“If this is because you saw me naked and you want to fuck with me then the answer is no.” It came off as a growl and you weren’t sure if you regretted it the moment you let it out of your mouth.
You focused on drying your hair with your towel instead.

“ No.. uhm look… I.. for a long time now… Can you at least look at me? Its important!” Jason yelped as his heart throbbed.

“ Go on!” You said sweetly, being regretful of the venom you spat at him previously.

“I’m.. I’ve been over thinking about it and I know no one would feel like that about me but… I’m in love with you. And it took me too long to realise.”

You watched and listened in awe. Jason was pouring his heart over you, while you laid beside him, dumbfounded.

“I know you don’t feel the same. I’m a killer and-”

For some moments the sound of muffling along with moans was the only one existing in the room.

Your lips moved audibly against Jason’s all the while your heart burst in excitement.

“Don’t ever say that again. Of course there’s someone who loves you Jason. I’m that someone!”

Jason didn’t let out another word, before flipping you over on the bed. Now, he seemed huge as he hovered on top of you, placing soft kisses all over your face and temple, eliciting soft moans from you.

“Jason… hey. Hey stop I…”

His eyes widened in shock as realisation came in his is mind. You were one year younger than him, and he was twenty at the moment. Plus you lived on the street for two years, which meant no home, no boyfriends. You were still a virgin.

“ Don’t tell me that you’re…”

“Eh well, I’m a good girl Jay. I’m planning on going to heaven.” You giggled from under him, feeling the tint of blush forming on your cheeks, causing him to smirk.

“Then why am I not making love to you yet?”
He leaned in to whisper in your ear


When Jason came back in Gotham the two of you split. It was expected actually, he had to mind his own business and you had to purchase a case that had came to your attention.

Nevertheless it was a hard break up. You had a house now, thanks to him, but you never got to see him. You’d only heard his name being called once, as he was accused for attempting to kill the mayor.

And now here you were, thrown onto the feet of his familiar vigilante appearance with his gun point on your head. Black mask was yelling at him, that hed die to if he didn’t plant a bulled in your head.

But Jason, oh Jason, he couldn’t find it in him to do that. He still loved you as a matter of fact. He’d get back with you if you wanted him to.

“I.. I cant do that Black Mask… I..” Jason stuttered, to buy himself sometime. Sweat dripped from his forehead inside his mask, as he thought his lie might not be believable. “ I’ve made it clear to you that I dont kill women and children. Especially if they’re mine.”

Black Mask gasped the same time you did. Silence fell into the room and you stared st Jason with horror literally dripping from your eyes. Your heart best fast in your ears as Black Mask approached you and touched your chin with his gloved fingers.

“If so, then you are free to love with your boyfriend here”

“He’s not my boyfriend” you sobbed, fearing for your life as he knelt before you in order to develop a better eye contact.

“And why is that Red Hood?”

“ I was a coward, I dumped her a s soon as she told me.”

In mere seconds Black Mask was up, his hand coming in contact with Jason’s mask in the form of a punch, that send him laying in the floor.

“He’s going to make up to you now. You’re staying here.”

Jason smiled as he brushed your strands away from your face the moment he woke up next to you.

His fingers, tingled all over your body while he felt this warmth spreading inside of him all over again.

He felt relieved Black Mask had chose him to kill you. If it was for anyone else, you wouldn’t be laying next to him on the huge mattress, but in an uncomfortable casket.

And Jason knew about uncomfortable caskets.


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somethin' before i give you a couple of hcs i have for best au that im never letting go of. I will never not love baby Tsubaki's confused face, i want 8. But anyway~ Fiirst hc: Hyde totally begs Kuro (and mahi?) for money to buy posters. Seecond hc: Either some kiddies are sharing rooms or 'the creator' has all them dollars. Seriously, eight people in one house. Lasst hc: Hyde steals Okami's socks, i don't know why, i don't know how that came to me, and i don't know why im sending asks @ 1am.

aww thanks~ I am always happy to hear people like my au~ :D Baby Tsubaki’s confused face is A+ Oh boy~ headcanons for my au, time to confirm and deny. lol

  • Haha Hyde would be the kid who begs for money. But Kuro would most likely respond with “You think I have money??? I don’t work….” To answer your question I think in this au since their parent(cough* creator) is never around, cause he’s always working. He usually just sends them their ‘monthly budget’ to spend on whatever they need. Hugh, even though he is only 16, works part time so he can bring in extra money. (also cause he likes to brag about “what would this family do without ME??”) Each of the kids are also probably given a certain amount of allowance to spend on whatever they want and then Hyde usually ends up spending his share really fast and begs everyone else for some of their allowance. OMG greed.
  • I actually never thought about if they shares rooms or not. Cause it was one of those little things I was gonna leave to everyone’s imaginations. But if I had to say something, probably some do? At least the youngest ones share. Kuro has his own room because he’s the oldest. Okami has her own room, (being the ONLY female and all) and maybe baby Tsubaki???(no one wants to share a room with the giggly child…. It would be funny if Jeje and Hugh shared a room but Jeje has to put up with Hugh complaining that “I am the responsible one! How come I DON’T get my own room??!?” 8 people in one house is a lot. But it’s never lonely at least. 

also~ the idea of Hyde stealing Okami socks is kinda appealing. But it’s FUNNY cause whenever I draw her she’s always in thigh highs or knee socks. LOL

but maybe not all her socks are thigh highs so she had a pair striped socks that Hyde liked: (have more doodles~)

and then she let him keep them~ Cause Okami is a cool older sister! :D and that’s the story of Hyde’s “halloween socks”. 

also could you imagine that he goes to school the next day and then OPHELIA tells him his new socks are “soooooooo cool?” Now he’s never taking them off. HAHAHAHA. 

thanks for asking these were fun to think about! 

You're Dismissed // Anakin x Reader

Hey sweetheart! Can I request one in which Anakin gets jealous of the reader’s padawan because that guy is some flirty lil shit just to tease his Master (because they are friends and from the same planet and its all playful) so Anakin interrumpts their shared training (anakin and ahsoka and the reader and her padawan) and stars sparring with the reader, beats her and when she’s on the ground laughing her ass off he kisses her so passionately their padawans only can stare at each other 🌟🌟

You waited excitedly for his arrival. Hugh, your friend from childhood from Alderaan, made a decision to become a padawan to take the path of a Jedi and you were going to be his Master.

Then, you feel arms wrap around your waist and place a soft kiss on your neck. You turn around and kiss Anakin on the lips.

“Hello, darling. What are you waiting for?” he asks you, kissing your lips once more before your answer.

“I’m getting a padawan and guess what? He’s a friend from Alderaan!” you says excitedly, jumping around.

He furrows his eyebrows. “He?” he questions.

You let out a sigh. Anakin is always over protective. Especially since your relationship was no longer a secret to the people after the Jedi Council removed the law of love and Jedi. He made sure that everyone knew he was yours and only yours.

“Ani, he is just a friend. Don’t worry,” you walk up to him, kissing his nose. “I’m yours.”

He smiles, “Damn right,” causing you to laugh.

Just then, you hear a ship land behind you. You turn around and gasp, “He’s here!”

Hugh walks off he ship and he smiles. “Hey! (Y/N)!”

“Hugh!” you call, running to him and giving him a big hug. You haven’t seen him in years and seeing him again was incredible.

Of course, the sight made Anakin’s blood boil. Seeing another man touch you made him annoyed and well, jealous. He starts to make his way over to you and when he reaches you, he wraps and arm around your waist.

Looking up at him, you say, “Oh, Hugh, this is my boyfriend, Anakin. Anakin, this is my best friend, Hugh. We’ve known each other for years now and he’s the best friend I’ve ever had.”

Hugh laughs, “Aw, stop it. It’s nice to meet you, man. You are very lucky to have a girl like (Y/N). She’s incredible.” Hugh’s comment makes you blush.

Anakin notices and says, “Oh, I know. She’s especially incredible in the sack.”

You smack his chest. “Anakin…”

Hugh laughs, “Nah, I’m fine with it. And I bet she is.”

The comment makes Anakin’s breath heavier and his temper become shorter if that’s possible.

“C'mon, I’ll show you around.”

Anakin watches you walk away laughing with that prick you called your best friend. This guy was a flirt and he knew he was going to have to keep an eye on him. He had training with his padawan, Ahsoka, but he was determined to keep an eye on the both of you.

Training with Hugh was so much fun, you were cracking jokes, but you both remained very focus. Anakin watched the two of you laughing and training.

“Ahsoka, do you mind if we join (Y/N)?” he asks his padawan. She shakes her head no and the two of them enter.

You turn around and see your boyfriend and his padawan walk in and you knew what he was here for.

“Hi, love. I was wondering if I could show Ahsoka and maybe Hugh how sparring goes?” he asks you with a smile.

You know his game. You narrow your eyes and pop into his thoughts, I know your game, Skywalker. I know you. “Sure!” you say to him.

Ahsoka and Hugh stand on the sidelines as you and Anakin square up.

“Ready?” you ask him.

He shakes his head and before coming at you full on. You push him back with just as much force as he did. The cycle of you kicking and pushing and striking goes on.

At one point, Hugh screams, “C'mon, (Y/N)! He’s got nothing on you!”

That drives Anakin nuts and with one swift move, boom. You’re down and he won. Many people would get angry that he would win because he took his anger out on you. But you thought that the situation was hilarious.

So, on the floor, you start bursting out in laughter because of how ridiculous the situation was. The padawans are looking at you in confusion, probably think you are drugged somehow.

“Ahsoka and Hugh, you’re dismissed,” Anakin releases them. Ahsoka leaves the room as Anakin lifts you from the ground, you still giggling.

However, Hugh still remains in the room. Anakin uses this to his advantage as grab your face, kissing you to stop the laughter. Of course, you kiss him back because if you didn’t, he’d probably throw a hissy fit. Soon, the kiss develops into a make out session, Hugh there freaking watching.

Anakin pulls away to turn to Hugh. “Was I not clear? You are dismissed.”

Hugh then leaves the room, Anakin reconnecting your lips, you laughing into the kiss.

Monsanto Chief is horrible...

and I got to tell him that to his face after his interview on CBS This Morning. Approaching someone like this isn’t really my thing. But being so well behaved all the time doesn’t seem to be helping people. It made me really uncomfortable to do it. But that’s how we change. We must become uncomfortable. We must act out of our comfort zones for things to change. We must call out the people who are doing horrible things when they do them. Hugh Grant must be made to feel uncomfortable for what he allows his company to do in the world. That is why I told him what I did today and why I am sharing it with you.

Before a segment I was doing on the movie Spotlight with Mike Rezendes this morning, I was waiting in the green room watching Hugh Grant (Monsanto CEO not the Actor) worm his way through the strong questions he was getting from the CBS team. His handlers clearly have been working very hard with him to give him every slippery non-answer to every question he was asked. I was beside myself watching this guy who is responsible for so much misery and sickness throughout the world slime his way through his interview I could not hold my tongue. He came through the Green Room door ready to do high fives with his press agent and I simply told him this…

“You are wrong. You are engaged in monopolizing food. You are poisoning people. You are killing small farms. You are killing bees. What you are doing is dead wrong. “

A bead of sweat broke out on his head…”Well, what I think we are doing is good.”

“I am sure you do”

When people get paid the kind of money he gets paid their thinking becomes incredibly clouded and the first thing to go is their morality.

He says Monsanto needs to do a better job with their messaging.

Hugh, it’s not your messaging that makes you and your company horrible. It’s the horrible stuff you guys do that makes you and your company horrible. People don’t walk around making horrible stories up about good companies because they got nothing else better to do with their time. People like you and your company are horrible because… you are horrible.  No matter how much jumping around you do on morning shows (where no one can really nail you down for the horrible stuff you do) you will still always be horrible, and people will always greet you the way I did, when you go around trying to cover up the fact that you are horrible.

Want to know more about the real Monsanto, and Hugh Grant? Watch this…

There is a lot more horrible stuff to look at here.

Monsanto’s greatest hit jobs.

In 2003, Monsanto settled a lawsuit for $700 million with 20,000 Anniston, AL residents who claimed that a Monsanto plant contaminated the local rivers, lakes, soil and air with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).  Plaintiffs reported a range of health issues including cancer, birth defects, and neurological disorders.

NYTimes: $700 Million Settlement in Alabama PCB Lawsuit

CBS News: Toxic Secret: Alabama Town Never Warned of Contamination

In 2012, Monsanto settled a lawsuit with tens of thousands of plaintiffs in West Virginia for $93 million.  Residents of Nitro, WV claimed they had been poisoned by decades of contamination from cancer-causing chemicals used in the manufacturing of Agent Orange produced in a Monsanto plant.  

The Guardian:  Monsanto Settles ‘Agent Orange’ Case with US Victims

In March 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an arm of the World Health Organization, concluded in a study that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s widely used weedkilling product Roundup, was “probably carcinogenic to humans.”

World Health Organization:

Shortly after the IARC’s study was made public, France took steps to limit the sale of Roundup.  France has also banned the cultivation of genetically modified crops.

Reuters: Frances Bolsters Ban on Genetically Modified Crops

Newsweek: Frances Bans Sale of Monsanto’s Roundup in Garden Centers After UN Names it Probable Carcinogen

In September 2015, a French appeals court in Lyon upheld a decision that held Monsanto liable for poisoning a French farmer.  The grain farmer, Paul Francois, developed neurological damage after inhaling Monsanto’s weedkilling product Lasso.

Reuters: French Court Confirms Monsanto Liable in Chemical Poisoning Case

Le Monde:  Monsanto Condamné pour L'Intoxicite d'un Agriculteur Français

In September 2015, two U.S. farm workers filed suit against Monsanto claiming that exposure to Roundup caused them to develop cancer.

Reuters: US Workers Sue Monsanto Claiming Herbicide Caused Cancer

You can find reports of Monsanto products being linked to cancer and other health issues all over the world, for example:

Argentina is the world’s third largest soy-producing country.  According to Mother Jones, nearly 100% of the soy crop is genetically altered, and Monsanto’s Roundup is very widely used.  As the use of pesticides and herbicides in Argentina has increased, cancer clusters have begun to develop around farming communities.  A 2010 study at the University of Buenos Aires also found that injecting glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) into chicken and frog embryos caused the same sort of spinal defects that doctors have found to be increasingly prevalent in communities where farm chemicals are used.  

Mother Jones: Argentina is Using More Pesticides than Ever. And Now It Has Cancer Clusters.

On Monsanto Suing Small Farmers:

The Guardian: Monsanto Sued Small Farmers to Protect Seed Patents

Vanity Fair: Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear

‘Primavera’ Commentary

Slooowly working my way through the extras; here are some tidbits from the Primavera commentary with Bryan and Hugh that I haven’t seen posted on here yet: 

  • They had intended to dangle ghost!Abigail in front of the audience for 3-4 more episodes but realized it would have been a dick move. 
  • The context for Hugh’s enthusiastic praise of Mads’s cheekbones is that they had apparently looked into casting Mads’s son as young!Hannibal at the Uffizi but that didn’t happen for whatever reason and the nameless stand-in’s bone structure wasn’t up to par so they had to sharpen it in post. 
  • They shot the first three episodes at the same time and Hugh felt “schizophrenic” going back and forth between the vampire movie feel of Secondo and walking around in small circles around the catacombs, which were a set the size of an average living room. 
  • Hugh referred to filming the Mizumono bloodbath as one of the longer nights of his life, and when they were reshooting it for S3 and came in later to do pick-ups Vincenzo Natali asked him to generate the same amount of anguish and he was like, “lol nope sry no can do, not out of nowhere and especially not on a Tuesday.” He also liked an alternate shot of himself from Mizumono where you can see it slowly dawn on Will that he had changed Hannibal and could at least claim that small victory (they ended up using this shot in Primavera). 
  • Fandom is generally very careful and respectful of Abigail and her death and what little agency she had, so it was a bit jarring to hear Bryan and Hugh joke about her so much, but, hey, it’s a DVD commentary, things move fast, they could hardly do the topic justice beyond saying it was ridiculously bleak, even if they wanted to. It got me mentally composing questions to ask Kacey at RDC2, though xD 
  • Patton Oswalt is a doll, and among other things does an adorbs impression of Hannibal out of breath from rushing around trying to light all the candles before Will gets there, and an adorbs impression of Hugh’s skewed expectations of the level of gore and drama in his future projects.
  • Credit for the ‘I forgive you’ line (either the line itself or its placement as the episode closer) goes to Angelina Burnett! They also delineated forgiving a shark for being a shark and Will forgiving Hannibal on a deeper level than that.  
Of Letters and Mothers

Thomas stifled a yawn as he descended the many flights of stairs leading down into the servants hall. It was half past midnight and he had just finished helping serve the final round of drinks to the men in the billard room. He was rather tired and had hoped to go straight to bed as they had another busy day a head of them with all the family there to celebrate Lady Mary’s birthday. He unbuttoned his serving glove as his feet touched the cobble stone at the bottom of the stair, humming a soft run under his breath as he went towards the men’s quarters. “Ah, Thomas. There you are!” The under butler haunted in his stride, the deep booming voice behind him caused his heart to race. “Mr. Carson..” He turned, a thin smile on his lips. “How may I be of service?” He asked kindly, or as kindly as he could muster given how tired he was and that the older man scsded him a bit. “Mrs. Hughes would like to see you in her sitting room.” The older man replied icily. “Now, Mr. Carson? It’s nearly-” Thomas was puzzled as to why Mrs. Hughes of all people would want to speak to him. “I know perfectly well what time it is- and Yes, Mr. Barrow, this instant! I can’t imagine what you’ve done now but I can only imagine it will lead to your dismissal if it is what I think it is..” Mr. Carson gave him a firm look in the eye before turned on his heel and leaving the young under butler in the middle of the dark servants hall alone to ponder what had just occurred. Thomas was shaken, the way Mr. Carson looked at him you’d have thought he’d done something to one of the female staff, and he had not, that he was certain of. He didn’t even fancy girls, but that was something he could never share. He wondered the whole way to Mrs. Hughes sitting room what this was about- he’d been trying to turn a new leaf lately. “Mrs Hughes? It’s Mr. Barrow. You wanted to see me?” He asked, knocking lightly before pushing open the door to see Mrs Hughes and Ms Baxter sitting on either side of her little sitting table.

If Lost, Return to Phil - Part 5

If Lost, Return to Phil (Part 5) by thatsmistertoyou

Pairing: Phan (danisnotonfire x AmazingPhil)

Genre: AU. ANGSTY FUCKING ANGST JESUS MY HEART (Sam wrote this but I’m keeping it.)

Warnings: none

Words:  6000

Summary: [SPOILERS so read parts 1 2 3 4 first.] Dan’s complicated relationship with Phil starts to spill over into other areas of his life.

A/N: I don’t know what I would do if Sam wasn’t around to point out all the awesome symbolism I unwittingly put into my own writing. 

Dan had to remind himself that he was, in fact, a professional actor, several times a day as rehearsals wore on. Hugh had moved rehearsals to a large room with a stage the size of the one they’d be performing on, and insisted that no one need a script by the following week. But memorizing lines and taking stage direction were just fine with Dan. It was the whole ‘Romeo’ thing that was getting to him.

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#RetROspective #4 - #FannibalsOnThePath - or well, Fannibals pretty much take over the Path Paley Panel, Oops.

Prologue | BTRDC | Bryan, Janice and the Skype Heard Round the World | Paley Fest Fannibal Domination & Hugh | Epilogue

But after all of that, there was still one more important stop to hit. And that was Paley. After NYCC, we mostly decided to go straight there, to catch Hugh before he went in, as history has proven is the best thing to do.

It turns out I had amassed something of an army, AND that even those who hadn’t been on the email list were still mostly fannibals. AND LUCKILY WE HAD ENOUGH FLOWER CROWNS TO GIVE ONE TO EVERY FANNIBAL PRESENT. Sadly, Paley made us go inside and sit down before we got to see Hugh, but we did get to take over front and center, and made something of a block of flowers. MY VISION REALIZED.

Other than that, honestly, it was a lot of Hulu people, some side cast, and just a handful of other fans. So really it was FANNIBAL DOMINATION.

We got to watch the first ep, so the cast came out to sit in the first row, and we clapped, but Hugh came out a bit late, just long enough for all of us to look anxiously back and forth at each other, so we really WERE A BIT OBNOXIOUS when he finally came out. But he was SO CUTE and PLEASED when he noticed, his cheeks went a little pink and you could tell Aaron Paul was giving him shit…

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