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WoAH there fellas EASY now
—  Bryan Fuller, an actual gay man, directing an episode of Hannibal

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Riza and Ed, 12 for the hurt/comfort fic meme, please?

Ahhhh yes! Some Riza and Ed friendship coming right up! *^* I was originally going to go with a Mama Hawk drabble, but I thought this was too sweet to pass up. I hope you enjoy~!


Riza jumped, startled by Edward’s voice. Glancing up, she saw Edward looking back at her with concerned golden eyes. Forcing a small smile, she asked, “Is there anything I can do for you, Edward?”

“No, I’m fine,” he replied.

She raised her brows, waiting for him to go on, or at least explain why he had interrupted her concentrated work. While she tried not to show it, it was difficult not feeling some sort of annoyance toward the teen. With the Colonel out sick for the week, the paperwork had begun to pile up more than usual. When she sat down earlier to play catch up, she found even more papers hidden in one of Roy’s drawers, adding to the already impossibly high pile on her desk. And now with it being 4pm, and no signs that the pile would be depleted anytime soon, she foresaw an incredibly late night.

So to put it simply, she was incredibly stressed.

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Holy shit. Someone is tied with Hugh Jackman for You? Mind is blown. Never thought that'd be possible lolz

Well, Hugh and Jeffrey are both amazing…so it works for me lol. My heart is big enough to enjoy both of them. 

Hannibal Cheer Up Masterpost

Since we’re all a little… emotionally compromised, here are some posts to cheer us up.

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Downton Abbey: Elsie Hughes – INFJ

Ni: Unlike Mr Carson, Mrs Hughes has no trouble to adapt to changes, social or technological, and she enjoys it when Downton “is catching up with the times we live in” (for example seeing the wireless as a good thing, buying herself an electrical toaster as a treat, or approving of Daisy’s studying). She’s very good at reading other people and sensing it when something’s wrong or hidden (Ni-Fe-Ti). She thinks a lot about possible and future problems, and how to avoid them, for herself and others (for example not wanting Alfred to come back, because it might cause trouble between Daisy and Ivy, warning both Tom and Ethel of the trouble their behaviour might bring, thinking of better giving Mr Gregson’s book to Edith instead of Cora, or handing the ticket she found in Mr Bates’ coat to Mary) (Ni-Fe). She’s also a good schemer, often preferring not to express things directly, but to influence indirectly (for example not telling Mr Carson that the best idea for a day out would be the sea-side, but letting him test his ideas on the staff and re-arranging the photos on the pinboard, commenting about not having been in London for a long time to Mr Bates, planning how to make Alfred avoid meeting Daisy, or teasing Thomas by not telling him the reason for Rose’s visit downstairs (“Oh, you know me, Mr Barrow – a woman of mystery if ever there was one!”)). Secrets intrigue her and she’s usually curious and interested in solving them (for example picking up a crumbled letter from Mr Carson’s bin, eavesdropping on the conversation between Mr Bares and his wife, or stealing a book from Edna’s room) (Ni-Ti).

Fe: Mrs Hughes is a good listener and counsellor, making people frequently confide in her (Ni-Fe). She doesn’t like to confront people with harsh truths (for example not wanting to tell Mr Griggs about Mr Carson’s real reason for not seeing him), but can be direct when angry or necessary (for example warning Tom about falling in love with Sybil, telling Isobel frankly that she’s strong enough to help, or telling Mrs Patmore what she observed of Mr Tufton). She usually keeps her own problems away from others, because she doesn’t want to burden them (for example not wanting to let anyone except Mrs Patmore know about her possible illness (and then being very touched at Cora’s offer of help), or keeping it a secret that she has a sister who has to be looked after and to whom she gives all her savings). She often looks after people (for example comforting William when he’s being bullied by Thomas, persuading Mr Bates to get rid of the limp correction device, helping Ethel, comforting Thomas after he looses his job, or encouraging Tom to stay true to himself) and feels responsible for their well-being (for example refusing Joe Burns after realising how essential she is for Downton).

Ti: Mrs Hughes is very analytical and has a sharp eye for what’s going on underneath the surface (Fe-Ti) (for example she’s the first to notice the relationship between Tom and Sybil, she is shocked of her observations of Mr Tufton at the fair, she notices Edna influencing Tom, and she sees a connection between Edith, Mr Drewe and Marigold). She likes to solve mysteries and often has an intuitive sense for finding the truth (Ni-Ti). Though flexible in her opinions most of the time, she also can be very judging and stubborn in certain views (for example her opinions of Mary and Jimmy, or her stoic comments about change happening whether one likes it or not).

Se: Most of the time Mrs Hughes is calm and thinks things through before acting, but sometimes she acts on impulse (for example firing Ethel on the spot, threatening Edna without real proof that she isn’t pregnant, acting as if she had a cold when Alfred visits, or stopping Mr Bates from executing his threat of leaving when she doesn’t tell him about Anna’s reason for avoiding him) and takes unusual steps to help others (for example helping Ethel to meet the Bryants, getting Mr Molesley to serve the servant’s tea to persuade Mr Carson to employ him, or seeing Mr Griggs and asking Isobel to take him in) (Ni-Se + Fe). She’s very good at making witty come-backs, especially with people she confides in, like Mr Carson.

“We are thrilled that HANNIBAL won multiple awards at last week’s 41st Annual Saturn Awards. The show won for Best Network TV Series; Hugh Dancy tied with Andrew Lincoln of the Walking Dead for the Best Actor in a TV Series honor; and Laurence Fishburne took home the statue for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series. Our adopted family member, Richard Armitage, also won for Best Supporting Actor in a Film for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

De Laurentiis Company - July 2015 Newsletter

Congrats to Hannibal for recognition at the Saturn Awards this year

Winner, Best Network Television Series

Winner, Best Actor in a Television Series (Hugh Dancy)

tied with Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead

Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series (Laurence Fishburne)

And the following nominations:

Best Actor in a Television Series: Mads Mikkelsen

Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series: Caroline Dhavernas

Best Guest Performance in a Television Series Michael Pitt

Best DVD/BD Television Release: Season 2