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Hannibal - Homages to Brian De Palma movies

  • 2.13 “Mizumono” - Raising Cain (1992) and Sisters (1973)
  • 3.12 “The number of the beast is 666″ - Dressed to kill (1980)

Part 1

The Loud House: Study Muffin Thoughts

First of all, Lisa was attracted to someone!

Lynn Sr. fell in love, with his being an Anglophile fan, too! PS

 Look at how happy Lucy is! Brings a smile to my face. :)))

Hot Substitue Teacher Domino Effect

The Hot Substitute PE Teacher Domino Effect.

Everyone has matching sweaters. :)))

First of all, Brown-Haired Dexter.

It’s Lilly with Leni’s hair.

The Loud Sisters have Hugh, and Lincoln has Ms Di ma…ma…ma…Ms. Dimartino

I was watching Hannibal today (of course) and my sister came in right as there was a close-up of Will’s face and she was just like, ‘his face is the definition of an adorable stray puppy dog. He looks like something you’d pick up off the side of the road and then fall in love with’.

I’m dying because this is such an incredibly accurate description of Will coming from someone who’s never actually seen the show.

Jim Carter at Regent Theatre meet & Greet event. He asked to read my shirt, announced to the room “The Butler Always Does It” (big laugh). I covered my shirt, showed Jim my Carson “hobbleehoys” bag. Pose for photo and photographer asks “Do you want to take anything out?”. Jim “Wow, wow!” I later asked a question during the q&a and as I finish he says “Come here Love. Yep. Up here. Up on stage”. Went up, he comes to the side of the stage, takes me by the hand to the center and says “Madame. I’m like you to reveal your chest to the audience” (big laugh). Unbuttoned my vest to reveal tee, Jim announces “The Butler Always Does it”. Stayed on stage to re-ask my question, at Jim’s urging, and proceeded to argue with him that Mrs. Hughes’ sister Becky ever existed. Back in my seat asked a second question, “Carson and Hughes. Double or single beds?”… After the show he signed my Wandaid shirt, saying he looked forward to the lawsuit he was sure my spouse would be bringing against him for asking me to expose myself… My little Jim story. Thought I’d share since I’d had inquiries. Great night