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Rakin' And Scrapin'
Harold Mabern
Rakin' And Scrapin'

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Harold Mabern - Rakin’ and Scrapin’ (1968)

I first heard Mabern with Hank Mobley on Dippin’. It’s easy to see why he was a first-choice pianist among the great hornmen of Mabern’s day, with his groovy yet sympathetic two-fisted Memphis chops. Along with another Memphian, George Coleman, and the great Blue Mitchell, Mabern digs up a solid groove on this Prestige release from 1968.

“Her voice bursts forth with a hearty declaration of courage and determination—a reaffirmation of black life.” —Daphne Harrison on Ma Rainey

She’s the unsung songstress, the one and only Mother of the Blues: Gertrude “Ma” Rainey was one of the pioneers of the blues genre and inspiration to hundreds. She found incredible success as a black woman in the 1920’s just years after the Emancipation Proclamation and after growing up poor in a family of seven. She was also known for her love of women at a time when being openly gay could mean a jail or death sentence. This Pride month, we’re more than proud to honor Ma Rainey and her amazing bravery, accomplishments, and firsts as a black woman-loving-woman in the South in the 1920’s. So without further ado, here are 5 fun facts about Ma Rainey:

  1. She alludes to her love of women and crossdressing in her music. They’re most prominent in Prove It On Me Blues and Shave Em Dry Blues.
  2. She had an amazing stage presence. From her diamond covered dress to her gold teeth, she was a human spotlight and captivated her audience.
  3. She was a shrewd businesswoman. She had a 5 year contract with Paramount, recorded 100+ songs, and then owned 2 theatres.
  4. She recorded a song with THE Louis Armstrong. In case you needed proof of how legendary she is.
  5. She inspired black artists to come, including Langston Hughes and Alice Walker, who used her music as a cultural model of black womanhood for The Color Purple.

Venus In Libra
When people have Libra in it’s own natural planet Venus, diplomacy and social skills are maximized. They are very fair people and however opinionated they may be, will avoid conflict. They’re often mistaken for being superficial or ‘too nice’ but the truth is that they genuinely want everyone to like them, they’re idealistic, fair and kind. They can sometimes feel taken advantage of or may try and change who they are in order to become what someone else wants them to be.

Venus in Libra men: He is a social butterfly and chooses friends or partners who make him feel at ease. He will be attracted to people who are polite, well dressed, cultured, intelligent and well spoken. He dislikes people who make him feel as if he is out of balance - people who are too much to handle.

Venus in Libra women: She will give people good advice. She’s a true idealist, a lover of all things beautiful or artistic in some way. She could easily be taken advantage of because of how nice she is. Ideas and thoughts must be shared with her partner - Libra Venus’s are intellectual and like a good conversation.

Well Known People with Libra Venus: Beyonce, Grace Kelly, Freddie Mercury, Pablo Picasso, Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, Richard Gere, Hugh Grant, Paul Walker, Brigitte Lahaie, Shania Twain, River Phoenix, Lorde.