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Les Amis: Then and Now

George Blagden as Grantaire | Killian Donnelly as Combeferre | Fra Fee as Courfeyrac | Aaron Tveit as Enjolras | Hugh Skinner as Joly

In honor of the four year anniversary of seeing this film for the first time, I watched it again today – and I was so struck by how beautifully they have all grown up since then.  

Oh my god so I’ve been watching W1A (a British comedy) and it’s got Hugh Skinner in it, the guy who played Joly in 2012 Les Mis. He’s an intern who was supposed to only be there for 8 weeks but ended up sticking around for 11 months because no one told him to leave so he just rolled with it and honestly that is exactly something Joly would do

I really like the casting of Les Amis in Les Miserables 2012. Like, I’m pretty sure they just hired the characters because Fra Fee is a literal sunshine, Killian Donnelly is so Combeferre that it’s painful, Eddie Redmayne pontmercys harder than anyone else ever, Hugh Skinner looks permanantly distressed, and we ALL know about George Blagden’s shipping obsession.

How to make Les Mis even sadder

Step 1: Mute Do You Hear The People Sing

Step 2: Blast Welcome To The Black Parade instead


(BONUS: time it so the drum at the end coincides with Enjolras and Grantaire getting shot)