hugh jackman*

Tbh I’m pretty disappointed that Wolverine’s last movie (at least with Hugh Jackman) doesn’t include any of the core X-Men. At least it doesn’t appear that way by the “Logan” trailers. Since I assume any future X-Men movies they’ll use the First Class cast it would’ve been nice to see the originals one last time…but oh well I guess. I mean I still plan on seeing “Logan” but I’m already a little disappointed because of this….

  • What she says: Im fine
  • What she means: in "bring him home," Jean Valjean implores God to rescue Marius, keep him safe, and bring him home to Cosette, but in the end, it is Jean Valjean himself who accomplishes this feat, implying that Jean Valjean himself has somehow taken on the form of God. Later in the musical, the ensemble sings, "to love another person is to see the face of God," meaning apparently the face of Jean Valjean. basically what I'm saying is, you don't truly love someone until you see Hugh Jackman, crouching in the distance, perpetually in your peripheral vision. He's not there? You don't love anyone sorry I don't make the rules