hugh jackman though

“You Don’t Get To Pick And Choose, You’re Stuck With Me”

Spencer Reid

“You mean to tell me that, with your love of outspoken women, that you wouldn’t hightail it outta here if Queen Latifah were to walk through those doors?”

“Not a chance,” Spencer smiles.

“I know you’d book it out of here Hugh Jackman walked through, though,” he smirks.

Anyone would book it out of here if he walked through and crooked at them with those beautiful fingers,” you say dreamily as you begin to stare off.

“At any rate,” Spencer says as he chuckles and pushes you playfully, “you don’t get to pick and choose, you’re stuck with me.”

“I suppose I could be stuck with worse,” you wink playfully at him.

“Like Morgan?” you ask as a smile graces your cheeks.

“I know…what a drag,” Spencer says as he rolls his eyes.

“I love you, Spencer,” you say as you reach for his hand.

“I love you, too, Y/N,” he says as he squeezes your hand in return.


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