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Brunch Uprgrade: A local favorite of superstar chef Hugh Acheson, One Eared Stag in Atlanta offers a high-end take on Southern-style brunch. The Chef’s Breakfast (above) features a rotating sampler of four brunch dishes served on a silver platter, with a can of Schlitz beer. Head over to F&W for more of America’s best brunch spots.

Cabin Pressure Cook-off // Pressure’s On

By: Delta In Flight Service

Four chefs. Three challenges. One winner.

This October, the quest to find the newest member of the Delta culinary team begins.  We’ve teamed up with FOOD & WINE magazine to mix up an original culinary competition called Cabin Pressure Cook-Off.

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Match The Chef to Their Hand Picked Entrance Music

Tom Colicchio is his own Smoke Machine

Boxers aren’t the only ones who enter the ring to music… at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen a few weeks back Chefs entered demos to their own hand picked music.  Can you guess which chef picked which song to take the stage to? (If you listened to our podcast w/ Marcus Samulsson, that one should be super easy.) 

  1. Mario Batali
  2. Marcus Samuelsson
  3. Tom Colicchio
  4. Andrew Zimmern
  5. Richard Blais
  6. Hugh Acheson
  7. Top Chef Kristen Kish
  8. Ming Tsai

a. Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
b. Macklemore - Thrift Shop
c. Prince - When Doves Cry
d. White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
e. Drive by Truckers - The Righteous Path
f. Led Zeppelin - Moby Dick
g. The Black Keys - Gold on the Ceiling
h. Bob Marley - Lively Up Yourself

KEY: a5 b7 c2 d1 e6 f3 g4  h8

Cabin Pressure Cook-Off // Hugh’s Appetizer Recipe

By: Taking Off

We were sad to see Chef Hugh Acheson get eliminated from the first challenge of the Cabin Pressure Cook-Off. If you didn’t get enough of him either, be sure to visit him at his acclaimed restaurant, Empire State South, located in Midtown Atlanta

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This week’s podcast guest is Chef Hugh Acheson, who you probably know as a judge on Top Chef or from one of his great Athens or Atlanta, GA restaurants.  Topics discussed include In N Out Burger, REM, Neutral Milk Hotel, Voivod, Built to Spill, Flaming Lips, and the recipes of Coolio.  

Stream the episode above, or download it from one of these great sources:

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