huggy wuvvy tummy bundle

Gravity Falls Challenge: Day 16

Day 16: Favorite TV program

Uhm … are you asking me what my favorite TV thing is that I saw on the show? Like, the little TV snippets?

Oh, God. I can’t decide on one. It’s a three-way tie.

It’s either this

Or this

Or this one.

1. The Huggy Wuvvy Tummy Bundle is awesome, just because the actual commercial is so stupid. “I can hold ten babies at once!” “I know what you’re thinking: yes, it works for pigs!” Yes. Exactly what I was thinking. It should work for pigs.

2. I love the Owl Trowel because it’s so fucking retarded and useless. And somehow, it says a lot about Gravity Falls, that there’s enough of a pile-of-owls-blocking-your-driveway being a problem that they needed to invent this thing.

3. Baby Fights. What the hell can I say about this thing? It’s fucking hilarious because they’re so cute and they have to caption “I didn’t come here to make friends” over baby cooing.


I’ve given it some thought and I’m pretty sure this is one of the top ten funniest moments in the entire series. 

Also given what we know about Bobby Renzobbi’s products I’m guessing the reason we don’t see the huggy wuvvy tummy bundle in subsequent episodes is that it broke almost immediately.