huggles for loki

Confusion in the proposal
  • Darcy: Do you hear that?
  • Loki: *discreetly tucks kitten in a box* What's that?
  • Darcy: Never mind... Hey, what's in the box?
  • Loki: A present for my lady fair.
  • Darcy: *warily opens the box* ...AW! *huggles kitten* he's so cute.
  • Loki: *waits*
  • Darcy: *cuddles*
  • Loki: Darcy, I believe you're missing something.
  • Darcy: Huh?
  • Loki: My proposal, I take it that your answer means yes?
  • Darcy: *eyes bug*

anonymous asked:

‘huggle the fuck out of loki’ is perfect for all the beautiful new ragnarok inspired hugging art that fandom has been producing lately. So happy you’re writing awesome meta again :D

IT IS PERFECT, ISN’T IT?  I’ve always liked that tag and now that you’ve reminded me of it, clearly, I have to start using it again, because, honestly, sometimes I just want to look at ALL THE HUGGING ART.

And thank you for the kind words!  I’m so delighted by the good things in this movie that all this meta has practically just burst out of me like

That’s it.  That’s me blogging about Thor: Ragnarok.  I’m glad you all appreciate the rainbow vomit.  ♥