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we found out like three months ago that Percy didn’t tell VM - the SHITs, then - his full name for I think several months after they first broke him out of jail, and it still kills me. This pale scarecrow they dragged out of a cell, scareder than he is skinny and angrier than he is scared - except he buries the anger so deep beneath the fear, and that beneath the hastily reassembled reflexes of propriety. Coming off a two-year disassociative episode on a ship, pulled out by a whisper in his mind that promised vengeance, if only he could get to a forge, and pull up, expand on, retool some ideas he had about chemistry and propulsion years ago. Clings to the socially anxious druid who couldn’t be more unlike him in every way just because she says she’s supposed to rule her people some day and that, that he understands, that’s the only thing left in this world that he understands. But the name “de Rolo” doesn’t pass his lips for months, nor all those tumbling, weighty intervening names, heavy with loss and duty and everything he can’t think about right now. Blood in the halls, on the snow. He can’t think about it - and what if he draws attention to himself? He tried to do one thing, kill one person, and he got caught without even seeing her. But what if she found him? (You can’t convince me he thought of anything else, in that cell.) What if the Briarwoods did? All that loss, all that duty, all that legacy…better hidden than ended forever. (He’s so angry, and so scared.)

But it came out. Nights by the fire with Keyleth, talking philosophy and constellation myths and how to accept a hug. Shooting contests with Vex, Pike’s kind smile, Grog’s easy laugh…”Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III”, tripping haltingly off his tongue as they all watch and do not understand the weight and history of every name. Percy’s lost his aristocratic, Whitestone accent a little in the last couple years, but he cannot say his name without it. Not properly. And of course he’ll introduce himself “properly.”

And…the world doesn’t end. Vampires don’t descend from the dark trees around their camp. White stone and snow and frozen rivers of blood do not come crashing down and drown him.

So he repeats it, maybe. Tongue curling around the familiar syllables like a blanket, this name that has placed him in history since he was born. I’m sure a warm campfire isn’t the first time Percy tells the SHITs his first name - spontaneous, or even minimally prompted, emotional vulnerability and information-sharing? Don’t be ridiculous. I’m sure it’s because earlier that day they had to get somewhere Official, and their Percy-from-the-jail-cell stepped forward whipped out all seventeen syllables in one haughty breath. Ever practical, that boy. But that night, there had to be Questions.

And the world didn’t come crashing down, so he does it again. Maybe not the next time they meet new people, but maybe the time after that. Maybe the time after the time after that. Maybe just “Percival de Rolo”, to start - but by the time they save Emon and Sovereign Uriel, it’s as easy as it ever was to put on court manners and introduce himself with a bow of just the right degree, as Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III.

There are de Rolo cousins, after all. They’ve married good families across Tal’Dorei, and even into Wildemount and Marquet. There’s no reason anyone needs to know he’s from Whitestone. It’s his name, his family, his lineage and legacy, but by the time we meet him, he can already roll it off his tongue so lightly. No weight of duty, loss, and terror (they’re shoved down as deep as the dreams of black smoke.) Guilty though he was about how giddy it made him, he was free. Even by then he’d grown so much, gotten so much better…

And then Uriel told a page to send a letter to the Briarwoods, in Whitestone, and it all. came. crashing. down.

(…and look how he’s grown since then.)

How The Batboys Hug You (Headcanon)


- Dick is the best at hugs, no contest. He hugs with his whole heart.
- His hugs are just natural and super comfortable. He squeezes you against him like he never wants to let go, trying to convey his love to you through his actions.
- He likes cuddles on the couch while watching movies, and at night he pulls you against his chest and wraps his arms around you securely, tucking your head under his chin.
- He literally takes any chance he can to hug you, at home or in public, and he doesn’t care that everyone knows he’s a big softy. He just wants to show you how much he loves you.


- Jason’s hugs are awkward with most people - short, stiff one arm hugs and a light pat on the back.
- His real hugs are absolute bear hugs. He almost crushes you with his strength, sweeping you up off the floor and enveloping you in his huge arms.
- He likes to come up behind you and wrap his arms around your waist when you’re doing something, peering over your shoulder to watch.
- When you’re sitting together on the couch he likes to tuck you in under his arm or have you sit in his lap so he can wrap his arms around you and rest his chin on your shoulder.
- He likes to lay with you sprawled out on top of him, so you can entwine your legs together and he can play with your hair, or just hold you close.


- Tim’s hugs are usually slightly awkward, mostly on account of his slender form and pointy elbows. It takes you a while to adjust to each other enough that you can hug comfortably.
- You usually fall asleep on your sides, facing each other with your legs and arms entwined.
- -Tim sleeps like a koala, and you often wake up with him absolutely wrapped around you and clinging on for dear life. Once asleep it’s almost impossible to wake him, so if you need to get up you have to try and pry him off of you.
- He likes to snuggle you from behind when you’re laying down, face pressed against your neck so he can nuzzle into you.


- Damian Wayne is not a hug person. That is, until he meets you.
- His hugs are always firm and loving. He likes to just hold you against his chest and quietly tell you how much you mean to him, especially if you’re feeling down.
- He likes to keep his arm around you at social events (he’s kind of possessive), and tucks you under his arm when it’s cold.
- If anything ever happens to make him worry about you, he sweeps you up into his arms at the first chance he gets and buries his face in your hair, all the while telling you how worried he was and asking if you’re okay.

  • magnus: hearth is unexpressive and doesn't express joy openly
  • hearth: *rushes in and tackles blitz in a hug after not seeing him for like only one day*
  • hearth: *jumps up and down in excitement when blitz wins the blacksmith contest*
  • hearth: *hugs blitz fiercely and rocks him back and forth after they un-petrify him*

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rad-lionz  asked:

BOOM! POW! IT ME! RFA+ (Saeran if he joins RFA) Suddenly get offered to be judges of a talent show! RFA factor? Koreas got talent? Whatever it is! They enjoy it very much! But what type of judges would each one be? What would they're favorite acts be? And who would they buzz off/ hit the golden buzzer to? (I see you have a lot of request so take your time!) Oh and if you could be a judge with RFA who would you sit next to and what type of judge would you be?

hello hello, my friend! first off, this is..amazing. absolutely amazing (/^▽^)/

to answer your question about me, I’d really want to sit next to either 707 or Zen. 7 because we’d be those judges that joke around with each other and Zen so I could see his various faces lol. I would also be that judge who gets so hyped watching a good performance, and i’d be the “nice one” lol. it’d be so easy to get points from me and i’d hate to send anyone home;;

as for the rfa…


  • he’s the nice judge but he’s also very picky 
  • offers the best advice and criticism
  • if we’re doing mentors, all the contestants would want to be on his team
  • if we’re doing “perform and get through or go home”, he’s on the moderate side of point giving
  • sometimes he finds a routine he really likes and he gets So Hyped
  • he’s also the judge that stands up to demonstrate what he means when he offers advice 
  • if we’re doing teams, he has the most winners lol
  • also the one where contestants go “I’m such a big fan”
  • is the face of the show
  • loves routines that both sing and dance, is bigger on passion than precision, but still thinks its important 
  • looks for a wide range of voices, styles, and experience levels 
  • picks acts mainly based on how they made him feel and how much they connected with the audience


  • the judge who is speechless half the time 
  • he’s amazed at people’s talent
  • he’s been made a meme once 
  • easy to get points out of him, if we’re doing that 
  • all of his team members love him and take his criticism seriously, if we’re doing that 
  • actually gives good advice, he just doesn’t word it too well sometimes
  • his team doesn’t get a lot of winners, but when he does get one, he is So Proud
  • is So Proud of all the contestants in general 
  • jumps in his chair while watching the contestants
  • is so amazed at dancers, so he picks those a lot 
  • picks the soft spoken singers, you know that type of relaxing voice? 
  • is more likely to pick the less experienced, but it depends on how much passion he thinks they have


  • looks like the mean judge, is actually a cinnamon roll judge
  • she has this face and a little gasp she does while watching the contestants
  • it’s so cute !!! 
  • offers very good advice, but zen’s is better by a bit 
  • it’s actually kinda hard to get points out of her, your best bet is being on her team
  • because if you are, she’s so so so supportive 
  • stands up and lets contestants hug her and offers supportive parting words when people are sent off 
  • likes precision more, but it’s like a 55% precision, 45% passion type thing
  • picks a wide range of experience levels, but has a soft spot for the self-taughts
  • she has a great intuition, so she picks based on feeling a lot 


  • the Picky™ judge
  • he’s actually really nice and offers good advice
  • but it’s so hard to get him to compliment you
  • jumin’s a perfectionist 
  • so he totally looks for precision more than passion
  • that goes more for dancers, however. loves precision and sharp movements
  • he’s easier on the singers, since he can’t do that 
  • he’s the second hardest to get points from
  • his team is very competitive, especially to zen’s team
  • they’re all really good too-
  • of course, he’s very very supportive of them!
  • he makes the best decisions on who to send home

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • you know those judges who say they like the performance and give like one criticism, but gives them a low score?
  • that’s saeyoung 
  • he’s the most hated judge, but he’s more supportive than someone like jumin
  • offers good advice, but they don’t trust him the first time 
  • looks for crazy voice ranges and dance moves
  • relates to the contestants / his team
  • honestly, he takes his very seriously and only really jokes around during the late stages of practice and with the judges
  • is that Extra judge who gets up and like bows to the contestant if he really likes it 

v / jihyun

  • the judge who is So Supportive
  • goes up on the stage to hug the contestant if they’re crying for any reason
  • the emotional judge
  • he focuses on singers, their emotion and where they put emphasis
  • all the contestants treat his advice as very good advice
  • because it is 
  • the thing is, he’s also not that upset when he has to send someone home
  • it’s what he has to do
  • tells all the contestants he loves them 
  • he’s easy to get points from, probably the easiest 


  • doesn’t really know what he’s looking for at first 
  • but he ends up gathering a lot of good dancers and multi-talented people
  • he’s so amazed by the dances, more than the songs
  • so he’s all about that 
  • the hardest to get points from
  • because saeran can see the tiniest mistake
  • he’s the judge who the contestants are fine with if they’re on his team
  • offers advice, but sometimes it causes the contestant’s downfall
  • it’s not his fault, he tried
  • once showed extra excitement on this one contestant and it became a sensation 
  • like !! he got so hype!! 
  • the audience loved it

side note: sorry if this isn’t what you meant ^^; i hope you like it still 


Just a few of the pictures I took yesterday at Miles’ Brooklyn show (and shout out to Nell and Katrina for being awesome!)

Best. Day. EVER!!!! Miles is the sweetest human in the world (LOOK AT HIS SMILE WHEN I HUGGED HIM!!! HE’S SO GENUINELY HAPPY AND PRECIOUS AND ASHKJFKJH!!!!!!!) Also, can confirm, Miles gives the BEST hugs, 1000000%, no contest. He had his arms out to hug me before I even got over to him, and he noticed my shirt and said “I see you went to Target”, and he thought my leg-hair-purple nails were awesome. Tbh I nearly blacked out when it was happening, but I remember honestly telling him “I can’t believe this is happening!!” (nerd alert! lol I’m so awkward omfg). Also, Miles smells like actual heaven (that 99 cent store cologne is no joke!), and is so so genuine. During the show he was just like he is in videos; mid sentence his voice cracked and without missing a beat he just went “Dat voice crack doe!” and continued on. We introduced him to Salt Bae (Miles, I’m calling you out again for NOT KNOWING A MEME HOW??), and we had a drag show on stage. Although I didn’t get to go up, it was just as much fun to watch because Miles made sure to keep everyone involved.

The biggest thing about the show was the energy. I have never been in a space where I didn’t feel judged or hesitant to be myself, whether that be my identity or my personality in general. But right there, I felt 100000% comfortable to just go nuts, cheer when someone mentioned stuff I identified with, and just be 10000% me. Miles immediately made the atmosphere one of charged, accepting fun and sillyness. It was almost like if you could step inside of a video and join in on Miles’ shenanigans.

I will never forget yesterday as long as I live, and I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to go and experience that. And Miles, if you somehow manage to find this, I hope you got my letter :)

cookieknights18  asked:

I'm all for Bim finding love cause he def deserves it but like, what if towards the end of his dating show he chooses one of the contestants and as they go to hug Warf walks in cause "what the hell? I'm the host." And sees them about to hug but shoots the contestant because he thinks Bim is getting attacked and kills them and leaves Bim heartbroken. Idk- I need my angst, man.


anonymous asked:

can you link me some fics where Harry and Draco get together some time throughout their time at Hogwarts but not an 8th year fic

I apparently know a lot of Hogwarts fics that are not during 8th year, oh my word. I knew I had some where they got together before 8th but I didn’t realise this many. You definitely won’t run out of reading material for a long while, that’s for sure.

I was going to do all of them into one giant list, but basically half the fics I read are Hogwarts ones and it’s such a daunting task to do so. Go under my Hogwarts tag and just avoid the ones that are also tagged 8th year, and you should be okay ^^. Sorry if some 8th fics have escaped being tagged as so ^^’. 

I have, however, listed the best ones in my personal opinion that are Harry and Draco getting together before 8th year. Happy reading :D

A Slytherin in Gryffindor Clothing

Background Secrets

Back In The Day

Beautiful World

Beneath You

Black Truth


Catch 22

Chaos Theory


Decreso Aetas

Draco in Darkness

Draco Malfoy and the Sleepwalking Saviour

Draco Malfoy’s Brilliant Book of Pick Up Lines

Draco the Cowardly Lion

Dragon Blood

The Dragons of Raveana


Ferret in My Shoe

Friend Like Me

Gilded Soul

Greenhouse Lessons

Growing Pains



Harry Potter and the Children of the Future

Harry Potter and the Sentinel Phenomenon

How Potter Turned Malfoy Gay

In Which Draco Malfoy Treats His Classmates To Bad

Life Renovations

Love Potion No 9

Malfoy Child

The Mistletoe Incident

Oath Breaker



Sneak Attack… Hugs?

Sparkle Sparkle Princesses

Staring Contest, Snow and kiddies

Starts With a Spin


Time out of Place

The Undeserved Hardships of Draco Malfoy

Valentine’s Day Repeated

Been gone so long and still have no way to transfer files. So here’s a bad quality ipad pic of Kristanna hugs. Please accept one of…probably several peace offerings.

Edit: Ya know…I’m looking at the original right now and pondering what to do with it. I was about 0.2 seconds from tearing it up and tossing it, but then I thought someone out there might want it. So guys, I don’t know anything about contests, so how should I go about doing one?

Should I have people send in videos of their best goat impressions? Dare I ask you to break into a zoo pen and hop on a reindeer?

Help me out.

anonymous asked:

Thorin and the boys surviving but Thorin knows he can never live in Erebor. The risk of the sickness is too great. So Thorin and Dwalin travel Middle Earth, (after a drunken victory tour of Rohan. The Rohirrim have always been good traders with the Dwarves and the women often follow the old Rohirrim women's saying 'Save A Horse, Ride A Dwarf') gathering up the Dwarves of Erebor and guiding them home to King Fili. Until LoTR, when the Eye falls, Thorin feels it, the sickness is gone. He is free.


The Contested IchiRuki Hug

When we talk about Fade to Black, the first thing that will come into the minds of shippers is this scene:

The IchiRuki hug, in which according to Ichihime fans, is not a hug. The picture above is something that I found in youtube, long ago, when I was still a new fan.

Take it as you want it. I, an IR fan, don’t mind it that much. Still, you cannot deny that they are still very close to each other.

And that one hug that you have in Hell Verse was unsolicited in the first place.

The difference in the two hugs is that:

In the IR hug, what we have is Ichigo and Rukia having an intimate moment together.

But in the IH hug, what you got is ONLY Orihime hugging Ichigo. It was a ONE-SIDED moment, one of too many.

However, even I who is an IR shipper, am not really that concerned about that hug. Sure, it was a bonus that came in a movie that was exclusively about Ichigo and Rukia.

The movie wasn’t about the hug in the first place. The movie was a celebration of the AMAZING BOND between Ichigo and Rukia.

What was Fade to Black about?

The quotes below are enough to answer the question:

“Rukia… is the one who changed my world!”

“You idiot! Memories aren’t everything! You can’t destroy that bond we share!”

“Hey, if death is not really the end, both of us, maybe our meeting that time was not our first. Maybe we were already connected way before that. I don’t know, but I think a bond that was once connected will never be broken. So even if we forget about everything, we will still be connected in other place. ”

~Ichigo to Rukia


Gabriel: Uh…I think we’ll hug you one at a time…I think it’s best if we keep positive spacial relations.

Raphael: I concur. Let’s keep the obvious danger to a minimum. 

Michael: I am fine with either. Let the Anon decide who they find more comforting.

Lucifer: I wish I was petty enough to start this argument with you, but comforting is the reason I gained a third of Heaven in the fall. This isn’t one that you can win brother.



Gabriel: Uh, wait-

Michael: FINE!

Gabriel: Guys-


Gabriel: As I was saying, positive spacial relations…