hugging can make you feel awesome

Boyfriend Moonbin

  • Oh god here we go
  • He mentioned before that if he liked a girl he’d tease her so get ready for that 
  • You totally stole his freaking heart but he likes it and he’d probably go crazy if he doesn’t have you
  • You know how competitive this boy can get 
  • Like he’d try to get close to you then starts joking around and making fun of you
  • Not in the bad way tho 
  • Occasionally flirts when he’s at it
  • He finally asks you out somehow
  • Maybe by text or idk bc he gets awkward with this kinda things 
  • And then you start discovering the boyfriend side of him 
  • Brace yourself
  • He’s so affectionate you can’t even imagine 
  • Café dates 
  • him giving you back hugs that feel more like he’s head locking you 
  • But it just feels awesome bc you feel smol and short in his arms since he’s technically a giant kitten
  • Best friend kinda couple
  • Like you’re all chill with each other and play around a lot
  • But you can get romantic too 
  • His hand is on your shoulder like 24/7 
  • And again it just makes you feel smol how awesome is that 
  • Stolen cute pecks 
  • And he’d be embarrassed for the next ten minutes bc of it 
  • He’s so competitive AND jealous he’s ready to kick some ass whenever someone even only glances at you 
  • Like you know how built up he is omg call the ambulance
  • He looooves wearing tank tops when the weather is nice
  • And you just die bc damn son that biceps 
  • And those veins 
  • Loves wearing snuggly sweaters when its cold 
  • And you think he couldnt look cuter
  • But then he places on his glasses and you’re like ok nvm 
  • You wish he wears glasses everyday yes you do as much as i do 
  • But sometimes he wears something all classic and shit and you’re shook af 
  • Bc he looks hella hot in button ups and such since they bring out his slender figure 
  • Kill me pls
  • He sings to you the whole freaking time and you wonder what you did in your past life to deserve this
  • Like his voice is angelic 
  • Cute cat like smiles
  • and he always wins bc that kid has eleven tummies lmao 
  • You just enjoy eating tgt 
  • Bc he makes you happy and food makes you happy so 
  • Days where you just laze around in your sweats and just eat and watch anime 
  • Eunwoo sometimes brings some good new animes bc otaku much and you all watch tgt
  • Days when it feels nice and you walk around the whole day and do fun things
  • You watching him practice dancing and just admiring how good he gets every time 
  • Him trying to teach you some moves bc you begged him to
  • And you end up making cute covers tgt 
  • Sometimes watching him work out ahem 
  • And him encouraging himself by pecking your lips whenever he sits up during sit ups as you hold his knees 
  • And he ends up doing push ups with you on his back bc you made a bet and if he does ten you’d treat him ice cream for a week
  • And he wins lol 
  • Lots of piggy back rides on his back yay 
  • He makes sure you always feel pretty bc thats what he sees you as, however you look 
  • Like even when you’re in your pjs with bed hair and half closed eyes 
  • Just lots of affection and fun and most importantly food

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Hello your art is awesome! I'm not (emotionally) feeling good today but your drawings have helped me cheer up a little bit :)

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;; thank you so so much! I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling so good, days like those can be pretty crud… I hope things are going better for you now though anon *hugs* It makes me so happy to know my work could brighten your day up even just a little bit! ;u;

There’s a misunderstanding when it comes to friends and love. Just because you develop feelings for your friend doesn’t mean you’re in love with them. There is such a love called friendship. It makes you want to stay with them forever. Because you love your friends. I feel that people don’t see the difference.

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hc's for the paladins after finding their s/o passed out from training too hard?


  • he’s levelheaded most of the time and thank god for that
  • because everyone else on this list is a freak
  • yes, he worries 
  • they told him they felt weak compared to everyone else and defenseless. everyone had their own source of protection, but they were just sorta of dwindling around not knowing what they would do in case of an emergency
  • theres also fact that their boyfriend was literally the leader of the paladins and all-around better at combat then they were
  • they admired him a lot so they desperately wanted to be at least somewhat closer to his level
  • so they took it upon themselves to train 
  • this lead to their obsession to be self-reliant and now here they are currently
  • laying in bed, sore as all hell and shiro scolding them ( very gently lmao ) about taking proper care of themselves
  • it actually irritates them
  • they get mad and yell at him
  • a few minutes of silence
  • and then they apologize because they didn’t mean to blow up they just feel so weak and useless
  • he smiles and tells them that they can train together and its okay to rely on protection every once in awhile
  • awwwhhhhhh …… they hug ……………


  • bin ch  you know hes gonna get so mad about this
  • hes worried but i mean …… he cant express that without anger coming through 
  • he first gets them to their room and tends to whatever cuts and bruises they have also giving them some water and a snack he had hunk prepare
  • then he Goes Off
  • its not like screaming but they can tell hes mad because his voice raises and hes like gesturing wildly and glaring at them
  • obviously this instigates a fight unlike what happened with shiro. his s/o starts yelling back at him probably raising their voice higher 
  • most likely starts crying out of frustration
  • they just wanted to be strong enough for him
  • hes been so reckless and he’s always been the one keeping them safe. they want to do the same for him. they don’t want to lose him.
  • they were just scared and they wanted to be strong
  • he’s quiet and he listens and his glare softened into a look of distress and concern
  • he tells them they can be strong but they shouldn’t be training themselves until they pass out he just wants them to look after their own well-being
  • he grabs their hand and smiles and they cant help but to blush and smile back ( WHILE ALSO AVOIDING EYE CONTACT THEN THAT MAKES KEITH EMBARRASSED AND HE AVOIDS EYE CONTACT TOO FUCKIN DWEEB )


  • he’s a Wild Man
  • yeah, hes felt completely in adequate more times than he can count and he constantly feels like he might be below everyone else in terms of skill
  • i mean, he was only bumped up to fighter pilot because keith was kicked to the curb
  • but he doesnt want them to feel like that
  • so when he finds them on he ground, completely knocked out and dehydrated, he knows very well what happened
  • the conversation is sorta awkward once they wake up
  • he’s asking them questions on if they’ve been eating and if they’ve had any water to drink or if they’re sleeping right
  • they just reply with short, curt answers ( clearly too embarrassed to actually talk at the moment )
  • he starts getting frustrated and ends up going off but its ??????? not irritating ????????? just the way he does it makes them feel guilty for making him worried instead of mad because they think he’s telling them what to do
  • the concern he shows comes off less angry and more just exasperated because he wants to understand why they started feeling so down about themselves
  • so they tell him all their worries about not being brave, not being strong, not being reliable or lacking certain skills
  • he just throws himself on them and hugs them so tightly before they can even finish
  • yeah, he gets it but he’s encouraged by everyone around him and he wants them to feel encouraged too


  • he’s immediately panicking, but he’s also quick to react.
  • he takes them to their room and when they wake up he’s not really prying he’s just like “hey you hungry it’s almost dinner”
  • of course they are they fuckin love his cooking its always made with a special kind of love
  • although talking about their worries is always a good idea, they feel comforted by the fact that he’s not trying to make them talk. he’s letting them decide when they’re ready
  • it probably doesn’t take too long maybe the next day theyre telling him everything that was on their mind. they can’t really go out training since he’s sort of banned them from it for awhile and he’s been so thoughtful to their feelings they feel like maybe they should just tell him
  • he’s hugging them and patting their head and making little jokes about it just so they smile
  • he tells them not to worry because he knows they can do great things and being a paladin isn’t that cool anyways ( hes lying and they know he’s lying but its the thought that counts )
  • “you already got so many amazing qualities about yourself that will make you an awesome part of our team. we’re together. i’m always going to worry about you. that doesn’t mean you’re weak.”
  • they spend the day together just looking through weird books around the castle that they cant at all figure out how to read
  • or plotting pranks on the other paladins
  • keith is the best target because its easy to get a reaction from him. well, an angry one. 
  • lance is also a really good one. they love hiding when he’s on a hunt to find out who pulled that prank on him


  • she’s kind of a mix of lance and hunk with this.
  • she won’t force them to say whats up but they can tell she’s under a huge amount of stress about it
  • pidge takes the time out of her day to check up on them from then on and checks constantly if they’re taking care of themselves
  • she’s like a hawk its sort of fuckin weird ………….
  • this progresses into a weird sort of stalking? not like creepy but her s/o gets this chill when they feel her watching them
  • this turns into a stupid game of “im going to hide from you because im tired of you constantly watching me please stop we arent in a horror movie”
  • when pidge is confronted on this she’s just …….
  • “huh ?????????????? whatever could you mean ???????????”
  • “cut the crap”
  • “i have a very logical explanation from this and ill tell you ……… AFTER THE BREAK”
  • jokes aside when they finally do talk about it its like awkwardly emotional because i dont think either of them really like talking about feelings so seriously
  • theyre both so use to cracking jokes 
  • pidge just smiles kinda sadly at them and tells them that it’s okay and they’ll never be a burden to her or anyone else on the team
  • she’s not really good with combat unless she’s in her lion either, but she can understand the need for them to be
  • “maybe ask keith he’s kind of a freak about combat training”
Jung Ho-seok As Your Boyfriend~

OMG I love Hobi so much! He make me smile a lot and I bet he make you smile too <3

⁃ He would make you laugh all the time. 

⁃ Sexy when dancing (most of the time for you). 

⁃ And taking you dancing with him. 

⁃ He would take you to the best places. 

⁃ Walking while holding hands. 

⁃ Doing aegyo when he wants something. 

⁃ Doing aegyo when he screws up. 

⁃ Very caring and loving with you, specially when you’re sick. 

⁃ Make you feel better when you’re down. 

⁃ Make you feel special and important all the time. 

⁃ The best part is the sex. 

⁃ He would be rough and easy at the same time. 

⁃ He would love you kissing his neck. 

⁃ Whispering sweet words on his ear, would make him crazy. 

⁃ A lot of cuddling and hugs.

⁃ He would be an awesome boyfriend, the one that you can tell everything, and who gives the best advice.

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This is kind of a weird thing to say but I really like that you made Sun chubby and cute and cool. Like usually, in both mainstream media and in peoples OCs I never see chubby people get to be badass or desirable or anything thats not like, a Joke Character tm and just the fact that Sun can be both chubby and considered beautiful at the same time is really awesome and it makes me feel better about my own issues with my body image so I just wanted to say thank you for that

This note made me so happy, thank you ;; I’m glad Sun helps you cope with your body issues, I know he helps me cope with mine ❤️

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Ryder is their crew mates "Secret Santa". Showering them with gifts of appreciation and handmade ones for their love interest. However, no one knew it was Ryder (and they wouldn't let them find out) until they were caught red handed with a neatly wrapped gift in their hands for them. ((feel free to use both gif and text!))

This is my actual jam. I LIVE for these silly holiday things! I’m supposed to be studying but this is too good

Liam: Most definitely going in for a hug, he’ll absolutely love the gifts and display them all over his room in the Tempest. He’d then proceed to spend the rest of the holiday trying to return the favor by doing the same. 

If Romanced: After hugging, there is probably a heck ton of kisses. To him it’s just amazing that she would take the time to give him something so unique that she made. If heart eyes were possible, he’d have them on the rest of the day.

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Cora: “Thank you Ryder, really, for everything.” And she means it. She was surprised that Ryder was able to keep it a secret from her in the first place, but it’s a happy type of surprised. And she feels happy that Ryder thought about her.

If Romanced: Mostly the same, but she’s holding in the urge to hug him tightly and pepper him with loving kisses. The fact that Ryder would give her something handcrafted just reminds her how much she loves him. You can bet that they’re going to spend the rest of the day in bed cuddling.

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Peebee: Honestly, she wasn’t really expecting anything. Asari don’t really have the same holidays as humans do. Nonetheless, she is genuinely happy and feels great knowing that she has friends like these. Also it finally satisfies her curiosity about the identity of her secret Santa

If Romanced: “Aww, you shouldn’t have” She says as she pulls them in for a giant bear hug and a smooch. The gifts are all over her room but they have a special corner and are the only things she keeps clean and neat

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Vetra: Thanks them profusely and makes it a point to let them know that she truly appreciates the gesture. If the gifts are things she can use then she’ll assure them that she will make good use out of them. If they are decorations then you can bet they’ll adorn the shelf at her eye level so that she can see them all the time.

If Romanced: Without warning, she simply pulls them in for a giant bear hug and won’t let them go until they either tell her that they can’t breathe anymore or it gets awkward enough for the other member of the crew. She later attempts to return the gesture by trying her hand at handmade gifts for her lover as well.

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Drack: Is more surprised than anyone else. He’s reminded of when his ru’shan was younger, what with that sense of innocence and all. He accepts the gifts with exchanges of hard pat-on-the-backs and ruffling of hair. Most definitely brags to Kesh like a proud father, to which she will roll her eyes.

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Jaal: He has never heard of this ritual, but when he found out about it was genuinely intrigued. When it came ‘round, he didn’t expect anything, but he sees the meaning behind the gesture and makes sure his thanks is known. Ryder is most definitely one of his most trusted friends after all, and he hopes to bring that message across.

If Romanced: He had heard that gifts were only given to people you care about, and even he knows that handmade gifts are something intimate, so it just once again shows him that human’s love knows no bounds, and he tells her exactly how much he loves her. He kisses her with vigor when they’re alone later on to prove his point.

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Suvi: A gift? How thoughtful! She utterly loves the hell out of whatever Ryder got for her and thinks that the fact Ryder saw something and thought of her is something out of this world. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how she feels about this.

If Romanced: If she thought Ryder couldn’t be sweeter she is proven to be completely wrong. She’s the kind of person that lives for these sort of gestures and that the gifts are handmade is just another point of her already extremely long list of evidence that she feels loved. Also hugs. 

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Gil: Literally glomps them and reminds everyone for the next month week that Ryder got them some awesome stuff. He’s honestly really happy about getting to spend Christmas with all of them.

If Romanced: The same thing, but with a multitude of kisses added on. He never expected to get something handmade from his lover, but the fact that it is just makes his day even more brighter. You can bet that he’ll spoil him the whole duration of the holiday, well, at least more than he already does.

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Kallo: Christmas? He’s never celebrated it, but he’s glad that they got to anyways. One of the best things to happen to the crew since they got to Heleus is that they’ve been able to have small things like these together. And when Ryder revealed themselves to be his secret santa, he plays it cool but deep down feels so appreciated. He’ll spend the rest of the day smiling for sure.

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Move A Mountain add-ons  →  #eternalmam
 ↳ first drive

Finley Quaye, Beth Orton - Dice

Stiles gets his license at the end of the summer, only a few weeks short from the anniversary of his move to New York.

There’s a mountain outside the city with the perfect view to watch the sunset. They’ve been there several times before on Derek’s Harley and it quickly became Stiles’ favorite spot. Back when they first started the driving lessons they had made a promise: that once he got his license, Stiles would come pick Derek up at the shop and they’d drive up there.

It’s late afternoon by the time Derek picks up the sound of Stiles’ engine: lighter and faster than his own. He looks over his shoulder from where he’s kneeling next to the Yamaha he’s working on, gazing out towards the street until the bike rolls into view when Stiles parks it on the drive in. He leaves the engine running as he jumps off, practically tearing off the helmet before rushing inside the garage with a blinding smile.

“I did it!” He exclaims, as if anything about his arrival hints otherwise.

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Scribble-Doodle: (Not) A Kid

Teen parabatai feels ahoy!

Jace will never forget the first time that Alec hugged him.

They join a routine patrol, he and Alec - Izzy’s a year too young for that and she makes her displeasure known very vocally - to see “how it’s done in the real world.” Demon killing, that is. They’re there strictly to observe and, “don’t you get in the way, boys!” Mundane kids do that too, apparently, go on “school trips” and stuff like that, but they go to museums and zoos and to other places like that. And they don’t usually carry weapons stashed all over their persons.

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Hey there Lady Red! (And a hello to you too, my favorite egg.) Your blog gives me life and I look forward to seeing you on my dash everyday, especially since I came down with pneumonia. I hope you have an awesome day and may Andraste preserve you! -H

Thanks a lot for the lovely words, you’re amazing! I’m really happy this blog helps make you feel better. I’m sending lots of hugs, hope you can kick that pneumonia’s ass soon! <3


I like you and you like me

anon ask: How about the reader, a abandoned LMD is struggling with the whole ‘emotion’ thing and doesn’t understand simple customs. Shield wants to destroy her but Daisy protests because the reader is the victim in all of this, the LMD reader gets a job within shield gaining some trust. eventually this leads to a crush from the reader on Daisy and they don’t know what it is or how to fix it. Imagine Curie from Fallout 4 for context.

warning: LMD!Reader

I had a hard time writting this I’M NOT A ROBOT OKAY?. but I liked how it turned out :D

part 2

Masterlist / Prompt List / Fandom List / Ask me anything!

Being one of the first LMD that the human race created was not very simple. Dr. Radcliff created you with the purpose of help the human race. You were specialized on creating cures for the humans, one of your biggest goals, find the cure for cancer. Dr. Radcliff also want it you to feel, like a human does, and when he actually succeed in this task he was taken back by how much you feel,  the feelings were too much for you. Overwhelming by all these feelings Dr. Radcliff decided to shut you down, till Aida find you. She was amazed by your feelings, she was going to destroy you but Shield stopped her, a certain Agent saved you, a girl named Daisy. Even though Shield wanted to destroy too, Daisy convinced them not to. Radcliff told her about,  a special LMD that could save the human race. Daisy had faith on you, plus she thought that you were just a victim and all this.

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Thank You.

Thank you. I am trying my best to start my One Piece ask blog and my art/doodle blog. I learned when I was making it, that I have been inspired by so many people and friends on here it’s ridiculous. These people gave me the courage to be myself and so that my mind and heart could tell me that I can do it. Im not a quitter, you got this. Believe in you. So I’m going to give thanks to the people who have seriously helped me even though I’ve barely started. Because I feel like Me and Tay haven’t said it enough. Because seriously, I wouldn’t have done anything or created these blogs, of it wasn’t because of them. (Plus P.S tis my birthday! Woo!)

Now this dude behind it, literally went out of his way to check if I was okay, because 2 weeks ago I was having a anxiety attack and couldn’t breathe. He went to my page and messaged me very worried for my well being. Holy crap, no one in my life has done that before. Surprising? I know. Axel bro, so much thank you my dude I would say it all day if I could and help you when you need it. Ill always be there you know that? I will return the favor one day somehow. I promise.

Now, this Mun, is *laughs* one of my greatest friends on here. She is so kind, very perky and basically has my back and I have hers. They are a little stubborn when it comes to taking a rest and sleeping though XD
Kuwa, you are so special to me in real life and you deserves everything that you do and worked hard for like your 100+ followers ma dude, you are incredible. Don’t ever doubt yourself for a second that you cant do it! Because you’re family, your followers believe in you….and I do too. (P.S You draw Law very well as a cute nerd! I always manage to almost die from fangirling too much.❤️💖❤️)

@ask-chiefsabo or @esttian
Mai…I have no words for you. You’re great. Great in all sorts of ways. You mean so much to me, for when I need to vent or just sit down and talk to you. Im so happy that I have someone is talented, charismatic, fun-loving girl like you. You inspired me from great lengths with your colorful yet wonderful pictures of that Revolutionary boy. I wish you deeply the best, and I pray greatness in the future for you.

@ask-the-vinsmokes or @snajey
Holy hell, you my friend Cesi, *backs up* I gotta say thank you too. You have changed my perspective of writing and thinking forever. When you started up your Brotherhood AU and showed people that you don’t have to be canon to be liked, that’s when it hit me. You showed me that I can do and be whatever the hell I want and do so. You showed me that when you had the writing contest that I can stretch my imagination and gave you one of the best and longest things I’ve EVER wrote in my life. I literally cant thank you enough, don’t stop being you, because there no one like you. And I hope everything goes your way in the future. Plus, I can’t wait for the picture!

Where the hell to start. YOU CHANGED ALMOST EVERYTHING FOR MEYOU WONDERFUL CINNAMON ROLL. I cant believe it! You! Yes you! You have showed me enough things in the world that if I didn’t send one message to you, I would have missed out on. You are a great person in general and you have showed me that, you can be great no matter what you draw. Love ya!

Odette and her crew are awesome! They are so creative and the mun and muse deserve a round of applause! She was so great at rp’ing and just to talk to! I just want to thank you for even just conversating with me. Thank you! You are so wonderful! Moths are great!

Okay Blake-san *ahem!* BOI! WHYAREYOUSOGREATATDRAWINGEVERYTHINGLIKEOMFGIMDONE! Anyway, I really hope you gets caught up with our classes and your life gets back together. Im praying for you because your such an amazing person and you know I’d try and help you anyway I can! XOXOXOXO
P.S [Lawcest Rules!]

This Mun, has 900 followers! They ate awesome that drawing Cora and it makes me so happy! They have a great personality and I want to hug them everyday of I could! As Corazon saids: “I Love you!” 💕

@ask-sanji and @asksabo
The Mun of these two blogs are just a freakin sketch genius. I feel like when I look at their content is like I’m waiting and looking at the next DBZ episode (which is super good.) They try and say that their art isn’t worth it but I believe ITS REALLY FREAKIN GREAT DON’T DOUBT YOURSELF OR ILL SHAKE YOU! *ahem!* but other-words, there just really great.

OHMYFUKIN- im good. Okay this mun she draw Law really well and unique like damn! Anyway, I hope your paypal thing goes well! You are awesome and I love what ya do! You’re great! Hahahahaha…yessss.

Ok she is just so adorable. Both the Mun and the Muse like there so sweet I might get diabetes. I live the way she draws Lamy, its so cutting-edge and just slick. Every color goes together so well its like- im looking at a amazing picture ever time… oh wait, I am! You are really cool to talk to and I love rp’ing with you! Hopefully we get to talk soon!

She is just a nice wonderful woman and she deserves hugs and kisses everyday XD I love how she draws Luffyko and how its just so cute, I mean it cant get over that! I am your friend if you need me always, because you’re never alone!

Ohmygosh there drawing of Sanji is soo good and you don’t know how times I’ve said to myself wow I shipSanji and Crocodile Oh woowwwwwww! XD You are so talented and I wish the best for you in everything. Their really nice to talk to and somehow I feel kinda calm around them.

This mun for this blog is one of the first One Piece Oc blogs I ever saw. Rosetto is such a beautiful Oc and I personality live her orange fluffy hairrrr. :3 I want to hug her and the muse all the time. I hope I can talk to them in the future, but they really inspired me to do my best in drawing and colors. They are all so palleted and calm its like going to Las Vegas. That’s how pretty her artwork his. Its great! You’re great! Thank you.

The person beyond this rp blog is actually one of my greatest friends. I usually talk to them on Discord, and I love her. She’s hardworking, nice, and just an awesome person and I hope everything and anything will be alright with her. She one of my favorite people to talk to and to chill with. I cant think her enough..

I met this blog during the Water World Event and learned about and experimented with Odette! It was so much fun! Then I learned that she had a crew! She also liked moths and she’s really fun and deserves a lot of followers and hugs! Love ya! You’re awesome!

Omfg Davy is fuckin little- idefk! Still! Your artwork is great! Like its so clean and hes such a freakin baby about stuff but he’s more of a mom somethings than everything. Another great marine Oc blogs just like YE- their muse is really nice! Great personality and just really kind.

Okay okay, they are so so great at drawing Penguin and Shachi! It blows my mind every time I see it honestly. There both such cute idiots. Anyway, this mun I absolutely adore them, I got to draw some of their Heart Pirates Oc’s and that was super freakin fun! And shipped some stuff on a Discord chat. Still I hope your anxiety stuff will go down and you feel better soon!

Wendy is just askdhaickwhsknzb so greattt. I mean the mun who draws her, is just so fucking amazing I cant- she one of the best Oc marine blogs out there in my opinion! I hope I get to talk to you in the future!! GAHHH! Youre so great in so many ways, don’t let people tell you otherwiseeeee!

This Mun is really nice in my opinion! They really have made their blog very interesting! Matter of fact, I’ve only met him in the WaterWorldEvent but they seemed awesome! Plus, I hope everything goes okay soon! Im praying! Love ya!

All of these people and more have made me want a ask blog and do one. I just hope I can be okay in this timeline, theres always a chance for anything. Plus my brother is living with me bow and its my birthday so I’m deciding to sleep and binge on Sherlock Holmes movies before I want to kick it into high gear. Trust me I will!
Thank you guys so so much!

BTS Reaction To...

Y/N finally debuting in a girl group.


He would be so proud of you having watched you train for years for this moment. You can bet when the MV dropped he was in front of his laptop/computer with an ARMY Bomb. He is your personal cheerleader.

*Watching MV with you* “My Jagi looks so beautiful, just as beautiful as me.”

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Yoongi would probably be extremely supportive but would want to make sure you knew what you were getting into since he was ‘tricked’ when he debuted (he was told BTS wouldn’t be a heavy choreo group).

“Now are you 100% sure that you’re okay with the choreo they have planned?”

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You can’t bet this guy went the extra mile and learnt your choreo to help you with it so your debut stage would be flawless. And after watching it, he would give you the biggest smile because you rocked it.

“You absolutely shone out there Jagi.”

Originally posted by jaayhope


He would become a mix of proud, supportive boyfriend and wise leader who is more experienced in the idol world. He would want to make sure you were happy but more importantly safe.

“This is great news Jagi! But if anyone tries anything funny with you let me know.”

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Jimin would be the type of boyfriend who wanted to go to all of your performances and would surprise you backstage with coffee and snacks for the group and staff members. He’s supportive every step of the way.

“There’s my Jagiya~ You did great today!”

Originally posted by bangtan


THE MOST SUPPORTIVE! As soon as you told him, he would smother you in hugs. And when you’ve had your debut stage expect even more!  

“Come here! You looked so awesome out there! I’m going to watch all your performances!”

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For some reason I can see this boy turning it into a competition of sorts. He would compare your debut choreo outfits and choreo to Bangtan’s when they first debuted. But he wouldn’t do it to make you feel bad.

*After watching your debut stage* “That was great Jagi! Better than mine!”

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Yoongi’s and Jimin’s reactions were by @tragicshadows

I did not make any of these gifs nor do I claim credit for them


Don't tell me you love BTS and then trash talk the members.

Today my friend, a fellow BTS fan, was talking to me about BTS. I had shown her the very nice pictures of Jungkook from the naver x dispatch photos since he is her bias, when she asked me who my bias was. I responded with J-Hope and she instantly wrinkled her nose and told me she hated him. I was immediately taken aback at her response. She then continued with “Jin too, I don’t like Jin”. Today being Jin day, I was particularly upset with that too. I responded with “what are you talking about? He’s worldwide handsome.” She shot back “he’s ugly”. At this point, I was pissed. She then continued with “but I do like the rest of them. They’re all hot.” In the matter of a few minutes, this girl, who calls herself a BTS fan, had just taken down my bias and my bias wrecker. I was insulted and angry. How can you call yourself a fan if you bash other members? The rest of our conversation went a little something like this: “How can you say that? They’re both so talented.” “No, they’re not.” “What do you mean?” “J-Hope’s rapping sucks. *mocking of his rapping ensues*. Jin’s voice is too nasally. Both of them can’t dance.” “What the hell do you mean, they can’t dance? J-Hope is the DANCE CAPTAIN.” “Well, he can do better.” “There’s a reason he’s the main dancer. Also, Jin puts in so much work to take care of the group and he’s the oldest. BTS would not be the same without him. So what if his voice is nasally? It’s unique. He works just as hard as the rest of the members.” “Well, he’s not as good as Jungkook.” I was RAVING at this point. I called up one of our mutual friends to complain after that, actually kind of hurt at the things she had said. I cherish these boys a lot and hearing someone trashtalk my bias and my bias wrecker was infuriating. DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME YOU LOVE BTS IF YOU HAVE A MINDSET LIKE THIS GIRL. DONT YOU FUCKING DARE. All of the members are unique in their own ways. They all have their special quirks and talents. They wouldn’t be BTS if one of them were to leave. They’re different and special in their own ways, contributing to the group all the same. All of them, whether it’s the vocal line, rap line, hyung line, maknaes, your bias, ALL OF THEM PUT IN SO MUCH EFFORT TO MAKE BTS WHAT IT IS. NAMJOON WORKS HIS ASS OF TO LEAD THEM. IT’S HARD FOR HIM TO SPEAK ENGLISH AND PRODUCE AND STUFF FOR THEM, BUT HE DOES IT. Does anyone remember the hidden camera prank they pulled on him where they asked him to choose between BTS and a solo career? He chose BTS without missing a beat. He is loyal through and through to the guys and would literally take a bullet for them. BTS is his priority and his job which he takes seriously. BTS would not be as successful without him. JIN FREAKING TAKES CARE OF THEM AND COOKS AND CARES FOR THEM. He gets so much hate because of his voice but HE HAS WORKED SO HARD TO GET TO WHERE HE IS. Does anyone remember the story he told about how his mom always used to listen quietly when other people bragged about their sons? How he hoped his mother was proud of him how? He puts others before himself. He’s selfless. How the hell can you hate him? I don’t care if you don’t think he’s handsome or you don’t like his voice, the moment you say you he’s not important, you’re not really a fan of BTS. Also, he tries his best with his dancing, and he knows he’s not the best. BUT HE STILL WORKS HIS ASS OFF TO IMPROVE AND THAT IS INCREDIBLY ADMIRABLE. SUGA WORKS HIS ASS OFF TO PRODUCE MUSIC FOR THESE GUYS WHILE ALSO PURSUING HIS OWN DREAMS. His rapping is amazing (one of Korea’s best). He may seem really quiet but he tries so hard to do everything he can for the group. He knows a lot more than he lets on (i.e. When he spoke English on some of the interviews after the BBMAs). Lots of the music BTS has released would not have been possible without, that’s right, MIN YOONGI. So next time you listen to your favorite jam from them you sure as hell better be thanking Min Yoongi in your mind. JHOPE IS A LITERAL RAY OF SUNSHINE THAT ALWAYS TRIES TO CHEER EVERYONE UP WITH HIS HUMOR. He draws attention to himself by being weird TO MAKE THE OTHER MEMBERS LESS EMBARRASSED. THIS GUY LITERALLY SACRIFICES HIS SELF IMAGE AND PRIDE SO THE OTHER MEMBERS LOOK BETTER. He was originally supposed to be a vocalist but was put on rap. Sure, his voice may seem peculiar, but like Jin’s it’s very unique and it suits him very well. ALSO HE WROTE A SONG FOR HIS MOM. HOW CAN YOU HATE LITERAL SUNSHINE JUNG HOSEOK? I don’t understand. He brings lots of positive vibes (and smooth dance moves) to the group. JIMIN ALWAYS MAKES SURE THE OTHER MEMBERS ARE DOING OKAY. He checks in on them, offers them hugs, reassured them. When another member is feeling discouraged or sad he is almost always the first to make sure that they’re okay. HE IS WARM AND FUZZY WITH A SEXY SIDE. Inside, he is caring and sweet. Also, he hits some super high notes with is impressive!! And his dancing is awesome too!! TAEHYUNG IS THE ONLY BASS OF THE GROUP AND HAS AN AWESOME RANGE (like literally his range is super impressive). He also does this growly things that are really hot (some people don’t like him but it’s a Tae thing). People always insult him for being spacey but he works just as hard as anyone else, even starting his own acting career ffs, which he was great in. HIS SMILE BRINGS HAPPINESS TO THE OTHER MEMBERS. SO SHUT YOUR MOUTH IF YOU THINK HES NOT WORTH ANYTHING. JUNGKOOK HAS A GORGEOUS VOICE AND HES THE MAKNAE. He freaking wrote a song about how thankful he was for the other members growing up with him. HE CALLED THEM HIS BROTHERS. That’s what they all are to him. He may make fun of them but he loves them all to death… he is so precious. BTS IS NOT BTS WITHOUT THE OTHER MEMBERS. DON’T CALL YOURSELF A FAN IF YOU CAN’T APPRECIATE ALL OF THEM. ITS NOT “JUNGKOOK AND THE OTHER GUYS” or “YEAH JIMIN AND THOSE OTHER ONES”, IT’S BTS AS A WHOLE GROUP. YOU CAN HAVE A BIAS BUT THAT DOESNT ALLOW YOU TO SHIT ON THE OTHER MEMBERS. BTS IS A GROUP, A HARDWORKING GROUP NONETHELESS, WHERE EACH OF THE MEMBERS MATTERS JUST AS MUCH AS THE OTHER ONES. TELLING ONE THEY DONT BELONG IS AWFUL. NAMJOON HAS ADMITTED THAT HE HAS BEEN HURT SO BADLY BY THESE COMMENTS AND IM SURE AS HELL THE OTHERS ARE TOO. IF YOU SAY YOU LOVE BTS, IF YOU TRULY LOVE BTS, IF YOU REALLY ARE A FAN… DON’T YOU DARE SAY ONE MEMBER SUCKS OR IS WORTH LESS THAN THE OTHERS. DON’T YOU DARE BASH ANY OF THE OTHER MEMBERS. BECAUSE THEN YOU’RE NOT A FAN. Rant over.

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I always headcanon you as one of those aggressively positive people you can't help but like. You know, the kind that takes smol, clueless kiddos under their wing?

I like this headcanon :3 

And.. Frankly, everyone deserves happiness and to feel good about themselves. We may be flawed, but our imperfections make us who we are. We’re all unique and special that way. And people deserve to see themselves as they great and awesome people they are. :) If not, then I will hug it into them and pester them until they’re tired of me :D 


I am going to say it right here and right now, I love TGS, I absolutely LOVE they’re audios and they’re posts in general, they deserve love, and much, much more, I check that tumblr everyday, I refresh it everyday to see if there’s new content and if there is I listen to it IMMEDIATELY I don’t care if there’s something else I gotta do, I sit there and listen to it, no matter what. Your all so amazing! Distortional, the Anti VA, you were the first I found, you absolutely terrified me, to the point where I could NOT sleep, you are scary, horrifying and just besides that, your a REALLY awesome person. Ellynore, the Dark VA, you are very terrifying as well, also amazing, your voice is cool, in character or out of character, and I love talking to you, all the VAs really. Pewds VA, you are such a chill dude, your awesome and hilarious, plus you love fucking with nicknames or just fucking around with people in general and your SO in character I AM NOT CONVINCED YOU ARE NOT THE REAL PEWDIEPIE, but you are seriously amazing. Atom, Google VA. Oh my god, you are soo cool and cute and I wanna hug you, I wanna hug all y’all really. You’ve scared me a lot too, to the point of nightmares as well. Virus Cry VA now, I’ve heard a lot of audios from you, you sir, are just terrifying in general, but still really cool, I’m sorry i keep saying the same things over and over, but its true. The new Bing VA, now, I don’t know much about them, but I can tell they’ll be awesome all the same. So, I’m making this post because I appreciate you all, every. single. one of you. Your all amazing and if you all went away, I’d just feel like shit all the time, your audios always make me happy and terrified, I love being scared, because NO ONE’s ever been able to scare me before, but you all have. And I’m happy I found your tumblr blogs, you all make me really happy and I want you all to know I appreciate everything you do and all of y’all. @theglitchedsystem 

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Hi! I don't know if this might be bothersome to you (if it is, I apologize) but I'm feeling a bit down, cause I've been disliking my body less and less as the days go by, so I wanted to ask if you could possibly do a couple scenarios (or headcanons if you want) on how Ace and Zoro would act upon seeing their female overweight partner struggle with their body image? Thanks and advance and sorry :)

Hi :) I don’t mind at all ! Can I say something ?

You shouldn’t care about what you look like. This body you have, he is yours. You own it. You should be able to make it look like the way you want. It took a lot of time to “like” my features. And little by little I learned to not look into the mirror in a hating purpose. To aknowledge that everyone looks different. To accepte my image and to make it my own. Cut your hair. Dye them. Shave or let you leg hair grow. Paint your nails or your face or paint nothing. This is you. You should not let it define who you are. Because if you think about it, you feel bad about… the flesh in your body ? About the organs you have ? About the cells on your skin ? About just a group of differents tiny cells who make who you are as a human form ? Do you know how freaking tiny shit we are in comparision to the universe ? We don’t know what’s inside black holes yet. If the string theory is real. We still hadn’t travelled in space and time. You still didn’t see the “you” of a parallel universe. We still don’t fucking know how aliens looks like.

I swear to fuck you look breathtakingly beautiful once you make peace with your body and love it.


  • In the beginning he won’t really notice it. It’s little by little that he sees you covering more and more your body that he start to know what happen
  • He’ll ask you about it. And won’t let the subject drop until you tell him the truth
  • He’s really saddened by how you feel. He don’t really get it.
  • You’re so fucking beautiful and awesome you shouldn’t feel like that. He won’t stop hugging you and telling you how beautiful you are
  • You can be sure that every day he’ll tell you a thing he like about your body
  • The smell of your hair. Your cute fingers. Your warm belly. Your comfortable back. Your Oh so beautiful eyes and lips. Your cute nose and cheeks.
  • When he’ll say it it’s a little awkward because he don’t know how to bring the subject so he’ll just say with a big smile “Ah ! I like that about you”
  • Super thin or overweight, he doesn’t care what you look like. He like how nice and kind hearted you are.
  • If you want to change your look he’ll ask if he can help you. He want to support you as much as he can and will let you abandon when you want. He doesn’t want you to overwork or you to only think about it.


  • He’ll get the hint pretty quickly, surprisingly. And he’ll confront you about it.
  • He won’t force you if you refuse to say anything
  • But he’s really frustrated about it so he’ll try to say nice things about you more often
  • If you still feel like hiding your body he’ll help you, but also remind you that you are beautiful and you should not hide. Asking if you really want to wear these clothes
  • He can understand how some people can be self conscious so he’ll make sure you know he like the way you look and that you are really beautiful and should be comfortable in your own skin
  • If you tell him about it when he’s confronting you, he’ll kiss your forehead and say that you’re dumb for thinking that.
  • He feel really angry because he know he can’t really do anything about it
  • As you train he’ll keep complimenting you trying to make you feel better
  • He actually don’t care about your look. For him if you don’t like your overweight body you work to change it. He’s not against helping you but he don’t want to be too rude or make you work too hard.
  • For him, what matter the most is your mind. If you have will, dreams, ideals, respects. Not if you’re tall, skinny, black, or with big boobs.

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Yes you're right, you are chubby!! But that doesn't make you any less beautiful!! Chub is super awesome and cute!! Try to celebrate your chub, it's part of yourself and just as perfect as every other inch of your body and it wants to be loved as well!! It's okay if you can't love it right now tho, then I will love it even more for you!! Just try your best!! You rock my precious egg princess!! *hugs tight* 💖💖💖

thank you so much for sending this 💝 I’m trying to love myself but it’s very hard sometimes. I’m trying though !!! lately I do feel more confident in the way I look so I think I’m making progress! this message fills me with determination & hope (also luv) 💗💓💞💕💖

misapprehension: a mistaken belief about or interpretation of something.

Summary: Blaine makes assumptions and Kurt gets hugs. (aka 5+ times Blaine thinks Kurt and Elliott are in love and one time he realises why jumping to conclusions seriously does not make life any easier.)

A/N: I have no idea how this happened except that I really wanted to write about Elliott and how good he is for Kurt. And, well, I pretty much always want to write about Klaine. Also, I mean, come on. They’re all just so pretty, you just gotta get these feelings out sometimes.

Warning for shameless overuse of italics and dumb boys being dumb (but what else is new).

Also up on the AO3.

Sophomore year Blaine decides to move out of the college dorms. He just likes the idea of having a place of his own. And Tina knows a guy from her job at the diner who’s looking for a new roommate just now, after his old one moved to LA to become an actress.

The guy’s name is Kurt and Blaine likes him immediately. He has amazing hair and a very cute smile and wears really tight pants and is just a little awkward.

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