hugging a pillow that still smells like my love after he leaves

Those Four Words

Summary: “You absolute fucking prick.”

Word count: 1.6k

Rating: Teen+

Warnings: Swearing (guess it’s a little late for that though whoops I’ll just put that in the tags), food mention

A/N: Inspired by a debate between @botanistlester@insanityplaysfics, and some anons on Phanfiction Catalogue about whether Dan or Phil would propose. I, um, might have been one of those anons btw (*cough* #TeamEliza *cough*). I hope this serves as an acceptable compromise.

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Dan doesn’t bother to look away from the episode of Steven Universe they’re watching, acknowledging his boyfriend only with a noncommittal sound somewhere between a hum and a grunt. Phil’s using his ‘idea’ voice, and as it’s barely past ten in the morning and Dan was up pacing the lounge until nearly five, he has neither the energy nor the mental capacity to pay attention to anything more complicated than cartoons right now. He pops another spoonful of cereal into his mouth and hopes whatever Phil has to say is brief.

(He gets his wish).

“Marry me?” Phil says in the exact same tone he used last week when he suggested that they go miniature golfing in the middle of a typical London downpour.

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Does anyone ever think about the fact that after everything with Kate, maybe Derek goes to New York with the decision to never to be hurt that way by anyone again. Not the losing his family part, because how could he ever lose so much again, right? (Right? I’m not crying at all!) So he gets a part-time job as a grocery bagger or something, because he is young and most places won’t hire him halfway through the year. And he works after school to bring in a few bucks so that Laura’s eyes won’t be quite so pinched now that she has gotten her GED and began working to make ends meet for them in a very expensive city. After work, she then spends sometimes hours on the phone and emailing lawyers who are still trying to get all of the paperwork straight. So yeah, Derek  works to help Laura.

But then some lady at the store gives him that look. Like Kate. Her eyes are interested, and her grin is predatory, and he just knows she wants him. So he thinks to himself if he initiates it, maybe it won’t leave him feeling so wrong. So he does. And it becomes a thing. He flirts with anyone who shows him interest as he bags their groceries and “helps them to their car” even though they never need help.

From there maybe it just becomes a way of survival. As he gets older, it seems like more women want to sleep with him. He’s filling out, thanks to all of the runs he’s going on after work and thanks to the workouts he’s pushing his body through every morning. Because he has to be strong enough. He has to be bigger. He doesn’t want anyone to think they can hold him down or force him.

He learns how to play the game. One day he mentions something about that to a coworker (now working at a bar mixing drinks because someone had once told him he would make great money in tips) but his coworker didn’t think of sex as a game. Derek knew better. Maybe it wasn’t for some people, but he would never be able to trust someone in that way again, so he had to strike first before an opponent could.

One day a man at the bar looks at him just right, and Derek just thinks Oh. He’s never focused on men before, but he’s noticed them in passing. So he goes to the guy’s apartment after his shift and they sleep together. Derek pretends he’s done this before, even though he’s mostly relying on his sense of smell and hearing to tell if the guy is into different things he tries. And after that, Derek flirts with anyone he feels he has to.

So fast forward to Stiles. Stiles who is home from college after his second year has finished to make room for summer break. Stiles who means so much and is so good even when he’s an asshole. Stiles who leans in one day after a pack dinner, when he and Derek have finished cleaning up after everyone else has gone home. Stiles kisses him gently, at first, almost hesitantly. But when Derek doesn’t push him away, he presses in more firmly and suddenly Derek realizes where this is going to go. And it kind of makes him sad.

He lets Stiles slip his shirt off and push him back onto his bed. Stiles crawls on top of him and Derek begins pulling their hips together in a slow and sinuous way. But Stiles doesn’t react like any man Derek’s been with before–which really shouldn’t be as much of a surprise as it is. Yes, Stiles lets out a little moan, but it doesn’t break Stiles away from Derek’s mouth, where his tongue is doing things to Derek that he can’t explain. And his hands after trapping Derek’s face, but not like he’s trying to contain Derek, more like he’s holding something precious. His thumbs keep swiping across Derek’s eyebrows, like he’s memorizing their shape.

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A Babysitting Love Affair | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: This was requested by anon! I hope you guys will like this as much as my first one. I kind of ramble on but please bear with me lol.
Request: could i request a zach dempsey x reader where the reader is babysitting zach’s sister, and zach haven’t met the babysitter yet and one day he goes home early and falls in love with her?


“I’ll be there tomorrow morning Mrs. Dempsey.”

“Alright love, thank you so much!”

I smile as I close the door after Zach’s mom who asked me to babysit Zach’s little sister, May. She mentioned that she will have to go to Chicago for the weekend to take care of something and I was assigned to be May’s companion overnight since her brother is an extremely busy guy. The Dempseys are a close family friend, too bad I’m not really that close with Zach or May. It’s probably because we go to different high schools and it doesn’t really help that I can be anti-social at times. I know nothing about them, and they know nothing about me in return so it’s all good.


The next morning

“I’ll be leaving now or else I’ll miss my flight! Thank you so much again Y/N for babysitting. I’ll see you girls tomorrow morning alright? Feel at home love, my number’s on the fridge if you need me and I left money for any emergency. Zach won’t be here until dinner tonight. He has basketball practice.” Mrs. Dempsey says as she bids goodbye to Zach’s little sister and I.

“Got it Mrs. Dempsey! We’ll see you tomorrow.” I finally say with a smile.

“Bye mom! I’ll be good, I promise!” May puts her right thumb out to her mom and waves goodbye.

“So, what do you want to do today, May?” I ask her as we’re left alone inside the house.

“Hmm, I don’t really have anything in mind. Oh wait I know! Let’s style each other’s hair.” She suggests with a gleam in her eyes; she looked so excited.

“Sure kiddo.” I reply with a smile and we proceed to the living room to watch TV. May got all of her hair accessories from her room for us to use. She decided that it’d be fun to start with my hair first and put them in pigtails and so she did. She chose these pink puffy hair bands to tie my hair. May had long, black and shiny hair which reminded me of Katniss Everdeen so naturally, I chose to put her hair in a fish tail braid.

“Wow Y/N, you’re really good at this!” she beams after her make over.

“Why thank you, Miss Everdeen.” I reply with a bow and she giggles in response.

A couple of hours later and it was almost lunch time. May wanted to order pizza and so we did. She didn’t like vegetables so we opted for a classic cheese pizza instead. A few minutes later and the doorbell rang, I ran to the door to open it, with the money in my left hand.

“Thank you so–” I begin to greet the pizza man but a ginormous, muscular guy hovered above me instead.

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Without you.

Hii, Here is part 2 to ‘Give me a Break.“ I got so many great responses to it and I cant thank you enough. I hope you enjoy

During the first week without him Y/N was alright. She busied herself with working and cleaning up the house and doing everything to take her mind off the fact that something was missing.
Or someone.

During the first week without her Harry was heartbroken. Just like every time he was away from her. It was worse this time though. He didn’t talk to her. And he had no idea where they were standing right now.
And he missed her.

During the second week without him it finally sunk in that he wasn’t there. Y/N finally realized what ‘taking a break’ really meant. It meant radio silence. Nothing. Nothing but her mind wandering to him and what happened. And how everything was so messed up.
And that was when she understood Harry’s doubts.

During the second week without her he got used to the empty feeling inside his heart. He got used to the sleepless nights and mornings filled with tears. He didn’t eat properly anymore. He hadn’t smiled ever since he left her standing in their foyer. He felt like he wasn’t able to breath. Like his lungs would collapse anytime.

When the day of his departure finally came he didn’t know what to do. He wanted to see her before he left for two weeks. He wanted a good luck kiss from her or else he was sure he would mess up SNL.
But when his finger hovered over the call button he hesitated. What if she didn’t want to talk to him? What if she didn’t want to see him?
He was scared.
No, terrified.
But he had to talk to her. He couldn’t take another second without hearing her voice.
So he took a deep breath and called her. And he waited. And waited. With ever beep his heart sunk lower and lower. Until finally it shattered when a female voice told him he could leave a message.
He tossed the phone onto the bed and gasped for air. Tears welled up in his eyes and streamed down his cheeks. Whimpers and silent sobs wrecked his body.
This can’t be happening.
She can’t be serious.
And again he began to doubt everything.

Two hours later his phone rang. When he saw her photo on his screen he closed his eyes for a second before he lifted his phone to his ear.
“Harry, oh my goodness. I’m so sorry I didn’t pick up earlier but I took a nap and I didn’t hear my phone ringing. I’m sorry. Please tell me you didn’t leave yet.”
His eyes closed again when he finally heard her voice again.
“I haven’t.”
“Alright. Okay. Then I’ll come over. You want me to come over, right? Or maybe you just called to let me know you’re leaving and you don’t even want to see me. God, I want to see you, Harry. Or even worse you called to-”
“Love. I want to see you. Or course I do.” he chuckled quietly.
“You do?”
“More than anything.”
“You don’t hate me?”
“I told you I could never hate you.”
“Okay. That’s good, because I don’t hate you either. I actually love you and-” she stopped talking abruptly.
“And I’m rambling.” she sighed out.
Harry chuckled and for the first time in weeks he smiled again. Because of her. Because she made him smile during the worst times.
“You want to come over now?”
“Yes. Of course. I’ll be twenty minutes tops. See you!”
“Drive safely.”
And with that they hung up.
He noticed that his hands were shaking and his face was burning up. Twenty minutes. Twenty minutes until he saw her again. God, he missed her.
He went into the bathroom and studied himself in the mirror. He had a bit of peach fuzz going on above his lips and around his jawline but he knew she liked that. His hair was messy but not too messy. He filled his hands with cold water and spritzt it onto his face to make sure he looked a bit more fresh.
He was wearing the yellow and black pullover from Gucci which Y/N absolutely loved. His legs were covered by black skinny jeans like always. On his fingers sat all the rings Y/N loved.
And she loved him.

Y/N was shaking too when she placed her phone down, her breathing heavier than usual.
She went into the bathroom to check her appearance. Her hair was straightened and framing her face nicely. Her makeup was natural but complimented every feature perfectly. She was wearing a dark blue V-neck pullover and around her neck she wore the golden necklace Harry gave her on their one year anniversary. Her legs were covered by blue ripped jeans and she knew Harry loved them.
But did he lover her?

When she finally arrived at Gemma’s house she was more nervous than ever. She didn’t know what would happen now. If she would only walk in, wish him good luck and then leave again. The worst was that she didn’t have a lot of time. Only an hour before she would have to leave in order to be on time for her dinner plans.
She took a deep breath before she got out of her car and made her way to the front door. She lifted her shaking hand and rung the doorbell. A few seconds later she heard footsteps making their way to the door. And then he opened it.
And he stood there in all his glory, looking even more handsome than ever. A soft smile grazed his lips and she heard him release the breath he was holding.
“Hello, lo-”
He didn’t get to finish his sentence because Y/N threw her arms around his neck and squeezed him tightly. She heard his surprised gasp and prayed he wouldn’t push her away, but he didn’t. Of course he didn’t. He only pulled her closer and nuzzled his face into her neck.
She smelled his familiar scent and tears sprung to her eyes immediately. His pillow lost his scent long ago and she missed it.
She smelled just like he remembered as well. Fresh and girly and so like home.
They stood like that for a few moments before Y/N pulled away and wiped the tears from her cheeks.
"Sorry, didn’t mean to jump on you like that. Just really missed you.”
Harry closed the door behind her and took hold of one of her hands.
“I missed you, too.”
Their eyes met and they both felt their hearts breaking all over again when they saw each others sadness.
Harry wrapped her in a tight hug again, his hands rubbing over her back in the way he knew she liked.
“You look very beautiful, my love.” he whispered into her neck.
“You look very handsome as well, Harry.” she replied and pulled back a bit so she could look at him.
Harry reached up to cup her cheek and stroked over her cheek gently.
“I cooked dinner. My legendary chicken that you love so much.” he smiled softly.
“I’d love to stay for dinner, but I can’t. I already made plans with someone.”
Y/N watched with horror as Harry’s face fell immediately and his hand dropped from her cheek. He took a step back and scratched his head awkwardly.
“A-Alright. Uhm, well-”
“Harry? Did I say something wrong?” she panicked, her hand reaching out for him but he took another step back.
“No. Everything’s okay.”
“Is… Is it because I said I made plans with someone?”
He looked at the floor, his fingers nervously playing with his rings. She sighed and shook her head.
“I made plans with someone new from work. His name is Tim and he needs some information and we thought it would be nice to do all that stuff over dinner.”
His eyes closed briefly when he heard his name.
Y/N sighed again, closed the gap between them and threaded her fingers through his.
“This is a business dinner, Harry. Not a date. I don’t go on dates with anyone but if I would want to I’d only go with you. Tim is nice and we get along and he needs a bit of help. That’s all.”
“Do you like him?”
“I don’t know him so there’s nothing to like or dislike.”
“Do you want to get to know him?”
“Harry!” she exclaimed frustrated.
“I told you it’s a business dinner. You have nothing to worry about, alright? Believe me, I would love to stay here and eat dinner with you. But I don’t think that’s exactly what we should do during our break and I can’t just ditch Tim.”
His eyes snapped to hers and his brows furrowed.
“You think we can’t spend a evening together just because we’re on a break?”
Her eyes closed briefly and she sighed. She looked up at him again and lifted the hand that wasn’t holding his to his cheek.
“We said we needed space, remember? I don’t want to mess anything up just because we’re desperately missing each other.”
You said we needed space, not me.” Harry mumbled.
“Harry.” she all but pleaded and Harry sighed and nodded.
“So you don’t have that much time, hm?”
“Well, at least you came. Wasn’t sure you’d want to.”
“Of course I wanted to. I missed you like crazy.”
The both stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds before Harry sighed and leaned his forehead against hers.
“What are we doing, love?” he asked in a whisper.
“Let’s not talk about it now, yeah? We’ll do that when you’re back and we’ll have time.”
Y/N reached her arms up again and wrapped them around his neck, pressing a tiny kiss right behind his ear.
“I’m scared, H.”
“Me too, love.”
They pulled back and both sighed.
“I think it’s better when I’ll leave now.” she whispered after a few seconds.
Harry wanted to shake his head and hold her so she couldn’t leave. He wanted her to stay with him and not go out with another man. She was his after all.
But he nodded anyway. Because it was for the better.
“Promise me to take care, yeah? And don’t go out without at least one bodyguard, you know how crazy the fans in New York are.”
“I promise.” he smiled weakly.
“And promise not to forget about me.” she whimpered and Harry was shocked to see tears falling from her eyes.
“Love, I could never forget about you. I love you so much.”
And now they were both crying.
“I love you too.”
“God, we never cry this much when I have to leave.” Harry chuckled.
Y/N giggled softly wiped her constantly falling tears away.
“You can still call me anytime you need to, okay? I’m never too busy and I don’t care about time zones.”
“Same goes to you.” she nodded.
“Can I get a good luck kiss? Or else I think I’ll mess up.”
She laughed softly and leaned up to press her lips to his. Harry moaned quietly at the contact and pulled her closer. She melted against him like she always does and opened her mouth so Harry could deepen the kiss, but only for a moment before he pulled away to breath. He held her in place with his hand in her hair so she wouldn’t pull away and pressed countless soft kisses against her mouth. He wasn’t ready to let go yet.
“I’m gonna…”
“Be late.” she finally finished with a laugh when she pulled away enough that his lips didn’t touch hers anymore.
“Don’t care. That Tom guy can wait.”
“Even if his name was Gustav, Rudolph or Theodor I wouldn’t care.”
Y/N kissed him through her smile and pulled him closer. She wasn’t ready to let go either.
“I really have to go now.”
He sighed, nodded and kissed her again.
“You’ll kick ass in New York, alright?”
He chuckled and nodded.
“I’ll try.”
They kissed again and again until she really had to leave or else she would definitely make Tim wait.
“You know that I love you, right?” he asked just before she exited the house.
“I do. I love you, too. We’ll get through this.” she smiled at him.
“Pinky promise.” she nodded and slung her pinky around his.
“Bye.” he whispered.
“Bye. And let me know when you’ve landed, yeah?”
“I will.”
And after another kiss she left the house.

She made it to the restaurant right on time but Tim was sitting at the table already. She made her way through the room until she reached him and he stood up when he saw her.
“Hey.” he breathed and kissed her cheek.
“Hi, I’m sorry you had to wait. And I’m sorry that my outfit is so casual but I was a bit distracted earlier.” she blushed.
“Yeah.” she nodded and sat down on her chair.

She made it through dinner without thinking about Harry every second. She was actually able to let go for a bit and enjoy it. Tim was fun and made her laugh a lot which she really needed for a change.
She decided that she liked him, he worked hard and was very interested in all the things she brought for him and he was also relaxed and cool. And she would be lying if she said she didn’t find him attractive.
If she didn’t knew Harry, she thought, she might go out with him again. But she knew Harry, and was his girlfriend. And she knew that no one could ever compare.
When they left the restaurant Tim insisted to walk her to her car just to know she was safe. The still laughed and giggled and the atmosphere around them was light.
“I really enjoyed dinner with you, I really needed some fun.” she smiled at him when they reached her car.
And something about the was he looked at her and smiled should have let her know that they weren’t on the same page.
He leaned in and Y/N thought he’ll only kiss her cheek but when she felt his lips brush hers her eyes widened.

You Don’t Know Me | 2

Request: I can’t really think about an actual story plot but maybe yoongi getting you pregnant and he chickens out… Aw This is such a bad description but since you’re an amazing writer ypu can pull it off better ☺💖 thank you!

Originally posted by sugaglos

Pairing: Yoongi + Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1.922

Warnings: swearing, numbers (lolol)

A/N: gosh I suck at math so I hope the numbers are right… also please leave feedback if you want more!

A month.

4 weeks.

31 days.

744 hours.

44.640 minutes.

2.678.400 seconds.

155 breakdowns.

49 panic attacks. 

12 sleepless nights. 

That’s how you counted the time since you had last heard from Yoongi. All that time passed without him answering your calls or messages, leaving you on read and declining every single one of your calls. 

He wants me to feel ignored, otherwise he’d just let the phone ring - or not click on my messages.

He wants me to know he’s there but not ready yet.

That’s his game.

You didn’t want to give up on him. He was everything you had, everything you had counted on. He was your best friend, your partner in crime, your lover and your other half. You had hoped for a future with Yoongi. Always supporting him and his moody behavior. Being there for him no matter what because you knew how stressed he was and how burdened he felt. So you didn’t stop leaving messages, as random as they were. You knew he was just being stubborn, you knew he would never leave you just like that.

He loves me.

He does.

He’s just having a hard time.

You started coming by their dorms every second day, hoping to get Yoongi out of his box. Being friends with the boys as well, they didn’t really mind. It was weird for you in the beginning because you two had been dating for so long, yet you had never really been at the dorms that often. Dating Yoongi meant spending more time with him at the studio than at the dorms. It was a nice change to be able to spend time with the others as well but you always knew in the back of your mind that the actual reason behind that situation was everything else but nice. And Yoongi knew how to remind you every time you visited - not once had you seen his face or heard his voice. He disappeared as soon as he knew you were coming over and wouldn’t come back until you had already left. You weren’t even the one telling him that you were coming over, hoping that one day he’d be there to talk things out face to face but he always found his ways to be gone before you could even notice. You still saw his things lying around, things he usually had lying around at your dorm. Familiar pieces of his, spread around the dorm, reminding you how his things were here but he would never be.

He’s just not ready. He needs time.

The boys knew what had happened between you two and you felt their pitiful glances they threw your way when they thought you weren’t paying attention. But you saw. They were always there. During dinner. While playing video games. Helping with the chores. Watching a movie. Going over their choreographies. You saw and it broke you more each time. Even they knew how pathetic you were behaving. 

And that’s what it was - pathetic. You knew it, Yoongi knew it, the boys knew it, everybody knew it. Still, you couldn’t give up because in the end of the day, it wasn’t only about you and Yoongi but about the baby. Your baby needed a dad, not only a father. And you were just as stubborn as Yoongi, so you wouldn’t give up so easily. Your child was not going to be raised by a single mom, a college student who could barely take care of herself. It was going to live better than that.

He’ll give in. I know he will. 

At that moment, a soft pillow hit you in the face and screams erupted through the living room. Before you could realize what was going on, Taehyung had ducked behind you, making Jungkook run around your tiny figure in circles, making Taehyung shove you around like a shield to protect himself, earning screams of confusion from you.  

“You coward, move away from (Y/N)!”, Jungkook screamed and laughed before jumping forward, taking you to the ground with him as he landed on Tae, pinning his figure to the ground in a merciless grip.

“Jungkook, let go, you’re gonna break my arm!”, Taehyung laughed while screaming out in pain, making Jin came rushing into the living room to your side. Stretching out his hands for you, you thankfully grabbed them and he helped you up before parting the two boys in one swift move.

“Are you two crazy?! We have a pregnant woman here, you could have hurt her and the baby! Stop running around like that or you’ll be cooking your own meals until this baby decides to break free”, Jin scolded while sitting you down on the couch, handing you a pillow and a blanket. You raised your eyebrows at him in confusion and laughed at his choice of words.

“For support. The baby needs it”, he simply answered and positioned it himself when you didn’t make a single move. 

“You can’t do that Jin Hyung! She’s not even fat yet!”, Jungkook exclaimed and earned a smack on the back of his head from his hyung. The maknae winced and rubbed his head in pain, whilst Taehyung laughed at the comical scene in front of him, earning a death glare from Jin.

“Shh, you don’t say that to a girl Jungkook. Don’t you have any manners?”, Jin looked angry but you just laughed and sat up.

“He’s right though, I’m not even fat yet. I’m just two months pregnant, Jin. Stop worrying so much”, you smiled at the older boy but he just shook his head and sat down next to you as the two others left the room to play video games in their bedroom.

“The first three months are the most critical ones (Y/N)! You should know that. Anything could happen”, he looked at you seriously concerned, so you grabbed his hand, rubbing your thumbs over his soft skin. You noticed him shiver and quickly look away but chose to ignore it.

“I know Jinnie. Thank you for taking such good care of me. I don’t know where I’d be without you”, you grinned foolishly but meant it. He had been there for you the second Yoongi decided to break it off and ignore you. In the heat of the moment you had called Jin right after you had calmed down from the first shock and since then he hadn’t left your side. He always made sure that you were doing okay, that you were eating and getting enough sleep, even bringing over food to your dorm himself if you couldn’t come over. He also made you tell him your check up appointments so he’d know if anything was wrong. He cared and you were truly thankful.

“You’d definitely be lost, I can tell you that”, he mumbled but smiled and pulled you into a hug. You were taken aback for a second as you inhaled his scent. He smelled manlier than expected and for a second, goosebumps arose on your skin before you heard a door being slammed shut and someone shuffling lazily into the room. You turned around, breaking free from the embrace and saw him. He was standing still in between doors, eyes glued to Jin’s hands on your waist.

“Yoongi”, you exhaled, eyes wide and watery as your heart started beating faster by every second that passed while he just stared. He looked exhausted, more than usual. Deep bags under his eyes, colored in deep purple and blue, signaling that he mustn’t have gotten lots of sleep in the past couple of weeks. His skin looked paler than ever and dehydrated, having lost all natural glow. His figure was skinnier than ever and you were scared that he wouldn’t be able to hold himself up for much longer. At least he seemed to have taking care of his hair and clothes as his outfit and hair were styled enough to walk out of the house.

“I-I’m going to see what the others are doing”, Jin quickly got up, shooting you one last glance before walking out in the opposite direction of Yoongi. The boy’s eyes followed his hyung until he had left the room, basically shooting daggers into his direction before turning his gaze to you.

“Yoongi we-”, you started but he interrupted you harshly.

“Why was he touching you like that?”, his voice was icy like the last words that he had directed at you when he left you a month ago.

You were confused. “What?”

“Why was he touching you like that (Y/N)?”, his stare had something unreadable in it. Hands balled into fists on the sides of his body, his eyes didn’t leave your face.

“Touch like what Yoongi?”, Jin had only hugged you. You didn’t know what was going on. 

“His hands were on your fucking waist (Y/N)! Don’t act like I’m fucking blind”, he scoffed and rolled his eyes in annoyance.


He was jealous. Min Yoongi was jealous even though he had broken up with you. Even though he had ignored all your calls and texts, avoided you for a whole month and left you with an unborn baby. 

That’s when it clicked.

Calling your state furious would be an understatement.

“So what if his hands were on my waist? He takes very good care of me and the baby, so he’s allowed to touch me”, you spat in an attempt to let Yoongi feel what you had been feeling that whole time. Even though he looked bad, he couldn’t have been through half the stuff you had been through the last weeks.

In the end of the day, he was the one who broke it off right?

Yoongi huffed and went through his hair with one hand. “So what, Jin’s the baby daddy now? As soon as I’m not available, you run to the next best dude?”, he was practically screaming at this point and you heard a door being shut silently. The boys were trying not to listen.


“As soon as you’re not available? Are you fucking insane? You broke up with me because I told you that I am pregnant. I tried to get you back because I knew you are stubborn and just needed time but you treated me like shit, Yoongi. Like literal shit. I come by every other day to get you to talk to me but no, mister fuckhead even knows a way to avoid me at his own home”, you had stood up and your face was red from anger at that point. Tears were streaming down your face uncontrollably. Your chest was burning from the heartache and all the pain he was making you go through again. Flashbacks from the painful words he had thrown at you, came rushing back, a new panic attack arising within you. 

Please not now.

“I-I didn’t mean to”, he whispered and lowered his head. 

“What?”, you weren’t sure if you had heard him correctly. Trying to calm down your breathing, you closed your eyes and balled your hands into small fists.

“I said, I didn’t mean to hurt you like that”, he lifted his gaze and spoke up, voice breaking as he looked at your state.

“Well surprise, you did it anyway”, you held back a sob, putting a hand over your mouth as soon as those words were out. You didn’t want to cry anymore. You had cried enough in the last couple of weeks. 

It just didn’t seem to end.

Father’s Day

Okay, I feel like I should apologize of the ‘Sleepless Night’ Fanfic I did. I really didn’t think it would be that angst (Sometimes I misjudge of how powerful angst stories I can type) and I know I broke people’s hearts. But I am here to make it up! 

Since Father’s Day is coming up, I might as well make it fluffy now. As for the other fanfic’s, this is based on @shinyzango 2D Bendy AU (I’m sorry if I broke your heart!) So Bendy’s gonna try make Henry have the best Father’s day ever. 

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A typical morning for you consisted of you rolling out of bed at around 9, stumbling to the bathroom to do your business, give your face a quick rinse and your teeth a quick brush, and then pad downstairs slowly to see what you could nibble on for breakfast. Whenever Harry was around, you’d wake up to smell of bacon and the sound of crackling. However, when Harry had to leave home for a couple months, you’d find that two slices of toast with jam on top filled you up just fine. 

This morning, you woke up feeling particularly rejuvenated. You flipped over onto Harry’s side, your arm tucked underneath his pillow as you snuggled up to it. It still smelled like him even if the last time he was here was about two and a half months ago. Odd… The ‘Harry’ smell seemed a lot stronger than usual. You missed Harry terribly when he had to go off, but you knew what you had signed up for when Harry first asked you to be his girlfriend. So, really - You couldn’t complain. You could whine, but you couldn’t complain. 

As you rolled up the blinds, you couldn’t help but notice how pretty it looked outside. The sun was peeking out from behind a nest of clouds, the trees were looking very green and lush, and the rose bushes you had been tending to looked as rosy as ever! Maybe today was going to be a good day! You had the whole house to yourself and you couldn’t wait to unwind on the couch with a bowl of cereal and your eyes glued to the TV screen. 

You hummed to yourself as you padded down the stairs, your brows furrowing at the sight of the remote control sitting on the arm of the couch rather than its usual place on the coffee table. You’d watched TV last night, maybe you just left it on the arm? 

“Silly me.” You snorted, picking it up and setting it down on the table. Walking into the kitchen, you wondered to yourself what kind of cereal you were in the mood for today. Cinnamon toast crunch? Or maybe those tiny chocolate chip cookies? Honey coated cornflakes didn’t sound half bad either. What if you mixed all three? Iconic, that’s what I am. 

“Mornin’, love.” As you made your way over to the cupboards, you glanced over towards the direction of the fridge to see Harry snacking on something. 

“Morning.” You smiled, rummaging through the cupboards to find all three of your- Wait. “What the hell??” You whipped around, your eyes popping open at the sight of your beanie-sweater-wearing, ring-bearing boyfriend casually standing by the fridge as if he hadn’t just disappeared for nearly three months. 

“I finished the cornflakes, I’ll pick up a new box later.” Harry murmured through a mouthful of food, dusting his hands off. There was a moment in which the two of you were just staring at each other, you were still in shock, and Harry was eyeing the shirt (his shirt) you were wearing before looking up at you with his dopey smile. “Aren’t yeh gonna come and gimme a kiss? ‘ve been gone for a hot minute.” 

“Oh my god!” You couldn’t help but squeal before you found yourself dashing over to Harry, practically tackling him in a hug before peppering his face with light kisses. “What are you doing here?” You pulled away, pressing your hands against his chest gently as you felt his arms wrap around your waist. (His arms had gotten a lot beefier, you had noticed. And his chest was definitely more muscle-y.)  

“I live here, Y/N. I bought this house for us.” Harry teased, reaching up to tuck a strand of loose hair behind your ear. 

“You know what I mean…” 

“I’m done.” He said simply, leaning in to give you a sweet kiss. 

“You’re done?” You asked softly, your lips parting in genuine shock. After so many months of Harry working his butt off and never having any time for you… He was done? 

“Mhm. I don’ have to travel anywhere… I’ll be working from home. Didn’t like having to abandon you for a couple months at a time.” He pouted, “Plus, I know for a fact you never eat healthy when I’m not around.” 

“It’s not my fault Panda Express is a ten-minute walk away from us.” You laughed lightly, shrugging as you did so. “I’m just… You’re home.” You whispered, Harry nodding before giving you another quick kiss. 

“Now, c’mon. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do! I’d like to see you in that pretty little lingerie set in real life as opposed to on my screen.” 


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RFA + Saeran Get Sick

We were feeling inspired by this post, so we decided to do a follow up and have some scenarios where the RFA+Saeran is sick and MC takes care of them. Enjoy~


  • He doesn’t get sick often, but recently he got caught in the rain
  • He came down with a cold the next day
  • When you touch his cheek to give him a kiss, you realize how hot his skin is
  • You make him rest right away
  • While he protested at first, he kind of liked the idea of you taking care of him
  • Finally he agreed and went to lay down
  • You make him homemade soup and makes sure he has it in bed
  • You take care of all his phone calls and explain to his director
  • He thinks he still looks really good even when he’s sick
  • He sends a selfie in the chatroom to brag a little
  • You wipe some snot from his nose
  • “Yeah….you look great….”
  • The next day, he’s fine but he really enjoys being taken care of by you
  • You let is slide one day more, but as day three approaches…
  • “Zen, didn’t your bones mend in like a day?”
  • “Yeah? What’s your point…?”


  • It was after finals and his body completely crashed
  • He gets super sick
  • This boy is really affectionate normally…
  • But he gets 10x more clingy when he’s sick
  • At night, he’s trying to cuddle with you
  • “Yoosung! I can’t get sick.” 
  • “But I wanna feel better…and you make me feel better.”
  • You let him hug you, but you put your foot down when he tries to kiss you
  • “I’m feeling better! Really!” he says with puffy eyes and a runny nose
  • You can’t lay in bed all day, so you pile up pillows so he has something to cuddle while watching some movies
  • He’s horrible when it comes to taking medicine
  • You have to make sure most of them are fruit flavored or else you have to sneak it in his food
  • When you have to force him to take some nasty liquid antibiotics, you promise you’ll make it up to him when he’s better and make him cookies


  • She can’t afford to take days off from the office
  • But you can tell she’s feeling pretty sick
  • So, you stop by her job during lunch and bring her a small care package with tissues and cough drops and OTC meds
  • You may have also left an onion at her desk because you heard somewhere it helped inflammation
  • Unfortunately, it was more of a smell than a remedy and it caught the attention of Jumin
  • He didn’t realize she was ill, but seeing the care package and smelling the onion, he sent her home
  • Once she gets home, you force her to go to bed while you make food
  • While she’s sleeping, you make a list of musical/movie recommendations and leave it on a note ontop of her laptop for when she’s ready for binging
  • She’s really hard to take care of since she’s always refusing help
  • But after a few glares from you, she softens up
  • “Let me know if you need anything, Jaehee!”
  • “No need….actually, since you’re up, could you get some tea for me, please?” 


  • He has a good diet, makes sure he takes vitamins daily, and gets enough sleep
  • But lately, he’s had so many business trips and had been traveling a lot
  • His body just crashed 
  • He calls a doctor right away, but there’s not much he can do but give some meds  
  • The doctor also advises he gets lots of rest, so you have to take good care of him
  • Jumin gets really pouty when he’s sick
  • He looks like his life his over, but he’s just not feeling well…you find it so cute
  • You get those lollipops that soothe the throat
  • It was meant to tease him a little, but he really likes it and always has one in his mouth
  • You also get him a stuffed cat that looks like Elizabeth the 3rd, since he doesn’t want her around him while he’s sick
  • Again…it was more as a joke, but he treasured it since it came from you and it was always by his side
  • He doesn’t like you in the same room as him, so he makes sure you sleep in the guest room for a few nights
  • He. Hates. Vicks.
  • “Oh, my head is so clogged.”
  • “I know what you need…” you say pulling out the small container
  • “No need…it’s a miracle. I’m healed.”
  • It got so bad, you had to call Mr. Han to hold his son down while you forced it onto his head and nose


  • He doesn’t even realize he’s sick
  • He thinks it’s just a headache, and he keeps taking Tiaranol
  • You notice he’s sniffling and touch his forehead, which was burning
  • He swears it’s just his computer heating up
  • You know it’s a hopeless cause to try to fight him
  • So you just place a blanket over him while he’s typing and keep a pillow beside him
  • He admits he’s a little cold, but that’s all
  • Still, you keep hearing him sniffling, so you get some Vicks and rub some on his nose while he’s distracted
  • Like Jumin….he despises it
  • “Ahhh! It burns!”
  • He gets really dramatic every time you bring out the Vicks
  • He gives this big pout and gets teary eyed (probably from his fever)
  • “I thought you loved me…why would you torture me?”
  • You start using it as a threat every time he tries to sneak over to his computer
  • You’ll walk next to him with the bottle and suddenly he drops his laptop and jumps back into bed


  • He gets sick pretty often, but usually it’s nothing serious
  • But the weather had been pretty bad and it caught up to him
  • You know it’s bad when he’s still in bed mid-morning and is shivering despite the two blankets
  • You try not to wake him and put the hot packs underneath the covers to warm him
  • The first few days are really rough because his fever is making him delirious
  • To top it off, it makes his nightmares worse and sometimes he hallucinates
  • It hurts to see him like that but all you can do is hold his hand and talk to him softly
  • It’s a relief when his fever finally breaks and he’s more lucid
  • He doesn’t really like being taken care of because it reminds him a lot of his childhood
  • You oblige and back off a little…but make sure everything is reachable for him
  • So, instead of meds beside his bed, it’s on the kitchen counter where he can get it himself
  • He has a blanket constantly around him cuz he’s cold
  • So you just tie it as a cape to tease him
  • He doesn’t laugh, but he doesn’t take it off either
  • When he’s feeling a bit better, you take him outside to get some fresh air
  • Besides, you know just being able to look at the sky cheers him up a little

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  I don’t know what took over me last night. All my family members were awake leaving me no scope to sleep with their chatters sounding around the entire house, and I felt this drive inside me to write you guys something that I myself need often.
   I hope you all enjoy this. Let me know how you feel about it in the ask box or just add it in the tags of your reblog. I love getting feedback as it helps me to ensure I’m doing well enough for you all.

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Pair: Johnny x Reader 
POV: First person
Genre: Smut

Originally posted by nctinfo

It was as if spreading me wide was his hobby, because he always seemed to take great pleasure in it. I would catch the glint in his eyes as they would drink in my rawness before him, enamoured by reluctance and shyness that became clearer every time my heart thumped loudly against my chest.

   I would close my eyes and my chest would arch as a sigh reverberated in my throat every time I felt his finger stealthily run across my slit. I knew the moisture between my legs would always excite his cock, and if I was lucky I’d get to witness it myself. But mostly, I was left to imagine it behind my closed eyelids as the tension from his touch spread throughout my entire body in form of goosebumps. He’d get my eyes shut tight with his actions every time, and I hated how much I loved it.

   It was as if time could stop whenever his digits brushed against my walls, because I could feel nothing around me. In the stillness of my own realm, I would quiver as two of his long and sleek fingers drove inside me, his knuckles meeting the skin of my inner thigh and even though that contact was the least sexual, it still set my body on fire.

   His face would be on the valley between my breasts to nuzzle again, those breasts he loved, and worshipped, and cherished. During hugs, I often pulled his head and softly set him against my chest every time he was going through a hard time. I, a reluctant lover, would always fail to remain quiet by the time the tip of his tongue slyly travelled to my nub. I’d feel his plump, needy lips curl slightly against the softer skin around my taut nipples, inwardly rejoicing his victory.

   His hands would run down my sides and land on my hips and he’d bruise me there, knowing that I was a sucker for that. His rough yet warm hands would find bliss against my soft and colder skin. As the wet appendage inside his mouth would circle my nipple and suck on it with great attention, I’d feel my head in the clouds and my eyes watering in unspeakable pleasure.

After what would seem like eternity of him tending to my breasts, he’d fondle them a little more before kissing down further. His mouth would ghost over my heat, by then dripping and wanton, and he’d wait till my seemingly unenthusiastic hands flew to clutch onto his hair and gently push him closer to my south. Then, he’d do so delightfully before commenting about how beautiful I looked from down there or how delectable I smelled.

   Not long after I’d come all over his face, because he always ate me out so well. His lips always sucked well on my clitoris, the tip of his tongue knew how to tease my entrance and the skin that came before, and he’d also generously lap his tongue and give it a lasting lick. He’d smilingly let me spray his grin because I’d let him graciously and gracefully spray my walls as well. He knew I didn’t like my own release so he would wipe his face and lick his lips clean, before coming up to kiss me.

   “Johnny…” I’d whimper after the kiss that usually left me breathless, my hands by then roaming his back, nailing his chest, groping his ass.

   After that, he would put his cock inside me. To me it was thick and big, to me it filled me up more than any other cock ever could. Its warmness, in contrast to the rest of his body, would make me feel at home. I’d shudder when he’d finally push his entire length successfully in my heat, my arms slithering around his body and my eyes delving into his. His eyes would study my flushed face, my parted lips, and my wanton breaths shortened by anticipation; before he’d pull out fully to slam back in. The heated friction would have my eyes rolling as throaty moans escaped my mouth every time. His lips would often land on my chin as my crown would rather rest on the pillow rather than the back of my head, since my entire body would  arch up to his as he generally thrust pleasure in my system.

   Before long, he’d approach his high, making sure his thumb drove against my sensitive and prominent clitoris to ensure I could no longer feel my legs later.

   I’d somehow come again before him, shame making my wails cower. He’d come inside me shortly after, and still pump with vigour as if we were making love for the fifth or sixth time ever, while the feeling was still new and yet addictive. His hips would snap against mine until he wasn’t squirting anymore of his juices, before collapsing on my exhausted body. Sweaty and warm, I would feel the comfort that almost immediately relinquished his weight that crushed me to an extent. My hands would gingerly wrap around his chest as I’d bury my face in the crook of his neck. Before long, he’d move to his side and pull me in his arms, caging me in the warmth I had been friends with for long then.

“Do we have sex or do we make love?” I asked one night as my fingers ran across his bare back, our heaving chests in perfect rhythm against each other.

   Cold air hit my neck as he lifted his face to mine, “Don’t we always make love?”

   “Do we?” I prodded on the man’s poor heart which always loved me and made sure my heart was brimming with it.

   He smiled softly as he tucked my hair behind my ears, “I guess we have to make love soon again to make you realise that we aren’t just having sex.”

   “… why not?” I tried to flash a confident grin, but I am sure he had caught the blush tinging my cheeks and the coyness in my eyes. 

anonymous asked:

could you write a blurb about an easter dinner with harry's family/just a dinner with harry's family and something happening and it gets really awkward? could be something about the reader being a hardcore fan of one direction or something like that? idk thank you love

This turned out very light-hearted. Kinda corny, but I hope it gets a giggle or two. Enjoy x.

A Twist of Fate

“I think I should wear my One Direction hoodie,” you teased as you pulled a dress out of the closet and laid it on the bed.

Harry was silent and you wondered for a second if he didn’t like your joke, or if he just wasn’t listening.

“Better yet,” you continued, “I think I’ll wear that t-shirt my friend made me that has your face on it. I cut the neckline so it looks like you’re kissing my boob.”

“Oh God,” groaned Harry.

You giggled, dropping your phone on the bed. With Harry on speaker phone, you began to get undressed.

“What? You don’t want your family to know I’m your biggest fan?”

“I reckon we can leave that part out.”

“You sure? I could tell them about the time I camped out to get tickets, or how I still sleep with my One D pillow cases.”


Although he was chuckling, you could detect a sense of contempt in his voice.

“Oh oh! Better yet, I could read them some of my fan fiction! There’s a conversation starter.”

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The New Princess - chapter 11

Pairing: Dean x reader, modern prince!Dean AU

Summary: You look exactly like the princess of Genieve who is promised to marry the prince of your country, Prince Dean. But what happens if the princess doesn’t want to marry him and meets you, her look-a-like?

Words: 4100ish… This got out of hand, but I did have something to make up for.

Warnings: nada

A/N: Hiya friends! The series is back and I hope this time without a 3 month break. In this time I reached 1300 followers (like what? You guys are insane!) so consider this extra long chapter as a celebration and as an apology for my awful timing skills. I hope you enjoy this one and make sure to leave a like and a comment if you liked this chapter! Love y’all!

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Originally posted by green-circles

The double doors creaked as Jo pushed against the wood, tiptoeing into Ellie’s bedroom, followed closely by Charlie. You hadn’t answered either of their calls, their attempts to wake you up being met by silence. Both of them were getting worried something was wrong. Maybe you had left, tired of this whole circus. What they didn’t expect was the sight before them. There you were, sprawled out across the mattress, fast asleep, still fully clothed.

“Jesus, Y/N, what happened?” the blonde shrieked when she came to a halt at the foot of the kingsize bed.

At her outburst you woke up, only now registering their presence in the room. “Shut up,” you grumbled into your pillow. Your new friends kept whispering back and forward rather loudly, prompting you to throw a cushion in their general direction.

“That was uncalled for,” Charlie replied and she catapulted the object right back at you. An irritated sigh left your lips as you sat up straight. The bright light of the early morning blinded you and you blinked a couple of times, your vision clearing up. You felt disoriented, the gears in your head spinning, searching for memories of yesterday evening and how you had gotten into bed.

That’s when your gaze landed on your body, clothes still on. “Why am I still in my clothes?” Charlie snickered at the frown forming on your face. “Ugh, and what’s that smell?” you questioned until it clicked in your head. “Oh wait, that’s me.” Both of your friends burst out laughing at the disgust written in your features, their shoulders shaking uncontrollably.

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Postcards (Reader x Peter Parker)

Word Count: 1569

Summary: Whenever Peter comes back from another country with the Avengers, he gives his best friend a postcard. 

Warnings: Very close call on the death thing, lots of fluff.

A/N: I’m so in love with this and Peter Parker and everything. Oh my god. I hope you guys enjoy!

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Jack Maynard x Reader #3

Warnings: none that i can think of 

Word Count: 1k+

Requested: mmhmm by an anon :)

Note: this is kinda adorable and agh 

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Originally posted by iheartmyyoutubers


Light streamed through the curtains covering the windows of your shared bedroom. A flash caught your eyes, causing you to stir from your sleep. After convincing yourself to open your eyes, you turned over to look at your boyfriend who was still dead asleep, light breathing leaving his lips. Jack looked so serene and peaceful as the rays of the morning highlighted all his features. An arm was still slung around your waist, his hair was a mess amongst the pillows, as he always managed to end up on his stomach while he was sleeping.

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Bad Day (Draco x Reader)

Originally posted by lovershub

Request:   The reader had a shitty day at work and curls up in bed to wait for Draco to come home. Thank you and I love your blog (maybe someday I’ll say hello off anon). Have a lovely day  - Anon

This was actually quite longer than I thought it was

Y/N/N: Your nickname

F/B/F: Favorite breakfast food

You were an auror for the British Ministry of Magic, and it was no secret you were having a pretty shitty day.

First of all, you had dozens of reports to do.  Well, you didn’t until your boss continued to dump more and more files on your desk.  You kept shoving paper into your typewriter until you thought the keys would snap off if you so much as lay a finger on them.   That is, unless your fingers fall off first.  Your fellow aurors weren’t helping you either.  Some of them were on vacation, but the others just didn’t feel like helping you.  Which, made you all the more upset.  And you had helped them plenty of times, being a kind and considerate person.

When you finally got to go home, your hands cramped and sore, you were ready to crawl into bed with your fiancee:  Draco Malfoy.  You shoved the key into the knob of your flat door to unlock it, swinging it open.  You pulled your coat off and hung it on the coat rack and kicked your shoes off.  They landed on complete opposite sides of the room, but you were too tired to care.  You lazily walked into your room, flopping down onto the soft king-sized bed.  Draco got off work soon after you, and you were eager for him to get home and curl up with him.

But you began to doze off, and Draco still wasn’t home yet.  As you were about to slip into a deep sleep, you were jolted awake by the loud sound of the front door slamming shut.

Draco walked into the bedroom and you looked up at him with dreary eyes.  “Oh!  Love, I’m sorry.  Were you asleep?”

You shook your head.  “Mmm… no.”

He sat down beside you and ran his fingers through your hair affectionately.  “You seem to be in a bad mood.  How was work?” he asked you.

“Tiring… let’s leave it at that.  I’ll tell you everything in the morning, as you may have noticed I’m reeeally tired.” you answered and buried your face in your pillow, muffling your speech.

Draco nodded understandingly and rubbed your sore back soothingly.  He stood up and walked to the other side of the bed and lay down next to you, pulling your body into his arms.  You gladly snuggled up to him, inhaling his scent. (The man seemed to always smell of mint but you had no idea why).

“Y/N–”  Draco was about to say something; but he then looked down and saw you were already asleep, eyes shut and chest rising and falling steadily.  Draco smiled and kissed your head, soon falling asleep as well.

The next morning was Saturday, than Merlin.  You and Draco always had Saturdays off.  Draco was the first to wake up, and let you sleep in while he made breakfast like the amazing fiancee he was.  

You woke up and saw Draco wasn’t there.  So you walked out of the bedroom and to the kitchen where you saw him standing beside the counter, two plates of F/B/F next to him.

You ran up to Draco and hugged him.   “Thank you, Draco.  I really needed this.”

He chuckled.  “Anything for you, Y/N/N.  Or, my wife-to-be.”

“Any my husband-to-be.”

While you two ate breakfast, you informed draco of everything that had happened yesterday, leaving him with a foul look on his face.

“My father will hear about this.”

“Draco, we talked about this.”


Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

The Joker x Reader - “The Other Shadow”

Before you died, you promised not to leave him. Yet you did and The Joker was left behind with the demons he can’t keep at bay any longer. Little he knows that bound by his grief and your dying promise, you are still here; you never left.

“She won’t stop bleeding!”, J pants, pressing on the towels covering your numerous gunshot wounds. “Frost, where’s the goddamned doctor?!” he shouts, angered.

“On his way, sir!”  Jonny reports, awaiting orders.

“Here, Pumpkin, press here!” he tries to keep your hand on your abdomen injuries but your arm slides back down to the side of your body. “Frost! More towels!” J barks while you stare at the ceiling, struggling to breathe. You got shot twice in the chest and three times in the abdomen; there is also a lesion on your left leg the Joker didn’t even notice due to all the blood you’re covered with.

“Hey, Y/N, look at me!” he turns your face towards him and you can barely hear the words.

“Here, sir!” Frost hands over the fresh towels; J tosses the bloody ones on the ground and places the new ones on your wounds.

Suddenly, blood gushes from your mouth, dripping down your chin, then behind your neck, forming a pool of sticky liquid by your head.

“Shit! Hey, hey, look at me! You’re fine! Do you hear me? The doctor is coming, you’re fine,” J mumbles, aware your situation is critical.

“J…” you faintly whisper and slowly lift your hand. He immediately takes it and almost loses his grip: so slippery from all the blood. Frost bites his lips, bracing for the imminent storm: he knows you’re behind help at this point.

“You can’t leave me, do you hear me? You’re not allowed to!” he screams and you choke in your own blood, squeezing his hand with all the strength you have left.

“J…” you manage to utter when the cough stops. The new towels are already drenched, but The Joker doesn’t ask for new ones anymore.

“Don’t leave me…” he presses his forehead against yours, hoping for a miracle he knows it won’t come. “Promise you’re not leaving me…” he begs, hopeless for once.

I…w-won’t…I…s-swear…I swear…” you chew on your words, unable to focus. You take one more deep breath, then exhale, your eyelids closing, still trying to look at him.

The Joker gasps, then turns towards Frost with madness in his eyes, slowly descending in the abyss he’s powerless to keep at bay:

“Get out!!!! Turn off the lights and get out!!!!”

Jonny takes a few steps back without saying anything, shocked on how the night’s events turned out to be: you were just on a heist when the cops arrived sooner than expected and got caught in the crossfire while following your boyfriend towards the exit. A simple mission that turned into an unexpected catastrophe.

The lights are turned off, only the dim light from the lamp by the table you’re on illuminates the darkness inside the warehouse. J wipes his face with his hands, not realizing he’s smearing even more blood all over; his shrieking breath is the only sound echoing in the huge chamber. He takes off his purple coat, stained with your blood and covers you with it, squishing himself on the table by you.

“You…you promised…you fucking promised, Princess…” he keeps on repeating over and over, holding your lifeless body in his arms. Any sense of closeness and intimacy that was so hard for him to achieve is gone forever; it’s the only things J comprehends for the moment.

He stays by you all night, incapable to move or to think. Nothing but numbness and pain.

When the morning comes, Frost sneaks in to find his boss on the floor, holding on to his purple coat.

“Mister J…” Jonny makes his presence known since The Joker seems to be in a trance.

“Take her away…” he growls, resting his head on his knees.

“Where should we bury her, sir?” Frost tests the water, not knowing what to expect.

“I don’t care…I don’t want to know…”

Jonny wraps you up in a sheet and begins walking towards the exit.

“Wait!” J stops him and rushes over, taking out one of his diamond earrings and pins it to your shirt. “These…these are her favorites…a gift from my girl… This way she’ll have one and I’ll have the other…GO!!” he pushes Frost away, not wanting to prolong the agony.

Once the heavy door closes behind Jonny, J collapses on his knees, exhausted.

“You fucking promised, Princess…”


Week after week passes by and he can’t let go. Trapped inside the penthouse, J doesn’t want to speak or see anybody. How those voices torment him now that there is no more you to distract from the chaos! All his demons bite and scratch, prying on his mind, making him descend into insanity even more with each passing day.

Sometimes he falls asleep but he can never rest: the nightmares wake him up and the demons take over: evil, despicable whispers that only he can hear.

But you can hear them also: bound by his grief and your dying promise, you are still here; you never left. You wish you could comfort him somehow, you wish you could find a way to let him know his girl is still by his side. You tried and tried and so far no luck. 

Tonight is very bad; he is so restless he didn’t sleep in 2 days. The purple coat soiled with you dried blood is always on your side of the bed because The Joker likes to pretend you’re there. What worries you the most is the loaded gun he won’t put down, not even for a second. You know he is thinking about it, he’s been contemplating it for a while; you can hear his thoughts but he can’t hear you: he can’t distinguish your voice from all the others in his troubled mind.

He puts the pistol to his temple, then puts it back down, fighting with himself. You are so desperate you shout as loud as you can: “SHUUUT… UUUUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Silence. Unexpected silence. No more voices and it makes him jump, realizing the much needed quietness.

“Don’t do it!” he only hears one familiar voice resonating in his mind, loud and clear. J look right and left, stunned. “Don’t do it, it’s me! I’m here!”

He gets on his knees, sniffling, not understanding what is happening.

“Baby, it’s me! I’m here!”

“…Pumpkin?” he asks, convinced he finally completely lost it. No answer. “Shit…” he sighs, rubbing his eyes. “I’m so tired…” and he collapses on the pillow and drops the gun on the floor, convinced he’s hallucinating.

“Go to sleep…rest…” the soothing voice urges; it feels so good for some reason. His body relaxes and The Joker falls into a deep daze, much needed after all that happened.

Now that you finally made him susceptible to your presence, you are determined to continue until he is fully aware you are still with him.


The next day, J wants to actually visit one of the clubs after his self-inflicted seclusion. He slept for hours; uninterrupted relaxation and for the first time in months, The Joker is out and about. He still desires solitude so he doesn’t want anybody else with him in the VIP room. One of the waitresses comes in with his drink, intensely glaring at him. She places the glass full of whiskey on the small table by his couch; he doesn’t even bother to look her way.

The woman unexpectedly straddles his lap and J pushes her away, displeased, contemplating blowing her brains out:

“What the hell?! Get lost! I didn’t allow you to touch me, did I?!”

The woman disregards the warning and wraps her arms around his neck, hugging him tight:
“It’s me, baby, I’m here,” she mutters in his ear, caressing the green hair.

J’s heart starts beating out of his chest; he doesn’t know why but doesn’t argue when she takes his arms and places them around her waist.

“I never left you, I’m still here…” she continues and begins sobbing on his shoulder.

“…Princess?” The Joker groans, sensing the pain of a thousand daggers in his chest. The woman doesn’t look or sounds like his dead girlfriend, but it feels and smells like her: that sweet, fruity perfume he loved so much.

“I don’t know how long I can stay in this body…” and she cries harder when his fingers dig in her back, suffocating her with his embrace, “… but I wanted you to know I kept my promise…I’ll never leave you… When you go outside, look at your shadow and you’ll have your proof…”

The woman suddenly loses consciousness and lets go, her body limp on his knees.

J just sits there, barely controlling the emotions he can’t even grasp.

After about 10 minutes, he calls out to Jonny:

“ Frost!”

“Yes, sir?” he parts the colorful beads and steps inside.

“Take her out of here!” The Joker hands over the woman and Frost thinks that his boss probably knocked her out for some reason or another. Not that he needs a reason anyway.

After Frost departs, J gets up and storms out to the south wing of the club where there is a small terrace on the top floor reserved only for him. Since it’s summertime, there is still daylight at 9pm. He walks on the patio, carefully watching the wooden deck for his shadow. He holds his breath when he realizes what he’s looking at: aside from his shadow, there is another one next to his body. It could be that is a strange reflection due to the sunset, but it definitely has a different shape and every time he moves, the other shadow changes position in a weird manner.

“Holy…” he covers his mouth, petrified, backing out a bit. “Baby Doll…is…is…that you…?” he stutters, intrigued and his eyes get big when the other shadow tils its head to the left in agreement.

“Oh…my…God…” The Joker gets on his knees, touching your figure. “You’re really here? I’m…I’m not seeing things?”

The other shadow leans its head to the right and the Joker has tears streaming down his face, not being able to control himself.

“Pumpkin…Daddy missed you…”


The lightning storm started after J retreated back to the penthouse. He turned off all the lights and opened the windows and the glass door leading to the balcony. It was your favorite thing to watch with him: the stormy skies and bolts brightening the menacing clouds, followed by the deafening sound of thunder.

The Joker takes a sit on the floor, admiring the show, when he accidentally glimpses at the full size mirror that you kept on the front corner of the living room. It’s till there and he freezes when he notices the detail: every time the lightning strikes and the brightness fills out the chamber, your ethereal, translucent being is cuddled by him, resting its head on his shoulder and holding on to his arm. Just like a light that gets switched on and off, it keeps on appearing in the mirror and even if you’re transparent , J can tell, without a doubt, that it is indeed, you. He can sense it with every fiber of his soul and he can again smell your perfume.

When he turns his head to look to his left where you’re supposed to be, nothing there but thin air; he can only see you in the mirror.

Something drops from the ceiling in front of him, a small, shiny object that he pics up and the lightning reveals what he gave up a while ago: one of his two diamond earrings you were buried with.

The Joker widely smiles, placing the missing treasure back in his ear, talking to your image in the mirror:

“Aahhh, together at last, Princess. Now I have both of them again.”


Falling to Pieces


A/N: This wasn’t requested, I just really wanted to write this. I might take it down again, I don’t really know. 

Word count: 1,881

Falling to Pieces

I was lying curled up on the wide, empty bed, still feeling my body trembling. The room was dark and quiet, way too quiet. It was probably somewhere around four in the morning, but I wasn’t sure and frankly I couldn’t care less about it.

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hi, love your 3x20 meltdown! :) oh and how about their lips never parted with that flip!! but I just stared at the gifs of Felicity walking away in Nanda parbat and him looking destroyed af... so a prompt idea, in the lines of something like them now getting back together and Oliver saying to F. that he watched her walk away two times and he couldnt survive a third... well something like that, I'm sure you'd make it more interesting than me here :)

Last Moment (Olicity, 5x20 spec fic, Explicit)

Thank you, anon! And oh yes it absolutely kills me how their lips never parted. P-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n.

For the sake of this ficlet, let’s pretend there is going to be a parallel between 3x20 and 5x20 (*crosses fingers*) and instead of Nanda Parbat, it’s Russia. This includes Oliver/Susan of Season 5 paralleling Felicity/Ray of Season 3 (they break up). 

This is the morning after. (Slight Angst Warning)

Please see the end for my additional Olicity thoughts in Season 5 re: this ficlet.

(Read on AO3)


Oliver watched her.

Her movements were mechanical… no, they were methodical, each move planned with a deliberateness that he recognized all too well. There was nothing playful or bashful, nothing that spoke to what had just happened. Not that he expected it. Some part of him had known this was coming when he knocked on her door last night, when he saw the tiny crack in her facade, when he touched her cheek and she leaned into him, sighing with a heaviness he felt in his soul. He did the same thing when facing a moment that might be his last - compartmentalize, just to get through the next minute, and the next, and the next.

She had to, for what she was walking into.

Acid burned in his chest, but he forced himself to stay quiet, wanting to just watch her for a little bit longer. He didn’t say anything as she pulled her pants on, buttoning them. Her bra was next, followed by her shirt and then her jacket.

She was leaving, like he knew would happen. And he knew he had to let her, but god, he didn’t want to.

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When EXO Wants Cuddles

This is my first EXO reaction that no one asked for!!  Please enjoy!

Contains: fluff / snuggling / kisses / warmness / cuddles

[  // Masterlist //  ]

//  Minseok

“There will be a “coffee of the week,” so I customers can try a new brew all the time,” Minseok said, continuing to dream about his future café as he held your hand.

“Hmmm, what else?” you asked, eyes half-opened, head resting on his shoulder.

“And there will be a tea of the week, for people like you,” he said looking down at you, referring to your distaste for coffee, even his.  “Do you want tea or bed?”

“Bed,” you said.

It had been a long day for you, and you passed out almost as soon as you hit the bed.  You felt Minseok get in next to you and pull you against him with an arm and a leg.

“Good night, Jagi,“ he whispered in your ear before placing a soft kiss on your neck.

You woke up feeling parched.  You were sure you could wriggle out of Minseok’s hold without waking him up, but you were wrong.

“Hn?  Stay,” he said, pulling you back with his leg.

“I’m really thirsty,” you said.

He sat up.  “Water or tea?“

“Just water.”

He came back with two glasses of water, and when you both were done drinking, he pulled you against him and stroked your hair as you lay on his chest.

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//  Junmyeon

EXO was about to tour in North America again, and Junmyeon came to you for help with his English vowel sounds.

“Not Chreestmas, it’s Christmas, with the short I sound.“


“Yeaaaaah, you got it!” you said with a long yawn.

“I think it’s time for bed.  You’ve been so helpful today, Jagi.”

You changed into the new silk pajamas he bought you and got into bed next to him.  Instead of the usual quick good night hug and kiss, Junmyeon pulled you close to him and placed his hand over your heart with a sad sigh.

“What’s the matter?” you asked.

“I was just thinking about how I’ll be leaving again soon… and Skype stopped working on my computer.”

“We can fix it by then… probably.”

“I can’t feel your heartbeat through Skype.”

At some point, you’d fallen asleep, and when you woke in the middle of the night, Junmyeon’s hand was still resting on you, and he was peacefully asleep until your stirring woke him.

“Jagiya?  What is it?”

“I’m getting a snack,” you said from the edge of the bed.

“No, no, you stay here, I’ll get it for you.  What do you want?”

He was back in a flash with a small bag of pretzel sticks.  Junmyeon kept trying to play the Pepero game with them, but you didn’t understand what he was doing.  He put his arm around you, took your chin, and guided you to bite the same pretzel that was in his mouth.

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//  Yixing

You had already gone to bed when he came home from the studio.  Normally, he would let you get your rest, but he was a little less than quiet as he changed clothes and climbed into bed.


“Oh, you’re awake,” he said with a livelier tone than you expected as he lay on his side.

“Did you just get home?  It’s almost 2AM!”  You rolled on your side to face him.

“I finished the song!”  He grinned so big you could see it in the dark.

“Oh, that’s wonderful!  When do I get to hear it?”

“As soon as we get some rest,” he said, taking your hand and kissing it over and over.  You loved it when he did this, and you could have sworn he fell asleep in the middle of it.

When you woke up again, it was an hour later and Yixing still had a gentle grip on your hand.  You could feel his soft exhales on your palm.

You slowly inched away, trying not to wake him, and left the room to go to the kitchen.

When you got back, Yixing was sitting up in bed with the lamp turned on, looking like he’d lost you at a big mall.

“Baobei, where did you go?”

“I just got some water,” you said, sitting back down.

He turned off the light and reached for your hand again, interlacing your fingers with his.  “Take me with you next time.  If you’re gone, I can’t hold your hand.”

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//  Baekhyun

“When will you be done?“ Baekhyun asked, sitting down next to you on the couch.

“I don’t know… it’s taking me way longer than I thought it would to get through this book.  Don’t wait for me, I’ll come to bed when I finish.”  It was going to be a long night.

“Orrr…” he began, scooting closer, “You could come read in bed?”

You sat up, still trying to tackle the tome from your reading list and Baekhyun slept soundly with his head in your lap.  He had fallen asleep shortly after you began petting his hair.

The book wasn’t interesting enough to keep you awake in the living room, much less in the bedroom.  It wasn’t long before you also fell asleep, sitting up, back against the headboard.

About an hour later, you woke up and realized you were still sitting upright and the lamp was on.  You put the book on the nightstand and reached to turn off the light, trying not to wake Baekhyun, but you had to move his head so you could lie down.

He looked at you with sleepy eyes as you replaced your lap with a pillow for him.

“Jaaagi, you need your rest,” he said groggily.

“I know, I’m resting now.”

“Good.”  Baekhyun kissed your cheek as you got comfortable and pulled your head to the crook of his neck.

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//  Jongdae 

Jongdae came home with sore legs from dance practice and he said was discouraged that he wasn’t learning the choreography as quickly as he wanted to.

“Aww, I’m sure you’re doing the best you can.  You’ve been improving so much, don’t think everyone hasn’t noticed.“

“We don’t have to talk about it, I just want to snuggle,” he said, reaching out for you.

“Wait, wait, shower first!” you laughed.

He took a quick shower and came out wearing a singlet and boxers, smelling like shampoo.

You gave him a short thigh massage to ease his soreness (literally can’t get over Jongdae’s thighs omg) and climbed under the covers.

“Thank you for the massage, Jagi,” he said into your hair as he pulled your back into his chest.

“Ahh waee~” Jongdae whined.

You had barely begun to get out of bed, and you found yourself being forced back against his chest.  He held you tightly around your waist with his strong arms (literally can’t get over his Jongdae’s omg).

“Don’t squeeze me, I need to pee!” you said.

Jongdae pushed you out of bed and said a little too loudly, “Hurry up!”

When you came back, he resumed aggressively cuddling you, squeezing you from behind, as if he couldn’t get close enough to you.  He gave you a few kisses behind your ear before he fell back asleep.

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//  Chanyeol

You sat in the living room, half asleep, waiting for him.  He’d promised he would come home early so you two could watch something before bed, but here you were, texting him to remind him to leave the studio.

By the time he got home, it was way too late to start a movie or even watch an episode of a show.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Jagi, it’s just I got so into the music, and got the harmonies just right, and I was on a roll with the lyrics and–”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, let’s just go to bed,” you told him, eyes half open.

Chanyeol felt very guilty since you wasted your evening waiting for him.  You could tell, because instead of just letting you sleep like normal, he sat on the bed, pulled you against his chest, and quietly hummed a song you’d never heard, probably the one he’d been working on for the past seven hours.

His soothing, deep voice combined with your exhaustion put you to sleep.

You didn’t remember falling asleep, but you had forgotten to change into your pajamas and now you felt uncomfortable.

When you lifted your head from the pillow, you were startled when you were engulfed from behind by four long limbs.

Kajima.  Mianhae.” Chanyeol whispered into your ear.  “Don’t go.  I’m sorry.”

“I’m literally coming right back.  I don’t want to sleep in jeans.”

Even after explaining, it took him a moment to release you.  And as soon as you were back on the bed, he had you in a tight hold with his arms and legs that couldn’t possibly be comfortable for him.

“Chan, don’t worry, I’m not upset.”

Chanyeol let out a sigh of relief and adjusted so you were both more comfortable.

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//  Kyungsoo

You came home to find the house smelling like your favorite food.  You went into the kitchen where Kyungsoo was turning off the stove.

“I didn’t expect you to be home!” you said and kissed his cheek.

He explained that he was ready to go earlier, but his schedule got all mixed up and his appointments would all be delayed to tomorrow and later in the week.

“So, I decided to take my frustration out on this,” he said with a small smile, and you smiled back.

The meal was delicious, and instead of saving some for later, you both ate everything he had made.

“Soo, you’ve given me the itis!” you said holding your tummy.

“The itis?”

“It’s when you get really sleepy after a big meal,” you explained with a yawn.

Kyungsoo nodded and led you to the bedroom.  You both quickly changed into pajamas and climbed into bed, Kyungsoo opening his arms to invite you to lie on his chest.

In the middle of the night, you realized with a jolt that you’d forgotten to do something.  You tried to get up without waking Kyungsoo, but he reached for your hand and put it back over his heart.

“We forgot to set an alarm,” you whispered.

He gave you a sleepy nod and you got your phone.  He told you what time his first appointment was and you set an alarm early enough for him to have enough time to get ready, have breakfast, and cuddle some more, if he wanted.

You set the phone on the dresser so you’d have to get out of bed to turn it off and walked back to the bed.  As soon as you sat back down, Kyungsoo pulled you back against his chest, rubbed your back, and kissed your forehead.

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//  Jongin

You and Jongin walked into the house feeling exhausted after the multiple adrenaline rushes you had while playing with the dogs at the animal shelter.

He flopped down on the couch and let you shower first.  While he was in the shower, you made ramyeon for both of you and you ate it together.

Jongin looked at the clock.  It was 10PM.  “…Want to just go to bed?”

The two of you sat holding your phones, going through each other’s photos of the dogs, comparing to find the best shots of each one.  He giggled nonstop at all the funny poses and faces that you two had captured.  At some point, Jongin had put his arm around you and left it there.

When your yawns became more frequent, you turned off the lamp.  “Let’s sleep.”  He put his other arm around you and pulled you backward onto the pillows.  You fell asleep in his gentle embrace.

Sometime around 4AM, you had a craving for something salty, and figured you could leave the bed without stirring Jongin.  You were right, and tiptoed to the kitchen.

But when you came back, he immediately said, startling you, “Come back!”

“I just went to get a snack.”

“…Did you get me any?”

You shared your bag of crackers with him, feeding yourself one, then feeding him one until they were all gone.

Jongin pulled you back down against him, kissed you, and patted your back until he fell back asleep.

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//  Sehun

You found Sehun in the bathroom, clothes soaked through as he bathed Vivi in the tub.

“Do you need help?” you asked with a laugh.

“No, he’s clean now…” Sehun sighed.  “I don’t know what’s got him so bothered… it’s been a long day.”

“Yeah, it has.  Come to bed when you’re done.”

You were half asleep when you heard Sehun open the bedroom door, shuffle out of his wet clothes, and climb into bed.  He reached over you and pulled himself closer to you, causing you to wake up a bit.  You leaned into his embrace and rested your head against his.

Several hours later, you woke up with his arm still over you, and you tried to move without disturbing him, but he clutched your side when he felt you rolling away.

“Nooo,” he groaned.

“I’m just going to the bathroom.”

“Can you take Vivi outside too then?”

You hadn’t planned on it, but you said, “Fine.”

“And make sure he stays away from the mud.”

You sighed.  “Of course.”

“Thank you, Jagi~ ♡“ he said, kissing your cheek before you left the room.

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A Lesson in Love (The Little Things Part One)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,286

A/N: Hi babes! I’m sorry for taking so long to update this story. School is a pain in the ass and finding time to write is not easy. Hopefully this super fluffy chapter will make up for it 😊

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - you’re the Groffsauce to my Lin-Manuel Miranda. Thank you for editing this and thank you for existing.

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“I think I’m going to freeze to death,” Wanda manages to say through her chattering teeth.

Natasha hides further under her fleece blanket, so much so that all you can see are her green eyes. “I think I am too.”

“You know I love the cold, but this?” You turn to glare at the heater in the corner of the room. Of course it had to break down during one of the coldest weekends of the school year and of course there was nothing the school could do about it tonight. “This is too much.”

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