The way April hugged Jackson behind his back was just perfectly romantic. A sense of great marriage and strong foundation between two persons who are really in love with each other. The way she hugged him tighter to show her deepest expression of love to her husband. The way April stared at his eyes and Jackson stared at her eyes giving a very great sense of love and affection to each other. And the way they kissed was just naturally beautiful. They didn’t need anyone to praise them for their strong relationship that has passed every obstacle that happened. They kept it as a secret, having their little own happy married life without anyone knowing. It’s just perfect, really perfect. They love the fact that their love has survived the hardships and difficulties. They can’t just resist each other. They didn’t care on others’ questions and curiousness about what’s happening on them. They’re just there, living together, happy, with the discouragement of the people around. That’s what true love is called.

Congratulations Jackson and April!