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SALUTATIONS can you do one where there is cumslut!Dan and Phil knows Dan is a HUGGE cumslut and Dan does something bad to get a punishment so Phil punishes him by jerking off in Dan's face and when Phil cums he doesnt let Dan have his cum as much as he wants it? this is long im soz BYE THO ILY

YOOOOO this is some fuckin top notch sin™
(Is it too late for a tour fic? Nooo)
-In reality, Dan should know better. When it’s been almost two months since he’s had the privacy with Phil to do anything, when they used to fuck at least once a week, he should really know better than to do anything to tease Phil. Both of them are wound up, and the moment they can, they’ll be all over each other. And Phil? He’ll be punishing Dan for everything he’s done. Flirting with the crew, grinding on other men in Vegas, and giving teasing touches to Phil’s inner thighs and ass whenever he can get away with all add up to what will most definitely be a hell of an evening. Especially now that Dan’s tied to the headboard in their hotel room.
-“So, tell me, why are you tied up right now, slut?” Phil purrs, feather light fingers dancing over Dan’s ribs.

-”Dunno,” Dan lies, batting his eyelashes. When he’s met with a raised eyebrow in warning, Dan huffs. “I teased you and led on other guys.”

-Nodding in approval, Phil lightly rakes his fingers over Dan’s chest, smirking at Dan’s soft gasp. “That’s right. I was thinking about punishing you- edging, overstimulation, spanking- and all of it isn’t really a punishment for you anymore. Luckily, I’ve come up with something else. No talking, okay?” Slowly and teasingly, Phil undoes the button of his jeans and pushes them, along with his boxers, down just far enough to take out his cock and palm himself, sighing in relief. He climbs onto the bed and scoots upward until he’s close enough for Dan to suck him off, but when Dan opens his mouth, Phil shoots him a stern look. Once Dan shuts his mouth again, Phil shifts until he’s comfortable, and begins to jerk off millimeters from Dan’s face, occasionally moaning, and rocking his hips into his hand. “We both know what a cum slut you are, so I’m going to cum into my hand. And then I’m going to wipe my cum off with a tissue and do it again until I’m coming dry and you’re crying for my cock,” Phil says before his mouth shapes into an ‘o’ shape and he comes in his fist.

-True to his word, Phil overstimulates himself until he’s whimpering and trying to get away from his own stimulation, and coming dry. Finally, he climbs off of Dan, admiring the tear tracks on Dan’s face and his hard cock, red and weeping precum. “Aww, do you need to get off?” Phil coos, patting Dan’s flushed cheek. “Well, you should have thought of that before being a disobedient whore.”


Sorry this is also short ily xx

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