eliseplays  asked:

Hey, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you had any headcanons about the Raijinshuu playing Pokemon Go? (Maybe what team they'd all be or anything :P)

oh ym god I love this ask

• THEY ARE ALL TEAM INSTINCT, OBVIOUSLY. I MEAN. LIGHTNING. DUH [also bc Instinct is the best team, sorry, I don’t make the rules. instinct or extinct, instinct pride, instinct 4 lyfe, all that jazz]
• they all got the “secret Pikachu” as a starter pokemon
• okay so I can’t decide whether Laxus would play Pokemon GO or nah, but tbh I don’t know how you can own a phone and not play it, so I think eventually he would get fed up with the Raijinshuu constantly nagging him to play it and download the app as well. [also team Instinct bc lightining ayy]
• he secretly really enjoys it
• Ever gives her Pokemon the cutest nicknames possible, Bix gives the weirdest, Freed either leaves the species name or picks the closest autocorrect suggestion (which sometimes gives the most hilarious results)
• if they go on a mission to a new location, they have to take over all the gyms in sight
• the guild building would probably be a gym as well, but they leave Gray and Natsu to fight over it because it’s the most amusing thing to watch
• Bixlow tapes his phone to one of his babies and makes them fly around so he can hatch eggs even when he’s not walking