☆'The Mermaid’s Grotto'☆
What an incredible location!! @aliciaunderwater and I swam 20 ft down into this cave with huge wave swells which had to be timed perfectly or we would get sucked back down into the watery hole or dashed against the sharp rocks! (Which happened once or twice!)
This was an awesome collaboration between photographer @_jimward_
@aliciaunderwater from @seethroughsea and brand-new gorgeous ‘LOTUS’ tails by @finfolkproductions !! ♡♡♡☆♡♡♡

I just came back from the beach because I felt like I was evaporating. But when I was in the water I got my tube I brought with me and I was trying to get into it, I finally did. However, my mother did not grab my tube so I drifted away from them and I didn’t know it and then I looked behind me and this HUGE ass wave hit me and I had my mom’s boogie board arm strap attached to me so I flipped and my huge ass tube was on top of me as well as the boogie board and I couldn’t get up and I thought I was gonna die because I was trapped under the water and the things were on top of me, but I didn’t die. I’m alive, but I am burned and I am still coughing up salt water.

Okay bagginshield headcanon for the day: thorin and bilbo and the beach

Thorin up to his chest in the water and trying to get Bilbo to come in farther, who has thick globs of sunscreen on his nose and cheeks and is refusing to go in past his ankles. Thorin is facing Bilbo with open arms like “come on babe I won’t let you drown I promise” and Bilbo is halfway through saying “I know YOU won’t but the OCEAN won’t have a problem doing that” when a huge wave smacks Thorin in the back of the head and his hair is plastered over his face like in the grudge. Bilbo is cackling.

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Merlin noticing Eggsy staring at his tattoos and how eggsys face gets a little warmer even with the burn on top. Eggsy slipping and grabbing onto merlins arms and just staring at the tattoos and holding on a bit to long and blushing so hard. //bless

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Merlin trying not to smile when he notices Eggsy face getting redder under the pink burn on his cheeks!!! @A@

omg what abt Eggsy challenging him to a race to see who can get in the water first!! and when he wins and turns to gloat, a huge wave knocks him off balance and he grabs instinctively for Merlin’s biceps, clutching on tight, his face all smushed up against Merlin’s chest as the water bowls him over. Merlin somehow managing to keep them both upright, his hands bracketing Eggsy’s ribcage to help him get back on his feet, both of their hands lingering longer than they should, savoring the touch of bare skin under their fingertips *w*


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