please, come closer

cause my heart doesn’t touch yours anymore

maiko week 2016, day 4 - distance
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She’s close, but you can’t touch her.
She walks away with her new boyfriend, and you hate the fact that he’s the cause of her smile. Then you remember that you were the one who shut her out and made her leave in the first place, and you hate yourself even more for that.

She’s close, but you can’t touch her.
Not when she pushes you away and jumps out of your reach. And even though it hurts to see her under such distress, and you are eager to hold her in your arms until all her pain goes away, you know you won’t. You don’t have the right.

She’s close, but you can’t touch her.
And despite the fact that she’s smiling softly at you, and the tension between you two is gone due to the huge wave of relief, it doesn’t change the fact that she isn’t yours, not anymore. So you refrain your hands from pulling her closer to you, concentrate on the familiar weight of your sister on your arms, and be content on giving her another soft smile in return. And you can’t help noticing that things are changing between you two once again.

She’s close, but you can’t touch her.
At least not now. Not yet.

@verdigrisprowl​ - moved from here, and retconned slightly so Tarantulas came in through the vents 

Be very quiet, Tarantulas. Not everyone is in the washracks. A couple are probably in there, since they aren’t currently visible; but one’s out on the balcony, one’s in the kitchen—they didn’t know where Tarantulas was going to show up, they had to cover all their bases—and one is curled up asleep on the living room floor with Prowl. Hence the need to be quiet.

And if Tarantulas doesn’t figure that out himself, it’ll be obvious soon enough; when the one in the kitchen sees him, he waves exaggeratedly at him, and then makes a shush sign over his faceplate. He gestures at the washracks door. The Constructicon on the balcony comes in, summoned by a comm ping from his teammate.

The huge wave and shush weren’t quite necessary - Tarantulas was already headed in the direction of the washracks and keeping each step as quiet as a mouse. The Constructicon merely gave him the confirmation that he needed in order to know that Prowl definitely wasn’t in on this one.

Nodding enough for the Constructicon to see, Tarantulas crept into the washracks and surveyed the scene.