i love how vivienne is the only one who asks how ur doing FIRST when u get to skyhold.

everyone else wants to talk strategy/politics/themselves and maybe asks how ur doing after

but vivienne immediately is like “darling are u ok, u walked for several days in the snow and im worried” and then the next cutscene conversation w her shes like “i really like what u did w the curtains, also ur pajama suit thing is ugly, do u want me to have my seamstress make u look nice?”

shes so kind and caring underneath her icy protective shell

what a sweet companion

ninjaturtlegirl15  asked:

The other day I was at my best friend's mom's wedding, it was so beautiful! I was actually crying, I'm so happy for them! (One day, I hope I find the right guy and get married)

Aww that sounds lovely, DaJah! I love weddings, especially when the bride looks like a princess! Which most of them do. I want a proper fairytale wedding someday! We’re talking a huge white princess dress people!

I’m sure you’ll find the right guy someday hon. There’s someone out there for everyone!

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Princess Strawberry @ask-atlas-golurk
Being a huge fan of strawberries, Princess Strawberry is definitely my favorite character from your blog. She also has a nice and unique design.

Baldr @askfreja
Who wouldn’t love this cinnamon roll. I’ve seen the plot, hopefully he’ll be okay….right?

((Sorry I couldn’t post anything earlier, had to take care of a sick relative, but hopefully I can find more muses to draw.))


Keira finally reached to Princess Celestia and sees Discord was the presenter of the Crown
Discord wished he could say something or have little fun but he knows its important ceremony.

Princess Celestia: You are going to face your new day and more as alicorn but taking this crown as a new Princess is a new task, are you ready to take that huge step
Keira: Yes Princess Celestia, I am ready

Princess Celestia using her magic to levitate the crown and places on Keira’s head.

The Crown was levitate and places on keira’s head. 

Princess Celestia: Mares and Gentlecolts,  Stallions, Draconequuses, Griffins, Humans, animals and more. It a  huge honour to you all to welcome the newest Princess. Princess Keira Starlight. The Princess of Speciality 

@omgitsrogue, this is for you! You asked for it and it took forever!

😍- I can’t think of one. I crush more on fictional characters.

😘- I don’t have one at the moment.

😖- Storms.

😑- People not using damn turn signals correctly.

😒- Mother Nature at the moment.

😱- Needles.

😶(couldn’t find the emoji)- I was a huge Disney princess kid until age 11.

😡- People with a lack of common sense.

😈- Sarcasm.

👿- Unwillingness to respect my choices.

🙌- Coffee.

👽- Nope.

👄- Really quick and unexpected.

✌(again, couldn’t find the emoji)- According too my mother, it was a Wiggles concert when I was 2.

👀- Boring, poopy brown.

🙎(again, couldn’t find it)- Welsh, Irish, general UK area.

💇- Too my shoulders.

💁- Right now it’s black, but I wanna ombre it too blue.

👯- @mystagenameisangel

👑- Mulan (though if Meg was a Disney princess then it would be her).

🐱- Two cats and a dog (it’s a very loud household).

🍀- Not really.

🌸- Blue rose.

🌿- Winter (January baby all the way).

🌎- New Zealand or Japan.

🌝- I’m a damn night owl.

🌠- Nope.

🌈- Black.

❄- I don’t know. It feels like June in Florida.

🌊- Ocean, cause I like fish better then people

🌂- Rain, if it’s not storming.

🍎- Green apples.

🎤- Lizzy Hale. I love her voice.

🎧- Hollywood Undead.

🎭- Wicked (I know it’s a musical)

🎹- Piano and French horn.

🎬- At the moment it’s The Breakfast Club.

🎮- Until Dawn.

🚲- Walking.

✈- Japan.

🏠- Florida and it is hot af.

📞- Probably my mother.

📻- Probably Octane on Sirius XM.

📺- Black Butler. Binge watch for days.

🔋- 96%

💰- I volunteer at a nursing home (I guess that counts as a job).

🚬- Nope!

🔮- Hopefully not dead.

🎁- A pop-up Chronicles of Narnia book from my Grandma.

🎉- Halloween (duh).

💌- Nope.

📚- Eragon by Christopher Paolini for the hundredth time.

📖- Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (don’t judge me).

❤- I can’t pick just 5.

💗- For me, it more depends on romantic feelings.

⛪(couldn’t find it)- I’m an atheist.

♌- I’m a Capricorn. I’m a goat.

✅- Ridden a giant roller coaster.

#- 3.

🎶- (1) Believe by Hollywood Undead (2) Light Behind Your Eyes by My Chemical Romance (3) Set the World on Fire by Black Veil Brides (4) Do it Now, Remember it Later by Sleeping with Sirens (5) Hallelujah by Panic! At the Disco.

✖- Allergies, storms, doctors, needles, crowds.

🕒- When my body will allow me.