zevet’s favorites
  • Favourite Color: Gold, ruby red.
  • Favourite Number: 27
  • Favourite Nickname: ‘Subtle,’ ‘Spicy Sausage’.
  • Favourite Place: A little nook of beach near his home in The Mist, wedged between large rocks. He likes the privacy, especially for sunbathing!
  • Favourite City: Limsa Lominsa
  • Favourite Weather: Sunny, sunny clear skies on a very warm day.
  • Favourite Race: Everyone is pretty great.
  • Favourite Height: TALL AS FUCK.
  • Favourite Hair Color: He likes dark hair colors, but it’s not a huge preference either way.
  • Favourite Eye Color: Gold (WHO WOULD’VE GUESSED).
  • Favourite Skin Color: All are pretty great (though he loves a good tan).
  • Favourite Element: Water!
  • Favourite Animal: Cats, with owls being a close second.
  • Favourite Meat: F I S H.
  • Favourite Meal: Pretty much just a huge platter of sushi with lots of Maguro (tuna nigiri).
  • Favourite Drink: Pear cider!
  • Favourite Dessert: THIS IS HARD…. hmm. Probably funnel cakes (fried cake batter topped with powdered sugar).
  • Favourite Hair Style: Loose and a bit messy!
  • Favourite Piece of Clothing: All of his silks aside, he has this very soft oversized sweater he loves to snuggle up in and take naps.
  • Favourite Fabric/Material: S I L K.
  • Favourite Weapon: He’s not really into weapons, but he does have a very ornate pair of daggers with crystal, gold, and ruby handles.
  • Favourite Body Part: Boy butts, arms.
  • Favourite Game: Those cardflip memory games– he doesn’t play games with other people because he’s just too competitive.
  • Favourite Hobby: Experimenting with transmutations and charms.
  • Favourite Holiday: The Moonfire Faire.
  • Favourite Smell: Coconut, vanilla, sandalwood.
  • Favourite Sound: Sushi’s little meows.
  • Favourite Leader: Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, probably.
  • Favourite NPC: I don’t RP him as a WoL, so I don’t know! Probably one of the alchemist guild NPC’s.
  • Favourite Group: Dunno!

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