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Can you talk a bit more about the Clinton visit to Northern Ireland? I'm curious about how Hillary is viewed outside the US.

We’re going back nearly twenty two years, but I don’t think I’m wrong to say that Hillary seems to appreciated a lot more outside of America than inside it. As for that first visit in 1995, I can only describe it as dazzling. I was just about old enough to grasp that the Clintons coming to Northern Ireland was major, seriously major. As a child I didn’t full grasp the complex and often very controversial events that unfolded in 1994 in the lead up to the visit, but a sequences of events was started, including Bill Clinton’s hugely controversial decision to grant Gerry Adams a US visa, a leap of faith if ever there was one, that culminated in ceasefires and the Clintons coming to Northern Ireland in 1995 (Presidents had been to Ireland before, but none have ever been to the North). To get what it felt like you need to understand that Northern Ireland was a black spot, the shit hole of the western world - no one really wanted to know us. The UK government really didn’t want to know, but were stuck with us. The Irish government were much the same. Both essentially had their hands tied to this region where some wanted to be British, some Irish, and where for some the apparent way to resolve this impasse was to blow the shit out of each other. Northern Ireland was basically the land mass version of those deeply embarrassing relatives that everyone has and no one wants to talk about. No one major wanted to visit. Even the then Pope didn’t venture North during his Irish visit. Now admittedly the ceasefires changed everything with regard to security for visits by dignitaries, but to a country rather starved of star power, the President of the United States of America and his wife visiting felt what I can only liken today to Obama in 2009 bringing along Beyoncé, Adele, and a resurrected Elvis. It was huge. I remember mum waking me up to say Air Force One had landed, and me then sitting right up in front of the TV to watch the Clintons leave the plane, even though I should have been getting ready for school. It was right then and there I became a Hillary girl. He was cool, but she! - she was dazzling!!! To a kid my age, she was American royalty (it never occurred to me to think of Bill that way lol). During that entire trip I watched the TV footage, alternating between pretending to be the First Lady to pretending I was giving a speech in front of her and her husband. I don’t think I was alone in resenting the two children from Belfast who got to switch on the Christmas lights with the Clintons during that trip. We’d all written letters at school for a competition to be the ones on that stage with Bill and Hillary. When I think back, my letter was godawful. Truly dire. I attempted to be poetic and profound, which at my age was no doubt just vomit or laughter inducing - probably both. That trip by the Clintons left an indelible mark though. I can’t speak for all of the country of my birth, but my own impression looking back on that time is that it was the moment Northern Ireland started to find confidence, when we as a population started to realise that there was more to life than the weird normality we’d grown up in, with everyday civility side by side with terror. That trip made us feel special, and to the point that when the Clintons returned in 1998, post Lewinsky, we would have forgiven Bill almost anything, and Hillary everything, including killing Bill if she wanted to. This is only my personal take on it all. Northern Ireland can be a fractious place still, and some would rather not admit that the Clintons were instrumental in changing life here - but for me, they were. There would have been no peace without their sustained interest. Also, daft side point, but I nearly drove my mother mad wanting to get my hair in a french twist because Hillary had one during that trip. It never worked though - my hair never stayed up in it, and frankly, it looked a bit odd with the school uniform lol. But I did want to be her.

Flip the script

I’ve been pondering. Pontificating. Another P-word.

I’ve seen a lot of people noting that season 12 is a rehashing of season 6, a rehashing of season 7, a rehashing of season 2, 3, 5…

And I realized, it’s not a rehashing of anything. It’s a rebuild, of everything. Dabb has always had an affinity for taking a thing from earlier in the show and making it his own in some way (See: “Bloodlines” usage of Dean/Cas dialogue for that Het couple). So, I think it makes a lot of sense that once he got the chance to really be in charge of this show, he took bits and pieces from everything and he’s flipping them one by one, and turning them into his own thing.

There have been so many things since he took over from the huge decisions like bringing back Mary Winchester, to the small details like using B-roll of a restaurant from season 2 and making it fit in with this season (not to mention the use of the exact same sound bite of Cas yelling “HEY ASSBUTT” from Swan Song - which was also used in a Dabb ep last season [11x10[ but we wON’T TALK ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT REALLY BOTHERS ME LOL).

Anyway, it got me thinking about what exactly he’s trying to accomplish, and what it means for my main interest in all of this: Destiel.

After 11x23 aired, I was pretty distraught about the whole “you’re our brother, Cas” line because to me, this was Dabb’s moment to tell us where he was going with the show, and that’s what he chose. As time went on, I just kind of moved past it and told myself there was so much time before the show ends and anything can happen (which is my normal mantra when i get discouraged about destiel). I was upset about the line, at first, because it felt like such a huge regression. It had been so long since Dean had referred to Cas as a brother; family, sure - but brother? I was upset that instead of moving forward, we were moving back, and my worry was that it was where we would stay.

But as the season progresses, I’m starting to see things differently. Dabb was taken us back in MANY respects. With the revival of Mary, he’s essentially brought us back to the starting point of SPN. It’s not the same, of course. Things are different, it’s not 1983, it’s 2016. Dean isn’t 4 years old, he’s 38. They’ve been through a lot since then, but in a way it IS a regression, and just like Mary has to learn how to live in this world, and Dean has to learn to live with having a mother again, he is brought back to a time in his relationship with Cas, regressed to that time, and Dabb has brought us there so that he can rebuild it, just like he is going to try to rebuild a relationship between Dean and Mary, and Sam and Mary, and probably Sam and Dean as well.

I know there are other examples to back up this theory, but it’s 2:30AM and I am tired. Maybe I’ll add them later. But for now, I’m going to leave it here.

ETA: Also the title of this post is inspired by Metatron’s line in 9x22, written by Andrew Dabb:

Well, that’s an old writer’s trick – flipping the script. You start by building up a seemingly unbeatable enemy, like the death star, or a rival angel with a bigger army. That way, I look like the underdog. But then, oh, no! The competition gets greedy. He starts pushing things too much. With the help of my combustible double agents. And then, after a rousing speech, his true weakness is revealed. He’s in love with humanity. And now…I’m inevitable.

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How do I know medicine is right for me?

Short answer, I think, is you don’t. Not fully. I’m 4th year now and I still have doubts, and I’m sure most of my colleagues have them too. It’s a huge decision to study medicine, and the path there is so long and hard, that I think it’s easy to sometimes be like ‘wtf am I doing this for?!?’ 

Also I think it’s hard to say, because there’s no set criteria to study medicine, and there’s no one personality type you have to be or anything. We’re all very different and have different reasons for doing it.

I think one good way to realise it is if you can’t imagine doing anything else. And if the thought of being a doctor really fills you with excitement and joy. And that you have a real interest in medicine and really would like to learn more about it. Those are good indicators! But I think it’s really hard to know for sure. x

Today I got confirmation that I have a pretty huge decision ahead of me. I will be attending another school next year. For sure. One hundred percent.

I love this department with all my heart. It have given the word ‘home’ meaning. I want to stay more than just about anything, but there is now really, really convincing and enormous incentive to go elsewhere. I can’t let myself hold on to something dear at the expense of accomplishing what I need to accomplish, just because I do not want to leave. It’s time for a new adventure, even if I am Chapter-One-Bilbo-Baggins levels of reluctant to take it on… 

And yet, I’m surprisingly at peace with this development. I have several really exciting options, and this latest development has taken away the lack of clarity that had been keeping me in decision limbo. I have slowly started to accept how much I want to study in the UK or Canada. If I am truly serious about my goal of catalyzing permanent change for the better in the way mathematics is taught in the US, it is critical that I develop a well-informed, global perspective.

I’m at peace, but don’t get me wrong - I’m also terrified. Bruh, I am so scared!!! Isn’t that wonderful? I have no idea what’s going to happen, and that’s why I have been holed up in Hermit Heaven for the past month. And yet, the fact that I came back to the world today means that I have found something that I love even more than THE WORST sense of terror I have ever felt. I want to shout “I’M SO SCARED! WOO!” from the rooftops, because it’s excellent. I’m not even sort of about to run away, because this is the reason I exist. It’s worth everything, including spending the next few months in persistent pants-wetting degrees of terror. Mathematics is so important to me that I do not fear the fear. Who wouldn’t be willing to pay a price as insignificant as fear in return for a lasting, all-encompassing sense of purpose and joy? I’m spoiled rotten just to have been presented with this opportunity in the first place, and dagnabbit I’m gonna appreciate it.


Prescilla is a jerk and also her entire crew is full of enablers! 

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If Riordan had continued his pattern of specific gods taking on sort of a patronage/offers of help/guidance/blessings like Hera/Jason, Athena/Reyna, Nemesis/Leo, Iris/Frank, and Hecate/Hazel, who do you think would have been Percy's, Annabeth's, and Piper's?

I dont think those three needed patrons because their respective parents kind of took on that role. Poseidon is Percy’s biggest supporter on Olympus and has trusted him several times over with huge decisions. Athena sent Annabeth on a quest that countless other of her children hadn’t been able to complete and gave her a special gift when she was younger. And Aphrodite blessed Piper and made it clear that she’s a favorite. So their parents pretty much are their patron gods.

I disabled my OkCupid account.

I feel




There were a few people I met on there in the past couple months who I enjoyed talking to, but it fizzled out quickly. The time I have been devoting to those connections would be much better served devoted to myself and relationships I already do have.

I love using that network as a means to meet other poly people, but it’s tiresome. The gross messages are a big deterrent for me and were a HUGE factor in my decision to take a break. I think that’s a universal experience for a lot of women on OkCupid and similar sites, though.

Ideally, I’d love for there to be a similar site or app, but for poly networking. I have a much easier time meeting people via the internet - mostly due to my schedule, but also due to the way I feel comfortable meeting people! - and it would be a DREAM to have a poly-specific site.

Does anyone have favorite spots to meet or talk online? I know Meetup is a huge one - at least among people I know - but are there others that people find enjoyable?

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Can I confess something? I had a friend once who told me she wanted me to wear a dress to her wedding because I'd be a bridesmaid. I was like cool but idk how I'll be feeling at that time (I'm gender fluid) n I told her you know I look good in a suite tho and she was like "it's my day it's about me not you" and she reached out to me recently wanting to talk again and I don't feel guilty about cutting her off. Not at all. This isn't why I stopped talking to her but it was a HUGE decision factor.


Eric x Reader

Originally posted by glimmerswonderland

Fandom: Divergent Series

Character: Eric Coulter 

Request: So I’d like to request an Eric Coulter oneshot where the reader is an Amity transfer and Peter is bothering her about the free love stuff and Eric overhears and says something to Peter (like he’s sticking up for her or something). And she shyly thanks him after Peter leaves and Eric just gives her a nod and a small smile that only she notices before he walks out of the training room and then she smiles to herself? I know it’s a pretty weird request but imagining that all in my head just makes me smile. Thank you so much:)

Requested by: lust-for-pan

Word Count: 898


    Transferring from one faction to another is a huge decision. One that can make or break your family. The decision is hard for everyone and the results can be as easily shocking. No transfer shocked everyone more than your decision to go from Amity, the peaceful faction, to Dauntless, the brave faction. The complete opposite of your original faction. Your family was shocked, but true to their roots. They didn’t make a commotion about you leaving, on the contrary, they supported you. This was a huge help considering your new Dauntless family wouldn’t be as accepting.

    The train ride to the Dauntless faction wasn’t too difficult. You had practiced running here and there in the fields in Amity. You weren’t the fastest, but you definitely weren’t the slowest. Jumping off the train was one of the scariest, yet most thrilling moments of your life. You knew at that moment you had made the right decision to transfer.

    You were in the back of the line as people jumped to an unknown location to get accepted into Dauntless. The leader, Eric, intrigued you. You thought he was a bit intimidating yet handsome. You would glance at him from time to time, but he didn’t notice you until it was your turn to jump. Knowing you were form Amity, Eric didn’t think you would jump. The rest of the transfers agreed. But much to their surprise and his, you did. Once you landed on the net, and everyone asked for your name, you responded with. “ Y/N.” Everyone welcomed you.

    Soon enough you settled in and had only made one acquaintance. A girl from Candor. You were too quiet to start a conversation with anyone and make more friends so you were happy she had approached you. Plus, your only friend would be an honest one. You were happy with that.

    You hadn’t met everyone, yet. Until training started. That’s when you were introduced to everyone who was fighting to stay in Dauntless. That included the ever so ill-tempered Peter Hayes. 

     “ Hey, we got ourselves a brave little tree-hugger over here.” Peter said as he approached you along with a few other people. Wanting to not cause a scene, you quietly tried to walk away and avoid him, but he was faster and ended up wrapping his arm around your shoulder, keeping you in place. Still not wanting to cause a scene, you decided to wait it out. Maybe they wouldn’t bother you too much.

     “ How does a free loving hippie as yourself end up here, huh?” Peter asked you, shaking you a bit. You contemplated your answer before you said it. “ W-Well I wanted to join the faction my instincts told me to join.” You quietly answered his question hoping he would finally leave you alone. You were wrong. It only made him want to mess with you more. 

     “ Instincts?! Ha! The only instincts you have are singing songs about nature and dancing over a fire while you have that idiotic smile on your face.” He laughed along with his friends. You weren’t sure how to respond. You weren’t in Amity anymore, but you were too early on in the transferring stage to forget what they taught you. You were taught to ignore the insults thrown your way and instead forgive your enemy and show them peace. But you wanted to prove you were part of Dauntless now. You just weren’t sure what to say. 

     “ And the only instincts you have are to be an asshole, right initiate.” A voice behind you commented. You all turned to the voice to see it was Eric. He was staring at Peter with narrowed eyes waiting on an answer. Peter looked at him unamused and sighed,” Right.” He hesitantly began to walk away with his little group when Eric spoke up once more. “ Initiate. You cause another stunt like that and you’re out. I don’t accept any attention seekers here in Dauntless.” He warned him. Peter only looked back at him and walked away muttering a few incoherences under his breath. Rest assured he wouldn’t bother you again. At least not under Eric’s watch.

     You stood there not knowing how to thank Eric. He intimidated you a bit, still, but after he stood up for you, you knew deep inside he was kind. Even if it was hidden very well.

     “ Thank you.” You shyly thanked Eric. You looked up at him noticing he was already staring at you with a blank face. You stared at him waiting for his response. The whole time he had been analyzing you. Trying to figure you out. You had been so quiet and standoffish all this time. You were a mystery to him. A mystery he wanted to solve.

     The corner of his lips pulled up into a small smile as he nodded at you. You were a bit shocked seeing a happy emotion show on his face, but nevertheless you were happy to be the only one to get that emotion out of him.

     Soon after he walked away and you stood there smiling to yourself. Looking around you noticed no one else had seen or acknowledged the interaction you and Eric had just had. This made you smile even more. The moment you two just had was just yours and his. No one else’s. 

Who knew you two would have more moments like these…


hope you liked it! :)


requests are open

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Hi there, how about everyone reacting to a foreign MC who was only in South Korea for business or for studying the language and would have to return to her home country sometime soon? Maybe she is considering moving there permanently at some point, but it's too early to make such a huge decision ...

(•̀o•́)ง This one is a little difficult, so please tell me if I messed up some important things! I’m mainly going to focus on reactions instead of a story…


-The poor boy would feel heartbroken, honestly. He’d finally met such a wonderful person! But they have to leave soon?

-I guess it was understandable, once he heard your reasoning on the subject. It also made sense as to why you didn’t talk much on the phone, or dodged phone calls.

-No matter what your decision would be, he’d support you fully.

-Would really want to maintain the relationship, friendship wise or not, through long distance. A lot of his LOLOL buddies were from different places of the world as well!

-Once you left he’d cry at home, but would send you texts every day supporting you!


- She’d feel a little upset inside knowing her first friend would be leaving soon, but she’d offer to help you with learning the language when able.

-Would propose that you guys stay in contact. If texting was too much, then maybe being penpals. (It would help you study Korean!)

-The day that you leave she would pack a little care package for you for the flight- Things she was used to packing when she had to be on trips with Jumin- and give you a tight hug.

-Would love every message and letter she received from you- Especially if it came with little gifts from your home country.

-Would also support you no matter what your decision was when it came to moving. Moving is scary, and she couldn’t imagine what it would be like to move so suddenly to a foreign country. 


- Would also be very reasonable with his support towards your willingness to move or not. Though, if needed, he’d offer to help pay for anything related to you moving.

-Since he was fluent in different languages due to C&R business, he’d talk to you in a language you both were able to converse in. Would also offer you tips and tricks on how to learn Korean! (And also try to pay for a tutor if you needed one)

-He’s not quite sure how he feels when you have to leave. It hurts a little, almost like V leaving on a trip but just. Possibly not coming back.

-He gives you a tight and slightly awkward hug, and sends you texts the moment your flight should land asking if things went okay.

-Would also offer to pay for you to come and visit- Whether its just him, the RFA, or others.


-He thought when you didn’t speak much on the phone, you were just stunned at how amazing his voice was (Zen….>>)

-(Would ask Seven for help if any language barriers happened)

-Probably the most emotional when you have to leave. He’d just hug you and Not let go for a while. He wouldn’t cry in front of you, but he damn would a bit when he got home.

-You were just so sweet and such a perfect match for him- Friendship wise or more! He wanted to spend so much more time with you.

-Would constantly text you when you both had the time, and once your Korean got better he’d call you more frequently.

-If you considered moving, he’d push aside his feelings and try his best to help reach a safe and supportive conclusion with you. He didn’t want to shove you into moving here, but if you did, he’d be very willing to help you settle in. 

-(If not, please let him come visit you once in your home country. He’d love that!)


-He’d think it’s so cool you were from somewhere else!

-Since he knows a lot of languages, he should be able to at least converse some in your first language.

-He’d know about it the second he had to do some background checks on you, but would keep it a secret from the others because..Honestly, he wanted to see how they’d react. (Seven >>)

-Honestly, he’d want you to stay, and probably be the only one to outright tell you that, but he’d still respect your decision.

-Would send you memes the whole flight home (just a sudden barrage of meme texts the moment you’d cut your phone back on) , and every day you were gone

-(Would also keep an eye on security cameras to make sure you would make it back safe)

-He’d also make you a care package as well, but full of PHD Pepper and Honey Buddha Chips.

-Before you left he’d give you such a tight hug and wobble you around back and forth a bit. (”Can’t I just hide in your suitcase? I’ve done it before for a mission!” “Seven, no.”)

(´Д`υ) I hope this was alright!

the more i think about how literally everyone is noticing the intense pull back on Deckerstar this season…this entire season has been about Chloe. Chloe’s safety has been evident in almost every single episode, if not directly referenced to the reasoning behind Lucifer’s spiral. In fact, the main reason he is spiraling is because he made a huge decision in order to protect Chloe. In the upcoming episodes it’s really clear that Mom will start to target Chloe, which is something I and many others foresaw. Point blank this whole season hasn’t had a lot of surface Deckerstar, but every thing that has happened so far has been a direct result or casualty of Lucifer’s feelings for the detective. I think we’re really leading up to something big here- from Lucifer’s willingness to go to great lengths to protect Chloe to Chloe’s desperation to understand Lucifer.

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this sounds dramatic & tbh it is really fuckin dramatic but I’m at this fork where one simple but huge decision could change the entire course of my life
One choice is to do nothing. It’s easier, certain and secure hell i dont even have to change anything but its… dull and miserable and i cant see a truly happy ending for myself
The other choice is harder, unpredictable, possibly dangerous but i see so much more light and love and freedom at the end of that path
I want to take the second path but i’m fckn scared dude??? I’m gonna struggle a lot and theres as much risk of failure as there is of success.. but shit if it means freedom.. idk im gonna risk it idk

On Not Attending Your  “Dream School”

“You just won’t get the same experience if you go there.”

Those were the words of the admissions counselor at my dream school when I called her a year ago to ask if there was any way to reduce the cost to be at least a little closer to the offer I received from another school (the one I go to now). She said she would see what she could do, because they really wanted me to be at their school (spoiler alert: she didn’t do anything). And then that’s when she dropped that line.

Now, consider this. I was a 17 year old high school senior in the middle of the most stressful moment of decision-making I had experienced in my short life. Deciding on a college is a huge life-changing decision to make, and this comment was just so… out of line. I distinctly remember getting really choked up and holding back tears until I could end the phone call. In that moment, with no distance, time, or mature perspective on the situation, it felt like my life was ending. Like, it literally felt like the life I had planned for myself just ceased to exist.

I was a wreck that week. But I also started to become a more mature person. After many serious discussions with my parents, and a lot of soul-searching (ahem, crying), we came to the conclusion that it was overwhelmingly more beneficial for me to attend the other school. And after a week of reflection… I was okay with it? Once the other shoe dropped, it gave me time to let the fog of the idea that my “dream school” was the only place I could succeed fade away. I was still disappointed, but felt very sure when I made my deposit, and sent in the letter saying I would not be attending my dream school.

So now to the point I want to share with you. Your success does not ride upon the sole factor of you attending your dream school. Whether you are turned down or are financially unable to attend, it doesn’t matter. There are so many different paths to take in life. The notion of needing to attend your “dream school” or the school that is “perfect for you” to be successful is simply false. Humans beings are wonderful at adapting to situations- it’s possibly our best skill.

An an important point to note is that I know it doesn’t help that you are seeing people from your high school posting on facebook about committing to their dream schools. And the fact that every peer and adult uses college decisions as a main talking point for those months of your life. But never let those be influences in your decision. I promise you those things will pass. Completely. Don’t let jealousy or embarrassment hinder you in making a decision. When I was making a decision, I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that the kids in one of my classes had been trash talking this school for months. What was I going to say to them? Turns out nothing. No one really cares, and if they do they’ll keep it to themselves. It isn’t their life. Also, the truth is that you’ll probably all blissfully forget about each other in a couple months anyway.

Attend a school that fits your financial situation. If a school is “perfect for you” except for the price… it isn’t perfect to you. (this also applies to location) Even to those with a good concept of money, loans can seem like free money. Even if you understand that you have to pay them off later. But is that really the position you want to put yourself in? Personally, the two schools I was debating between had a $100k different in total cost (including my scholarships). ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. That’s… more money than I will make for many many MANY years of my life. Considering the facts of what I was majoring in (art), and that I knew I wanted to go to grad school (also for art), this was more than enough to convince me, honestly. The idea of my parents and I paying/taking out loans to pay THAT MUCH MORE for a comparable education was… ridiculous.

But, I was… In love. I had attended a precollege program at my dream school, and it was one of the most influential months of my entire life. That was were I met my best friend, fell in love with being in the studio, and came into myself as an artist. I romanticized the idea of this art school and this place so much that I didn’t even realize, crazily enough, art school is kind of a universal concept (this is actually crazy to me in the most wonderful way- art school is a cool phenomenon). I was dead set on going there, and I had this feeling deep in my heart that it was the only place I would become a successful artist.

A year ago, I slowly came to accept that this was logically not the truth. But now, looking back even just a year later, I can tell you that it is completely and utterly false, which I know from the bottom of my heart. Now is the part where I tell you how amazing of an experience I have had going to my school this year…

I came to realize that my peers here care just as much. They’re just as creative. The professors here are just as amazing and inspiring. And just as crazy stuff goes on here as I would witness there (sigh… art school). But more than the fact that it’s just as great, I also want to emphasize how amazing the differences are. If I hadn’t gone here, my art wouldn’t be going in the direction it’s going now. I wouldn’t have met the peers and professors who are going to shape my art.

The experience of going to this school was something I had never expected, and because of that I think it changed me more than my dream school would have. I had to grow up a lot. I had to learn that I needed to be the driving force behind my personal success, so that environment was not the largest factor. But I also realized that the school I go to is an AMAZING school. I have already experienced so many things that I wouldn’t have otherwise, and have even more grand things lined up for the future, none of which would have happened if I didn’t go here. I got to continue marching band (my high school passion), go to school in a new city, meet people from all kinds of backgrounds with all kinds of interests (not just art). I got the resources and energy of a giant university and the quirky, awesome, and intense art school all wrapped up in one amazing package. And now I’m part of an awesome honors program (as an art student!), and have the amazing opportunity to study abroad in both TOKYO and ROME (coming soon spring of 2017 and 2018, stay posted), things that never could have happened otherwise.

You know when you look back to see the line of actions that lead you to meeting a certain person, getting to a certain place in the conversation, or to getting to a certain place in your life and just stopping to think about how crazy it was that it happened that way? That everything clicked into place in just the right way? That feeling is most likely going to happen to you no matter what decision you make. Because yes, deciding on what college to go to IS a huge decision. But it’s not a life or death decision. It’s more like, choosing between two really good foods you want to eat and no matter which one you choose, you’re going to have a great time. Alright, okay, that’s not a very good analogy, but do you know what I mean? So if you can’t go to your dream school, it’s okay. Maybe cry a little. Talk to your parents a lot. Know that it’s going to be okay. But allow this door closing to become a chance to really open your eyes to see what other opportunities are waiting. I keep having these blissful moments of happiness that I would love to share with past me, and by writing this I hope I can help at least one person who is in the same place I was a year ago, the closest I’ll get to that. I promise you that you will find your way no matter what path you take.

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Sanvers prompt: Maggie thinking about proposing to Alex and when she is about to do it, Alex shows her the ring she was gonna use to propose to Maggie

Thank you for the prompt! This was really fun to write. Because the prompt was longer than the other two, the fanfic is longer :)

‘Maggie, get your gay ass over to Alex’s place. It’ll be okay. She’ll accept your proposal. And if she doesn’t, you can be a hot damn mess for weeks. But you’ve been together over two years now - just do it.’ Maggie tried to coax her legs to get her off her couch and stop playing with the elegant ring she was holding.

The petite brunette had found herself needing less and less of her self-to-self inspiring monologues since she’d met Alex, but sometimes her anxiety would flair.

Especially in cases like these, where she was about to make a huge, life changing decision, was when her anxiety peaked and she needed a good lecture.

Maggie mindlessly peeled herself off the couch, opened her apartment door, took a deep breath, and stepped out. She closed her door behind her and walked down the stairs at the end off her hall.

She could tell that she was stalling - she normally took the elevator. But a million thoughts were racing through her head, a million scenarios all gone wrong.

“Stop it. You’re stronger than this.’ Maggie thought as she pulled in front of Alex’s apartment building. ‘It’ll be okay.’

Maggie took another deep breath and got out of the car, shutting the door behind her. She walked on her shaking legs inside the apartment building, up the stairs, down the hall, and stopped in front of Alex’s door before breathing in and knocking.

“Maggie!” Alex greeted her girlfriend with a kiss. It did little to calm Maggie’s nerves, but the consistency of Alex’s feelings was much appreciated.

They were sitting at Alex’s kitchen counter, eating pizza, when Maggie decided that she just better do it.

“Alex, will you come over here?” Maggie stood up and walked to a spot in the middle of the living area.

Alex walked over with a slightly confused expression on her face. Maggie closed her eyes, breathed in, opened her eyes, and breathed out, but not making eye contact with her girlfriend.

“Alex, I love you so much. We’ve been together over two years, and I know that I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else. You’re the one, Alex, and you have been for a very long time,” Maggie got down on one knee and held out the ring box, “Will you, Alexandra Danvers, do me the honor of being my wife?”

“Y-yes, of course.” Alex’s brown eyes were filled with tears of joy. Maggie had proposed to her. Maggie wanted to marry her.

Alex slipped the ring on her finger and kissed Maggie, tears running down both women’s faces.

When they broke apart, Alex looked Maggie straight in the eye.

“Can I tell you something?” The taller woman asked. Maggie just arched her eyebrow and smirked.

Alex reached into her pocket and pulled out a ring. A look of realization slowly formed on Maggie’s face.

“I was going to propose to you,” Alex admitted with a sigh, “but you beat me to it.”

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How old are you?: 30 

Current job/ Dream job?: Current: Part-time writer and WAHM.  Dream: Published author and WAHM.  ;)  

What are you talented at?: Writing, singing, musical things.

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?: Buying a house and starting our farm.  

What is your aesthetic?: Sweet iced tea, some kind of indie soft rock, pink converse, smudged eyeliner, baby animals and the smell of tomato plants.  

Do you collect anything?: Funko bobbles.  ;)  

What is a topic you are always up to talk about?: Marvel, Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts, Gardening, Homesteading, Earth ships

What’s a pet peeve of yours?: When people scrape their silverware on plates.   

Good advice to give?: Give it a few days.  Don’t make any huge decisions on a whim.  Take a day or two, and see if you still feel the same.   

Recommend three songs?:  Hey Na Na- Katie Herzig, What I wouldn’t do - A fine frenzy, Sweeter- Jess Penner

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Name: Tamsin

Nickname: Tam, Tam-tam, tamtamarooney, tim-tam, tammy (although i don’t like that one so much) and Tmac

Gender: lady

Star sign: pisces

Height: errr i always forget the measurement in inches, but i’m 178cm. 

Sexual orientation: Pansexual (i appreciate people who clarify that they’re bisexuality includes all genders but i think the word intrinsically means 2/bi/only female/male so i prefer to identify as pan.

Hogwarts House: so i’m not like the biggest harry potter fan, and i never looked hugely into which house would suit me best… in my earlier years i wanted to be ravenclaw but the more i think about it i would totally be hufflepuff. except that i hate yellow as a colour generally haha so idk. aesthetics are a huge part of the decision obviously~

Favourite colour: i love red to wear, and i love mint/sea green in idk.. objects? i am also really digging all shades of pink atm. 

Favourite animal: whales for sure. but also cats tbh. 

Time right now: 10.37pm est.

Cat or dog person: cats! i’m low key scared of big dogs, i mean, like, i’m kinda tall but i don’t like it when dogs jump on me. i like dogs where the owner has looked after it well, too. like if it doesn’t smell too bad or have mangy fur or anything. idk i’m such a cat person, i’ve always had cats my whole life. 

Favourite fictional character: oh no this is so hard. i love many many characters! i don’t have an absolute favourite, i don’t think. so i’ll list some i’ve liked recently i suppose. um, Lorne Malvo (Fargo), Roy Tomlin (Midnight Special), – oh you know what? i just thought of someone who i LOVE and it’s Nora Durst (The Leftovers) - such an incredible show! (Rosie if you’re reading this, PLEASE watch it omg). I really admire her, she knows herself and does what she needs to do. she’s ambitious, but also a bit too quick in decision making which often leads her to extreme circumstances. idk ig i really empathise with her a lot, i feel like she is me haha she even says some awkward stuff in front of people that’s so something i would say. Like, the show is absolutely incredible, there are so many interesting characters and relationships but i just love nora the most. 

Number of blankets I sleep with: it has to be only one all season. in summer i sleep with 1 sheet, the thinnest one as possible just because i like to have something light covering me. and in winter i have this one feather filled doona which is warm enough that i don’t need any other blankets. if it is particularly cold, i might have another blanket on top of the doona but that normally presses the blankets down and makes it feel really heavy and i hate that feeling. lol, sorry person who tagged me in this! i hate feeling like i’m being weighed down by lead! 

Favourite singer/band: also an impossible question! I’m going to go by my most played stuff from my phone. Cloud Control, Is Tropical, Big Black Delta, Foals, I Break Horses, Trevor Something, M83, BRMC, Yeasayer, but a lot of these are up in my most played because often when i’m writing i make a playlist of 2 or 3 songs and have them play on repeat to set the mood. But Cloud Control’s song The Smoke, The Feeling is definitely my favourite ever i think - a hard thing to say, but i always come back to that song and it’s beautiful every time. 

Dream trip: I do love driving holidays. A family member is going on a scenery seeing trip in NZ and it just sounds wonderful, driving around these beautiful areas and staying at little cottages by lakes and having walks and things. I’d love to do that, and take photos on film cameras that may or may not work. and when you’re in the car you can listen to chill music… idk i love driving holidays. 

Dream job: to be leslie knope tbqh. idk i am about to start a degree in city planning and ideally i’d like to work in designing sustainable transport options or be actual leslie knope and save areas to develop into parks that the whole community can use. I’d like to design playgrounds too? that wouldn’t be an optiion in my degree but it’s something i’ve always been interested in. I’d love to help save green spaces in cities and help reduce traffic and congestion if possible, and make it generally a better place to live- for people and for the earth. I want to work with town councils and help them with sustainability projects, both environmental and social. i want to dismantle the idea that cities don’t have communities. i want to help design cities that don’t have harmful effects for people including removing anti-homeless people/vagrancy architecture which is disgusting. disgusting! i want to work with aboriginal people and learn from them about town planning in the modern era. i also want to be a writer and just make money off writing and not actually publishing anything. i heard in some scandinavian country you can get paid for being an artist and you just have to be producing work, you don’t have to be selling it, per se, just be making it and you can live. like. that’s the dream, but impossible in australia - or maybe not? i want to also support australian artists and i want to see more ausralian film and tv come out of local productions. i want australia to be supportive of the arts! make ourselves more cultural and tourist-y through the works we make, rather than making money from coal that we mine. lol idk what this answer has become i have a lot of dreams ok ok. 

When did your blog reach its peak: err idk i think probably when i was making graphics/edits and stuff i was getting more followers, occasionally they get popular again when a new season comes out eg with my black mirror edits. i have a few posts which really went off, and they made my follower count rise. i think lately it’s just from getting into vaporwave and making vaporwave content and going through the tag more. idk i’m almost at 3k and i don’t really know why so many of my followers have stuck around tbh lol most of them must be bots

What made you decide to make a tumblr: hm i had just moved to canberra and a couple of my friends had it. i just thought it was cool how you could make personal posts but also purely aesthetic ones and have other people’s posts on your blog which wasn’t something easily done in the LJ days. My blog is sooo different to what it was at the start though. i orignally posted pastel wafty kind of fashion photography things, of the russian doll supermodel era looks and i never wanted to reblog memes or text posts in case it made my theme look weird but now idgaf. or i do give a fuck bc my theme actually does start to look crap and so i reblog a bunch of vaporwave stuff to even it out lol. 

Why did you pick your url: well i changed it from black-tapestry around the time i was committing seriously to the futuristic aesthetic. i didn’t want a username with a hyphen in it, but i liked post-futurism because it’s an actual word, kind of thing. an art form, an oxymoron too which i always found interesting. just like post-modernism, how can art be beyond what is already beyond, or what hasn’t happened yet? idk i just love those two ideas - the oxymoron part, and the futurism aesthetic part. i don’t think i’ll ever change my url tbh. 

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