• what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: otabek clearly went out of his way to save yuri from his overbearing fans on a motorcycle. he also never forgot that five years ago they trained together at yakov's summer camp. he says "yuri plisetsky had the unforgettable eyes of a soldier" considering that they're ice skaters who pretty much talk in code at this point. i'm sure otabek altin developed a huge crush on yuri the day they met. he also takes him out to tea and makes him smile as purely as he does with his loved ones. there's more than friendship going on here.
So I'm watching "While You Were Sleeping"

And I’m 100% okay with writing an InuKag fic for it.

Kagome who works at the train ticketing station everyday sees professional beautiful Sesshomaru pick up his ticket to work every weekday. She has a huge crush on him and fantasizes marrying him someday.

One day on Christmas Day because Sesshomaru goes to work on Christmas Day, he gets pushed onto the train tracks and is knocked unconscious (let’s assume they live in a world where Sesshomaru is human so that for the purposes of this story he can be knocked unconscious).

Kagome rushes to save him and pulls him from the path of an upcoming train. They go to the hospital and due to a misplaced comment everyone assumes Kagome is the fiancé.

The Dog Family was so over the moon with the idea of Sesshomaru finding true love (and due to his seclusive and stoic life) they immediately take Kagome into her home for the Holidays while Sesshomaru is in a coma.

And in comes Inuyasha the younger more aloof brother who is home for the holidays as well :)

He immediately becomes suspicious of the strange girl, not willing to accept her as quickly as his family has and in the way he’s decided to stay close to her in his doubt, they get to know each other better and well-

They Fall In Love™ 🐾💕

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Why isn't anyone asking about Sin? I think they're so cool and I have a huge platonic crush on them😍

Sin’s a pretty interesting character!!! Though I just have a hard time portraying them well haha. But I’ll take this time to write some facts about them:

  • In terms of strength, Rein wins, but if it’s a battle of wits, Sin demolishes him lol Sin’s fighting style revolves a lot around stealth and making use of their surroundings as their advantage. Also they’re a pretty fast learner too.
  • One time, Rein made a bet to his team that if they can beat him in arm wrestling, they can give him any punishment. When it came to Sin’s turn, the the others told Gio and Cerys to distract Rein (where they made them do/say something cute) and so that’s how Sin won. They all argued what his punishment should be. In the end they decided for Rein to have a photo shoot for a calendar, where each of them gets their personal choice of what he has to wear/how he should pose, and the extra two are group choices. 8) The calendar hangs at the base’s kitchen.
  • Sin gave Rein a German suplex
  • Sin is one of the few people that Micah isn’t a complete ass to
  • They’re vegan
  • They love animals, especially birds!
  • Sin doesn’t like their smile or their laugh, they usually hide their smile with their hands
  • When they make a joke, they say it so seriously that the others aren’t really sure how to react to it– But Nuri laughs since she laughs at everything
  • Thinks that Rein shouldn’t baby Gio so much– Yet they also made a promise to protect Gio if Rein isn’t there lol
  • Cerys personally asked Sin if they could help her with combat since she said that Sin’s method of fighting are more compatible for someone who doesn’t have a lot of strength.

And yeah! Those are all I could think of at the moment! haha but I’m glad you’re interested in Sin!!! c:

Heyoo i was tagged by the amazing @elrood to tell you guys ten things about me so here it goooes

1. You can pretty much always catch me in high waisted black jeans, fuzzy socks, grey converse, and a big ol stinky sweater
2. I always wear mismatch socks unless they’re the Kirkland woolen socks which are too beautiful to mismatch
3. Aside from black and greyscale, the only colors i wear are navy blue, maroon, and dark green
4. My three best friends are named Ethan, Tyler, and Tina and I love them with all my heart
5. I hope to study chemistry at uni stuttgart next year 😬😬
6. I have a huge crush on this girl rn and we’re hanging out in a group on Friday and if it goes well I’m going to ask her out and I’m so nervous bc I’ve been single for a minute now
7. History is my least favorite subject
8. One thing I think is surprising about me is that I have essentially no confidence issues? I mean it’s kinda ridiculous how confident I am. I think I’m really pretty and funny rarely doubt that about myself. The only thing I’d say I’m self conscious about is my intelligence. Over the past two years I really gained confidence tho and it’s so fun!
9. I love gold peak ice tea and Panera mac n cheese
10. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was nine

And if you guys want to do this I tag!! @studyallthings @studyreadcoffeerepeat @dealdaisy @tulikastudies @trundlerbug @greenteaandnotes @studyhardlivebetter @doinggenderstudies @kirijolibrary

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Low-key you're absolutely gorgeous, and I have like a huge crush on you, but I would be too young for you.. you're just absolutely amazing and like anyone would be lucky enough to date you. Sorry if this really awkward or what not..

D’aww ♥ Thank you, and I’m flattered. Not awkward ♥ Just kind and smiley-making. 

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* wow bro

* that’s kind of a dick move

* i guess this is gonna be more sad than anything else? 

* i have a  crush on someone. like, a really huge crush. it’s becoming a gigantic problem and i really hate talking about it. and it’s really embarrassing because i’m 


* anyways, truth of the matter is that they’re straight and uh, you know, i still keep going. because i don’t know how to turn that weird little switch off that tells me i need to back off and not do that stupid shit. 

* they probably know, too, which is kind of upsetting. but, eh, all i can do is inwardly cringe every time i speak to them and hope it doesn’t get pointed out. 

it still hasnt sunken in that the age gap between me in and 5sos is actually perfectly normal and we could date right now and no one would question it this is unbelievable 


There’s a lot of great photosets of how hilarious Paranatural is, but please also appreciate that it is SUPER COOL and BEAUTIFUL and full of great ladies.  Zack Morrison’s art is always improving and it’s really cool to watch it go from uncolored pencil sketches to beautiful full-color gorgeousness.  

Please read Paranatural. It gives you SUPERPOWERS!