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Seventeen Reaction

“Seventeen hyung line + Mingyu reaction to being cast in a drama with their crush”

Seungcheol: Seungcheol would be his normal little teasing self. Although he had a huge crush on you I can’t see him treating you any different. He would be himself! When you had little scenes that involved getting close to eachother he would play the part so realistically it was hard to believe he didn’t have a crush on you.

Jeonghan: He would do things out of his way to make sure you were okay. If you shot a scene in the rain he would cover you up after, if you had to fight he would be extra gentle to you. He would get a bit nervous around you, because of the way you made him feel

Joshua: Whenever he saw you, his smile would be so wide and sincere. Although in the beginning he would stray from you a bit, he would grow closer to you over time he wouldn’t be afraid to hide his crush on you. “Just because we play the part as lovers, doesn’t mean I don’t truly feel those feelings for you.”

Junhui: It’s no surprise that he would be utterly confident in himself, the fact you were his crush wouldn’t change a thing. Of course he would get a bit shy here and there but overall this boy would kill you, straight forth degree murder you with his charms. If you did one of these cute scenes where he falls on you, he’d hit you with that “Did I ever tell you how beautiful you looked from this angle?”

Hoshi: Hoshi would be the squishiest mess of all the squishies. He wouldn’t know how to deal with all the up close shots, he would be so nervous to be around you. Hoshi would try to keep his nerves aside so he doesn’t embarrass himself. But after every shot he’d run to one of the boys.. “She’s honestly the most beautiful thing alive I can’t talk to her let alone be in a drama with her!”

Wonwoo: Wonwoo would be like Joshua, he would be nervous to shoot with you but his cold exterior wouldn’t quite show that. He would have trouble looking into your eyes only because his feelings for you were so strong. Wonwoo wouldn’t let his crush on you effect the drama and sure as hell didn’t want it getting out. He would try to keep it under lock!

Woozi: Of all the members he would be the most content and reserved about his crush. He would not let it get in the way of shooting the drama. Although he did have strong feelings for you he didn’t let that affect the way he preformed. Occasionally he would shoot you that wink or maybe an extra touch here and there but not much more than that. After the drama was over he’d let you know.

Mingyu: He’d be a lot like Jun, he would be confident in his talent and looks at first but the moment he saw you it was like his heart fell to his feet. He wouldn’t think straight. After a while of adjusting to you and being around you, every now and again his little spurts of confidence would pop through. “I can feel your heart beating y/n, don’t act like you don’t feel it too”

Bucky Bedtime Stories pt 2

You and Bucky head back to your room for the promised story. He was kind of embarrassed for being shirtless and sweaty from his late night workout, but you didn’t mind. You had a huge crush on him, and he smelt masculine and dangerous. 

“Beauty and the Beast, right?” You double-check as you peruse your bookshelf. You were a reader, a huge bookworm. Bucky says nothing, just stands awkwardly in the centre of your room, looking around. He’d never been inside your room. It was nice, and feminine, filled with knickknacks from your adventures, and photos of you and your Avenger friends. He doesn’t miss that there are more photos of himself than any of the others, but he doesn’t comment.

You turn back to him with the book in hand. “You want to lie down? It’ll be more comfortable for you if you fall asleep.” You offer as you make your way to the bed. As you scoot down to lie flat on your tummy with the book propped open against the pillows, Bucky hesitantly shuffles over to the bed, sitting down next to you. “Go ahead, sweetie, make yourself comfortable.” As you flick through the pages of the book, you miss his blush when you call him sweetie. He lifts his legs off the floor and reclines against the headboard.

“Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then I’ll begin.” You smile at him as you ask the traditional question, and his lips even lift a little at the corners. 

“Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle. Although he had everything a person could want, he had no love in his heart.” You keep your voice quiet and calm, reading slowly and clearly. As you read, you ran your fingertips over the glossed pages, lightly drumming your nails on the pages as your finger dance around in a hypnotic rhythm. “One cold winter’s night, an old woman came to the castle and begged the Prince for shelter from the cold. In return, she offered him a single, perfect rose.” Bucky can already feel himself relaxing against your pillows, silently letting out a long breath through his nose.

You keep reading. “Disgusted by her appearance, the Prince turned her away. ‘Do not be fooled by appearances’, warned the old woman, ‘for beauty can be found within’. Then, in a flash, the old woman’s form melted away to reveal a magnificent Enchantress!” 

You are about to continue when Bucky interrupts you. “You’re my Enchantress.”

im finally buying seconds by brian lee omalley i still like the scott pilgrim comics a lot and i have a huge crush on hazel