Day 20: Owls

Sorry this is so late, I was super busy! So instead of a drawing, I’ll write another short one shot for the theme today. Happy Fun Kiss Friday! For @drarry-halloween-fest


Harry Potter walked into the dark Owlery, determined to send his special package for his friends. They had gone to the Burrow to celebrate the Christmas holidays, and so Harry was hanging out with Draco, who wanted to stay at the castle rather than go back to the Manor. He was just done wrapping their presents and tying them to Hedwig when a blond diversion by the name of Draco walked in.

They had been friends since first year, and were in the same house, Slytherin. Although they were also friends with Ron and Hermione, who were in Gryffindor, the two were inseparable. The war was over, and all was well. Well maybe except for the fact the Harry had a huge crush on Draco.

“Hey Harry,” Draco said, offering him a small smile. “What are you doing up here?”

“Presents,” he said, smiling, but feeling an odd stirring in his stomach knowing that Draco would never like him back. “You?”

“Sending a letter,” Draco replied and turned to his eagle owl.

They worked in silence, a comfortable one, and after he had sent Hedwig on her way, he turned to see an eagle owl holding out a letter. He smiled, and pulled the letter off of the owl’s foot, and opened it. His heart seemed to stop there as he read the four words.

Can I kiss you?

Harry didn’t know what to do. This could finally happen, all he had to do was say yes. He turned to see a blushing Draco staring at the table, and smiled. Draco was worth it, he decided.

“Yes,” he said, and Draco’s eyes shot up to meet his, the blush darkening further, a blooming pink.

Carefully, Draco walked towards him, slowly, and Harry thought his heart might burst.

“I like you, Harry Potter,” Draco whispered, lips mere inches away from Harry’s own.

“And I like you too, you prat. But are you going to kiss me or not?”

Draco moved, or Harry moved and their lips brushed together, leaving tingles all over Harry’s body. Then Draco pulled back, and leaned in to kiss Harry harder, groaning as he pulled away.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” Draco said, smiling widely.

“I think I do,” Harry said, smirking and leaned in for another kiss.

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You know the gifs you just posted? They remind me of cute one shot mangas and Jimin doesn't realize his own feelings for Yoongi until he feels slightly heartbroken for not getting picked by Yoongi. He starts to look at him in a different light and starts to reflect on why he was so upset about it. Then he realizes he may have a huge crush on Yoongi.

[gifset] i think i need a 60k non au slow burn fic based on this moment where jimin doesn’t know how to deal with this rejection and thinks that the best way to do it is to get yoongi to somehow admit he’d date him if he could,,, and then somewhere along the line it’s just not hypothetical anymore

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Please could you do a headcanon of being Marcos sister :)

- It doesn’t matter if you’re younger or older than him, he still protects you as if you were 5.
- He’s the sweetest brother ever
- Always checking up on you
- Always asking if you need anything
- He even tries to give you half of his food
- He’s not the most intimidating brother, but that’s why he has a Jean.
- Speaking of Jean, he has a huge crush on you
- He thinks he’s playing it cool but Marco knows what’s good
- He approves
- Piggyback rides &
- Play fighting

1304) I had a huge crush on my bff(we’re both girls) which led to me finding out that I’m either bi or pansexual. I thought I was completely over it, but sometimes she does certain things, and it just hurts so much knowing that she’d reject me if I ever asked her to be anything more than friends. She’s personally told me she was straight, and when I came out she asked me why I thought I was that, and looked at me weirdly. And now she avoids physical contact with me.

Kat using her phone all the time is not unusual, but it’s also clear that she uses it as crutch, as a safety net. Here she is, next to the woman she has a huge crush on, surrounded by couples (you can clearly see at les 3 straight couples around in the take), listening to romantic music. The last thing Kat wants is to focus on how the whole situation feels like a date and to have to keep over thinking what that means.

If I’m sure Kat is used to capturing moments like this with her phone all the time, I’m sure she is doing it right now because she so nervous being around Adena like this she needs something to distract her.

Adena inadvertently (or maybe not so much) taking that away and forcing her to enjoy the moment, to surrender to the feelings the situation evokes it’s what really cements this moment as the ultimate romantic Kadena interaction it is.

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How do I know if someone I’m talking to online is real? I met this girl on tumblr and I have a huge crush on her but I’m afraid that maybe she’s not real?? How do I know?

asking her to skype or video call and inviting them to add you on further social media!

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If you're feeling up to it I got a prinxiety request Virgil is the kid in high school who only has 2 friends. They are dating eachother Patton and Logan. Roman is the popular kid who has so many friends. Virgil is the only one who doesn't like Roman and only because he has a huge crush on him Patton suggests sending secret admirer notes. He sends a couple without his name but accidentally sent 1 with it. He has to confront Roman about it who is confused because he thought virgil didn't like him

I’m not sure how to feel but i dont entirely hate it. I’m sorry i took forever life has been insane and I’ve had no time




Not that Virgil didn’t love Patton and Logan because they were amazing but he constantly felt like the third wheel. They were a sweet couple, balanced each other out and all that, but Virgil knew that they only kept him around out of pity but he really hated being painfully aware of that fact. He wished he wasn’t so alone. It was at that moment he stuipidly decided to look over at Roman. He was surrounded by people, Virgil didn’t know how he did it but he did know that hated him for it.

Roman wished he had less friends, none of them actually like him they just wanted to be popular and apparently, he was the way to do that.

“Emo Nightmare is staring at you again,” one of the girls draped over him sounding disgusted. Roman turned and looked over at Virgil’s table, he didn’t look angry or annoyed he normally did, he just looked sad, alone, ignored. Roman pushed himself up off the table and hopped down and walked over to him.

He sat down across from him, “Saw you staring at me from over there,” he said nodding to the table he had been sitting at, all of whom were staring open mouthed at him.

“Didn’t know you owned where I looked now, it would make sense you seem to have everything else,” he grumbled the last part.

“I’m sorry what was that?” Roman asked. Virgil hissed at him.

“I’m sorry did you just hiss at me?” Roman asked.

“Sorry I do that when I hit my limit with stupid questions,” Virgil said.

“I asked you one question,” Roman said looking offended.

“Everything you say is stupid,” Virgil said before waving his hand, “Now go be with your friends, we get everyone likes you. I get that you’re not used to someone not liking you or whatever but I don’t so just go,” he said looking away.

“I don’t believe that,” Roman said firmly.

“Well you don’t have to believe it for it to be true,” Virgil said looking back gaze having changed, all vulnerability gone face hard and walls slammed up.

“You don’t hate me. You’re hiding something from me and you can try to put up as many walls as you want but I see right through them. I see you,” With that Roman stood and went back to the table he and been at before leaving Virgil sputtering and confused, redder than a Solanum lycopersicum.


Its weeks before Virgil even allows himself to be near enough to Roman that they could be caught alone and this one really is an accident. He just like theatre okay and he didn’t want to be seen watching it because it would ruin his image, he was not spying on Roman shut up Patton. He just didn’t want to be seen so he watched it from above like some creepy Phantom of the Opera type trope. He knows he’s caught however when Roman locks eyes with him and although he doesn’t really break character his eyes do widen for a fraction of a second before he continues his monologue.

Virgil flees embarrassed and scared of rejection he hides away but somehow Roman finds him.

“I thought you didn’t like me,” He says smirking when he finds him.

“I don’t,” he growled.

“Why were you watching me then?”

“News Flash asshole, you’re not the only one who likes theatre,” Virgil grumbles.

“You like theatre?” Roman asks tilting his head, “Why don’t you ever try out or even do stage crew if you don’t want to be on stage?”

“Oh yeah because I’m the kind of person people want to be in the musical with them. I get made fun of enough for being a freak during school hours, I don’t need it after school as well,” He grumbled.

“What does that mean?” Roman asked.

“Not all of us are liked,” Virgil snarls pushing himself up and walking away.

“I’m growing on you,” Roman yells after him, “You didn’t hiss at me this time.”

Virgil just flips him off, glad he is walking away so he can’t see the blush covering his face.


He corners Virgil in the bathroom the next time they talk.

“I’ve figured it out,” Roman says.

“Fine I’ll humor you,” Virgil says after staring at him for a minute, “Figured what out?” he says in a very fake interested voice.

“You,” Roman says matter of factly, “Well not all of you I don’t think anyone can do that but I know why you pretend not to like me.”

“It’s not pretending,” Virgil says.

“You’re an idiot,” Roman says.

“What the fuck? Just because I don’t like you doesn’t mean I’m mmph,” he was cut off when Roman kissed him.

“You’re an idiot because you can’t see I feel the same way, not because you don’t like me,” Roman says.

“And how do you know that’s how I fe… oh fuck it,” he said grabbing the back of Roman’s neck and pulling him down to kiss him.