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request: you being like late 20s and your parents wanted you to get married soon, so they arranged a marriage with the Scamander family, to Theseus. (Okay so at this point in time Newt is like your bestie but you have this extremely huge crush on him and you’re also pretty close to Theseus [obviously closer to Newt]) and so Theseus knows also about you and Newt’s mutual crushes and he secretly plots to get both of yall married instead (?) or, alternatively: Newt crashes yours and Theseus’ wedding and confesses? (by @embracingtheinnerweaboo )

a/n: THE TAGGING ISNT WORKING OMF WHY KEWRGBKEBGTBG also ! we received a similar request a few days before this so we’re just going to assume that it was from you as well BAHAHHAHA but if it isn’t and the anon wants another imagine then send us another message to let us know !!

You had always known that this day would come.

You should have gotten married years ago - you were the only one left among your friends that didn’t carry a ring on that finger, but you weren’t going to remain single much longer.

But why Theseus?

(a/n: his name cracks me up everytime it sounds like thesis and honestly im so done with school)

Theseus was wonderful, for sure, but he wasn’t him. The older Scamander brother was every woman’s dream - tall with broad shoulders and strong arms and a heart of a Gryffindor and a war hero, no less - but he wasn’t what you wanted.

Your heart lay with the youngest Scamander son - the one with the yellow-and-black scarf and adorable freckles that looked like the stars had found their way onto his face and a heart purer than gold - and now you were getting married to his brother.

You didn’t know if Newt had found out yet and you didn’t want to tell him because he would start giving you the cold shoulder and pushing you away and you didn’t want to lose him.

You couldn’t lose him.

Newt found himself in his room, shards of glass and porcelain sharp and glinting from their places on his carpeted floor, his desk bare of the mess of crumpled documents and worn books and broken quills that had previously been swept to the ground in a fit of rage.

Why you?

Theseus was the family’s pride and joy - his parents could have chosen any woman they wanted and they just had to choose you.

You were beautiful and your smile could make any man weak at the knees and you were one of the best people he had ever met and you were too good for Theseus.

You were too good for anyone.

You had been the only person in a long time who made Newt feel like he was someone special, and of course, Theseus - perfect, golden-boy Theseus - had to swoop in and take away one of the best things that had ever happened to Newt.

Newt knew that this wasn’t his brother’s fault - or anyone’s for that matter - but he wanted you and he needed you and he needed someone to blame, for Merlin’s sake.

The both of you had been the best of friends for over nearly a decade and he couldn’t imagine being as close to someone as he had been to you; he didn’t want to lose you.

He couldn’t lose you.

(a/n: my attempt at angst is failing why am i doing this during english lel)

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Who is gorgette?

This is Gorgette. A mean little Gorgon princess who has a HUGE crush on my QT!Asgore~ and uh…hates QT!Toriel for *ahem* “trying” to steal him?

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hi I have a big huge gay crush on two girls who are already dating and I have no idea how to approach it bc I've never asked even one girl out let alone two and I haven't managed to subtly guage their stance on polyamoury yet help. they're both so beautiful and funny and passionate and wonderful to talk to and friendly and gorgeous and I'm in gay hell

tough! I’d say becoming friends with them first and seeing how well things go when the three of you are hanging out and then subtly mentioning polyamory in a hypothetical way would be how I’d handle it. good luck 💕

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i have a huge crush on one of my best friends n i think she feels the same way so i'm !!! really excited !!! her smile is so bright n she makes me laugh every day n i love her

Aahh that’s so lovely and great 😊 good for you 💗

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k cool bc i'm a femme pan girl who has a huge crush on you and i'll probably never come off anon but you're incredibly beautiful and endearing and I just wanted you to know that

You’re incredibly sweet, darling. You sound wonderful! I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to come off anon? but if you don’t then that's okay too. I truly appreciate your message 💖💖💖 I hope you have a lovely rest of the day!

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Ok so there's this girl (bi) who's my really close friend and I think I might have a huge crush on her. We're both in grade 8 (babies ik) & our other friends JOKE ABOUT HOW CUTE WE WOULD BE TOGETHER. This is my 1st crush pls help!

If ur both wlw and u think she might be interested I say there is nothing wrong with testing the waters!!!!!! talk to her abt it maybe and see what happens

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5 hc for genderswapped maiko, sorry not sorry >.>

What on earth do you have to be sorry for?  I’m guessing this is for the genderswap Fire Nation Royal Family AU, and if it’s not, I’m making it for that anyway, because girls in love, that’s why.

Continued from here [Link] and [Link]

1. Mai knew there was something special about Zura from the first time she met her at the Royal Fire Academy for Girls when they were both little.  In retrospect, it as a huge massive gigantic crush, but at the time, Mai just thought Zura was really cool and wanted to be with her all the time.  She did not feel this way about Zura’s brother, Azulon.

Mai has since come to acknowledge that Zura is not really cool.  She is in fact a dweeb.  She still likes being with her though.

2. Ty Lee is the first person to realize Mai has a crush on Zura, and she innocently tells Azulon, not yet realizing the kind of thin Azulon would do with this information.  What he does of course is use that crush to humiliate Mai and Zura with a fountain and a flaming apple.  After Zura knocks Mai into the fountain, Mai stomps off, but inside, she’s trying to cope with the fact that not only is Zura wonderful, and cool, she’s also gallant, and oh no.

3. When they meet again in Ba Sing Se, Mai and Zura try and fail horribly to assess each other’s interest, by means of incredibly bad flirting.  Azulon is utterly disgusted, and Ty Lee thinks it’s adorable.

Finding out about Jin and Zura’ kiss gives Mai the courage to make her move.  Zura likes girls!  This is important information!

4. Mai likes girls and boys, and this becomes a bone of contention when Zura flies into a jealous rage at a boy Mai talked to at a party.  Mai doesn’t stand for this and breaks up with her, but soon gets back together with her.  After that, their relationship also becomes much more serious and more physical.  When Zura leaves to teach the Avatar, Mai is left wondering what went wrong.

5. After the war, Zura comes home and falls into Mai’s arms, and they kiss, and for just a little while, everything feels perfect.

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Hey gurl! I have a huge crush on my coworker but he has a girlfriend! Help!?!?

DONT go near him if he is already in a relationship, trust me. You can always ask every now again how things are going n they might break up but don’t make a move or anything it’s disrespectful xx

“dr. nikiforov are you even listening to me”

“did anybody ever tell you that you look really good in those scrubs?”

“yes. you did. like 25 times a day" 

(part of a yoi medical au that @chantedeer and i are working on in which yuuri is a pediatric nurse and victor is a pediatric surgeon!) (yes, yuuri is wearing poodle scrubs) (you’re welcome)

Listen…,,..,.Hazel is too young for Frank