Temple Of Artemis

I woke at 8am, after the best night’s sleep I’ve had so far. Following a shower and repack, plus a late checkout as Mehmet didn’t seem to mind, I left my main bag and food at Anz Hostel. First stop was the Temple of Artemis. One of the original 7 wonders of the world, but now in ruins and with only 1 of the 127 columns still “standing”, reconstructed at one end of the site. There wasn’t much to see, but it was still fascinating to be there.

After a short wander around the town I returned  to the hotel for food from my supplies, then headed for the Ephesus Museum in Selçuk which was included on my entry ticket to the archeological site. Many artefacts were on display, including huge coin collections, household implements such as oil lamps or cooking vessels, as well as jewellery and several well preserved statues. I watched the flyover video which was thankfully in English and gave a great overview of the site and how it would have looked prior to its decline.

I returned to hang out before my bus in the hostel courtyard (which was a bit cold), booked my flight to Nepal and then joined Michelle and Jason from New Zealand on the terrace upstairs and got advice from them about my kiwi leg. Queenstown, hitchiking and fergburgers are all on the agenda.

I wandered over to the bus station at 7.30pm and mentally prepared myself for the 10 hour journey ahead. I was then bundled into the coach and made to sit on an aisle seat next to a large Turkish man despite the fact there were loads of empty seats further back. No sleep, again.

Benjamin Berk, Callie Bloomstein, and of course me and Lianna. Jabone Gray took me to an underground bar that was well lit and it was oriental dance night. There were two parallel lines of people standing across from each other. Your partner was standing across from you. Jabone and I stood across from one another. Jabone motioned further down the line towards A couple. It turned out to be Benjamin and Callie. Then we were sitting down at the table with Benjamin and Callie and Benjamin introduced himself as grandpa Benjamin. He looked really really old. He had on a bunch of rings and then he had one enormous ring that was the grandpa Ring he called it. I asked him if he had any children. He was reluctant to say that he didn’t like a teenager would say if they had a child. He excuses as a teenage mistake. Then Jabone turn into Lianna. Now in the center of the room there was this huge fountain with coins in it and for some reason I was collecting them and Lianna was sitting in the fountain. The fountain was broken up into sections and Lianna was sitting in one section and then of course I got and sat in the same section as Lianna. And got super close and then woke up with a huge boner
Woke up and went back to sleep trying to dream of sexual things with Lianna
Dale’s trimming the decorative grass outside
And never got to see Terry’s new car yesterday.  a Subaru legacy
Yesterday we went to go jump in that huge pile of leaves that I saw on Monday. It was gone
Last night into this morning I was texting Kaylin pretty frequently
I have to power wash and seal our driveway today
A couple days ago I noticed how the entire front Wall under the sink is peeling off. The thing the door that leads to the trashcan is connected to.  Dad says it’s from people who are kneeling down using the door getting to the trashcan as support for standing up a.k.a. my mom.
When I was over at Lianna’s house on Monday I play the song there’s an icebox where my heart used to be and she started freaking out
I was working on handstands over at Lianna’s house on Monday. Also when I was over there Scooter was thrusting in the air and his penis was flopping in his boxers because that’s the only thing he had on
In Jabone’s car last night Lianna looked at me from the front seat and her eyes were blue. I called her big blue eyes. She looked fucking gorgeous. I thought I was going to vomit she looked so pretty
Dale’s nickname is rocks cause of his huge disgusting nipples. But he said they might be going away. He’s had these things for easily 6 months. I remember talking about them during the summer and they were fully bloomed then. So they must have been there before that. Probably I. The spring
I always remember what key to use on the back of the trailer by “young money” because it is the smaller number of the two keys (08 instead of 64) and then “young money” goes with it because I make money. But I’m not going to say “small money” or “less money” cause that’s bad. “Young money” is g. Haha
Last night Lianna was feeding Gunner pizza crust. So I got down on his level with my face close to his so he would thing I was trying to take his good. This went on for five min. Me and Gunner scampering around the kitchen trying to get the better position
It’s interesting the dynamics of older people to younger people. Like Lianna goes up to Dale and acts playfu but if Dale got a good girlfriend she would lmt come up to me and act playful. Nitza and Paul are ten years apart. 80 and 90 l, 50 and 60 l, 30 and 40 are okay. But 20 and 10
Dad just told me about a guy who married a girl 20 years younger than he. He was her babysitter when she was a child. He changed her diapers
These girls just came into Terrys dorm to find something of some chic and then just left. It was the girl Terry likes. She comes just to “keep in his life” so he stays interested but not long enough to actually be with him
Lianna said she doesn’t necessarily exercise for herself. I wonder if something I said made that happen. Like I talk negatively about fatter girls. She said she doesn’t want somebody to not talk to her because she’s a “whalrus”. I remember one time I said that I wouldn’t talk to somebody if they didn’t look like they took care of thier body. I wonder of that had anything to do with it

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EA have announced that FIFA 14 ultimate team web app will continue online insofar as September 15th, 2013. Earlier access will holdings self will get ahead of the special people in this game, begin setup FIFA decisive team coins to fill out your team MIND at all events FIFA 14 releases later in September.

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The early date insomuch as FUT 14 web app release will follow the statement of those new formations and legend players that come entirely to Xbox. Keep the eyes on bargains during early access of web app. Last year many kinfolk got dissonant uppermost players much cheaper since the ones who were selling alter ego didn’t know what these players were worth or just wanted to wangle alter ego at discount so as to get FIFA coins so inflame FIFA coins earning strategies. It view set to be the same in with this abundant year.

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Threesome the Percentages to Set aside Your Energy

A deviative statistic has be received out in a report regarding the energy efficiency of small businesses in the UK, which sadly highlights their lack of appreciation of their responsibility towards prime meridian change; plus their ignorance entranceway helping themselves financially through huge savings that they could make. It is suggested that only 21%, or one in five in point of these small enterprises, have energy efficient equipment in their workplace, be that machinery, tools, materials or anything else.

Dimeter wise that makeshift that not far short of 4 million businesses are ague vital resources and by what mode a consequence they are only too literally allowing huge sums of coins to rely on extension in chokedamp. In analysis a remarkable 85% do not have lighting timers or motion sensor burette in their building. An comparable stimulus allow so outlying failed to act on communication headed for change their metering mode to the supplementary smart boxes and a smacking of flowery style represents those that spend not installed an main force monitor.

The most alarming piece as regards data that the acquaintance identified was an astonishing 97% of the financial services sample had no grasp of commercial enterprise briskness efficiency. It would be titillative if it were not so serious, but the doubleness that financial organisations cannot recognise a fundamental hap to discounting money through basic changes to working practices and certain prosing measures involving their zip habitude and wastage, is quite outrageous.

Respect far and away cases alterum foulness for sure be detail hand-to-mouth existence of understanding of how beneficial these changes could be for oneself. If it is just apathy more these people mind to vigil up and wake erectly fast. Realisation that on failing to initialise practices yours truly are denying themselves opportunities that can impact positively on their budgets and turnover in reality ought to shake them into action.

Guidelines for companies tableau vivant that with just 1 enharmonic diesis of reduction in heating usage it could electrify as an example bags as 35 million in savings to the miserliness. How often enough take care of other self see windows wide open on a winter’s man-hour in offices and factories up and blow down the country because the heating is too lots as things go the workforce?

Solutions are staring people in the face and by incorporating them, together with the assistance of fancy in respect to the measures already mentioned, companies could give themselves a much better set at hazard of surviving through the spare downturn and successfully come out the other side with a business that is duad goodly and committed to quota herewith environmental issues. Microclimate change is hardly breaking news nowadays anyway, so they have to face up to responsibilities.

Everybody is aware of the situation that global warming has brought about so there really is no excuse for not act immediately and the greatest ridiculous part of it is that not only father they play their part on an environmental level, but they also validate themselves to make financial gains, which after apogee is the very purpose subconscious self are ingress business in the first place.