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ok so yam's parents being huge on animal rescue and they have a house full of animals. dogs, cats, rodents, birds, fish, reptiles, they've got em all. every day when the two of them get home from school they get mauled by three dogs, a macaw, five ferrets, two cats, a goose, a monitor lizard, and a pig before they can even take their shoes off - potion seller (bonus: yamaguchi carries around sugar gliders in his pockets always and the birds all flock to tsukki like he's a living playground)

big hooman = nice tree

probably bird logic 

~mod ao

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43 Moriel

43. Who wins the stuffed animals at the carnival for the other one?

Morrigan is way more competitive than Az. Like way way way more competitive. She sees the stuffed animals and she wants one bad, but she wants to win it for herself. Az would stand back, hands in his pants pockets, and just smirk like, go ahead, ya spoiled little princess because he knows exactly where this is going. Ten rounds and way too much money later, Mor hasn’t won anything except a small figurine, which is very much not the huge stuffed animal tiger she wanted. She huffs at Az, shoulders slumping, and says they should just go. Az says okay and when Mor goes into the bathroom next door, he slams a five dollar bill on the counter, shoots all the little targets down with bullseyes, and grins like no other when Mor screams coming out of the bathroom because he has the tiger she wanted so badly. She buys him cotton candy in thanks with the last of her money and they enjoy the treat on the ferris wheel, the tiger sitting happily in between them. :)