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The name “Ursula” comes from “ursa” (bear) and is probably supposed to be based off of the Ursa Major/Minor constellations, yeah?

Her made-up surname, Callistis, likely comes from Callisto, a nymph in Greek myth who was turned into a bear and placed among the stars as Ursa Major (her son Arcas joined her as Ursa Minor).

so basically chariot’s teacher name is just one big space bear joke based off of the shiny rod’s stars being the big dipper constellation (ursa major’s tail)

Enchanted Pantry Tip

Many food websites recommend putting bay leaves in your pantry (or in individual bags of flour, oats, rice, etc) to deter insects such as weevils.

But bay leaves are also used for protection spells, to break curses, to ward off negative energy, and to cleanse and purify spaces or objects.

So, if you want to help keep bugs away, while also adding some more magick to your kitchen witchery, keeping bay leaves in your pantry is a good way to do so! You can set them on the pantry floor, tape them to a cupboard ceiling, or the backs of pantry doors, or put a few leaves in each bag of grains, nuts, seeds, etc that you have.

Other ways to keep bugs away:

  • Clean your cabinets/pantry with vinegar or tea tree oil

  • Put some cotton balls with tea tree oil around where you keep food (but not directly in food)

  • Whenever you buy grains or nuts, keep them in the freezer for a few days (or permanently!) to kill bacteria and any insect eggs that may have made it into the package during processing

  • Keep all grains in airtight glass (or thick plastic) canisters
Witch Tip

Stop judging other witches. All witches are valid and have a right to practice however they please. There is already a huge stigma against witches in our society, and creating divides within the community is not going to make it any easier on any of us. We witches need to stand together. 

Greetings, everyone. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I’m here tonight to present you with a short guide to Tumblr for witches who may be interested in starting a blog here. 

This post is obviously geared towards witches wandering the internet, but maybe some who are already here on Tumblr will enjoy it, too. I’ll be talking about the benefits to joining the Tumblr witch community, as well as some tips for getting started! Here we go!

What’s a “Tumblr witch?”

There’ve been culture-related magazines that have done huge articles on “Tumblr witches” and the witchcraft community on Tumblr, painting the whole thing as some kind of fashion trend or weird millennial hangout. 

I’ve been involved with the Tumblr witch community for three years, and I can say that most of these articles don’t quite reflect what the witchcraft community on Tumblr is like. 

A lot of them tend to paint it as an ideologically, culturally, and aesthetically monolithic trend, when in reality, it’s not. While it’s true that many Tumblr-going witches enjoy similar things or share fashion trends, witchcraft itself is not a trend, nor a fashion statement, nor is it the sole focus of the community.

In reality, a “Tumblr witch” is just what the name implies. A “Tumblr witch” is a witch who uses Tumblr as a blogging platform/CMS. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s true that there’s a large community of us, but we’re quite diverse

While many of us are young (millennials), not all of us as (I’m not), nor are we all of the same religion or mindset. You might even say that “Tumblr Witch” isn’t even a useful term, at all! Still, Tumblr is a great content management system for witches.

I think what makes Tumblr strong as a blogging platform for witches is that there’s an extremely diverse community here already in existence. So, in short, don’t buy into too much nonsense about what a “Tumblr witch” does or believes, because everyone’s unique. 

Again, the only real way I can see to define a “Tumblr witch” is just “a witch who uses Tumblr.” It’s as simple as that! It’s definitely not some kind of tradition or mindset for witches - it’s just a matter of what blogging platform the witch uses.

Continue reading for information about why you should consider Tumblr as a blogging platform, tips for using the interface, and more! Tagging @witchypixie by request. :-D

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Witchcraft and bisexuality, what more can I ask for

First few words about the episode before opening my dash…

The promotional clips gave away a lot of the episode, which is something I always have a lowkey problem with because it happens so often that they spoil pretty much entire episodes with the promotional material (the first promo for 12x12 at least seems to be good on that front, it doesn’t really say much lol) because for good chunks of the episode I was like “yeah I know that, now make something happen I don’t know about” which is not a really cool feeling and kind of ruined the experience of watching the episode a little for me. But this is not the episode’s fault…

I must say, a lot of things didn’t happen as I expected, but mostly better tbh! I also spent the last week imagining which previous episodes this episode would reference, and definitely I didn’t expect to be smacked with glorious siren feels and a callback to the “did you service Oberon” moment in 6x09 just to name two because of reasons… In general the bisexuality vibes were so highkey lol. I expected that the episode would contain bits of bi Dean subtext, but I expected something more on the lines… “oh Dean happens to ride a bull *wink wink*”, not “Dean explicitly seduces a person by showcasing how awesome he is at riding Larry and that is also emphasized by the episode as much as it can possibly get by making it a major focus of the emotional narrative”. Or making it stand out in Dean’s attention that sirens can look like guys.

Rowena is also implied to be as straight as her hair. Speaking of which - Dean being nice to her destroyed my heart. You know, I expected the dynamic between Dean and Rowena to be slightly different - to fit more in the mother-child theme of the season, instead Rowena’s role in the episode was less about general themes and more about herself. The episode showcased that what she needs is a friend - all the relationships she’s had with people have been about power dynamics or about her using them or them using her. How many times do you think she was complimented on her hair or being told she’s cool by someone with zero ulterior motives? And she ends up being open and sincere with that Dean, knowing it won’t last and it’ll mean nothing.

Basically we got some Rowena backstory in relation to herself specifically, a lot of reveals of her feelings and personal struggles, and a huge banner “the witches-men of letters storyline you were expecting is here!” so I call it a win.

My Cuthbert Sinclair radar keeps beeping - last episode with Lily using soul magic (including not to age), now not just with explicit references to the MoL and witches, but with highkey general parallels to Blade Runners, in a way that contrasts Magnus with Rowena again after The Werther Project, and you might have noticed this is absolutely my jam.

In hindsight obviously an episode with Sam asking Rowena for help and a degenerative magical illness was going to parallel The Werther Project so strongly (other than the magic book paralleling Nadya’s codex, there were even Purgatory feels from Dean chasing the witch in the woods, and the broken glass shards were also a callback). And a parallel to The Werther Project obviously means a parallel to Blade Runners. For a person that seeks for Magnus hints everywhere, I am disappointed in myself XD

The reconstruction of Dean’s night in the bar and with the lady was very well done - I didn’t expect Dean to actually have fun with the lady but it turned out better, because it has multiple purposes for the narrative. First of all Dean is put in a “feminine” role: he seduces his partner with his Larry-riding skills (which we see a woman do in the scene when they question the bartender, and the bull being called Larry in general clearly showcases that it’s an activity that straight male patrons don’t do), and the cover story Sam uses is Dean having been roofied, which leads the lady to apologize for having taken advantage of him - of course that is a thing that can happen to everyone regardless of gender, but we know how “traditionally” it’s girls that get roofied and taken advantage of sexually. Furthermore, rarely in media you see an acknowledgement that that can happen to men too, and the episode not only doesn’t treat it like a joke (of course we know the events didn’t involve roofies or sexual assault, so the scene was light for us, but Sam’s cover story involving roofies was meant for the bartender to take them seriously) but it hints - again - to the fact that Dean has a history of that.

Also, the line first action in I don’t know how long and it’s like it never even happened is extremely significant - it’s another instance of the show taking something from subtext and giving us a textual confirmation. We suspected that Dean hadn’t been with someone sexually in a long time, but of course it could be argued that it had happened off screen - now the show spells it out for us. It’s also symbolically significant that the relation with the bartender “is like it never even happened” but I’m going to dedicate another post about that some other moment.

Anyway - Dean won’t let you give him any shit for loving Dory okay?

i'm here || isaac lahey

word count: 2392

warnings: loss of power

request:  Can I request an Isaac imagine… Isaac is in love with the reader who’s a witch and during the Nemeton she was also taken with Chris and she lost her powers and he comforts her. She moves in with Scott to help cope and she has nightmares about it about her not being able to do anything and he helps her get through eventually kissing her toes lo with her panic attack about it. Sorry if it doesn’t make any sense

author’s note: this has been posted before but was deleted, so now i am reposting it! enjoy! all the witch stuff is inspired by bonnie bennett from the vampire diaries!

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I just realized…I’ve never seen a character just HAVE a service dog in a story. With one exception being Malory in The Raven Cycle, but he wasn’t really a main character. This strikes me as odd, as they’re actually pretty common in everyday society. 

So now I have a character with a service dog, a psychiatric service dog for anxiety. His name is Simon, he’s in my story Chasiel, he’s a telepathic photographer as well as huge nerd with a truly huge crush on a witch girl named Anna. 

His service dog’s name is Merlin and while I don’t know what breed/size he is, he is a dog, and therefor perfect by default. 

For witches who love their phone

If you’re a tech witch or any witch who uses their phone a lot, you probably already have a few witchy apps like tarot apps, horoscopes, candle apps etc.
A huge amount of tech witches also have herbs and crystal pics downloaded on their phone for magickal uses but drama follows people everywhere so you’re phone is probably filled with negative energy and so are your apps, herbs and crystals.
What I recommend doing is to power off your phone completely with the intention that everything in it is cleansed. I do this whenever I notice that my tarot app is being inaccurate and it does the work.