huge vodka

tfc hcs you should consider
  • aaron is one of those people that is fascinated by crime docs/unsolved murders and it’s the one topic he and andrew consistently talk about (no, it’s not subliminal shade. they eventually get past that)
  • neil, nicky, and dan all know how to sew and mend clothing
  • matt partakes in stress baking and can make a variety of desserts and decorative cupcakes. renee gets him to teach her. when they make too much matt hands off the left overs to neil who then passes them on to nicky, aaron, and andrew, much to kevin’s dismay
  • dan is good at dancing. like, really fucking good.
  • kevin regularly offhandedly shares historical facts/events and their corresponding dates that he somehow found relevant to whatever conversation he’s partaking in
    • he also readily answers questions and provides menial but accurate details (aka something my actual little brother actually fucking does)
  • allison knows how to surf and eventually learns how to skateboard because why not
  • kevin and dan have the highest alcohol tolerance of all the foxes
  • renee is exceptionally good at telling scary stories, so much so that she’s well known on the campus thanks to it
  • matt used to play D&D when he was younger. he eventually manages to convince some of the foxes to play with him and regularly DMs a game for nicky, aaron, dan, renee and sometimes neil. neil mostly watches though, since he can not for the life of him understand the fascination for it.
  • dan is constantly made to shoot her trash from a distance whenever she tries to throw something away because she never misses. there’s a betting pool of when or if she’ll ever miss and it is ever-growing &frighteningly large 
  • on one birthday kevin received nothing but vodka and huge jugs of protein powder from the others and it was, quote, “The best birthday ever.”
  • there is definitely a beer pong tournament held with the other athletes in the dorm. the top three is constantly contested between the exy team, an array of cheerleaders, and the basketball team
  • aaron and matt both really fucking love baseball. matt is friends with some of the baseball players in the dorm, and after they graduate/go pro they send matt tickets to some games which he drags aaron with him to go see
  • neil is double jointed and gets a sick pleasure grossing the other foxes out because of it (andrew finds it childish)
  • allison knows how to play a variety of instruments (piano, violin, and cello)
  • aaron is sliiiiiightly taller than andrew 
  • renee and andrew are insanely good at various bar games (darts, pool, shuffleboard, card games in gen, etc.)
  • speaking of, andrew can easily perform sleight of hands with his knives because he taught himself how to do so with cards. he’s also proficient in some magic tricks but no one is aware of it
  • kevin easily gets car sick and absolutely hates riding boats
  • when dan and matt get their own place, matt sets up stakes in his backyard and whenever the foxes visit they all drink and play horseshoes. prime socializing. kevin and neil get really into it.
  • matt actually picks up various outdoor hobbies and invites neil along with him. he teaches neil how to fish, he invites him to come camping with him and dan when he hears he’s never done so (for recreational fun, not survival) they also regularly make plans to go hiking during the summer.
    • when they both retire they definitely have some summers where they go backpacking together.
      • andrew travels with them partway before they part at germany where he spends some nights at erik and nicky’s place before flying back to the states
  • allison was a horse girl. her horse is still alive when she leaves for PSU and lives on a ranch owned by her parents
  • in addition to andrew, renee also knows how to tend a bar. except she is also capable of flair bartending and the other foxes always lose their shit whenever she shows it off
  • nicky pierced his own ears during high school
  • renee is just as much of a sweet tooth as andrew and they constantly discuss which flavors of ice cream are better and give each other recommendations
  • allison has self harm scars on her upper thighs/stomach
  • neil absolutely knows when someone’s hitting on him. he’s only obtuse because he doesn’t care for their feelings
Drunk Silliness (Jonathan Byers fluff/almost smut)

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note: this is my first Jonathan one shot pls be kind

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Blood Stains

Again, just a quick warning that this may not be for you, but it also might be. If you don’t like it, just move past it, but if you enjoyed the previous imagine, I hope you also enjoy this one💗

Sitting on the leather couch, it’s currently covered in old newspapers and crinkles whenever I make the slightest movement. The floor looks the same, I can see a car crash in the corner of the room and a half-naked model by my right foot. The red makes most of the images on the paper hard to make out, however.

I gulp the glass of vodka in my hand until it’s empty and put it beside me. It’s silent and I sigh, missing the commotion that has only just come to an end.

Red is in my vision, maybe it’s because my lust is growing and I’m no longer satisfied by just one knife across the throat, or maybe it’s the blood covering my face, reflecting into my eyesight.

Taking my hand, I slide its palm across my cheek. When it comes into view, it’s just as red as I expected. Before I can even decide, my tongue is pressed flat against my palm and travelling towards the tips of my fingers. The familiar bitter taste enters my mouth.

Once my hand is clean and glistening, I inspect my creation. A head lay abandoned just off of the layer of newspapers and I curse myself for not giving myself a larger area to work with. There’s a hand slowly burning in the fireplace and the smell is excruciating to my nose.

The body - or at least some of it - is already in the first few stages of rigor mortis and I sit and watch in silence. It seems impossible for it to be so quiet; only about an hour ago screams echoed off of the walls, which is the great advantage that comes with a house surrounded by nothing but land - I don’t have to tell them to keep their mouths shut and instead, relish in their sounds.

Ripped clothes lie draped over the back of the couch: a black set of underwear and a red dress that’s probably covered in blood, but it successfully hides itself. Beside the door there’s a set of red high heels to match, even though I find myself being a little annoyed because I told her to keep them on.

My tools are beside me, and just like everything else, covered in blood. The sight is almost enough to fuel me up all over again.

I have many options before me as I sit waiting for nothing in particular, I can either hit the shower (but that means the blood will be wasted), discard of the body now; maybe Thailand this time, or I could hit the gym to help keep my frenzy at bay.

There’s a knock at the door and it takes me out of my thoughts. My eyes stick to the pools of blood on the floor, so deep I can see my reflection.

“Shit,” I whisper. My shoes squelch under the soggy newspaper and leave dark footprints across the floor. “Who is it?” I shout and it echoes.

“Justin? It’s [Y/N].”

“What are you doing here?” I ask, pressing my back against the wooden door and running my hands up and down my face, the blood has dried now.

“I, uh, I thought I’d come and see you,” she shouted, although it was muffled.

As much as I’d adore the panic and disgust on her face once she saw the sight of my living room; blood now seeping into every corner, detached limbs lying around the place, and if she happened to look, she’s find a woman’s head in the fridge. I’d show it off to her proudly if I knew she wouldn’t run screaming.

“This.. this is a bad time. Go away,” I shout back. I don’t wait for a reply as I start to tidy up. I have to refrain from sinking my teeth into anything as I pile the remains into a body bag before dragging it up the stairs. A trail of blood follows.


“I was.. sorting something out, it’s not important,” I say into the phone, I can practically feel [Y/N]’s worry and it puts me on edge.

Promise? You didn’t have a girl there, did you? Hold on one second, Justin,” she says and a thud follows.

“Yes, I had a girl over. I actually brought her back to my house so I could hack her to pieces.”

Another thud rings through my ear. “Sorry, what did you say?

“I said, no, I didn’t have a girl over, I promise. You have nothing to worry about,” I grin and twirl the lock of blonde hair in between my fingers.

“Good,” she mutters and says nothing else. I roll my eyes before sighing.

“Listen, baby. Let me take you out tonight, somewhere fancy, wherever you wanna go. I’ll make a reservation,” I attempt to sweeten her up, knowing she’ll accept and fall in love with me all over again. I like the idea of her being so dependent on me, I could crush her with one simple confession, or one peek into my closet.

You know I don’t mind staying home, I can come over-

“No.. uh, no, that’s not necessary,” I mutter, clocking the few blood stains that need a little extra effort. “I want to take you out. Let me.”

Okay, fine. Where do you wanna go? What about that restaurant we went to last week? The food there was to die for.

“To die for? Really?” I lick my lips, involuntarily, of course. “You’d die for it?”

Yeah,“she chuckles and I know I’d feel guilty for picturing her covered in blood, if I was capable, and I want so much to be capable of it. All I can manage is arousal and disgust, any other human emotion seizes to exist in my body.

I’m already looking for the card with the number of the restaurant on it, and when I find it, specks of blood have set deeply into it. I should remind myself to advise the company to make them laminate.

“I’ll book it now and I’ll pick you up at seven, okay?” I drag the hair across my cheek and it tickles, sending shivers down my neck.

Okay, I love you. I’ll see you later.

“I love you too, princess. Wear something sexy, preferably red- actually no.. don’t wear red. Anything but red.”


The lights are dim and the sound of people talking, rather loudly in my opinion, reaches me the second we arrive. My hand is pressed firmly on [Y/N]’s back.

She’s wearing black, much to my relief; not only does it soothe me, I happen to be wearing black, too. I swing the bag in my free hand.

The man stood at the podium by the door smiles at us as we approach him and [Y/N] smiles back.

“Table for two. Bieber.”

I wait for the man to find the reservation on the sheet, drumming my fingers the material of [Y/N]’s dress while we wait.

“Ah, yes. Follow me.”

He leads us to a table by the window, it just overlooks the city, meaning we’re able to see the bright lights and the tiny cars zooming around. It looks so alive and it bothers me.

“It’s so beautiful.” She looks off into a daydream - which I’m sure she did last time we were here - while I look around for a waiter. I raise my hand when I spot one walking, from afar, in our direction. “Thank you for doing this, Justin,” she smiles at me lovingly and I nod, taking her hand in mine.

“The pleasure’s all mine, baby.”

“Good evening,” the waiter smiles at us both politely and [Y/N] mirrors his actions. “Would you like to hear the specials this evening?” he asks and, of course, she nods her head.

He’s reading them out and it seems as though they’re never ending and I soon realise I’m not paying attention to the words leaving his lips, but to the veins in his neck and thinking about running a blade along them. My fists clench under the table.

“Any drinks before your meal?”

“Vodka. Please,” I say quickly, before he starts to read anything else, I wouldn’t be surprised if he offers to read us the entire bible and [Y/N] accepts. I don’t think I’d hesitate to slash my own veins after the waiter’s in that situation.

[Y/N] asks for a water before turning her eyes back to me. The waiter nods, says something, turns and leaves and I grab the bag from beside my foot almost instantly.

“I, uh, I got you something,” I smile and she gasps, it’s a wonderful sound.

“You did? That’s so sweet, Justin.”

I watch her take the bag, I watch her pull out the box; it’s rather light and she looks puzzled. My gaze intensifies as she opens it. I’m not sure if it’s sweat I can feel on my forehead.

Another gasp leaves her throat as she spots the red dress. Spotting it myself, I smirk involuntarily. “D'you like it?”

“It’s beautiful,” she whispers, running her fingers across the material as it lays in the box, folded neatly. “What are the little patches?” she frowns and for the first time, I’m able to notice darker patches of red, probably due to the different lighting.

“It’s the pattern. The woman in the store said it’s their most popular item and I knew it’d fit you perfectly.”

She looked hesitant, but I was too occupied in obsessing over the idea of her wearing it to care.

“Maybe you can try it on when you get home, for me,” I cock my head to the side and she giggles, nodding her head.

“Sure, why not?” Those two words sound like music to my ears and I relax, even without the vodka that I’m still waiting for.

I want so badly to tell her, to tell her what that dress has seen and what those ‘patterns’ really are. The mere thought makes me chuckle. Despite this, I keep my mouth shut.

“I’ve never seen this dress anywhere before, where’d you get it?” she asks, and it’s understandable considering the woman it belonged to was French.

“That’s a secret,” I smirk and she rolls her eyes, but smiles while doing so. “The only thing you need to know is that you’ll look beautiful in it, I promise.”

I watch her and I can tell she can’t stop smiling for anything. I can see the waiter out of the corner of my eye, approaching us with a tray resting on his right hand.

“Seriously, Justin, I don’t think this is the pattern,” she mumbles after a few minutes, while still leaning over the dress that she’d placed on the table now. “What is it?“A deep frown has set onto her face.

“It’s blood. It belonged to the last lady that wore it,” I say calmly, taking a huge gulp of my vodka. “It’d do wonders to me if I saw you wearing it.”

Again, she rolls her eyes. “You’re so funny,” she grins and I grin back, we’re mirroring each other now. “You’ve got a very dark sense of humour, Justin, have I ever told you that?”

“Who said I was joking?”

“You watch too many horror movies,” she furrows her eyebrows at me, she’s beginning to look worried and I relish in it.

“Yeah, maybe I do,” I chuckle, but I know I’m just as good as any of those killers, maybe better; at least I don’t get caught. “So, you’re gonna wear it for me?”

“Of course, it’s beautiful.”

She wore it eventually. The next time I saw her, ready to take her out, there she was. I came to truly realise that blood-red compliments her greatly and I couldn’t stop staring. I only wished I’d given her the high heels too.

Of course, I was sweating and drooling and almost unable to raise my glass to my lips, but it was all worth it to see her, so oblivious she was wearing a dead girl’s blood-stained dress. She swayed her hips when she walked and I had to stop myself from growling.

i had a dream my old guidance counceler poured me a huge glass of vodka and told me to ‘chug’ and like. the funniest thing is, in real life, that’s honestly a possibility since my guidance counceler is my grandma’s irl friend and i was buddies with her too

Bartender!Luke would be sweeping down the counter with a wet rag after a long night working at the pub, sighing heavily as he cleaned up a huge puddle of vodka one of the customers has spilled.

Suddenly someone echoed his sigh, and he looked up over the counter, only to find you standing there, your forearms resting on the mahogany surface as you blew a wisp of hair out of your eyes. “Hey,” you greeted breathily.

“Hey,” Luke replied, trying not to let his eyes wander down the the crease of your cleavage that was on full display, thanks to the dress code of the bar–sexualizing women to earn more money–a classic. But at the moment, Luke was sheepishly grateful for the rule, though he was usually against it.

Suddenly, the doors to the bar swung open with a loud thud, and four boisterous–and clearly drunk–men sauntered in, laughing obnoxiously. You and Luke both looked at each other with raised eyebrows, wondering what the new scoop would be this time.

“You always handle them,” you stated, offering him a small smile, “I’ll get it this time.”

“You’re a gem,” Luke shot you a relieved smile, and you looked down bashfully before squaring your shoulders and strutting over to the loud group with confidence.

“Can we help you?” You asked politely, your waitressing skills proving to be helpful in the situation, “I’m sorry, but we’re closed for the night.”

“What?” One of the drunken guys slurred, “You may be closed, but I’ll get your legs open in no time sweetheart.”

Luke’s eyes bugged out of his head at the remark, a sudden twist appearing in his stomach. Your jaw dropped, “Excuse me, but I think you should leave. There’s clearly nothing here I can help you with.”

“You can help me with a few things baby,” another one of the companions grinned crookedly at you, and you took a step back. Luke’s jaw clenched, his teeth gnashing together as he watched the nasty scene unfold in front of him. He didn’t like this at all, and if one more remark was made…

“Nice tits, pretty girl,” the first man cooed at you, making grabby hands towards you and nearly succeeding in touching you.

“Oi!” Luke was suddenly beside you, the neck of a bottle of whiskey clutched in his right hand tightly. His left arm snaked around your waist protectively, prodding you to take a few steps back and stand behind him.

“That’s no way to treat a lady mate,” Luke informed the man with burning blue eyes. His colleagues backed up slightly, snickering. “You should go,” Luke warned, “Otherwise you’ll end up drunk and unconscious. Your choice.”

“Jeez mate,” the man grumbled, “We were just having some fun.” He turned around, wobbling out of the pub, his friends following him. You heard whoops and hollers before the door closed.

Luke turned to you, looking at you inquisitively, “You good?” You could only look up at him in awe, “Yeah. Thank you so much.”

Luke smiled down at you, and you watched the way his eyes crinkled at the corners, how cute the little white spot on his front tooth was, how he was looking down at you with tenderness. And you cocked your head to the side, a coy look in your eyes.

“Wanna get something to eat? Like, right now?”

Why the Signs are in Jail

Aries : The probably tried to fight someone and then just because they good asf at fighting the other person lost and called the cops on them. Doesn’t matter because they don’t really care.

Taurus : Stole something under peer pressure. Probably acted really upset and blamed it on someone else though so they got released.

Gemini : Hacked something like super classified files but they negotiated their way out so they weren’t even find or anything.

Cancer : Got really drunk and probably flashed random people on the motorway. The person who gets really crazy when they have alcohol and just laughs uncontrollably and does weird shit.

Leo : Caught buying drugs from Pisces. Been in trouble loads of times though so doesn’t even care and flirts their way out of jail.

Virgo : Trying to stop Cancer from flashing but gets convinced to do it as well. It’s always under peer pressure if they end up in jail.

Libra : Shoplifting with Taurus. Probably something small but fashionable like sunglasses. Probably gets really stressed about being in jail because it doesn’t happen a lot.

Scorpio : Was probably fighting with Aries and even though they lost they probably pulled out a knife or a gun or something so they got arrested too.

Sagittarius : Probably got really drunk with Virgo but was the one providing all the alcohol so they got caught out. Probably owns some huge, illegal vodka company or something which no one knew about.

Capricorn : Got arrested for fraud. Probably lied about their age or something while clubbing or getting into somewhere,

Aquarius : Got arrested for some weird shit that literally no one even knew was illegal. Probably campaigns all over social media to bail them out because it’s so ridiculous.

Pisces : Everyone is really surprised when they get arrested for running some sort of underground weed farm or something and selling it to everyone.

Damn, I Like You [Mark Tuan]

You sat on the kitchen counter with your head against the wall. Your eyes were closed, but his image was the only thing you could see.
You poured a bit of red wine in the glass and gulped it slowly, tasting the bittersweet flavor. The party was over, your house was a mess, food everywhere, broken glass, used condoms in the bathroom, smell of alcohol in the air.
“I won’t do this ever again.“ You muttered, benting down to pick the trash that was on the floor. You have never seen your house in such a messy state, you are a perfectionist, you like when things are in the right place.
After two hours or so, you sat down on the couch with a deep sigh. Finally everything was clean, more or less.
In the kitchen, your glass of wine was still full, so you grabbed it and sat down again, watching some cliche drama that was playing on the television.
You smiled to yourself, everything was silent and the house had a fresh smell, unlike a few hours ago. You put the glass on the table and grabbed your phone.
So, your dear bestfriend Mark is completely drunk,he is doing some embarrassing things and believe me, I don’t want to see his bare butt again.“
You blinked and read the message over and over again, it was sent by your bestfriend Minah an hour ago, but you were so busy you just saw it now.
“Damn, not again.” You whispered, with a tired sigh.
Mark left your party in a happy mood already, he drank a few beers and a huge amount of vodkas and you knew this would happen, even though you asked him to stop.

Suddenly, you heard loud bangs on your door and someone yelling your name.
Open the door, I know you are there, don’t ignore me”
When you opened the door, Mark waved and almost tripped at your feeth.
You caught him just in time. He ran to your couch and hugged your pillow.
“Sure you can come in, no need to ask.” You mumbled sarcastically, closing the door behind you.

You crossed your arms above your chest and looked at him with an eyebrow raised.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” He asked.
“Isn’t that obvious?” You asked back.
Mark chuckled and looked at a frame of you and your siblings, before waving. His face fell, and he looked at you disappointed.
"They are not waving back at me. Why?”
You slapped your forehead. “Maybe because it’s a picture, and pictures are not supposed to move.”
“In Harry Potter they move.” Mark said with a idiot smile plastered on his face.
You sighed deeply and looked away.
“Yah, why are you acting like that? All grumpy and such? It’s because I look stupid? I mean yes I am stupid, I was dumped today and everything…..” He said, shrugging.

You immediately turned your attention at him.
“You what?”
“Hanna broke up with me, I mean why would she do that? I’m the hottest boy she ever dated, tsk, loser.”

You couldn’t help but sigh in relief, Hanna was never a good influence to him anyways.
“Why did she broke up with you?” You asked softly.
Mark shook his head while chasing your little cat around the table. 
You caught his arm and pulled him closer.
“Stop, you are making me dizzy.” You sternly said.
Mark pouted and looked at you with puppy eyes. You sighed and abruptly pushed him away.
“Look at you, you are pathetic.” You rubbed your temples and looked at how happy he looked right now, he was giggling at everything, he was fascinated by everything around him.
“I was dumped. Mark Tuan is the one that breaks up with the ladies, not the other way around. I never liked her that much though, she was just a good pair of boobs " 
You looked at the ground, your heart beating faster and faster. "You still had an interest in her so…”
Mark raised an eyebrow and approached you. “Are you, perhaps…jealous?”
You blushed and looked away. “Obviously I’m not going to have this kind of conversation with you right now.” 
“Why not?” He hiccuped.
“Forget it, I’m wasting my time.” You said, looking at him from head to toe.

He was drunk, he was sweating, his collar was rumpled, but he still looked beautiful.
You grabbed him by his arm and started to drag him upstairs.
“Are you going to give me a beer?” He asked, stumbling.
“So, are you going to give me a massage?” He smirked.
“Then, a kiss?”
“Definitely not.”
You opened the bathroom’s door and pushed him to the shower.
Mark yelled when he felt the cold water against his skin.
“Stay there, you need to clean your ideas.”
When you were about to leave the bathroom, you heard him sobbing.

Stage 2 of drunkenness: crying.

You sighed and softened. Slowly you turned around and approached him. You sat next to Mark, your clothes slowly getting drenched as well.
He automatically rested his head against your shoulder.
“You are so boring.” He muttered.
You chuckled and shook your head. “Better boring that drunk.”
You started to run your fingers through his wet and red hair, while looking at the ceiling.
“You probably won’t remember this tomorrow, but I am glad you decided to come to my house, even if you are in this miserable state.”
Mark chuckled and looked up at you. “I thought we could have another party, that’s why I came, but I ended up taking a cold shower instead.”
You shrugged and he laid his head on your shoulder again.
After a few minutes of talking about Hanna and how she was a bitch, you finally said the words you were dying to say.
“I like you.” You whispered.

“I like you, damn, I really like you. I have been in love with you since forever, that’s the reason why I never had a boyfriend. I was waiting for you. Now that you know this, you don’t have anymore reasons to make fun of me for never having a boyfriend before. Because I always thought you would be the first one.”
You looked down and Mark was peacefully sleeping, his hand was on top of yours and his face was burried on your neck.
You smiled sadly and rested your head against his. “I was brave enought to confess, see? Tomorrow you won’t remember anything, but I am feeling good now.” You whispered, closing your eyes as well.

Mark opened his eyes and looked around. He wasn’t in his room, he was in your room.
Slowly, he went downstairs when he felt the smell of pancakes. Every step he gave, his head seemed to burst.
You tilted your head to the side when Mark sat on the chair and leaned his head against the table.
“Good morning.” You said, smirking.
“Bad morning, damn, my head.” Mark winced, closing his eyes.
“It’s called hangover my friend.” You said, before handing him a cup of tea.
Mark sipped his tea and sighed. “So good.”
You smiled and grabbed your bag. “I will leave for a minute, grocery shopping, you know? Make yourself at home.”
You grabbed your keys, but when you were about to leave the kitchen, Mark’s voice stopped you.
“I like you too.” He said, not facing you.

You abruptly stopped and grasped your bag tightly.
“Damn, I really like you too.” He said, looking down and smiling, gripping the mug.
You smiled to yourself and turned your head to look at him.
He took one giant step towards you and cupped your jaw before pressing his lips against yours.
‘Finally’ you thought.
You wrapped your arms around his waist and Mark cupped the back of your neck before slipping his tongue into your mouth. You closed your eyes, your small hands holding onto him as if he was about to disappear at any moment.
Guess this is just the beginning of something really good.

Secret Love Chapter 2
Justin Bieber

I got to the house before Kay and the minute I walked in I hear commotion coming from her sisters bedroom. Dropping my keys on the entrance table I made my way to the kitchen to set the table.

“Aria are you joining us for dinner?” I yell.

She pokes her head from her room giving me a glare, “No, I’m gonna stay in the loft above the bakery for a while.”

“Why did I just get a glare from you?” I ask grabbing some utensils.

“You promised to never make her cry Justin. Yet today no matter how hard she tried to hide it, her tears just kept on falling.” She says softly.

Taking cups from the cupboard she places them on the table and looked me in the eye.

“Justin, you’re like my older brother and I love you, but you must know how hard this is on my sister. Jay, she has to pretend that she doesn’t love you in front of people. I’m not blaming you because you both agreed to let this happen for 7 months, but I don’t think she knew agreeing to this was actually going to hurt her.” She rants.

“Aria, I love your sister, you know that. I signed the contract A. I can’t just walk away from it.” I explain.

“But Justin, how does this work!? How do you just come out to the world with Kay on your arm and tell them you’ve been dating for three years if they think you’re with Hailey!? I just don’t get how this won’t hurt the both of you in the long run.” She says, putting her wallet in her purse.

“I haven’t admitted anything to the media. The contract just says that I have to be around Hailey a lot, but when asked if we’re dating we deny anything. We make it look like a relationship and stir up drama, but it’s not real.” I say.

“Just be careful Justin. You’re playing with fire. You know how she gets when shit gets tough. Feelings scare her.” She says.

The door opens and I hear her angelic voice, “Babe! Aria! I’m home.”

“Here Angel!” I say.

Seeing her walk into the doorway of the kitchen I smile. Three years and she still manages to take my breath away.

“Hey sis.” Aria greets, kissing her on the cheek.

“Hi A. Are you sleeping here today or are you and Ryan going to be at the loft?” She asks her 18 year old sister walking towards me and kissing me on the lips.

“I’ll be at the loft.” Aria grins up at her.

Kay takes out the food from the bag, “Are you eating with Justin and I?”

Grinning at me, Aria shakes her head, “No sis. I’m getting dinner with Ryan before we go to the loft.”

Kaycee looks up from setting the table and looks at her sister with a knowing look as the doorbell rang.

“That’s him.” Aria grins.

They look at each other and in synch they both say, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

I laugh at how cute they are. Aria a spitting image of her sister but with blue eyes and lighter skin. My Angel blessed with beautiful features of tan skin, black hair and brown eyes.

Aria slams the door behind her yelling a quick “bye guys!”

I look at Kaycee as she grabs some chopsticks from the drawers.

“She’s growing up so fast babe.” I say placing some water in both our cups taking a drink from it.

“I know. Sometimes I forget she’s 18 and don’t need me anymore.” She proclaims sitting.

“She’ll always need you Kay. You basically raised her.” I say grabbing her hand. “Your dad did an amazing job at raising you both.”

“Sometimes I feel bad because Mom raised me for five years and Aria only got to be with her for two years before she passed away.” She says.

“Hey, it’s okay. She understands.” I say caressing her hand with my thumb.

“She would’ve loved you.” She whispers with a sad tone and staring at our intertwined hands.

“And I would’ve loved her, but she’s always here baby. She’s never far away. Smile now beautiful.” I say kissing her knuckle.

“You’re right. I know your right. Let’s eat.” She says putting a piece of sushi on my plate.

I watch her put soy sauce in a bowl and add some wasabi in it. I’m still not over how much I love her. I look at her everyday and I realize how lucky I am to have her by my side. It sucks because I know I’m hurting her because of this deal I promised Hailey. Kay was okay with hiding our relationship for the first two years because she and I were still young and she was just starting out her career and her business. I never wanted my life to taint hers. I wanted her to have a normal life no matter what, but when we both agreed it was time, Hailey begged me and her to give it another 8 months before we came out. Kaycee has a heart like gold and no matter how many times I said no she kept on pushing that I should help my childhood friend. It took us a while to come to a decision, but I finally agreed. Two months into it and I can speak for the both of us that it sucks, but Hailey tied me down to a contract and Kay doesn’t want me to break it or it’ll cause more drama.

“Babe..hey. Justin are you there?” I hear


“You zoned out a little bit and I started eating already.” She says chuckling.

Eating dinner we talk about random things. Around her I can always be myself and she never looks at me differently. I don’t have to live up to anyones expectation of what I’m supposed to be. We basically have seen the good and bad of each other and at this point we know everything about each other. No one ever questioned why I chose her. I think once everyone saw how good we fit with each other, my family and friends just trusted that she made me better. She did. She does. Everyday I wake up and I’m glad I have her beside me.

“Do you remember the first time we met?” I ask, putting a tuna roll to my lips.

Covering her face with her hands she shakes her head and giggles, “Don’t even remind me. I looked like a mess in front of you and Za.” she says.

“You made a first impression though and after that babe you had me.” I say.

“You we’re 19 years old Jay. The time we met was during your rebellious phase. You were rude as fuck and I swear I never wanted to sock anyone in the throat like I did with you.” She says sighing.

I met Kaycee when I was 19 and she was 18 and new to California. I was traveling the world for my believe tour. One night I was home in California for a week when out of nowhere Za and I decided to go to a bakery. Kay happened to be working at the bakery part time. I came into Duff’s Cake Mix where she worked and my drunken ass kept throwing demands her way, but she was feistier than she looked. She refused to take my orders unless I cleaned up my act and sobered up. Za was sober and did nothing but record the whole encounter. She knew who I was, but she didn’t care because she slapped me on the face a couple times and took care of me until I was well enough to walk out. Ever since that day I have never forgotten about her. I woke up in the morning with red cheeks and a pounding headache.

I remember Za in my living room uploading a video on his computer.


“Yo, what is that? Shit my head hurts.” I say clutching my head.

“I told you not to down that huge ass bottle of vodka by yourself asshole. See where that shit gets you.” He says.

“Yeah yeah whatever. What are you doing anyway? Do you know why my cheeks are red?” I ask finally laying down on my couch.

“You honestly don’t remember man? We went to Duff’s at around 9 because they had something for you to pick up. You were being an asshole to the girl who was about to close and you kept saying shit like, “Just get me my things, I have important things to do,” and she didn’t fuck with that shit. I recorded the whole thing. She refused to serve you unless you sobered up. Man Biz, you looked sick as fuck last night.“ he explains.

"Seriously? Shit! I remember the girl’s face. Play the video!” I remember exclaiming.

The video plays and the girl who’s name tag says “Kay” pops up. She’s yelling at me telling me that I should drink responsibly as she sat on a chair next to me nursing me back to health, wiping my face and giving me aspirin. It lasted for ten minutes of her just getting me to take water to sober me up and the last bit asking Za to take me home.

“She was so done with your bullshit dude. You threw up on her too. I didn’t get to record that part.” he says.

“She was in my dream last night dude. I need to find her man. I need to say thank you.” I say closing my eyes.


I went to go see her at the bakery the next day with a thank you basket, but I only got a glimpse of her because she was running to a cab. I asked her boss when she was working again, but I was told she went home to New York City for a few weeks.

I waited and waited. I went to the bakery all the time and waited, but nothing ever happened, but I knew I had to find her.
Every time I was home in California during breaks on tour I’d look for her, but she never came back after that.

We met again though at Starbucks six months after. I was stunned and I knew it was fate.

“We were kids then. Three years later and here we are, still kids.” She jokes.

“On a serious note, I think God did plan for us to meet Kay. I think after that bakery encounter he knew I’d found my other half.” I say after taking a sip from my glass finally staring at her beautiful eyes.

She smiles at me and I kiss the inside of her wrist, “We’re meant for each other because you were the reason I wanted to be better You didn’t give a shit that I was famous. You agreed to go on a date with me because you wanted to see who I really was as a person. I remember whenI first asked you out and you said, ‘That’s funny. No!’ You made me work. You made me earn your trust. You made me better. You let me build a home with you. That’s when I knew and I swore to myself that I was gonna work my ass off for you because I never wanted anything as much as I wanted you. I still want you Angel, everyday, now, tomorrow, forever, and till eternity.” I say.

She gets up and sits on my lap laying her head on my shoulder. “I love you.” she says kissing my hand. That minute I felt content. I felt complete. I place my free hand on my pocket to feel a small velvet box that has been sitting in my pocket for months. It’s not the right time yet, but now I’m absolutely sure that buying this was the right thing to do.

Here you go my loves

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OKAY BUT WARREN, has never had anything in his entire life he truly claimed as his own, there was the stuff from his parents money, there was that cell they put mutants in, there was that huge bottle of vodka, and now there is this amazing girl that loves him and she's ALL HIS, and he is hers and he loves, loves, LOVES saying it. He'll just look at her when she's reading and suddenly declare "mine. All mine" loudly and bury his head in her lap and shes just smiling down at her birb boy


I often wonder if people actually see the innovation in that and the progressiveness of that. The progressiveness of showing a woman who is dark-skinned and fifty years old kissing the lips of a white woman in a way that’s sexualized, in a way that’s messy, and then she walks into another room and she takes a huge gulp of vodka, and then she walks into a courtroom. I mean, when have you ever seen that? I mean, c'mon.

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!! Fic prompt: Everyone in Kingsman playing "Never Have I Ever..."?

Eggsy decides that he wants to get to know his fellow knights after V-Day, and Roxy pitches this idea to Merlin under the guise of a team-building and trust exercise. Merlin, of course, is not fooled and is about to say no when Eggsy reveals that unless he wants a revolt of younger new recruits who are eager to have some fun on his hands, he better agree. (Also, Harry gives Merlin a little nudge of his Arthur powers because he has no chill)

So everyone on a finally-free night sits down at the Round Table. Each have a shot glass. Bors contributes a huge bottle of vodka, and a few of the newer knights get together and purchase tequila and firebombs. The rules are: no one backs out, and no one lies.

The game begins with silly stuff, like “never have I have blew up a building” (everyone drinks) and “never have I ever snogged royalty” (Harry looks very hard at a guilty Eggsy).

The newer recruits are amused by the older generation (”If you call me old again, Kay, I’ll send you to somewhere cold, desolate, and with no Internet”) admitting to things, such as cursing in front of the Queen (Percival reluctantly takes a shot) or dancing disco on a tiny Greek island (the newly-crowned Arthur sighs). However, almost everyone has gotten a “drunk and disorderly” or has thrown up after a holiday feast, and it’s cool to find out interesting things with each round.

Like, who has scaled a building? Can speak five or more languages? Knows how to fence? Crashed a tank? Adopted kittens? Gotten high? Ridden a horse? Punched an ambassador? Saved ten or more people all at once? Delivered babies in the middle of a war zone?

However, the game begins to get oddly specific, thanks to the techs, who pointedly say, “Never have I ever blown up a Kingsman-specific submarine” or “Never have I ever done inappropriate things while wearing the glasses.”

Merlin also begins taking potshots at everyone, especially those who purposely make him drink to something embarrassing. Harry is the main victim, but it doesn’t stop him because Eggsy always laughs at each one Merlin admits to, and is it so bad that Harry wants to see such a lovely young man smile?

Merlin thinks it is, and decides to play dirty. 

“Never have I ever…fallen in love with an agent in this room.” 

He smirks in triumph when Eggsy and Harry both take a drink.