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Prince Henry in the 6x11 Sneak Peek

It’s finally here - Levihan Week 2017! Another huge thank you to everybody who submitted prompts ideas and sent encouragements to the blog. You helped make this happen, and we’re very grateful! Now, onto the gory details.

The week will run from Wednesday 24th May to Wednesday 31st May 2017, comprising eight days worth of prompts for you to pick and choose from. Because of the huge range of responses we received and our inability to narrow things down to just seven prompts, we’ve given each day two, so you’ve all got more to choose from. And remember, these prompts are fully up for interpretation, and we look forward to seeing how creative everybody can be!


  • Wednesday 24th - Firsts or Lasts/Celebration
  • Thursday 25th - Home/Nightmare
  • Friday 26th - Sense/Masquerade
  • Saturday 27th - Private/Seasons
  • Sunday 28th - Memory/Opposite
  • Monday 29th - Proposal/Grief
  • Tuesday 30th - Time Period/Gore
  • Wednesday 31st (extra day) - Gen/Free Spot


  • Tag your stuff as #levihan, #levihanweek in the first five tags so that we can find it
  • Tag your #nsfw, #blood, and #gore.
  • You do not have to follow the date to post, but please tag whatever day/prompt you’re posting for so that we know when to reblog it.
  • Be nice to everyone!
Proud Poppa

Huge thank you to @bucky-plums-barnes for having #daddyday and to @theassetseyeliner for the idea. Also huge thank you to you both for letting me write this.

“Hi mom!” Your eight-year-old calls as she comes in the front door. She’s later than usual, only a few minutes but it’s enough to make you curious.
“Hi Sweetheart. Everything okay?” You ask as you swat one of Bucky’s hands away from the after school snack you’ve got waiting on the counter. He chuckles and catches your hand, pressing a kiss to it as your daughter comes around the corner.
“Yes mom.” She says, with plenty of attitude. One doesn’t become the daughter of you and Bucky Barnes without a little extra helping of sass. Even at eight you’re 100% sure that she’s going to be a handful at sixteen. She drops her backpack on the floor next to the stool she slides onto and reaches for one of the celery sticks when you see it. Blood on her knuckles.
“Ashley Natasha Barnes why is there blood on your knuckles?” You demand catching her wrist before she can hide the evidence.
“I beat up a bully after school today.” Ashley says it so simply you’d think you’d asked her what she wanted for dinner. You stare at her for a second until Bucky lets out a surprised laugh.
“Thats my girl!” He says giving your daughter a tight squeeze. “Hit em right in the mouth didn’t you? Cut your hand on his tooth?”
“Rookie mistake.” Bucky says with a grin, “No broken wrist means it was a straight punch and no broken thumb means you tucked it on the outside. Just like uncle Steve and I taught you.” You’re staring at your husband with your mouth slightly open and eyebrows raised. He and Steve taught her how to fight? He high fives her and passes her a few Girl Scout cookies from on top of the fridge. Not exactly the reaction you were looking for but it’s typical Bucky for sure.
Before you know it Bucky’s got Steve up on FaceTime and is telling him ‘the exciting news’ about your little girl’s fight. If it can even be called that.
“Mom?” Ashley asks softly.
“Are you mad at me?”
“I haven’t decided yet. Why don’t you tell me the whole story and then we’ll talk about it.” If she jumped straight into violence, yes you’re going to be a bit upset but if it was for self defense or to protect someone else it’s hard to be angry about that. Given who her family is, and one of her namesakes.
“Well Mark was being mean to Naomi. He kept asking her when she was going to go back to China. But mom, she’s not even Chinese!”
“Did you try to use your words first?” You ask patiently while attempting to ignore your husband whose now on FaceTime with Natasha.
“Of course I did mom.” She huffs after chewing her peanut butter slathered celery stick, “I told him to stop it because Naomi was born here so she’s from here just like he is. And he told me to make him stop it so I did.”
“I’m glad you stood up for your friend but I don’t want you getting into fights all the time. Leave that to your daddy okay?” She nods in agreement as someone pounds on your front door. You make your way over to it and open it, looking down at you is a rather large man who would be intimidating if you weren’t married to an Avenger.
“Are you Ashley Barnes’ mom?” He demands, his voice loud and angry.
“I am.”
“She assaulted my son.”
“Don’t you think that’s a bit harsh? She’s eight.” You say a hand on your hip.
“No.” He snarls taking a menacing step toward you, he’s glaring down at you looking more than a little furious. You stare up at him coolly then his eyes go wide and he takes a few steps back.
“Everything okay babe?” Bucky asks resting his hand on your lower back.
“Yea. This is Mark’s Dad. Apparently he’s angry about our daughter defending her friend.”
“Sh-she punched my son.” His bravado has wavered since Bucky has come into the room.
“Your son was being racist against one of our daughter’s friends. You know where they learn that.” Bucky says bluntly. Mark’s Dad sputters for a few seconds then he turns red, turns around and walks away muttering something about the fucking Winter Solider. Bucky chuckles lowly then turns you in his arms as he shoves the front door closed. “You mad?”
“No.” You answer honestly. “Where was I when you taught Ash how to fight?”
“Uh, during the girl’s weekend you, Natasha and Wanda had.”
“Is she any good?”
“Kid’s a natural.” He grins down at you, looking 100% proud poppa.
“Of course she is.”

Mendelweek: role you’d like to see him in  [2/?]

young Albus Dumbledore, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them 2


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Take a look at how wonderful it turned out!

I want to thank everyone for making this project happen and I deeply apologize for the long wait! There’s been a lot of fall backs that happened in between this project but we finally finished it :D

At the end of this post, I’ll put everyone’s name down but first, I put a little slide show on so we can see the pictures with some nice music in the background lol

And a Gif

Now for the credits:

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And a HUGE thanks to @xizuchan for letting me use her idea for her original kyman heart!

If I missed your name, please tell me so I can post it on here.

Thanks again guys and look out for the next project <3

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Million Reasons (Part Three)

A/N: I really hope you guys like this part if you haven’t read the other parts here they are Part one Part two

Warnings: Pregnancy, swearing

The next day when you woke up you immediately had to puke. Which was normal but really annoying lucky for you your parents didn’t come upstairs to check if everything was alright. After you were done throwing up you got really for your first day of school you already felt like you had to throw up the entire time that you didn’t need the nervousness of seeing Montgomery today on top of it.  You took your backpack and headed downstairs.

“Hey honey, me and your dad will both be at work late today.” Your mom said as she took her purse.

“Okay whatever.” You said looking down.

“Well we have to go now bye see you later.” Your mom said with a small smile as she and your dad walked out of the door.

You looked for something to eat and took a jar of nutella and a banana and dipped the banana in the chocolate. You took a bite of it when the doorbell rang you dipped the banana in the chocolate again and went to open the front door to reveal Justin and Alex.

“Hey you ready to go?” Alex asked looking at you.

“Okay what is that?” Justin asked pointing at the banana in your hand.

“Yeah I’m ready to go and it’s a banana and nutella.” You said as you took a bite of the banana and took your backpack and closed the front door.

“Why are you eating a banana with nutella?” Justin asked as the three of you walked to Alex’s car.

“I’m pregnant that’s why.” You snapped at Justin as you opened the car door and sat in the back seat.

“Okay sorry for asking.” Justin said as he sat in the passenger seat of Alex’s car.

After a few minutes you arrived at school you didn’t want to get out of the car because you really didn’t feel like facing Montgomery. Justin got out of the car and opened your door for you.

“Come on Y/n.” He said as he looked at you.

“I don’t know guys I really don’t know if I can face him.” You said as you played nervously with you hands.

“We are here for you Y/N. We will get you through this.” Alex said with a smile.

“Yeah now come on. You can even hold my hand if you want.” Justin said holding out his hand.

“Won’t Jessica be mad that I am holding your hand.” You asked as you took his hand.

“No because we kind of broke up over spring break.” He said looking down as he held you hand.

“Oh I’m sorry. Why did she break up with you?” You asked confused.

“I don’t know I guess she found someone better.” He said looking at you with a sad smile.

“I think I might know why she broke up with you.” Alex said as pointing towards the school.

You felt like someone had stabbed a knife into your heart there right in front of you you saw Jessica and Monty together. She was leaning against him while he had his arm around her.

“I-I can’t do this guys.” You said letting go of Justin’s hand and turning around to walk away.

“Yes you can come on.” Alex said as he grabbed your shoulders and pulled you back.

“Hey Y/N this isn’t easy for me to see either but we’ll get through this together okay.” He said as he put his arm around your shoulder.

“Okay.” You said with a small smile.

You looked at Alex and saw him rolling your eyes at the two of you.

“What?” You asked Alex confused.

“I can already see what is going to happen here.” Alex said with a little smirk.

“You don’t know shit Standall.” Justin said glaring at Alex.

Alex held up his hands and the three of you continued to walk towards school. Lucky for you you couldn’t see Monty because you had your back towards him when you past him. At some point the three of you sadly had to part ways because you had different classes. You walked into English and went to sit down were you normally sit which you only now realized was right next to Montgomery. After a few minutes Monty walked into the classroom he looked at you for a few seconds with a sad look before coming to sit next to you. Neither of you said anything but you could just feel the awkwardness.

“H-hey Y/N.” He said trying to start a conversation.

“Montgomery.” You said not even looking up from the paper.

“So I saw you walk in with Justin. Are you and him a thing now?” He asked curiously.

“Are you and Jessica a thing now?” You asked harshly as you finally looked at him.

“Yeah we are.” He said looking down.

“Good for you.” You said as you looked away again.

“So?” He asked again.

“So what?” You asked confused.

“You and Justin are you a thing now?” He asked still curious.

“Why do you care.” You said harshly.

“You know why.” He whispered.

“No actually I don’t. You’re not my boyfriend any more De La Cruz I don’t need to tell you anything.” You whispered angrily before turning away from him again.

You heard him sigh deeply as he was trying to calm himself down. He crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair. The rest of that class was just filled with awkwardness and anger the anger part mostly coming from you. You really felt like you were gonna cry it was probably a mix of your hormones and seeing Monty with Jessica. As soon as the bell rang you put away your stuff and ran outside were luckily you saw Justin standing at your locker. He smiled at you but you just walked towards him and hugged him.

“Hey everything alright?” He asked as he hugged you back.

“Uh yeah just uh Hormones.” You said as you pulled back.

“You sure that you are okay.” He said while he was looking at Montgomery who was looking at you and Justin.

“Yeah yeah I’m fine.” You said as you turned his heads towards you.

The next few days you and Justin had been hanging out a lot. You had no idea that he was so caring and sweet and helpful. The two of you were hanging out at your place and you were laying on your bed as Justin sat on a chair smiling at you.

“Can I just say thank you.” You said as you sat up a bit and looked at him.

“Thank you for what?” He asked confused.

“Just for being there for me. I never really knew how sweet, caring and helpful you were.” You said with a smile.

“Well now you do know.” He said with a smile.

“Hey Y/N I was thinking there is gonna come a moment where you aren’t gonna be able to hide the baby bump and maybe if you are okay with it. You could at like I was the father.” He said looking at you.

“Are you serious?” You asked shocked.

“Yeah I mean I like you. Like not like like but I do like you and I know that once people find out you are pregnant they are gonna be asking you who the dad is.” He said as he came to sit next to you.

“But we aren’t even together.” You said looking at him.

“I know but we could pretend at school. I just wanna make things easier for you.” He said with a smile.

“Justin are you sure you can handle that thought. A  lot of people are gonna be saying stuff.” You said playing with your hands.

“Exactly and if I pretend to be the dad then you won’t have to go through that alone.” He said with a huge smile.

“Okay then I like that idea. Thanks Justin.” You said as you hugged him.

“No problem I just don’t want you to go through this alone.” He said as he pulled back from the hug.

The next day you were feeling so bad. You just couldn’t stop throwing up. Lucky for you you stopped long enough to get ready for school. You and Justin told Alex your plan to pretend that he was your boyfriend so that he knew you weren’t really together. You told them that you were feeling really bad today but sadly they couldn’t really do anything about it. You and Justin walked into school holding hands and everyone of course started to whisper if you and him were together now. The first class of the day you had with Montgomery again and again you and him sat next to each other.

“So I was right you and Justin are together.” He said looking forward.

“Yeah we are.” You said not looking up at him.

“Well I guys then that you didn’t really love me as much as you said you did since you were able to get over me so quickly.” He whispered as he cleaned closer to you to make sure no one heard him.

You turned around and looked at him angrily. Lucky for him the two of you were in class and you couldn’t slap him or you would have.

“How dare you so that. You knew how much I loved you. You knew how hard it was for me to let you in and for me to admit that I actually liked you. And don’t you dare say that I got over you quickly when you are the one who already got with Jessica the day after you broke up with me.” You said angrily trying to hold in tears.

Montgomery saw the hurt look on your face and he looked down. Before looking up again with an apologetic look.

“Look I-I’m sorry I shouldn’t have…..” He started before you cut him off.

“Just forget it okay. Can you pleas just do me a favor and leave me alone.” You said turning away from him angrily.

The rest of the class neither of you said anything to each other. The teacher asked you a question and you were about to answer it when you felt some throw up coming up. You covered your mouth with your hand and just ran out of the classroom and to the toilets. You stayed there the rest of the class. When the bell rang you walked out of the toilet’s and went to your locker and waited for Justin when Monty walked up to you.

“Hey are you alright?” He asked concerned.

“Yeah I’m fine.” You said harshly as you threw some books in your locker.

“Are you sure? I mean you threw up like out of no where.” He said as he leaned against the lockers.

“Look I said I’m fine okay. I just ate some bad food yesterday and I’ve been throwing up ever since okay. Now can you please just leave me alone.” You said as you pulled some books out of your locker and closed it.

“Hey babe. Everything alright?” Justin asked as he walked up to you and put an arm around your shoulder and glared at Monty.

“Yeah Montgomery was just leaving. Right.” You said glaring at him.

“Yeah I was. See you later Justin.” He said as he walked away.

“What happened?” Justin asked as he moved to the place were Monty was standing just a few seconds earlier.

“Nothing I just ran out of class because I had to throw up and Montgomery came to ask if I was okay.” You said as you crossed your arms.

“Okay if he ever annoys you just let me know okay.” He said with a smile.

“Yeah okay.” You said as you took his hand and the two of you walked to your next class.

The next few weeks were very ruff. You started to throw up more at school and you were starting to look a little bloated and people started to notice. You already had to go to the mall to get bigger pants. School was really hard because people were starting to spread rumors. Some of them were of you just getting fatter because your parents were putting a lot of pressure on you and some of them were about you being pregnant with Justin’s baby. The pregnancy rumor was the biggest rumor which makes sense since that one is true. Because everyone thought that you were pregnant with Justin’s baby that made Jessica really jealous even though she broke up with him. Right now you were standing at your locker listening to Jessica fighting with Justin.

“What the hell Justin?” Jessica asked when she walked up to him.

“What?” He asked confused.

“You got Y/N pregnant. How did that happen?” She asked him angrily.

“Jess it’s just a stupid rumor okay don’t believe everything you hear. And anyway why do you care we aren’t together anymore.” He said crossing his arms.

“Yeah so just because we broke up doesn’t mean that you get to ruin your life by knocking someone up.” She said angrily as she crossed her arms.

“I didn’t knock someone up okay. Just leave me alone Jessica.” He said as he walked away and towards you.

“You okay?” You asked as you closed your locker.

“Yeah it’s just the rumor that is starting to spread more. But hey this was my idea so that you didn’t have to get through this alone.” He said as he hugged you.

“And also technically you didn’t lie to her you didn’t knock me up.” You said with a little laugh.

“Exactly.” He said laughing.

A few weeks later it was only starting to get worse your stomach was starting to grow lucky for you could still hid it a little with baggy shirts and wearing Justin’s jacket. But it was just getting harder and harder to deny the rumor. Justin had invited you to come with him to Bryce’s after school and first you didn’t want to go but then he was able to convince you to come by saying that it was a good idea to get your mind off of things. You and Justin arrived at Bryce’s together and you were still wearing Justin’s jacket.

“Hey dude.” Bryce said as he man hugged Justin.

“Hey Y/N happy to see you.” He said with a smile.

You just smiled and walked into Bryce’s house with Justin.

“You guys go to the pool house I’ll be right there.” Bryce said as he walked away to the kitchen.

“I really don’t think this was a good idea.” You said as you and him walked outside.

“Yes it is come on I’m here okay I’m not leaving your side.” He said with a smile.

He opened the door to the pool house and walked inside with you.

“Oh would you look at that the happy couple.” Zach said as he stood up to high five Justin.

Monty was sitting on the couch playing video games with Alex but you could see him rolling his eyes.

“Hey Y/N.” Alex said as he quickly turned around and smiled at you.

“Sup Lex.” You said with a smile as you went to sit next to him on the couch.

“Nothing much.” He said with a small shrug.

Justin came to sit on the back rest of the couch behind you. Bryce walked back inside with some more beer and handed Justin one and held one out to you.

“Oh uh no thanks.” You said with a small smile.

“Yeah didn’t you know Bryce Y/N’s pregnant you can’t drink alcohol when you’re pregnant.” Zach said with a little laugh.

“Fuck you Dempsey.” Justin said throwing a pillow at him.

You looked at the side and saw Monty clenching his jaw and he had an angry look on his face.

“Oh no I know I’ve heard the rumors. Who knew little Justie here would get a girl pregnant.” Bryce said as he patted Justin on the back.

“Hey fuck off okay. She’s not pregnant okay it’s just a stupid rumor.” He said as he took a swig of his beer.

“Can you guys just shut up about it.” Monty said angrily looking at Bryce.

“Sorry man why are you so sensitive about this?” Bryce asked looking at Monty with a smirk.

“I’m just trying to concentrate on this game otherwise Standall is gonna kill me.” Monty said focusing on the game again.

Lucky for you the guys finally let it go except for Monty he was still looking very annoyed and angry. Suddenly you got a text and you looked down at your phone to see who it was.

Monty: Need to talk to u

You looked at him confused while he just put away his controller.

“I’m gonna go get another beer.” He said as he stood up and looked at you and nodded his head very lightly to let you know to follow him.

You waited a few seconds after he left before you also stood up.

“I’ve got go to the toilet.” You told Justin before you walked out of the pool house.

You walked into Bryce’s house and looked Monty you turned a corner when a hand grabbed the back of Justin’s jacket and pulled it off of you. You turned around and saw Monty standing there with Justin’s jacket.

“I knew it I knew you were lying.” He said a she looked at your stomach that was kind of noticeable under your baggy shirt.

“Well congratulations you found out I’m pregnant.” You said angrily as you grabbed Justin’s jacket again.

“What the hell Y/N.” He said angrily.

“What!?” You asked angrily as you put on Justin’s jacket again.

“You’re pregnant with Justin’s kid.” He said angrily as he crossed his arms.

“Why do you care?” You asked annoyed.

“I care because I know you how the hell did this happen?” He asked pointing at your belly.

“It just happened okay.” You said trying to walk away.

“Yeah but with Justin. Really.” He said as he made sure you couldn’t pass.

“Look I didn’t choose this okay.” You said angrily.

“I know but still. I mean Justin had a messed up life how is he gonna help. I I just can’t believe that you are having a kid with Justin.” He said and he ust kept on rambling.

“Oh my god Montgomery shut up! Justin isn’t the father, you are!” You yelled at him annoyed. 

Never Say Never (Part 9)

Pairing: Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader
Word Count: 1,310
Warnings: Cussing. Minor Violence.
Sequel: Part 9/12 of  Never Say Never

A huge thanks to @lucis-unicorn for helping beta, come up with ideas, and write this story.   She’s the best - listens to me freak out and fan girl (sometimes at the same time).

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This Birthday was unique, it was magical, kind and sweet, nice and quiet, and it was full of light and emotions thanks to everyone who was involved, and thanks to incredible friend I was blessed to find - Sasha (@jesusonthetortillas)

I have read every single message she got for me from you all, and she wrapped them in tiny hand-made envelopes, so I’ve spent 3 hours straight on reading your messages one by one =) 

Together Sasha and Avi ( @aviator116) brought me tons of amazing art supplies, so I could continue drawing nomatter what, hehe. =) Look at these amazing cupcakes they are!

I wanted to thank ALL of you

@zmediaoutlet @sisspoo @spider999now @nouilleverte @saawek @one-wayward-daughter @vieroksuja @beekeepercain @jaredsnuggles @noeizumispn @fromtatooine @vyles-ray @whimsycatcher @syllirium @yifera @destielmaniac @awabubbles @nobledemons @ameliacampbell @emmalenagrace @varyupon @hellhoundsprey @augustinel @rosworms @sarawh @kit-yoker @lotolle @bakasara @domlerrys @noolysfriends @sadhippies666 @calamity-annie @esther-viola @etasagittae @stardustandmelancholy @ravennowithtea @yongsiao @beccj @bamf-castiel @arkarti @aceriee-san @thefriendlypigeon @whatdoesntfit @cluelessakemi @dinabayart @misha-collins-angel-of-thursday @wigglebox @spnheart @thenizu @baneme @tremendouslyspeedywolf @kayaczek @greymichaela @nunubunkie @spacemonsterart @petite-madame @kristsune @eliseiz @meldau @everkings @teyyaross @impalartsociopath @singersalvageart @k6034 @museaway @lostinroadsuntravelled @quickreaver @weallneedcastiel @darthfar @marmaladica @jackie-illustration @sketchydean @elnawen @mycolour @g-g-goats @mybluetie @plays-with-shadows @themadknightuniverse @belaozu @cherryteddy @scribblyscratch @winchestersonmars @venuscas @itscrustylipsmcgee @kittrose @quercusrubra @consulting-cannibal @noctemus @shoutitdown @charliebravery @sleepingexplorer @mazenoodle @io-fandof @ammosart @pimp-shark @misidoesthings @cupofmadtoeat @crabackles @maddieroseart @castielnovacs

I have no words, I cried while reading these notes, I had no idea how huge  my #SPNfamily was. Thank you for all your love and support!!!

<3 <3 <3


Welp, after…..I don’t know how long, I’ve finished it! XD
What if sparing Sans looked like this?
This idea has been in my head for a while, and I just wanted to get it out, haha.

This is my second time using CACANi for anything and my first time using CACANi for an entire video.

This will be my last Undertale animation for a LONG time, because I’m out of ideas, haha.

I also wanna give a HUGE thanks to Strelok for providing the sound effects and Zedrin and Courtney for providing their voices as Sans and Frisk respectively in this animation. They are all very talented and amazing people, so feel free to check out their channels/Tumblrs if you want:

Strelok’s Channel:

Zedrin’s Tumblr:

Courtney -Project SNT-’s Tumblr:

Programs used:  
-FL Studio (Music)
-CACANi (Character animation)
-Medibang Paint (Backgrounds)
-Sony Vegas (Composition and special effects)

Also on YouTube btw:

Cassian x Reader, Part 3

Title: Whatever It Takes / AO3
Part 1: tumblr
Part 2: tumblr 
Length: 9k
Rating: Series M for language, sexual content, mentions of torture.
Summary: It’s even harder for Reader to leave the second time around and when Cassian finds her waiting in the docking bay for a ship to take her away from Yavin IV, she says the one thing she knew she shouldn’t, “I want to stay.”
A/N: This took FOREVER to write and I’m so sorry. A huge thank you to @firefeatherx who beta’d and bounced ideas around with me :)
Masterlist / WIP List

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on Thursday night I boarded an @airnz 767 from Dunedin, New Zealand to travel down towards the Antarctic Circle to view the Aurora Australis. This was the first commercial flight to view the Aurora out of New Zealand, and I have to tell you it was an amazing experience! A huge thanks has to go to Ian Griffin @portobellopictures for coming up with this idea in the first place and then going through with it and making it a reality. I also gave an in-flight astrophotography workshop, which I believe hasn’t been done before, and then it was time to sit back and enjoy the aurora out the window.

The time-lapse from inside the cabin was certainly the first motion controlled time-lapse I’ve shot on a plane using a @SYRP_ Genie Mini, and then I managed to shoot a 2 hour time-lapse of the aurora through the window. The footage is a like more shakey than I had hoped for, but it’s not an easy feat getting stable shots from a tripod in an airplane, but I am just really stoked to have had this incredible experience!

A Place to Call Home pt. 4


Pairing: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Wordcount: 4,717

Warnings: Language

A/N: This is one of the shorter parts but there is still quite a bit that happens. Once again, huge thank you to Chloe ( @writing-obrien) for letting me run an idea past her. As always, I hope you guys like it, let me know what you think. ENJOY! 

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Never Say Never (Part 7)

Pairing: Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader
Word Count: 1,121
Warnings: Slight mention of blood. Cussing.
Sequel: Part 7/? of  Never Say Never

A huge thanks to @lucis-unicorn for being my beta and my idea bouncer and at times a co-author.  As always you are amazing !!  

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Richonne Favorites Project

Huge thanks to @richonnejustdesserts for this idea (and for just being generally awesome). If you’re a writer and/or reader, I encourage you to participate!

Part I – My Work


Oh, how I love this little story. I usually take it with a grain of salt when people tell me this, but I do feel like Her could’ve been part of the show. I wanted a satisfying slow burn that mined everything happening at the end of season 5, and I think I got there. Even with Jessie included, I feel I did her character justice, while still making it clear that Rick was in love with Michonne. It was just a delight to write from start to finish. 


The One With The Bet came about as a fic request, asking that Rick and Michonne make a bet not to have sex, but unable to handle it, they start cheating so the other can lose. Needless to say, it was quite amusing coming up with ways for the two of them to tease and torture one another. And while writing sex scenes isn’t usually my favorite thing, settling this bet was as fun for me as it was for Richonne. 


Due to the subject matter of Lemonade, I did not think many readers would take to this story at all. But instead, the response was swift and it was overwhelming. By the second chapter, I was asking myself, “What did I do?” And while most of the reception was incredibly positive, it left a lot of hype to live up to. (Mainly in my own head.) And of course the negative feedback stayed with me for days on end. All while trying to tell probably my most complex story to date. And I had surgery while in the middle of writing it. So yeah, definitely the most stressful. But also the most fulfilling in the end. 


With over 90,000 views, 1000 reviews, and featured on BuzzFeed (?!), Lemonade is far and away my most popular story. Probably helped by the fact that it was written just after Richonne went canon. But half a year later, I’m still in awe.