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Voltron Actor AU

Hey guys, so there’s a decent amount of people who seem interested in my actor AU, so I decided to gather up some of the ideas I have and put them all on this post! Please note, I have not fully fleshed out everything in this AU, so if there’s very little information revolving around certain characters or just in general, then I sincerely apologize. I will happily take ideas, so anyone is free to send me stuff through my inbox, or just reblog this post and add stuff here! I’ll make a masterpost of this AU later on to make it easier for everyone. Also, this IS a Sheith AU, so please no hate. Alright, so I’ll shut up now.



So in actor AU the entirety of the Voltron cast are all “real-life actors” who are all in a live-action sci-fi show called Voltron!

Shiro is played by a disabled, Japanese actor who, funny enough, is named Takashi like his character! His full name is Takashi Hiroshi Takahashi-Kogane. Keith’s actor is played by a famous Korean musician named Kyung Ryu Takashi-Kogane (yep, if you didn’t guess it already, Shiro’s and Keith’s actors are married ;) ). Pidge’s actor is a genderflui actor named Morrigan James who is just getting into the acting world, but does just as good of a job as the more experienced cast, like Takashi. Lance’s actor is a famous Latin American actor by the name of Manolo Almirante, and Hunk’s actor is Haulani Hani Kealoha (or as he is often referred by family and friends “HaHa”) I still haven’t come up with a name for Allura’s, Coran’s, or any of the other actors names or fully fleshed them out. (Feel free to help me out with that) So here’s some more miscellaneous information on the cast and crew of this AU!

  • Takashi is a disabled actor, but unlike his character who lost his right arm through a traumatic experience, he simply wasn’t born with his right arm. 
  • He actually does a bit of modeling in fashion shows dedicated to people with disabilities and donates all the money to charities for children with disabilities
  • He practices some martial arts, and is pretty good at kickboxing
  • He’s married to Keith’s actor Kyung
  • The two met by accident when they stayed at the same hotel when traveling and pretty much hit it off right from the start
  • They dated for several years before getting engaged and having a slightly secret marriage (they didn’t want a huge fuss so they may or may  not have eloped)
  • The directors for the show kept getting frustrated with these two, because damnit stop looking at each other all lovey dovey while we’re in the middle of scene, but then when people started shipping the two characters, the director went fuckit, and started lowkey hinting towards Sheith.
  • Takashi is basically a real-life embodiment of Shiro and was actually hired on the spot when he went to audition for his part.
  • Now onto Keith’s actor Kyung- as stated before he’s a famous, Korean musician.
  • Acting is not his main career, and typically prefers to focus on his music than acting, but he HAD to be in Voltron, because the old 80s Voltron show was part of his childhood so ye
  • Kyung is super chill, and is nowhere near hot-headed like Keith, so seeing him play this very agressive and angry character is so shocking???
  • Seriously, Kyung is super chill and laid back??? It’s so weird?
  • Either way, he does an amazing job as Keith
  • Like Takashi, he does do martial arts and is damn good at it
  • Kyung always had a crush on Takashi even before they officially met
  • Pidge’s actor, Morrigan, is extremely new to acting
  • Like seriously, this is their first acting job, but they’re so amazing???
  • While Morrigan plays the youngest paladin, Morrigan is the oldest in the main Voltron team (Shiro,Hunk,Keith, Lance)
  • The cast jokingly say “When I was your age-” “YOU HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN MY AGE!”
  • Morrigan is dating Allura’s actress, because HOTDAMN
  • Okay, so Lance’s actor is Manolo, and is a famous singer in his hometown in Cuba, and when he sings he’s a smooth motherfucker
  • On the first day of shooting he hit on Kyung AND Takashi unaware that they were married to each other
  • When he found out he was so embarrassed and immeditely became a flustered mess and apologized profusely
  • Kyung and Takashi were chill about it, but never let Manolo live it down
  • EVER
  • Manolo is actually really shy, and he’s almost the exact opposite of his character Lance
  • He and Kyung become total bros
  • The ultimate BROTP
  • Sometimes they sing together and pester the rest of the cast members by following them around and singing as loudly as possible
  • Manolo is a major romantic and helps Kyung be more romantic
  • Imagine that scene in The Book of Life where Manolo sings to Maria at her balcony
  • Imagine that reenacted with Kyung sitting on top of Manolo’s shoulders trying to sing to a very embarrassed and flustered Takashi
  • Manolo has a ridiculously huge crush on Haulani (Hunk’s actor)
  • Speaking of Hunk’s actor, Haulani is fairly new to acting, but still has a few years on newbies Morrigan and Allura’s actress
  • Just like his character Haulani is a major sweetheart
  • He’s a really good surfer and used to participate in huge surfing competitions and would even got first place on some
  • He has lots of tattoos on his arms and shoulders
  • Has a giant turtle tattoo on his back, because they are absolutely his favorite animal
  • Haulani has a bit of a crush on Lance, but doesn’t think Lance feels the same way
  • Everything on the show is almost completely improvised
  • I’m not joking
  • Everyone’s favorite “I CRADLED YOU IN MY ARMS” scene was improvised and was just a joke between castmates
  • Haulani shouting “I’M A LEG”
  • When the team was making terrible lazer sound affects
  • Takashi was supposed to say something really serious, but completely forgot his lines and instead did the “BLAM BLAM BLAM” thing
  • Everyone went along with it
  • The directors kept it, because it was A+
  • Sometimes the directors tell the V team to do whatever they thought their character would do
  • Manolo’s last words before getting wreckt


Alright, so this is all I have for now, please feel free to add on whatever ideas you may have! I will pick my favorites and put them in the masterpost, but still, go right ahead and go nuts. I do have some sketches of the V team actors, but I’ll post them later on.