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“Sanji x Nami is so one-sided...” pt. 1

“Nami doesn’t care about Sanji at all!”

I was reminded recently why I don’t search the tags for this ship.  I came across the above when I let curiosity get the better of me.  So I was motivated to point out some major moments when Nami “doesn’t care” about Sanji.  Be prepared.  This is going to be pretty long…

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anonymous asked:

My my look at how fat you've gotten I bet you get out of breath walking up stairs. Id love to see you all doughy and sweaty climbing a huge set of stairs.

Hehehe, don’t you worry, I actually do start getting out of breath from stairs >\

holy shit there is a ghost in the house where I work!!! my boss always tells me it’s haunted and I’m like hehe okay dude but like. okay so this house is a pre civil war home where the governor of Alabama lived up until the civil war. it is set up just like any other old mansion like a huge stair case and balconies overlooking the foyer. I’m upstairs setting up some tables for a lunch reception and the door opened and closed as tho someone was walking out like I saw it with my own two ojos and I’m so scared I’m sitting in the corner typing this and I’m shaking but I don’t even believe in ghosts

Take a Chance on Me

Jily modern muggle college au. Where James just might be a huuge ABBA fan.


Though Lily was hesitant to touch the door for fear that James’ lunacy was contagious, she knocked quickly three times. “POTTER! I AM TRYING TO GET SOME WORK DONE!” She had known since move-in day that her neighbors were trouble and now it was November and she couldn’t stand it anymore.

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