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How would a beach episode play out in SNK? A musical episode?

A beach episode would start with Eren bursting into the HQ and declaring that they really badly need to have a trip to the beach. Levi would punch his head and Eren would go down. But Erwin would say Eren’s right, so the next day they all go to the beach, which is actually just a river and not the sea, but that’s okay. Bertholdt would try to peak at the girls changing, Reiner would build a huge sand castle with Connie and Sasha and then crush it armored Titan style, Levi would sit far away from it all and be pissed, because the money for this trip could have been used on tea. Erwin would wear embarrassing swimming pants that are too tight. Eren would try to catch fish, which wouldn’t work at all, Mikasa on the other hand catches all the fish. Jean drools over Mikasa in a bathing suit. Ymir pushes Historia in the water and Historia pulls her in with her. Half way through the whole thing Annie, Marlo and Hitch come walking by being on patrol and ask what’s going on and that they’re not allowed to do this. Erwin says he has a permit and shows them a piece of paper saying “I do what I want”. Annie gags at the sight of Erwin’s bathing pants. Hitch is already undressed and putting sunscreen on and tells Annie and Marlo to go on patrolling without her. Marlo gets nose bleed and Annie just leaves.

Anyone, derisively: Man, that one part with [whatever] in Star Wars was so ridiculous.
Me, dreamily: Yeah. Wasn’t it great?! 

Suitors at the Beach!!!

It’s summertime! I hadn’t seen this before, I apologize if someone else has done this.

Leo -
God help him, and someone get the SPF 150, is there a higher SPF? He needs it.
Wears some funky colored board shorts.
Stays under the umbrella all day and reads. Burns anyway.
Beach towel has parrots on it.
At night he and MC search for seashells, he steps on a Jellyfish and asks MC to pee on his foot 😂

Giles -
Makes sure everyone has sunscreen, sunglasses, and plenty of water.
Wears weirdo short shorts and ties his hair up (haaawt).
Wears a huge ass wide brimmed straw hat.
Brings a fan and one of those misting things- mists MC while she tans 😏
Bless him, he cannot swim well.
Cheetah print beach towel.

Robert -
Wears green swim trunks and unbuttoned floral shirt, and a hat.
Builds huge fucking sand castle and other sand sculptures.
Collects seashells with MC at night to make her a bracelet.
Paints a sunset one evening. 😙
Did he even get in the water?

Albert -
Self conscious of his body. Wears tank top and swim trunks, and sunglasses with the thing around his neck so he won’t lose them.
Wears typically thick dab of sunscreen on his nose.
Researches local shark attacks before getting in the water.
Helps Robert build a sand castle.
Only one MC trusts to rub sunscreen on her, and she asks if her boobs look ok in this swimsuit… 😳
Brings picnic blanket and lunches. 😁

Nico -
Runs away before Albert can put sunscreen on him.
Demolishes sand castles and sculptures.
Likes to scare the shiznit out of MC when she’s on a floaty in the water.
Gets super sunburnt; asks MC to rub aloe vera on him 🙃
Chicken fights with Sid, Leo, Alyn, Louis, Rayvis, and MC.
Loses his swim trunks in the ocean for a bit, has to run down the beach naked to get them where they wash up 😂
Wears himself tf out and sleeps like baby (so precious).

Sid -
Swears he’s gonna show up in a speedo, fortunately wears some dark colored board shorts, and a pair of aviators.
Brings Jess and she loves to swim.
Likes to show off all his tats.
Likes to surf, and pretty good at it.
Brings cooler of drinks.
Also ties his hair back.
Is freaked out by crabs because he thinks they’re creepy. 🤣

Louis -
Ewww sunlight and ppl.
Has the best beach hair, wears some blueish board shorts and LV sunglasses.
Plays volleyball with Alyn, Rayvis, and Byron.
Only one who MC will sit on his shoulders for chicken fights.
Loves sunsets the most.
Drinks coconut water with a straw
Finds the biggest most beautiful sea shells. ☺️

Rayvis -
Wears grey board shorts, and Oakley sunglasses, and has a plaid towel.
Builds a campfire at night for s'mores.
Likes walks along the beach and watching the sunset or stars at night.
Gets a splinter in his foot and MC removes it for him and gives him a band aid.
Pokémon beach towel.
Does not like being in the water if he can’t see the bottom - constantly creeped by “something touching his foot” 😆

Alyn -
Ripped. Best beach body. But super humble.
Kills it at volleyball, and can also surf.
Plays frisbee with Arthur.
Wears board shorts- actually has quite a few pairs.
Gets some super cute freckles when he tans.
Brings a picnic basket with baked goods.
Best swimmer also. 😳

Byron -
Wears speedo (stop staring) and eyepatch (until everyone makes him take it off, because tan lines)
Has a Hello Kitty beach towel and cheapo sunglasses… still hot af.
Swims like a damn dolphin.
Likes to sit in the inner tube and chill.
Sits up all night with MC to look at the stars and watch the sunrise. 😊

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How about a one shot or scenario where poly Roadrat have children with their s/o? Big 'ol family of trash people.

I hope you like this!

You wake up earlier than everyone else as you quietly sneak out of bed, careful not to wake Roadhog or Junkrat. Easier said than done since you sleep right in the middle of the two. As you finally get out of bed, you see Roadhog awake, quietly watching you. You give him a kiss on the forehead and tell him to go back to sleep as you throw a robe on and head downstairs. You spend the next hour preparing lunch and breakfast. Loud footsteps race downstairs, as pairs of arms and laughter can be heard running towards you. Your son and daughter hug you, burying their faces in your legs and say their good mornings to you. You laugh and scoot them to the table to eat. Junkrat takes the opportunity when you back is turned and embraces you from behind, nuzzling your neck.

He says goodmorning and asks why you weren’t there when he woke up. You turn around in his arms and tell him that you were excited for today and decided to wake up early. Roadhog’s hand rests on your shoulder, and you jump. You pout at Roadhog, telling him not to scare you like that again. He gives a low chuckle and goes to the table and pats the kids as he sits down next to them. Junkrat cackles and hugs the children, messing their hair in the process. Later, after haphazardly fitting everyone and thing into the Junkers motorbike, you arrive to the beach. You find a place farther from the crowds of people, knowing that Junkrat will probably try to blow something up. You watch the children splashing in the water and playing with Roadhog.

Junkrat makes you sit in his lap, his arms wrapped around you as he excitedly explains how he and the kids are going to build a huge sand castle and blow it up. You laugh at his idea and smile, watching the children try to climb Roadhog. He turns to you and gives you a thumbs up and you wave back enthusically. You join them and have a water fight between the three. As the day progresses, you watch Junkrat run away from the children as they chase after him, laughing and throwing sand at each other. You and Roadhog lounge under the umbrella, you read out loud as he listens to you. You continue to read until you hear the first of Junkrat’s bombs go off and an explosion of sand hits you. You see Junkrat and the children laughing as they quickly make sandcastles and throw bombs at them. Roadhog mumbles and quickly moves you to the other side of him so you are not pelted by sand. He hums at you, and you take that as an indication to continue to read as he continues to listen while also keeping an eye on Junkrat and the kids.

On the journey home, the kids fall asleep in your arms, covered in sand and exhausted from a day full of fun. Roadhog carries them to their beds as Junkrat carries you to the bed, embracing you and nuzzling your neck. Roadhog comes in and he presses soft kisses on top of your head, placing his huge, warm and on your hip. You fall asleep cradled between your two lovers; so much love fills your heart.

Hear me out again ok

What about the arcadia gays going to the beach?
•Max , Chloe and Kate building a huge sand castle and Victoria watching the 3 with a smile on her face
•The 3 running into the water.
•Victoria dragged into the water by her girlfriends
•Beach Volleyball!
•Chloe digging deep holes underwater only telling Kate about the locations of the holes, and their unfortunate victim was Max and her whole body literally sank and after she has swam out of the hole she was like “OH MY DOG WHAT WAS THAT IT’S NOT EVEN THAT DEEP HERE.”
•Chloe bursting into laughter, Kate giggles and tells Max about it and Max splashed water on Chloe.
•the ot4 lying on the sand with their sunglasses on.
•Chloe falling asleep and waking up with her body buried in the sand with sand boobs.
•Vic gets stares and kate adorably covers her with her towel and max and chloe going “U WANNA FITE BRUH.”
•Kate gets stares and Vic, Max and Chloe loses their chill like “IMMA FUQ U UP/FITE ME/ILL RUIN YOUR LIFE.”
•Max gets stares and Kate adorably goes like “F-FITE ME.” while shakily raising her smol fists up and Vic,Max and Chloe just stared and admired the qt pa2tie bunbun.
•Chloe gets stares and it feeds her ego and goes “ayeee chica. *wink wonk*” Vic pulled her by her ear to her truck with Max and kate tagging along carrying their stuff.

What the signs would do if they were stranded on an island
  • Aries: explore the island
  • Taurus: cry in a corner
  • Gemini: start building a shelter and start a fire
  • Cancer: find an animal to adopt as a pet and have a friend
  • Leo: create new clothes for them
  • Virgo: sleep in the sand
  • Libra: try to find any human life
  • Scorpio: climb a palm tree
  • Sagittarius: run around the island naked
  • Capricorn: shout for help to any boats close to them
  • Aquarius: build a huge sand castle
  • Pisces: swim to the nearest city/boat/land

I owe you all PJO Headcanons because I haven’t contributed much lately. I apologize for the excessive GMW but I couldn’t help it.

  • Percy and Piper go surfing near her home whenever they can. They bring Annabeth along for the sole purpose of drenching her and teaming up against her.
  • (Until Piper changes sides and they gang up on Percy who requires backup from Jason, who is often charmspeaked, though it doesn’t work, to side with the girls).
  • Hazel is actually a pretty good swimmer despite never having taken lessons. Percy and Piper manage to teach her quite quickly.
  • Frank often turns into a fish for fun and goes around tickling everyone. Other times he turns into a massive dolphin and gives the rest rides.
  • Reyna is the worst at splash wars but she loves participating.
  • Nico loves buying Ice Cream as many times as the Ice Cream man come around. They all eat loads and loads.
  • Jason feels the lack of his glasses in the water since he’s so used to them (even though his eyesight isn’t too bad). The others take advantage of this when he’s sometimes disoriented.
  • Leo sneaks up on everyone when they are asleep and dumps buckets of water on them.
  • They all join together to make a HUGE sand castle that wins all the sandcastle competitions. In the end Piper charm speaks the judges into giving it to the second best.

I know these are horrible but work with me. I’ll make a comeback to the PJO fandom soon enough guys. It’s my default so I always come back.