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(L O O K i know this is not even remotely a response to the prompt of ‘bruce wayne gets railed by huge demon dicks’ but also you are all terrible sinners and this is quite frankly a best-case scenario)

It was easy to follow the path of the ratty brown trenchcoat traveling through tuxedos and gowns.

“Wayne! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Bruce had been watching him stomp his way up the stairs, and had made no effort to meet him, standing and sipping at his champagne. “John!” he greeted, too cheerful to ever be genuine. “Glad to see you got your invitation.”

“Yes, I know I wasn’t — what?” Constantine stopped in his tracks with a frown. “What invitation?”

Your invitation,” Bruce said, gesturing to all assembled. “To the party. Which I assume you accepted, since you’re here. I knew you’d have to show up to one of them, eventually.”

“I don’t…”

The facts were these:

  • Bruce Wayne had apparently invited John Constantine to a party despite having no reason to believe it was necessary or desired.
  • ‘One of them, eventually’ suggested that he had invited John to many such parties.
  • A party was often the easiest time to find and corner Bruce Wayne, when he couldn’t go handcuffing anyone to anything with ridiculous bat-shaped handcuffs.
  • John never expected or waited for invitations to parties.
  • Bruce could not possibly have been monitoring John’s activities closely enough to know when he ought to invite him to a party.


  • Bruce Wayne had been sending John Constantine invitations to every party he had thrown in the last six years, for the express purpose of ensuring that John could never have the satisfaction of crashing a posh party uninvited.

John’s eyes narrowed. “You unbelievably petty asshole.”

The pull at the corner of Bruce’s mouth suggested that he knew that John knew what Bruce had done, and this knowledge of his knowledge pleased him inordinately. He sipped at his champagne.

“Do you know who it is that you were just flirting with?” Constantine asked, returning to his original reason for talking to the man at all.

Bruce’s eyebrow only barely moved higher than the other. “I don’t know that I would say that I was flirting, necessarily,” Bruce said.

“Oh, I know what you look like when you’re flirting,” John reminded him, and Bruce’s eyes flitted away back over the crowd. “You were flirting.” Bruce shrugged. “Did you even catch his name?”

The corners of Bruce’s mouth turned ever-so-slightly downward, a twitch in his brow that wasn’t a furrow. His champagne flute drifted away from his mouth. “I don’t think I did,” he said, and this admission of his oversight was said with the awestruck manner that most people reserved for a glimpse of the divine.

Appropriately enough.

“You’ve been flirting with the Devil,” Constantine informed him, in as blunt of terms as he could manage.

“I don’t see what that has to do with anything,” Bruce said. “I haven’t seen Talia in months.”

John huffed, grabbing Bruce by the arm and pulling him toward the railing overlooking the ballroom. “Not the metaphorical devil,” he said. “I mean Lucifer, the Fallen, Prince of Lies, the Dark Lord Satan. You have been flirting with the King of Hell.” He gestured with both arms toward the circle of besotted partygoers surrounding the man to whom Bruce had been speaking.

Bruce scoffed. The man in question looked up from the dance floor. His eyes were all the colors of a sunset, and cherubic golden curls formed a halo around his head. He saw Bruce, and he smiled.

Bruce almost smiled back. It was the beginnings of a smile, a beginning that spoke of an ignoble end, asymmetrical and soft and small.

He stopped. He turned his head away, and his face went a familiar blank shape. He glanced back toward the angelic figure out of the corner of his eye, as if to confirm the effect, before looking away again. He set his empty champagne flute down on the rail.

“That is the Devil,” he repeated for confirmation.


“King of Hell.”

“Technically retired.”


“He just sort of putters around these days,” Constantine admitted.

“He seemed nice,” said Bruce, who now seemed wary of looking toward the party.

“He does tend to.”

Bruce’s gaze drifted back toward Lucifer.

“Wayne. No.”


“You’re thinking about it. I can tell you’re thinking about it. Theology or philosophy or Stones lyrics. Stop it.”

“I just wish I’d known sooner,” Bruce said. He was watching those blonde curls intently. “I might have had some questions.”

“No. No.” John took Bruce by the shoulders. “That’s how it starts, just an innocent conversation, and then what? Look. I know we’ve had this little rivalry, you and me, over who can stick their dick in the least advisable place, but that is literally, actually Satan. You cannot fuck him. I don’t just mean you shouldn’t, I mean physically, it’s not possible. And even if you could — God knows, if anyone could find a way — it’s still literal, actual Satan we’re talking about here. There are very few things in this world I’m willing to state are absolutely and categorically bad, and one of them is fucking literal, actual Satan.”

Bruce grabbed a champagne flute off the tray of a passing waiter. “Despite what you seem to think, Mr. Constantine,” he said, “I have not yet sunk so far as to need lectures on ethics from you of all people.”

Mom doesn’t wish to see you [Part 7](Bruce Wayne imagine)

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Requested: Yes
Request: Mom doesn’t wish to see you part 7 at the gala??? I love that series
Summary: Not only do you find out that you’ve been cheated on, but so do the boys, and the aftermath.
Word count: 781
Warning(s): cheating, divorce

Everyone was getting ready for the gala, some more annoyed than the others. You agreed to go to the manor so you could all drive to the location together.

When you arrived you and bruce were quickly pulled into conversation. Bruces grip firm on your waist, as if afraid that you’ll run away. That left the boys all alone. They were boredly looking around when Tim saw something he didn’t wish to see. 

He quickly nudged the nearest brother,which happened to be Damian. “TT, what is it, Drake,” He grumbles, also catching the attention of Dick and Jason. “Is that, the woman?” Jason angrily questions, to which tim nods.

What pissed the boys off even more was the fact that she was shamelessly looking at Bruce like a hungry wolf would at it’s prey. “I’ll go distract her,” Dick says, walking towards the woman, as Jason makes his way to one of the waiters giving out wine.

As Dick finishes up the conversation, the woman starts walking into the crowd to presumably get to Bruce. Jason walks towards her, “accidentally” nudging her with his shoulder, causing the glass of red wine to get all over her red strapless dress, that looked rather expensive. “Oh my, I’m so sorry,” Jason gasped in fake concern as the woman sent him a pointed glare. “It’s fine,” She said through gritted teeth, headed towards the restrooms. 

Jason sent a look to Damian and Tim that told them that the woman hadn’t given up. the duo, despite their differences quickly headed to the buffet table, reading it and then running to the second floor, which was a huge balcony with glass railings, overlooking the whole room.

When she exited the ladies room, the boys waited to unleash their attack. She was passing below the large walkway that ran across the middle of the room. The boys quickly dropped small sticky cakes, and pieces of meat down on her, more stains forming on her dress, her makeup and hair ruined. 

Dick saw her run past her, tears in her eyes. he looked as her heals flashed out of the exit, her hands on her face in shame as he halls down a cab.

The boys smoothly drip back to the vicinity of their parents, a smug look on all of their faces. “Where were you ?” Bruce asks, looking them over suspiciously. The boys just shrug their shoulders, so Bruce drops it for the time being, while you don’t seem to notice anything wrong. 

After you all left the gala, bruce drops you off at your apartment before driving home. He had given Alfred the night off. 

The ride was quiet, but all of the boys had a look of pride and content in their eyes, which was unusual. And Damian and Tim seemed to be getting along as well, making Bruce even more suspicious.

As they get out of the car Bruce has had enough. “Everyone. Cave. Right now.” He commands as the boys take off running towards it. They all gather in front of the computer.

You four are up to something and I don’t like it,” Bruce says firmly. “TT, we have no idea what you’re talking about, father.” Damian says, his nose up to the sky, hands crossed over his chest. “The demons right,”  Jason commented, as Bruce gives them all the batglare, but none of them seem fazed.

“Alright, If none of you tell me, I’ll be forced to ban you all from patrol.” Bruce said. The boys quickly share a look before Dick speaks, “She was there.” He says.

“Who?” Bruce asks in confusion. “The woman,” Tim answers.

Bruce seems a bit taken back.

She was looking at you all night, trying to get between you and mother, so we had to take action.” Damian continues explaining. Bruce nods, as if a sign to continue. “Dick distracted her while I got some red wine, which I later dumped on her dress, but that didn’t seem to be too much of a problem for her.” Jason continued explaining.

Than me and Drake got some food that we dropped on her, which made her finally leave, don’t worry, nobody saw us, father. “ Damian proudly insures.

So you did all this for me and your mother?” Bruce asks in disguised wonder.”Of course, but more for mom’s sake,” Tim answers with a kind smile.

Well I’m proud of all of you, even though what you did wasn’t right, I’ll let it slide. This time. You won’t be banned from patrol after all.” Bruce says, as the boys all flood out of the cave in to their rooms. Leaving a proud Batdad behind.

Should I continue this? I could do a few more parts probably? Ideas and speculation always appreciated :D 


With love,

Casual reminder, for the sake of collective members discoursing, I am:

  • agender
  • feminine presenting (that is to say, misogyny gets aimed at me even though I do not identify as female)
  • asexual
  • not heteroromantic (dating a genderfluid person, have had crushes of multiple genders)
  • mentally ill 
  • neurodivergent (ADHD)
  • Jewish (and the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors)
  • a chronic illness sufferer who would be in chronic pain without medication (and who still has occasional flare-ups)

When I talk about reacting to Nazis, to ableism, to sexism, to aphobia, etc…it’s not theory for me. It’s all very, very real. The fear of antisemitism is huge to me because I have read my grandfather’s memoir about the camps, his stories of what he and my grandmother had to do to survive. The fear of health insurance in the US going off the rails is huge to me because I know what state not having my medication will leave me in–and how much it costs without insurance. Like…I’m not talking out my ass just to talk. 

I try, generally, to limit the amount of discourse I put on this blog, but when I do discourse, it’s because these things are really, really important to me and my life.

honestly you know is it really fair to condemn breeding pugs and bulldogs with squished faces and not all the other deformities we actively breed into dogs that are less jarring but equally detrimental? not that im saying we should encourage brachy dogs, by all means we should strive to introduce more moderate faces onto bulldogs of course

but like i never see anybody going after great dane breeders who have bred them for gigantic size and now have a breed that has a life expectancy of like 6 years due to all these health problems with their hearts and bones and whatever cause theyre abnormally and awkwardly huge. nobody ever really rails on dalmatians for how a huge percentage of the dogs are born deaf due to their spot mutation.

like yes the brachy breeds are bred on purpose for incapacitating traits, which is not okay, but so are many other breeds that nobody really gets up in arms over

why do people only shit on pugs and bulldogs and roached-back showline shepherds and nothing else

Wings, Cars and Angels Don't Mix

Title: Wings, Cars and Angels Don’t Mix
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel
Summary: Ticklish!Cas; Castiel is curious about the impala but a slight accident strikes. Sam and Dean become curious about the angels manifested wings.

Original Prompt: You know what you haven’t done yet? Wing tickles ;) Maybe Dean and Sam are teaching Cas about fixing cars and Cas is under Baby on his back, looking at the underside while they explain stuff, then Cas gets stuck and in a state of panic his wings appear (I don’t know how wings work lol) and Sam and Dean are super fascinated by them and start looking and poking at them, and discover how ticklish they are? And Cas can’t do anything because he doesn’t want to hurt Sam or Dean, or Baby!


There were many things in humanity that amused Castiel. Watching bees, watching the clouds and wondering about home. Watching the Winchesters, however, became a favorite of his. Those two brothers truly cared about no one else but each other. That was pure love he had only seen in one being. It amazed Castiel how close they were, how they could have conversations without talking, trading looks and reassuring squeezes on the shoulder or neck. The inadvertent I love you’s matched with an action. It was fascinating.

Currently, the Winchester brothers were at Bobby Singer’s place, Dean working on the Impala and Sam annoying his brother with teasing jabs and comments. The boys were acting like children. At one snooty comment, Dean grabbed one of the hoses and started spraying Sam, the youngest Winchester sputtering and laughing.

It made Castiel happy to see them so joyful after everything that’s happened, how easily they fell into place with each other. Sam, now sopping wet, pulled Dean into a big hug, making the older Winchester brother shriek in protest. It was amusing and Castiel felt honored that he could see them like this.

“You’re such a little bitch,” Dean groaned, ruffling Sam’s hair, making it stick in multiple directions.

“I’ve learned from you, jerk!” Sam answered, face split into a wide grin. Dean huffed fondly and turned to their angel friend.

“Hey Cas, get your feathered butt over here!”

Sam squeaked and ducked to the other side of the impala. Dean laughed openly at his brothers fear and motioned for Castiel to stand next to him.

“Since Sammy over here doesn’t seem to want to help me, I’m gonna need you too,” He already had a booster on the front wheels so it lifted lightly off the ground. “Besides, you never know when you’re gonna need these expert skills.“

“Expert?” Sam asked teasingly. Dean narrowed his eyes at his brother and crossed his arms.

“Keep talking like that, little brother and I’ll have to come shut you up,” Dean wiggles his fingers tauntingly at Sam. The kid burst into giggles like he actually was getting tickled. It amazed Cas how ticklish he was. Dean snorted and shook his head in disbelief before turning to Castiel. “Anyway, come on. I want you working on her underbelly.”

Castiel followed Dean to the floor, peeking under the lift. Sam was looking at them from the other side, eyes grazing over the impala’s figure.

“Okay, Cas. You’re gonna lean back on this,” He gave a small shove to a board on wheels to the angel who rolled it back curiously. Sam laughed as Dean rolled it back to Castiel. “And then you’re gonna roll under the car. You’ll be fine,” he reassured at the slight look of alarm Cas showed. “We will be here to help you.”

Cas nodded because, in all honesty, he trusted the Winchester’s with his life. That didn’t mean he wasn’t nervous though. Castiel let Dean lay him on his back and he hesitantly pushed himself under the car. He gave himself another push, only for his foot hit hit one of the lifts, making it fall askew. The car rumbled, lowering a bit i top of Cas. The angel could hear Dean curse and Sam’s cry of surprise, large hands gripping the rim of the car to keep it from falling any further. Cas felt the breath leave him at the thought of being trapped and frantically started squirming.

“Cas, calm down dude, we got you!” Sam tried reassuring as he pushed the car more firmly on the lift.

Castiel wanted to feel reassured but felt too confined. In his panic, he could feel his wings burst out, instinctively wanting to save him. He could hear the Winchester shout in surprise at the sight as his wings fluttered frantically to escape. Suddenly, a hand grabbed his wing, gently but firm, and carded long fingers through them, soothing the ruffles. Castiel could feel his breathing start slowing down as the initial panic began to fade.

Sam continued his soft ministrations, gently picking the feathers and maneuvering them back into place. He curiously slid his fingers through the oily wings, gawking at how beautiful they were. The wings were huge, one being as big as Sam at his full height; they were just like a ravens wings with purples, greens and blues mixed with the black ebony. Sam slid his fingers deeper through the piles of feathers till he reached the bone, running his nails over the muscle curiously. He didn’t expect to get slapped in the face by one while Cas cackled underneath the car.

“Are these seriously fucking angel wings?” Dean gaped, hands also exploring the long expanse. Castiel let out another shriek as Dean hit a sensitive place on the underbelly of his wings.

“P-Plehehease refrahahain from t-tohohohouching my wihihings!” Castiel begged, giggles pouring out of his mouth from the different touches. The Winchesters were so different with their movements. Dean had callouses all along his hands, they were rough but warm and soft at the same time. He was more grabby grabby and more bold when clutching feathers and exploring the bone structures.

Sam, on the other hand, was more gentle, hesitant. Like he was inspecting every feather. His long fingers caressed the skin underneath, creating massive tingly feelings all along his muscles. Sam’s hands also had a rough touch but were more feminine in a way as they slid effortlessly through his wings span.

One thing they had in common: both tickles like crazy.

Castiel bursts out into loud laughter as the finger progresses, both brothers adding another set of hands and continuing their ministrations.

“Plehehease! D-Dohohon’t tohohouch my wihihings!”

“Why? They are so freaking cool!” Dean praised, a smirk in his voice. The bastard knew what he was doing. It only made Cas laugh harder.

“Yeah, you never show your wings,” Sam whined, scratching purposely on a slick tops making the angel howl.


“You thought we would tickle them?”


“No, we totally would,” Dean assured, reaching under as far as he could to tickle near the angel’s shoulders. “But that fact that you knew that proves that your officially one of us!”

Despite the tickling torture, what Dean said made him feel warm inside out. Well, until Sam decided to speak.

“Dean, you know that thing you always do to me?”

“Which thing, Sammy?”

“You know…the thing,” Sam blushed, hating that his brother was able to multitask.

“You mean the thing you always beg for me to do?” Dean teased, scribbling along the colorful feathers. Sam made a whining sound, confirming Dean’s suspicions. “Why?”

“Think it would work on wings?”

“NOHOHOHO!” Cas cried out, now trying harder to escape. He knew exactly what Sam was talking about. He’s seen Dean take Sam apart with them and Cas knew he would die if he received a dreaded raspberry on his sensitive wings.

“I don’t know,” Dean hummed, pausing his tickling. “But I guess we can always find out!”

Before Castiel could even think to form a protest, Dean leant down and blew a huge raspberry on the center of Castiel’s wings. Castiel let out a loud scream before disappearing completely only to reappear by Bobby’s porch, leaning against the wooden railings with huge panting breaths. Sam blinked in surprise before letting shocked laughter. Dean was chuckling deeply, eyes swimming with amusement.

"Do not do that again,” Cas spoke firmly though there was a hint of playfulness that dulled the order.


“Because you do not, how do you say, dish out what you cannot receive,” Castiel smirked, blue eyes glinting. Seconds later both Winchesters were crying with laughter and Castiel felt like he finally found his place.

A/N: OMG I FINISHED IT!! It took forever and I only finished it because I was waiting for my flight. Thank you for the prompt anon and thank you for being so patient with meee! I hope to be able to get up an running again soon! Tell me what you think!


I decided to post this again since the other may not have been easy to read. (Late Christmas post) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Y/N’s POV* I’m vacationing with my friends in Aspen. We are supposed to meet the boys there considering they own the cabins we are sleeping in. I retired early that evening. I stirred in bed hoping to drift off in sleep again. I had no such luck and decided to go downstairs a make a cup of hit chocolate. As I walk down the steps I see the fire place sit on sending a nice warm surrounding the me from the coldness outside. The windows are huge, wooden rails align the stairs, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I make my way across the cozy living room towards the kitchen. The windows in the living room giving it a nice view of the night sky illuminated by the moon. The snow casting a beautiful shimmer on the ground which reflects on the windows. I grab the pot to start boiling the milk. I search through the cupboards for a mug. I take out w step towards the refrigerator to take out the milk. I reach and grab it pouring into the preheated pot. I reach into a container along the counter edge that holds the hot chocolate packets. I open it and pour into the boiling milk. I stir the pot and watch it turn a light brown color. I reach against the counter to grab the mug. A sigh is all that comes out from my lips as I hear a familiar voice in my ear. The voice makes me jump. “I think I will fuck you in this position, lil mama, right now and your going to love every second of it.” he says in a growl in my ear. Before I have the chance to react, his hand makes way to the hem of my shirt. My breath is shallow as I try to gain my breath back. He hands start moving up and down my thighs causing goosebumps to arise on my bare skin. Nate moves his hands upwards moving my panties to the side to reach my clit. His lips kiss my neck as I let out a load and desperate moan.  I know who is touching me, his smell, his words he said on our first bight shared together. He presses me closer against the counter touching, kissing, and biting my neck towards my soft spot behind my ear. I close my eyes as he continues and my breaths become erratic. His breath is in my ear and his heartbeat thumping onto my back. His fingers move towards my swollen clit and raises my leg onto the counter top. And without a second breath he sinks into me forcefully. “Fuck!” I cry out and his unexpected thrust. “Oh, fuck, yeah…..” I let out a load moan as he pounds into me forcefully over and over again. I push my self away from the counter surface which causes him to move deeper inside me. He bites my neck from the collarbone all the way behind my ear. “So fucking tight Y/N, you needed this didn’t you? You needed me so bad” Nate’s words turning me on even more if it was even possible. I love the way he talks to me when we are having sex. “Oh” I cry out as I reach behind to get ahold of his neck. I bring his lips closer towards mine to indulge in a well deserved kiss. Nate’s pounding gets faster each thrust causing me to jolt forward almost hitting against the counter. “You miss my cock Y/N?” He asks leaving hickies along my neck. “Oh, yes, Nate, I’m going to cum” I say loud moans arising from my throat. “Come on, Cum Y/N and cum hard” He growls into my ear and pts his fingers on my swollen clit. His fingers rubbing soft, slow, and gentle circles unlike his forceful thrusts. I immediately reached my high and cry out causing Nate to cover my mouth with his hand. Nate kisses my neck and I bite down on his hand on my mouth to keep me from moving around to much. Nate comes right after lowering my leg from the counter surface. His hands run down my sides as we try and regain or breaths. I look up at his face causing a wide grin to erupt on his face/ “hey lil mama” his voice is raspy and sexy “it great to see you again. Do you want me to start pouring the hot chocolate in your mug?” Nate asks lowering my shirt that rose up during our previous activities. “No, I can do it. Do you want one too?” I ask him as I turn around and place my hands around his neck. “Of course from you anytime” He says placing a gentle kiss on my lips. I start busying myself with pouring the hit chocolate into the mgs. I feel Nate’s stares as I finish what I’m doing and  hand him the mug. “How did you know I was down here?” I ask him as we walk into the living room. He sits down and pulls me onto his lap. “Well we are staying under the same roof. I heard noise from down here and decided to take a look and found you” He explains taking a sip from his mug. “And I couldn’t find which room you were sleeping in so I slept with Swazz until I found you.” Nate kisses my lips before I take another sip form the mug. “I’ve missed you while you were on tour” I tell honestly looking at the fire blazing. “I missed you to Y/N, but now I’m here. I love you” Nate says bringing me into a passionate kiss. “I love you too” I tell him finishing my cup of hot chocolate. We both get up and place  the mugs in the sink. “I forgot to say Merry Christmas, baby” I say grabbing his hand and leading him towards my room. We snuggle against each other on the bed. “Merry Christmas and the many more we get to share together” We slowly drift off to sleep. This has been the best Christmas by far.

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