huge pots

Getting your nutrients from animal products whilst aware that you can get them from other sources is like finding a huge pot of cash on the floor, ignoring it, then killing and robbing someone instead.

Why not just take what doesn’t belong to anyone? Like, you can get everything you need without intentionally harming or using anyone at all?

i only have a single picture in my apartment, and it’s a picture of me when i was 15 years old, standing on a balcony with the sun setting behind me, wearing my mom’s ex-boyfriends suit (that’s 5 sizes too big), a fedora, and a christmas tie with a snowman that blinks and plays a horrendous rendition of “frosty the snowman” if you press his nose, all while i’m holding a huge ass potted plant and sadly looking down at the ground as if i’m about to cry

it doesn’t look like me at all, so when people ask me who the person in the photo is i tell them it’s my dear brother carl, even though i don’t have a dear brother carl. in fact i don’t have a brother at all 

What Being a Kitchen/Cottage Witch Means to Me

>>> Fair warning, I’m pretty excited about this post<<

So, when you hear kitchen witch or cottage witch, what comes to mind? Maybe an old rustic looking room, pots hangin from the wooden ceiling, herbs hanging to dry everywhere. Maybe a gnarled woman hunched over a huge cast iron pot, while fog rolls through, and a clock somewhere strikes midnight…

Okay…Maybe not.

For me, being a kitchen witch means that I take great pride in my food. It means I also put a lot of stock (hahaha get it???) in my family, and my ability to care and nurture them. I put a really heavy focus on friends, family, my home, and myself. 

It means I’m constantly looking up recipes. I collect herbs like grandmas collect fancy plates. I’m always trying to learn about new baking methods. I study herbalism and look for natural remedies that are safe and actually work. 

Being a cottage witch means I take everything I focus on in the kitchen, and I turn it outward through my whole house, my whole property even. It means I never throw away even the smallest thread, and that broken glass is something I collect in jars just in case. It means that there are sigils written over every window, door and crack, and that even the simplest thing, like my windchimes, or the screen door or the cute little clock above the doorway, all protect my family and my household and ward off even the littlest shit that tries to worm its way through. 

It means I have happiness charms hiding behind furniture in every room, it means I focus on helping and healing and comfort, but I also know when to get down and dirty. It means taking no shit from anyone or anything. It means protecting your own.

 I take pride in being a kitchen/cottage witch, because it means I’m learning to better take care of myself and my family and home. It gives me peace and comfort and a sense of purpose, to have a literal endless amount of possibilities and no limit on creativity. I can go in any direction I want with my practice, whatever I think will serve my family better. And I love it.

Yall really need to experience @wiseandfeisty seeing a corgi in public. Shit is WILD. I was driving us to Pips, and she see’s a fucking corgi (that I didn’t see, because I was trying to avoid all the huge pot holes caused by the snowstorms) and she damn near screams “OH  MY GOD!” I stg.. I thought death was imminent. I thought she saw something that was going to cause an accident. But no. She says “DID YOU SEE THAT CORGI! JUST OUT! IN THE WILD!” And I just……. God dammit Briana. 


In Milan, in the former industrial district of Via Savona, the loft -home and workshop- of Antonino Sciortino.

As he defines himself, the creative artisan Antonino Sciortino, lives and works  in this stunning converted space immersed in greenery. The two-floor loft is hidden behind a corten sheet that leads to an astonishing garden, with jasmines, medlar trees, pots of huge cacti and tropical plants, and colored iron furniture, made by the blacksmith -artist. The living room is flooded with light from the large windows and, on the concrete floor, customized furniture is combined with design icons, such as Castiglioni’s Arco lamp and Eames’ Lounge Chair and vintage pieces. The  staircase is an aerial structure that fits the environment as a sculpture: suspended from the ceiling by thin iron rods, it is made with steps created by retrieving the wood of an old mahogany table. Recently the loft has been renovated and reduced to obtain another apartment: form the maxi space of the past, the current versionmturns out smaller, more private and intimate.

Super Yummy Honey Lemons

Anime: Kuroko No Basuke
Appearance: Episode 17
Time: 1 day
Serving: depending on how many you eat at a time quite a bit

So I just finished a 10 day detox, and had a LOT of lemons left over so this request was perfect! I made my preserved lemons like I always do when I have a lot of lemons and a few honey lemons! I have to say these are amazing! they are awesome in a regular drink or tea or even on their own. I suggest if you want to have a softer skin to soak the lemons over night in water. 


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Useless Hunter x Hunter Headcanon: Illumi does not actually have a bed. Instead there is just a huge potted plant that he sleeps in at night.


Theatre Challenge ✻ [7/10] Performers ✻ Ruthie Ann Miles

If you look at America, you don’t see this one kind of person. It’s a huge melting pot. I grew up in Hawai’i, the melting pot. I mean, it’s beautiful, but […] you look around and I think it’s very easy to be sheltered and to think a certain kind of way about certain kinds of people because you don’t get to know them as fellow Americans. Some people who look like me have been in America as long as the next person. And we don’t have an accent, we’re not just the nerds and the nurses. I think it’s important to see Asian American people—American people—who look like me telling American stories.

1. Only day off for second week in a row. From the sound of it going to be like that for awhile.
Which means I’m spending it doing a weeks worth of laundry and my food prep for the week
2. I’ve discovered the bigger pan / pot I use for cooking, the more stuff I’ll find to put in. When I first started doing food prep I used a normal sized pan. Now I’m using a huge ass soup pot and just noticed I’m getting close to filling it.
3. Been watching Britney Spears videos all night on YouTube. Not sure why I’m sharing this, but I am 🤓