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2 & 8 for the artist asks!!

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2: Show your pencilcase and what’s inside.

(I’ll just show a few of my pen collections, because you need to understand that I have a huge stationary/pen hoarding problem and I’ll be here forever if I have to take photos of all of them lmao)

These are just the ones I like to keep on hand and use most often. (・ꎴ・ ) ✿

8: Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?

I listen to all sorts of music, and it constantly changes, but at the moment I’ve been listening adamantly to the Hamilton soundtrack.

At home with my sis making our Mormor’s Danish vanille kransjes, mum making stuffing, Flinky being a beloved underfoot menace as usual <3

Okay so @turbofan1808​ and I made a headcanon that Larry really, REALLY likes glitter pens.
Story goes that Larry is a very classy man, asking Tom for a pen, and when Tom then gives him a glitter pen, he is downright amazed, and from there he just makes it his hobby to get a huge glitter pen collection.


Hi pretty souls ! I’ve decided to show you my favourite stationery after I saw some similar posts here ☕️
As you can see I am all about pale colours, especially pale blue hues and peachy shades.
I prefer big or brushy tips because they make the creation of fancy titles a way more easy and they are also very good when it comes to underlining.
I’ve decided to show you also my favourite pen because I must confess I am not a huge fan of gel pens and it’s hard to find normal ones that function well, and this one was the salvation for me, the line is super fine and it is really long lasting.
I hope you enjoyed this small post 🌹🌷

Riggy Marole: “Alec, do you see that!? Everybody looks like ants from up here!” 

Alec Tinn: “Y-yeah I see… I really wish I were one of those ‘ants’, y’know… on the GROUND!!!” 

im feeling that #ToonFest hype so i thought i’d draw something for it!! i’m mostly just excited for the clothes ;o;;;;

also, big thanks to @toontown-rewritten for all the stuff they’re adding! 


3.07.16// hi everyone and hope you all are having a great day! 🦄 I was cleaning up and came across my really old notebooks and I can’t stop laughing at my notes 😹


Dan draws. that’s all Dan does. draw draw draw. he doesn’t have friends besides his pen and pencil. he lives in black and white. his notebook is full of his hopes and dreams but his life is full of that notebook. He fails his classes to draw. He runs to the library during lunch to draw. He goes home avoids his depressed family and draws. Dan does his drawing, the bell rings, he rushes out the door, he runs to the library. Till Dan drops his pen. Dan immediately falls to the floor. rushing around to get his pen. But. A hand grabs his shoulder. Dan was on the verge of tears when a beautifully pale boy holds his pen in front of him. Dan grins huge before grabbing the pen and walking off.

The next day Dan keeps wondering why the boy would help him. Dan had looked up every once in a while taking breaks to look for him. Math. He looks around the class at the start of math. And there he is. Walks to the very back of the class. and sits. No one sits with Dan. Dan stared at his paper trying to avoid eye contact. The boy tapped dans shoulder. His name is Phil. He has gorgeous blue eyes. Blue is such a pretty color. Dan hates color. What is happening? The entire class Dan felt the Phil boy staring at him. making Dan feel weak in the knees. Dan rushed out of the class as soon as possible. The boy intimidates him.

Dan tried to lose him but Phil stayed close behind. Phil didn’t say a word but watched him draw all lunch time. Dan drew two boys like usual. Dan draws holding hands. People. Love. Death. Sadness. anything. the end of the lunch period Phil walked with Dan once more. Dan clenched his notebook close to his chest and kept silent. Phil liked this boy. Phil grabbed the boys hand watching Dan turn purple. Phil kissed his cheek before turning the corner to go to his locker. Dan blushed so hard he could be an anime character.

Dan sat in math waiting for Phil to walk in. Phil sat by him with no words. Completely silent. Halfway through the class Phil slid Dan a blue colored pencil. Dan looked back and tried to fight a grin. Phil looked at him and giggled sticking his tongue out the side of his mouth. Dan took the pencil and drew. Drew with color. Phil grinned as soon as he realized what Dan was coloring. it was a portrait of Phil with his eyes bright blue. Phil brought color into dans world. and Dan liked it.