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Aaaand done. So basically this is why I haven’t posted in quite a long time, cuz I’d been working on this dude. The Omega T-Rex that was recently released in #jurassicworldthegame . This took me like almost 10 days to finish it. Finally!
Tell me what you think guys. #art #whiteboard #marker #pen #pencil #trex #jurassicworld #jwgamefanart #omega09 #indominusrex #dino #dinosaur #king #artist #pastel #prismacolor #big #huge #bigproject #drawing #graphicarts #animal #animals #paleoart #movie #game #fanart #draw #instadraw (at Maison des étudiants arméniens)

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Even with some of the sillier hairstyles, I think you always manage to make Roy look pretty good! Have you tried him with an undercut? (Keep on rockin with your art!)

noice 👌

lmao just kidding hahhaa here

We gotta keep his hair pushed back. That’s the only way to save these hairstyle things lol


Starry Paint Brush Sammy!!
Thank you anon for requesting!!
((Holy cow ;-; Galaxy themed drawings are my soft spot. I love doing galaxy themed things! Hhhh!!
Also! I’m going to be moving soon! So if I’m not that active in the weird times I’m normally active, 50% chance that’s why >~>b))
(( @sammy-lawrence look, your inky abyss is now sparkly!! >->bb))

Straight White Boy Problem #566

bro sitting in front of me: dude did you watch the world’s series last night

Me: woah! Did I “watch” baseball?? nah man I had too much homework *doesn’t want to tell him I was playing video games* i just saw the highlights on espn as usual

bro: dude you are such a nerd *draws a huge pen mark down my in-class worksheet for no reason*

ID #85668

Name: Kyle
Age: 21
Country: USA

My name’s Kyle, and I have a lot of trouble making friends. I figured I’d give this a shot. I’m a huge nerd, I go to college for film making. I’d like to meet some people who I could bounce ideas off of and send scripts to. Also we could talk about comics or shows or whatever.

Preferences: Age: 17+
I prefer the US, only because I don’t know any other language, but if you speak English and are from Hyrule or something, that’s cool. Honestly though, just be cool.

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My English teacher once started a story by saying "I've got a HUGE pen fetish. Have I ever told you guys the time when I got kicked out of Office Depot?"

I’m curious but scared of how a pen fetish works

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If you don't mind me asking - what exactly is going on in France right now with the election? My french is very standard school french so I have a hard time reading all of your posts (still good practice) or french newspapers, the newspapers here don't really report anything on the topic, outside of the most basic stuff, and you seem to have opinions / a lot of sarcasm to share. If you don't mind typing it up in english that is. Sorry to inconvenience you :/

Haha don’t worry, it’s no bother !

To sum it up, the french elections are next sunday (I think ? not the one that comes, the one after) and it’s a M E S S

The current president (François Hollande, Socialist Party) will leave after 5… very hectic years, I guess. i mean, he tried I think ? But the conclusion is here: unemployment is high as fuck, the poorest households are poorer and poorer, and the richest ones are richer and richer.

As for the candidates as France’s Next Top Model, reality TV couldn’t have found a better cast if they tried: they’re 11, they’re full of ideas, they’re full of salt, they’re not above biting each other to blood. 6 of them are considered “small” candidates, as they barely have any screentime and room to expose their ideas (they only have been invited at the second debate, the one with every candidate, because people complained the first debate was only with the “Big Five”, and suddenly I feel like it’s the Eurovision), those 5 are “big” candidates (read: likely to go to te final face-to-face two weeks after the first round)

I say the candidates should gain the mantle by fighting in the mud (blades authorised, no guns), the constitution says they shall be elected, and for some reason the majority of the people here seem to think the boring solution is the best. Too bad, I think the candidates are so full of anger that they’d rather fight in the mud also. 

 Anyway, to sum up the candidates (random order) 

- Hamon : big candidate, he looks like a hobbit and represents the Socialist Party. TBQH I didn’t follow what happened in his party but apparently not everyone is after him ? The problem is that, after 5 years of Hollande, the party is quite weak so.

- Lassalle : small candidate, from what i got he’s a farmer ??? from a tiny village in the mountains ???? he’s the mayor there ???? and he played rugby for years like his nose is all broken and he speaks lie a rugby player. On the center I think ??

- Arthaud : she’s a teacher (of economy I think ?), member of the Lutte Ouvrière, a trotskist union. She is SAVAGE, she is ANGRY, elle est là pour NIQUER DES MERES. Small candidate 

- Cheminade : he wants to colonise the moon and owns a collection of 18 000 euros  of precolombian and prehistorical artifacts. You’d think that with such ideas he’s a big candidate, but no. i think he’s on the right

- Le Pen : sadly huge. you see the KKK ? well, with no hood so we can all see her dirty face and get her dirty spit from her dirty mouth and her dirty ideas on our faces. also steals money. “i understand your suffering” she says to the poorest people of france, while napping in her family’s castle

- Mélenchon : big candidate. how do i even begin to explain jean-luc mélenchon ? very savage too, he’s the number one of the youtube game. he has a manga about him and a video game. On the very very very left but nooooot extreme left, ya feel ? 

- Macron : he’s a fucking banker some people want to vote for him because they find him sexy (allosexuals need to STOP) he has no ideas no program, “yo i’m not the left i’m not the right” yeah shut up man but man how can you have so little dignity that you can say to both Mélenchon and Le Pen in the same breath “I agree with you” ???????? big candidate i dont get it

- Asselineau : small. wants the frexit. Exists I guess

- Fillon: right-right. big. So stupid i actually believe he’s three squirrels that are trapped inside a corpse. he needs to give back the money he stole, by giving fake jobs to the members of his family. Lately he said something like “it’s so hard to spare money, how you do it”. you win like, 200k a year you shitbag. never open your mouth ever again.

- Poutou : he’s a factory worker and he has no chill, and eats spoonfuls of both sugar and salt every morning. He knows he doesn’t have any chance to win, but he takes every occasion he has to remind the others that the people they claim to represent actually exists and wants to have a voice, too. 

i counted 10 and there’s one i forgot but who ????? sorry i guess dude ????

there was a debate with the eleven of them the other day and. Idk if you’ve already watched reality tv with like, people getting angry and snatching wigs over butter forgotten on the counter or toothpaste not cleaned in the sink ? it was that but to determine who will have the nuclear codes of the country 

idk what to add, fee free to ask and i’ll probably answer after a good night of sleep because im exhausted

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49, you will be me me super boy

49.Draw yourself as a super hero.

it is i !! ! juuria (im not good w super hero names) saving the city by day and being a mediocre artist by night!! follow me on my adventures

my power is drawing things in the air and they become real for 10 minutes

i can also shrink my huge tablet pen to a normal pocket size :’)) 

i’m rly bad at physical fighting and avoid violence but im ready t O GO

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It was sweet seeing how Scotland shows how he cares "in his own aggressive way haha" How do the other celts show concern for their brothers?

In the british isles we don’t say “I care about you so don’t do this it’s bad for you”, we say “you stupid cunt don’t even think about doing this oh my god this is so embarrassing you’re such a huge moron” and I think that’s beautiful

mossandrock replied to your post “yay we picked the less shitty of two shitty options.”

well that is a huge relief and also a shit sandwich


ARE YOU LOOKING FOR PEN PALS? THEN YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!! Today I’m presenting to you: Peachuzz’s pen pal matchmaking network!! This is going to be a network where you who are looking for pen pals can make some new friends and get yourself a snailmail pen pal!!


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Further instructions and info on how this is gonna work will be in a post in the network!

I’m not sure how many people will be in this network, but i think i’ll add quite a lot of people so everyone can have a penpal or two!!

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hey question cause im stupid, but why do people call Schultz Jeff?

hey you’re not stupid! it’s sorta an inside joke (inside as in inside the huge pens fandom lmao) because of this video where the guys call him jeff because apparently the ea rep called him that? i don’t remember the source for that tho so maybe i’m wrong