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Vampire!Red Velvet

mmm version; here!


  • ultimate momma vamp
  • she has a huge pack that adore and respect her so much. she took them under her wing, helped them control their hunger and showed motherly care. but she can also be strict if need be, such as if one of them comes close to giving away info to enemy packs
  • she was searching for new, lost souls to take under her wing when she came across you being attacked by an opposing pack leader
  • unable to miss an opportunity to take out the enemy, she kills them while they’re distracted by blood lust then nurses your pale, almost blood drained body back to health
  • being saved by a vamp was a weird concept for you but it’s why you fell so hopelessly in love with this cold yet warm beauty

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  • number two in charge; when the leader’s away, all problems go through her
  • she’s super soft and warm and seems like the least likeliest to be a vampire
  • she captures your attention by being the only busker in the world to busk at night. shrouded in darkness, she sits on the edge of the water foundation in the park and plays songs to the late night stragglers going home drunk or walking their dogs
  • she doesn’t earn much so you can’t help but question her about this tactic one day
  • “oh, I’m not doing this for the money. I just like to sing, is all. Do you have a song request?”
  • maybe it was her sweet voice or her beauty but something about her drew you out every night, to watch her play in the dark park
  • this carries on for weeks, until you get to know her better and earn her trust. she tells you her secret, also prepared to snap your neck if you tried to run or scream (her communities safety was vital)
  • when you don’t, when you’re shocked but accepting, she will continue the relationship for a number of years before turning you into a vampire
  • the pack jokes that you’ve been an unofficial one for so long that you being a vamp now doesn’t change anything

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  • a scouter. she’s quick and light on her feet, able to track down the greatest vamps for Irene’s pack. she’s also so cute and unassuming that she draws no attention to herself
  • tracks you down, an omega who left your pack for personal reasons and convinces you to come back with her
  • she helps settle you in to your new family
  • does cute things like play you piano and impress you with “oh, yeah Chopin himself taught me this” or shyly admitting that the valuable, classical painting of the girl she resembled was actually her. “the painter said he wanted to capture my beauty forever. which is not only embarrassing but ironic … It’s not like I’m going to die of old age haha!”
  • captured the hearts of many during her centuries roaming the earth but the only one to ever capture hers was you

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*gladly accepts her heart*


  • surprisingly cold and calculating
  • she has a bubbly personality that puts enemies at ease, only for her to turn around and rip them limb from limb. and she’s the most efficient at luring humans to their deaths
  • she’s always hungry for blood and over her hundreds of years, she developed an acquired taste. she compares it to how humans treat wine. she searches constantly for the finest humans to wet her palette with
  • your blood being the finest she had ever encountered
  • only, as she stalks you over a number of days, planning her attack to take you away w/out making it look suspicious, she gets to know your quirks and habits, that you like some of the same things as her, that you make such a cute face when you’re concentrating
  • this leads her to approach you one day pretending that “Hi, I’m new here. Could you show me around?”
  • the friendship turns to more and when you know her secret, you offer to let her take some of your blood every so often; enough to taste but not put you in danger
  • she can no longer feed from anyone else, turning down all offers from her pack
  • “why would I want something so disgusting when I have a delicacy right in front of me?”

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Joy’s short hair is everything <3


  • was so upset about being turned at first. her family was attacked by a rogue vamp and he left, thinking he’d killed everyone but instead accidentally turned her. very young, all alone and dealing with a new blood thirst and rage; yeri went crazy
  • she tracked down that vamp and killed him brutally, killing and draining many humans along the way
  • Irene heard tale of suspicious drained bodies in a nearby village so she approached Yeri and offered her help, protection, a home
  • now she’s in control and bubbly and always up for helping out newbies, since she too knows what that feeling is like
  • when you join their pack, she clings to you immediately. you act like it’s annoying but having a pretty girl share blood bags with you or go on long walks with was actually pretty cool ya know >.>
  • although you’re not “officially” dating, you both always hold hands and share shy kisses. so you know you belong to each other but need no words of confirmation
  • the pack always “awww”s when they see you together, finding the sweet romance so wonderful and unlikely among the living dead

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Anything For You (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! This is kinda short, sorry😅 But I hope that it’s still alright and I hope this makes you feel better!! Enjoy!!

Request: @the100-supernatural-imagines: Hey doll :) i hope it’s okay to send you a request. A Buck one where you both have a 3 year old son (Ben) and he always gets nightmares when Bucky is on a mission. One night buck comes home as you again try to calm Ben and he immediately holds him and promises to never leave his family alone. Then it’s a bit fluffy and you all cuddle together and stuff ? 😊 I really hope this is fine with you ❤️ I really need some distraction at the moment

You woke to the sound of crying, making you sit up in bed immediately. Glancing at the empty space beside you, you let out a breath before heading to where the crying sound was coming from.

Opening the door to your son’s room, you could hear the sounds of whimpering and cries. You switched on the light before quickly walking towards his bed as you scooped him up in your arms, holding him close to you as you felt his hands clinging tightly to you as his tears slowly soaked your shirt. You cooed as you rubbed his back. “It’s okay, sweetheart. It was just a nightmare, it’s not real.”

“I-is daddy coming back?” He asked, hiccupping.

You felt your heart clench as you held him closer. Your three-year-old son, Ben, will only have nightmares when your husband comes home late from his missions. You couldn’t do anything when your husband was a part of the superhero team named the Avengers and that work doesn’t always end early for him. The most you could do is to just reassure him that nothing bad would happen. “Of course, sweetie. Daddy will always come back.”

“I h-had a dream that daddy went out and didn’t come back,” Ben said, pulling back to look at you tearfully. “I know he saves people b-but…”

Ben couldn’t continue as he started crying again. You wiped his tears as you gave him a weak smile. “Daddy would be back soon, I promise.”

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trans bakugou pre UA where his grunts don’t know about it, he’s very secretive about it to keep them admiring and respecting him, after joining UA he gets really anxious and angry about it because he’ll never have the time off for top surgery and binding gets more of a hassle because as he gets older he starts looking more like baku momma (huge knockers) and goes hiking by himself to be angry and cry a lil. either kiri joins him or a night where bakugou is stuck in the dorm the feelings get too much and kiri holds him down while baku explodes shit and screams and cries until he’s tired. 

HoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

I just imagined AU where Holly Kujo is former juvenile deliquent who settled down and dedicated herself to keeping her son from repeating her mistakes. So this AU’s Jotaro is grade-A student, aspiring marine zoologist and HUGE momma’s boy who probably never uttered a single bad word in his life, let alone hurt someone. When Dio returns, Jotaro doesn’t have enough fighting spirit to properly manifest his Stand, and falls ill. Good thing Holly have fighting spirit in spades, and instead of thorny plants growing from her body and sapping her lifepower, she gains actual plant-themed Stand. So, it’s up to her (with help of her father, his Egyptian friend plus two lost kids and puppy she essentially adopted) to find the bastard who hurt her baby, and END him. There is much less ORA ORAs and much, much more spiky plant tentacles, blood and vengeance. Poor Dio never stood a chance.

When he was little, Blaise once told his mother that she was the most beautiful witch in the whole world. When he was older, he thought she was like the Squib queen Cleopatra–still very beautiful, but also very deadly and a speaker of nine different languages. He knew that some people were afraid of his mother–as well they should have been, for not a few men had she ruined or disappeared–but despite the cold ruthlessness that lay beneath her charm, he knew she loved him more than anything else in the entire world. He had long suspected that a least a few of her marriages had been for the sake of his future, and although his mother’s expressions of affection for him–a gentle hand on his head, a transfigured song bird when he was sick in bed as a child, the awkward “love” neatly scribed above the signature of her weekly letters–were subtle, he also knew that she was willing to kill for his sake and likely had already done so.

Knowing how his mother had fought to give her son the whole wizarding world despite his blood, Blaise determined that that in return, reaching for a position short of the upper echelons of the Ministry would make him unworthy of her sacrifice. If she asked it of him, he would move heaven and earth for her comfort and approval.

(portrait of Donna Summer)

Family Trip at the Fair

A/N: So…I’ve been having dreams about the boys for the past couple of nights, so I thought I’d write about them. DO NOT JUDGE THEM BC DREAMS ARE WEIRD SOMETIMES. If it doesn’t make any sense in writing, it made perfect sense in my dream. Let’s begin with dream number two…

I watched as my two-year-old son pranced through the ball pit with a huge smile on his face. “Hi, momma!”

“Hello, my dear! Are you having fun?” I asked.

My son nodded and lifted his hands, asking me to pick him up. “Alright,” I said, holding him close. “Let’s go see daddy!”

I walked over to my husband, Luke, and handed him our son. “Hello, my love.” He said, kissing my forehead. “I saw this new activity over by the Ferris Wheel, and I was thinking we could go try it out as a family!” 

“So what exactly is it?” I asked, heading towards the area Luke was talking about. “Like, what will we be doing?”

“Well, do you see that black building up here?” Luke asked. “It is in there. Basically, we can get inside this glass box and they will play music of our choice. It’s supposed to be a new form of meditation. However, rumor has it that there is a big surprise that they won’t tell customers about.”

I laughed. “So, you basically just want to do this for the surprise…”

“Yeah, pretty much. But, children under three get in free!” He exclaimed, bouncing our son in his arms.

When we walked inside the building, a lady with long, black hair greeted us. “Hi, would you like to try our new - ohmigosh…are you Luke Hemmings?”

Luke smiled. “I am!”

“Oh, please come in and try our new activity! Free of charge, of course! In fact, we have a glass box big enough for a family of three right over here. Please follow me.” The lady said, trying to calm herself. “As you may know, you have an opportunity to choose any type of music you wish. Any suggestions?”

I looked at Luke and he smiled back at me. “Do you have 5 Seconds of Summer?” I joked.

“Absolutely!” The lady exclaimed. “Just climb into this box right here, and I will begin the relaxation method.”

Luke laid on the right side of the box, I laid on the left, and our son was snuggled up in between us.

Not long after the lady closed the glass box, 5 Seconds of Summer began quietly playing in the closed area.

“That is daddy’s music!” Our son smiled.

Luke and I nodded and closed our eyes, trying to relax. Eventually, we opened our eyes to see white smoke filling the box.

“Um, how is this relaxing?” I asked Luke. “I feel like they are going to suffocate and kill us!”

“Don’t question the process, [Y/N]. Just go with it. Besides, the sound of the smoke is quite relaxing!” Luke said, squirming to get in a comfortable position.

I closed my eyes, trying to take Luke’s advice. 

“Pink!” Our son said, pointing to the smoke.

I looked up and saw bright pink LED lights flashing from the top of the box. “Oh dear, this could be hazardous!” I said to myself.

“Calm down, m’love! Close your eyes and take deep breaths. It will all be okay.” Luke smiled.

After what seemed like a decade, the young lady arrived at our glass box and opened the door. “I hope that was a relaxing time for you! Please let us know by filling out one of our surveys located at the front desk. Please enjoy the rest of your time here at the fair!”

Luke was more than happy to jump out of the box and grab a survey sheet. I was just excited that I had made it out alive. I grabbed my son, and we walked over to Luke, who was still filling out the sheet. “I think we are going to get something to drink.” I said to Luke.

Not taking his eyes off of the survey form, Luke said, “Yeah…okay, cool. I’ll meet you guys there.”

Laughing, I took my son to the nearest food stand. “Daddy’s silly, huh?”

“Daddy’s silly!” He repeated, laughing.

“Well, I’m glad you had fun today! Now, let’s get you some food.” I said, smiling.

i think about a big momma turtle alot. like i know we have splinter but???

lady turtles are fucking huge and add some mutagen and u have hulk momma and her four shitheads kids like cmon thats gold

Tuff Love (Request)

Anon: Can you do an imagine where Dally likes a greaser girl? And she likes him too but she’s Steve’s younger sister who’s really shy and scared of falling in love because Tim or someone broke her heart?

A/N: Anon, I hope you like this!

You ran as quick as possible to the Curtis home, tears blurring your eyesight as you ran. You needed your brother, Steve Randle, more than ever right now. Your- now ex boyfriend- Tim Shepard just broke up with you, just for the sole purpose of looking tough in front of his gang. 

You sniffled and whimpered as you ran down the side walk, your beaten up Converses making loud thumps as you ran. When you went to turn a corner, you ran into something you thought was possibly a sign. You gasped in surprise, bracing for the impact of the sidewalk to hit your weak, cold body. You opened your eyes after a few seconds. Nothing happened. You felt something firm holding you up. Your eyes floated up to be greeted by none other than Dallas Winston.

He had his hand planted firmly on your lower back and your right wrist. Your tears seemed to grow at this moment, though your face heated up with a nervous reaction. You had liked Dallas for quite a while, but he was such a pretentious asshole! Always trying to be the baddest guy ever by sleeping around with girls and beating guys into the dirt. God, your feelings on this boy were so mixed it was crazy.

Dallas took notice of your tears and stood you up, his hands up in defense.

“Sorry! Didn’t know you had a problem with me touchin’ ya, Randle.” He scoffed, starting to walk away before you snatched his leather jacket in your hand. His head flicked around quicker than anything. You looked up at him, seeing a slight rage in his eyes. He never liked people touching him unless it was one of the broads he was fooling around with that night.

“Dallas..I-I’m not upset because of that..” You sniffled, trying to wipe away the fallen tears.

Dallas stopped and turned to you. You were the “little sister” of the gang. Though you were older than Pony, but still younger than Johnny, everyone treated you as the youngest member of the family. Dallas let out a long sigh, lighting up a weed and exhaling the smoke. “You want me to take ya to your brother or somethin’?” He asked you.

You shook your head quickly. “Y-You’re closer. I ju-just need someone to talk to.”

Dallas had to think a moment before he stared down to you. How you had you fists bundled up in the sleeves up your old flannel. How you (H/C) hair fell just over your eyes. He just kept staring at your lips though. How swollen and pink they looked. He finally decided.

“Fine. Come with me to Buck’s. I need to sit down.”

You perked your head up, though your face became a slighter shade of pink. He began to walk, so you sped up, trying to keep up with his quick pace of walking. You kept your arms bundled up in your thin flannel, trying your best as possible to stay close to Dallas.

Dallas inhaled the last bit of his cigarette, flicking it out into the streets before blowing out a long cloud of smoke. You kept your eyes to the ground, not daring to look up at him. To be completely honest, you’ve liked Dallas way before you started to date Tim. You and Tim were only together for a week anyways. So that says quite a lot. Though, knowing Dallas’ reputation with relationships and girls, you didn’t want to take a chance at getting your heart broken. Again.

Dallas walked steadily, keeping his gaze down at you. He had to be honest with himself, there were feelings for you somewhere in that stone heart of his. He could tell you were pretty upset, considering that you had only looked at him twice. You usually look people right in the face when you talked to them or looked straight ahead as you walked. He was pretty worried about you, and couldn’t hide it either.

After a long, awkward walk down the cold streets, the two of you made it to Buck’s Bar. Dallas swung open the door, quickly dragging you inside. You followed Dallas up to the bar, until he stopped you.

“Go upstairs and wait in the bedroom, (Y/N). I gotta make a call.” He ordered, looking down to you with both of his hands on your shoulders.

You simply nodded, still not looking up to him. “Look at me and say it.” He ordered once more.

You couldn’t. Looking at Dallas Winston was like looking into a burning camp fire. It made you feel warm and loved, but you didn’t want to take the chance of getting hurt again. Plus, all he does is play with women. So why would he like you? Dallas Winston didn’t stick around for any broad (except for Sylvia).

“Fine.” You softly mumbled, nudging his hands off of your shoulders and jogging up the stairs as quick as you could. You knew your actions would make Dal mad, but you honestly didn’t care right at the moment. 

As you reached the top of the stairs, You could see a few doors, two were bathrooms, so the other must be the bedroom. You calmly walked to the door, twisting the knob. To your surprise, the room was actually nice. The bed had nice sheets, the floors were stain free. It was pretty fancy looking for a bar. 

You slowly walked around the room, looking at all of the knick knacks on the furniture. There was a small space heater in the corner by the bed. You immediately hopped on the bed, scooting close by it. You moaned in comfort as the heat rushed over your body, leaving goosebumps. It felt so nice, you actually could feel your eye lids getting heavy. Dallas sure was taking a long time..


“Y/N!” You could hear Dallas call from downstairs, making your eyes pop open. You stood up from the bed. You looked around the room in confusion, seeing different furniture, nice curtains, pictures of children, you…and Dallas. You scratched at your head, stopping quickly whenever you felt a cold metal hit your forehead. You slowly pulled your hand down, seeing a huge diamond ring on your finger.

Your stomach flipped, causing your face to heat up. Before you could even contemplate what was honestly happening here, three children came rushing to you, screaming “Momma!” and “Mommy!”. Soon following, was Dallas, a huge ass smile pierced to his face. 

“Kids get off ya mom.” He chuckled, shooing them away sweetly. 

“Who the hell is he and what did he do with Dallas Winston.” You thought, staring at him in confusion. 

Dallas caught your gaze, sending you a smile. “You OK, Y/N?” he asked, sitting beside you and rubbing your back. You nodded slowly in reply, looking at his gorgeous face. What the hell is going on?!

You returned to reality after what felt like an eternity of staring at Dallas and “your” children. Dallas leaned in towards you, making your eyes widen. Was Dallas going to kiss you? Is he sick? Before you could pipe up, his lips were locked on yours. You stiffened, but for some reason your eyes closed.

“No!” You thought. “Open up! Don’t take in to him!”

Suddenly, his lips were detached from yours, making your eyes fling open. You were relieved until you saw the area surrounding you. Everything was gross and disgusting looking. There weren’t any children around, and Dallas was giving you a harsh look. “God.. you are such a prude!” Dallas yelled, making you flinch. His words did hurt. “How could I have loved you?”

You didn’t know it, but you had started crying. A lot. Tears were falling quicker than anything, and you honestly didn’t want to stop them. His words did hurt in all honesty, and you hated every second of his yelling. Though it was far away sounded. Soon, your brother, Steve’s voice could be heard clear as day.

“Y/N!” He screamed at you. “Get up!”

That’s when you popped up from the bed, looking around the room in a frantic panic. You were still at Buck’s.

“I-..It was a dream..?” You whispered, watching as your still wet tears finished falling onto the bed sheets.

Steve sank into the spot next to you. “What did ya dream ‘bout, kiddo?” he asked softly, stroking your hair.

Your dream flooded back to you, making your tears flood back just as quick. You flung yourself onto your brother, making him groan in pain. You ignored it for a moment, crying your eyes out into his shirt.

“Steve, I love him!” You cried.

Steve nodded. “I know ya do. But Tim isn’t gonna touch you aga-”

“Not Tim, ya idiot! I mean Dallas.” You whimpered to him, wiping your eyes as you sat up. “I don’t know why either. He’s only gonna dump me, hurt me or just forget me.”

Steve stared at you like you were some sort of alien creature. “Dallas? Winston?”

“Yeah..” You sighed shakily.

Steve shook his head. “Y/N. Listen to me.” 

Steve’s words made your head pop up, looking him in the eyes with your red, puffy ones. “Dallas called me once you got here. He asked me and Two-Bit to go down to Tim’s place and beat the tar out of him. Dallas had Tim while we jus’ got the rest of his little gang.” Steve stopped, looking down to you. “He tore Tim up. He was real fired up. Barely got a scratch besides a bruise on his cheek. Ya know why?”

“No..” You mumbled. “Why?”

“I did it for you.” A voice spoke up, making both you and Steve jerk your heads to the door. Dallas was standing right there, listening to the whole thing.

“D-Dallas, I-”

“Steve, lemme have a minute with ‘er.” Dallas called from the other side of the room. Steve complied, standing from the bed. He walked over to Dallas, whispering to him, but enough that you could hear.

“Dump her like one of ya cheap broads, and I swear there’ll be hell t’ pay, Winston.” Steve hissed, cringing from his broken nose.

Dallas gave him one of his famous smirks. “Sure thing, Randle.”

The two shook on it before Steve left. The room fell dead silent. The only thing heard was your occasional sniffling. Dallas strutted over to you, taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

You were the first to speak. “I’m… I’m scared, Dal.”

“Why? Tim ain’t gonna hurt you no-”

“Not Tim, damnit!” You shouted, but quickly apologized for it. “I mean… I’m scared about my feelin’s. I get my heart tore a part each time I even crush on a guy..”

Dallas looked at you inventively. He stared into your eyes, and for the first time, it didn’t feel like a fire was going to consume you. You moved off the bed, going to sit beside him. His eyes never leaving you. “And with your reputation with girls I ain’t so sure I should be sayin’ much of this.”

Dallas scoffed, bubbling a small laugh. You only glared at him.

“What’s so funny?” You whined.

Dallas, grinned, looking to you. “Y/N, just shut the hell up.” Dallas grabbed the side of your head, smacking your lips together softly.

You could feel electricity run up your spine and a flame engulf your entire being. This was way better than your dream. You slowly eased into it, moving your hand to rest softly on his shoulder. It wasn’t a heated kiss, just something to show he actually cared about someone- other than Johnny Cade.

The both of you pulled away, but only enough to keep your lips almost touching. Dallas looked at you once more, making your gaze go up to meet his.

“Y/N Randle?”


“You ain’t gonna be one of my broads, you’re my princess.” He whispered, making you smile for the first time ever in the past 4 days.

“And you’re my idiot.” You giggled, cupping his cheek.

“Watch it, kid.” He joked, connecting your lips once more.

A/N: I had sooo much fun writing this! Oh my god. I hope this didn’t come out a bust. Anyways, I love y’all!

Begin Again 7

Chapter 7

“Lottie, sugar, it’s time to wake up baby.” Sharna said as she rubbed her favorite nieces back trying to wake the little one up. She had gotten in the previous evening super late and had asked if she could surprise her niece.

“No.” Lottie grumbled as she turned away from her aunt and snuggled into her pillow while pulling Lily in tighter.

“So Aunt Sharna is going to have to play all by herself.” Sharna said with a tiny giggle as she kept rubbing Lottie’s back. This caught the little one’s attention and she flipped over quickly.

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June 1st ❥ 36 weeks
Our due date is just 3 weeks and 3 days away… and there’s really no saying when our little man will decide he wants to enter the world! All I know is that this is the month we’ve been waiting for… and despite (finally) feeling huge and so, so, soo exhausted, this momma is more than excited for what’s ahead!!

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Can I get a ship? I'm 5' 2" and pretty plump. I'm mixed with african american and caucasian. I'm super shy when I first meet people but once I get to know you, I could give less of a shit. Oh I also have a very very dirty mouth. I'm a huge mommas girl and love my pet dog. I love writing and reading. I enjoy all types of music and movies, but I especially enjoy scary movies. I also have a knack for crochet and knitting. Oh! And I love listening to podcasts! Thanks!💕

I ship you with… Jin ♥

◆ Yells every time you curse

◆ So extra when you two fight

◆ It makes everybody laughs around you

◆ Back hugs

◆ Dates in parks

◆ Stares at you & smiles when he get caught

◆ Movie nights

◆ Curses when he’s scared by the movie

◆ Feels better when you kiss him

◆ Touchy as fuck

◆ Sings when you’re listening to podcasts

◆ Just to annoy you

◆ (And because he wants your attention)

◆ The fact that you’re knitting pleases him a lot

◆ « You’re definitely wifey material »

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The age gap is huge. Huge. Give or take 3/4 years, Kerry is old enough to be his mother. She looks it, too. Also, HE IS AN ACTOR. So likely at some point his job will involve kissing other women. If she can't deal with that, she won't last long. That's teenage girl behaviour.

Imo she looks older than her age. Like lol I would give her 40 if I didn’t know how old she is :/

My mom is older than her for almost 10 years and she looks younger. I know many women who look younger than Kerry in their 40 years old lol. Imo K just doesn’t… eeeerrr take care of her body or skin and that’s the reason of her momma/granny appearance.

And yeah it’s huge. I find it awful.

I love how people characterize Eren as this badboy delinquent who is edgy as hell and doesn’t play by the rules. Lets be honest, Eren is the type of person who would pet any dog he would come across, help an old lady cross the street, and pick up a trash can after kicking it. Also he’s a huge mommas boy and no one can tell me otherwise.