huge man cave

Today, I received an email (to my primary email account) from Twitter regarding “suspicious activity” on my Twitter page.  Which was weird because I didn’t think I had a Twitter associated with that particular email account.

Basically, I had completely forgotten that I used to have this Twitter account that I signed up for it back in 2008 but haven’t updated since 2010.

What’s interesting about it (and the reason I’m sharing this) is because– LOL, I can pinpoint the tweets I made and you can tell that I was beginning to have a “Robert Downey Jr. situation”.

Like, it started on Christmas 2009 when I saw Sherlock Holmes, but little by little … 

Example: a week after Christmas–

Five days later, talking to a friend:

A day after that:

Over a week after that:

(I’m LOL-ing over how I kept on spelling out his full name instead of using the RDJ shorthand.)

Never really imagined that over six years later, that “HUGE Robert Downey Jr. kick” would still be around.  Damn

BSM #34 The crew filming This is us scares you, so he calms you down and you do an interview. Age 3-4

A/N: Part 2? It’s gonna be a bit shorter (perhaps, I’m not sure) and it’s gonna be the interviews. 

HARRY (age 3): “Hazza? Why that many people?” you asked gently, tapping your brothers leg. Harry squatted down to your height, taking one of your small chubby hands in his huge cave-man one. “They’re filming us sweetheart.” You looked confused for a second and then abruptly started sobbing. Harry panicked, hands hovering over you as he attempted to see where you were hurt. “Why are you crying?” he asked, gently removing one of your tears with his thumb. “Too many,” you answered with a wavering voice and a pout, pointing at the small clutter of people. “They’re not that many. It’s going to be okay, yeah?” No matter how soothing Harry attempted to be, you were still crying. Harry sighed, pulling you into a hug. “Calm down. They won’t hurt you,” he whispered, smoothing down your hair. “Pinky promise?” You sniffled and held out your tiny finger. Harry chuckled, nodding and holding up his won finger, intertwining it with yours. “Pinky promise. Want to go call the boys?” You frowned, and Harry laughed out loud. “I mean your uncles.” Your face lighted up in realization, and you nodded enthusiastically. Harry pushed some buttons on his phone,  and soon all four boys were yelling hi. “Hello!” you yelled, eyes sparkling in happiness. “Hey princess,” Zayn greeted, and Harry sighed relieved as you finally calmed down. Now he only had to convince you to do the interview for This is us…

ZAYN (age 4): You were drawing blobs on a paper in your room, when the door suddenly flew open and a camera was thrusted in your face. At first you just kinda blinked, but then you started crying. You were so lucky to have the Malik genes, so you still looked adorable when you cried, but that didn’t stop Zayn’s heart from breaking when he followed the broken noises to your room, and found you sitting on the floor hysteric, while the crew stood in shock. “What did you do?!” Zayn yelled angrily, running to you and immediately placing you on his hip. You hid your face in his neck, curling into him. “N-nothing! We just walked in!” Zayn glared, bouncing you a bit on his hip to silence your cries. “Walked or barged? She’s just a little kid!” The crew, who were currently filming for This is us, mumbled out apologies and scrambled out of the room. “Don’t worry sis. Zayn’s here. Those men won’t hurt you again,” he mumbled soothingly into your hair, hands splayed across your back to keep you close. “I’m sorry Zaynie,” you whimpered. “Why are you apologizing? The men were rude,” Zayn said shell-shocked. “You’re mad,” you stated, pointing at the little line between his eyebrow. “But not at you. Let’s go talk to them, and then you can be interviewed!” You looked worried at the thought. “I’ll be there too. I promise you.”

NIALL (age 3): “What were you guys thinking?! You knew I weren’t home, and you came here anyway! And we didn’t even agree to it! You scared the living daylights out of my sister! She’s only four!” You were in your room, hugging your stuffed giraffe close, listening to Niall blowing up at the crew filming This is us. They had showed up unexpectedly, sneaked past your mom, and surprised you in your room. You, of course, got hella scared, and immediately started crying. Your sobs alarmed your mom, who called Niall, and the crew were now getting their ass kicked. “You can maybe get an interview with her later. If she has stopped crying by then,” Niall mumbled, shooing the people out. He stood with his back turned and took a few deep breaths to calm down. When he finally did turn around to face you, only a few tears were still trailing down your cheeks. Niall frowned and with an inaudible curse at the crew, he went and sat next to you. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, even though he wasn’t expecting a proper response in return. “It’s okay. They didn’t do it to be mean. And it’s not your fault Ni.” A large grin took over Niall’s features, and he laughed. “So you forgive me?” You nodded instantly. “And them?” You hesitated, but ended up nodding. “Cool! Want to get interviewed?”

LIAM (age 4): “Liam!” you yelled, panic clear in your little voice. Liam was by your side in an instant, protecting hand resting on your shoulder. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Who?” you asked simply, pointing at the men standing in the living room, adjusting things on a big camera. “They’re filming for This is us. Our movie? Do you remember sweetie?” You nodded, but even with the explanation, you hid behind his leg, peeking out to look at the huge men. “I don’t like them,” you exclaimed, much to Liam’s dismay. “Don’t say that! That’s not nice!” You pouted up at Liam, but his stern face didn’t change. “Sorry.” Suddenly a camera was all up in your face, and you were so shocked you started crying. “Hey! Step back!” Liam said loudly, pushing a bit at the man’s shoulder. The man stepped back, mumbling an apology. With an annoyed sigh, Liam got on his knees so he was now eye level with you. “Want to know a secret?” Liam whispered with a smile. You nodded with excited eyes, leaning in a bit to hear what he was saying. “I don’t like them either,” he admitted, smiling growing because of your delighted giggles. Liam wiped away a stray tear, giving you a quick hug. “Is it okay if they interview you? I’ll be here the whole time, I swear.” You were very hesitant, but agreed at last.

LOUIS (age 3): “I swear to fucking god,” Louis mumbled, making sure you wouldn’t hear his bad language. The crew who was filming for This is us was annoying the shit out of Louis. But even though he was whining, he didn’t care all that much. He was scoffing and fiddling around, but he didn’t react until he heard your cries. He ran to your aid like every other good big brother would do, and he totally lost his cool when he saw you were crying because the crew was filming you even though you clearly didn’t want to be filmed. “What the hell?!” he yelled, and send you downstairs. After yelling at the crew for ten more minutes about privacy and personal space and: “She’s three for fucks sake!” he came back down. “Sorry sis. There’s someone here who would like to speak with you.” The crew stepped out behind Louis, and subconsciously you took a step back. “It’s okay honey,” Louis encouraged. “We’re very sorry Y/N,” one of the men spoke up. All the other men nodded their agreement. “We wanted to know if we could do an interview with you?” another man asked, eyes flickering to Louis to see if he would start screaming again. “I want ice cream,” you stated simply. “And then you’ll do the interview?” You nodded, and when the men disappeared to get your ice cream, Louis high fived you. “That’s my sister. Blackmailing people at the age of three!”