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utahraptor recently got an update on it’s skeletal, and boy is it WEIRD. it’s head is huge and the lower jaw is bent, it has a stocky torso with a high spine, and a proportionally small and more flexible tail, not the built-for-running model we used to have. it also resembles the jurassic park raptor’s proportion, which is odd indeed!

top image is using the old skeletal, the bottom is with the new skeletal.

Who Is That On Your Instagram?

Jace looked at the photo one more time, a huge smile making his jaw almost ache. He’d been smiling so much more than usual lately and he knew the reason why. Making sure he copied it before he cropped it carefully, he made a small adjustment to the brightness and posted it to his Instagram with the caption ‘there is no stopping this smile’ adding the wink emoji as a secret message.

He hoped it was vague enough to not rile suspicion, Jace wasn’t ashamed, not in the least, he just wanted to keep this bit of happiness to himself for a little longer. Two minutes later his phone was ringing.

“Iz?”, he answered, “Everything alright?”

“Who is that?, she blurted, her voice full of accusation

“Who is who?”

Jace had no idea what his sister was on about now, but she’d always been the nosy one. His mind hadn’t found the connection to what he’d done to warrant her question, that was until she connected the dots for him.

“Who is that on your Instagram?”.

Oh boy, he thought, so much for keeping it to himself. But how did she notice, he was sure he was being so slick. It must have been that caption, he was so stupid and mentally kicked himself. 

“What are you talking about, Iz? I posted a selfie”, he tried to redirect her playing innocent.

“And the arm around you?”, the accusatory and curious tone back. 

Okay so it wasn’t the caption.

“It’s a friend”.

“And you cropped them out why?”

“To be polite and not post their photo in case they don’t want to be on social media”.

“So considerate”, she patronized, and he knew she had to be rolling her eyes. “Do I know this friend?”

“NO”, Jace spoke a bit loud but it was too late now. 

“Oh really, that’s funny because Clary could have sworn that watch your friend is wearing is the one she bought for Simon last Hanukkah. And I’m pretty sure I got him a checked blue button down for his birthday, I think your friend is wearing a similar shirt. How funny is that?”

“Hilarious”, Jace deadpanned although his stomach felt nervous like it was flipping around in his gut.

“Even funnier is that Simon told Clary he was going on a date last night. When she asked if it was a first date he said no, and told her he really likes the guy a lot. Also pretty hilarious is that you’ve been kinda busy lately, and - um - smiling more”, she sounded so very smug in her assessment. 

Check and mate, Izzy knew it, her tone of voice said as much, he knew it too. Busted, no way out now, perhaps it was time for him to let everyone in on why he was so happy lately. It wasn’t a bad thing, he really cared a lot about Simon, he even let himself think the word ‘love’ once or twice. 

“Okay”, he huffed in resignation. “It’s Simon”

The squeal on the other end of the phone had Jace pulling it far from his ear. 

“I knew you were seeing someone, but Simon? Oh my god this is too cute”.

“Can you calm down please, Iz”, Jace sighed. 

“So it is Simon?”, a third voice came muffled over the phone from Isabelle’s end.

“Let me guess, Clary is with you?”. 

“Of course”, Isabelle answered like he was ridiculous.

“Okay so I’m glad you two figured it out, but can you keep it to yourselves for now. I really like him too, and I just want to enjoy this before everyone starts freaking out over it”.

“Too late”, Clary giggled in the background.

“Too late, what? Iz what did you do?”.

“Your notifications are about to blow up. Alright bye love you see you later”

“Iz? Izzy? Isabelle what do you mean?”.

It was too late she’d ended the call, and then Jace’s phone started buzzing and chiming incessantly. He had a bunch of missed texts from Alec, Magnus and Raphael, but his Instagram was going off. 

Opening the app he checked his last post and saw Izzy’s comment. 

Oh fuck she didn’t.

‘Hi Simon, you two are so cute. Congrats big brother you landed a good one’ To add extra emphasis she plastered two lines of different color hearts and the heart eyes emoji .

The resulting comments were his friends and family in varying states of shock or delight, a bunch were congratulatory, some hilariously rude, and then there was Simon’s comment. It was life buoy in a sea of insanity, and Jace couldn’t help but let the smile take over yet again. 

‘Cats out of the bag, huh Jace? Congrats to me, I landed a gorgeous one’ with the kiss emoji following. 

Jace ignored every other comment and only answered one, the only one that mattered.

‘There is no stopping that smile because you’re so damn cute ’

The annoying ‘awwwwwwwwww’ Clary commented with right after made Jace roll his eyes but he didn’t care because he’d be meeting his boyfriend, Simon for a lunch date in thirty minutes. But before he could leave, Jace decided to make another post, this time he shared the full photo. Simon was looking at him with the sweetest look on his face, and that is what made Jace smile.


TN – This is the part that was released on the Bleach/Jump+ app a few weeks ago, it’s very long over 9000 words. Also be warned - Liltotto’s potty mouth, if that kind of thing bothers you…

Hueco Mundo.

6 months since the Protection of the Soul King Great War.

Even in Hueco Mundo, the world of the Hollows headed by the Arrancar, a gradual change is occurring.

After the Arrancar hunt by the Quincy of the Wandenreich came to an end, powerful Arrancar such as Harribel and Grimmjow had disappeared, a new period of civil unrest was about to be ushered in.

However, as Nelliel, whose whereabouts had been unknown thus far, suddenly returned accompanied by Harribel, the ambitions of the Arrancar and Vasto Lorde class Menos Grande were instantly met with disappointment, and they retreated back to their respective colonies as a result.

Several Arrancar launched surprise attacks on Nelliel and Harribel thinking “surely they’re exhausted now”, however most of them were beaten at their own game, and even those who had managed to escape were sent sinking to the ground unlucky enough to bump into Grimmjow who was in a foul mood.

In a corner of Hueco Mundo which was in the gradual process of restoring its peace from such a ‘return of the leader’, a man wearing a mask resembling a bull’s skull released a sigh.

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yanderehetaliadrabbles  asked:

Hey! I hope you are doing well! ^~^ I was wondering if I could see 2P Axis and Allies to their female s/o denying their love confession and saying that they only see them as a "Big brother."

2p America:

“I’m sorry Allen I see you as an older brother”, (s/o) smiled nervously as Allen stood there.Not knowing what to say, “I hope you can understand.”She left him there standing in shock and sadness. “Ah ok doll…….”, he whispered as he held his bat tightly.No, he wouldn’t take it like that, he would not let it slide.Allen followed her behind, he stood quiet, try to act cool.Not drawing no attention as he pays attention to see (s/o) leaving with her friends.He knew the walkway they walk to, this was too easy for him. “Isn’t that your friend?”, one of (s/o) pointed him out, already spotted but it didn’t matter. (S/o) stood surprised, “Allen what’s wrong?”Allen stood there standing still, he didn’t speak but looked at her friends. He slowly walked up to them. “Allen?”, (s/o) became nervous as everything happened too fast.He lifted his bat up and slammed it against one of her friend’s head.A bloody murder scream was heard from (s/o)’s other friend as (s/o) stood there in shock, not moving.Allen watches the body fall to the ground as the body twitch and bleed out to death. Allen made a fast swift move as he hit the other friend in the head, making the other gag for air as they fell to their knees as he kicks their chest making them fall to the ground and bleed to death. (S/o) trembled as she felt like she couldn’t everything was falling apart for her, she looked at her friend’s bodies.She finally got her courage as she made a run for it, catching Allen’s attention as he ran behind her. “HELP ME PLEASE!”, (s/o) yelled as her bad luck, there was no one around the streets.She made her move as she thought it turned for another street but when she turned she saw it was a dark alley.(S/o) trembled as she tears ran down her cheeks, she heard footsteps behind her as she turn around to see Allen.He grins seductively as he walked towards, he tapped the bat to the ground each time he took a step.
“(s/o), dollface, let’s talk about this~”, he threw her against the wall as she yelp in pain.He slammed one of his hands against the wall, almost close to her face. He snickered as he slowly breathe against her neck making her shiver by the touch of his lips on her skin. “I love you (s/o).I love you so much, I don’t want to be looked like a brother”,he said the last word disgustingly. “I want to be more for you, I can do so much for you doll”, he brushed her hair aside. (S/o) breathe shakily as she nodded, she was scared to death of what he can do to her. “But we can get to know each other more, that’s all that we need. Don’t worry doll, I’m doing this for us.~”The last thing (s/o) was the handle of the bat hit her head after she passed out.

2p England: “Pardon your word poppet”, Oliver cleared his throat as he looked up from the counter as (s/o) sat on one of his tables close by.They were in his cupcake shop, he invited her there so he could have confess his feelings for her but it didn’t went the way he wanted it to go. “I’m sorry Oliver, I just see you like a big brother to me”, (s/o) smiled sweetly not knowing how bad she had broken the British man’s heart. “Ah, a b-brother?”, Oliver murmured as (s/o) nodded. Oliver was quiet for a while, this made (s/o) nervous and worry for her friend. “Oliver what’s wrong?Oliver?”, (s/o) stood up to walk towards to touch his shoulder but when she touched his shoulder he flinched and looked up with a smile. “Oh well then, that’s ok my dear poppet.At least I’m ‘your big brother’”, he said with displeasure but (s/o) didn’t acknowledge it. “How about we enjoy some cupcakes, I had this special one just for you”, Oliver chirped cheerfully as (s/o) smiled and nodded. “I will gladly accept it”, (s/o) giggled as Oliver went back to his kitchen where he made his ‘special’ cupcakes, bringing out a purple sprinkled cupcake. “Oh I hope you love it”, he placed the cupcake in a tray with a cup of tea aside. (S/o) thanked him as she took a sip of the tea, Oliver watch with a warm smile as nodded. (S/o) placed down her cup of tea down as she  grabbed the cupcake.She inspect it as she smiled and took a bite out of it, her eyes lit up brightly. “Mmmmmmh~!Oliver this is so good~!”, (s/o) took another bite as she took another and another, after finishing it all. “That was so good! What was in it Oliver?!”,(s/o) took a sip of her tea. Oliver serve himself some tea as he had his back to her, “some sugar and secret ingredients.” “Like?”, (s/o) put her tea down as she waited for his answer. “I use this cupcake for special occasions, like poison, paralyzing, or just making people go on conscious “, Oliver chirped as he turned around slowly with a grin on his face as he took a sip of his tea.(S/o) froze and shook her head and laugh, “How funny Oliver.”She became nervous as she felt her body start getting heavy. “What’s wrong dear, losing yourself?”, Oliver place his cup down the counter as he went around to slowly walk towards her. (S/o) grew panicked as she try to balance herself in  the counter making her cup fall to the floor. “Oh (s/o) don’t get all scared, I didn’t poison you, you’re just going to go on conscious.”(S/o) gag for air as she felt her body go limp a bit, her legs trembled as she fell to her knees.Oliver bend down to her level and cup her face with a grin, he roughly kissed her lips.She whimpered as she felt his hands wrap around her waist as she her eyes slowly closed. “Now my dear rest, we will have a long day to get to fix our mistakes.~”The last this she heard as she passed out.

2p France:

“Oh Francis, I see you as a older brother that’s all”, (s/o) rubbed the back of her head as she smiled.Francis stood quiet not believing of her response. “Mon amour, what…….did I do something bad?”, Francis grew a bit tense as he grabbed her hand he gently massage it with his thumb. (S/o) shook her head, “No Francis it’s that I just don’t see you more than a big brother, I’m sorry.” Francis shook his head as he pulled (s/o) close to his chest making her yelp in surprise. “Non, I love you (s/o), I want to be something more for you Mon amour!”, Francis held her tight as (s/o) grew nervous by his shaken voice.She smelled his shirt, cigarette and alcohol she grew a bit scared. “Francis please let me go.I’m sorry I just don’t see you that way”, (s/o) tried pushing away but he didn’t budge. “Do you know how much I have done for you, I have gotten people of my way, so many obstacles and now you throw me away!”,Francis breathe roughly as (s/o) stood there frighten. “W-what?”,(s/o) was shocked by his words, ‘gotten people of my way’, she remember her close best friends haven’t come to school lately. “Fran-nci-is what did y-you d-do?”,(s/o) looked up at him pleading for answers.Francois stare at her and didn’t answer, “FRANCIS?!ANSWER ME?!”, (s/o) had tears in her eyes, she could think of the things he could’ve  done to them. She flinch as she felt his palm caressed her cheek. “I took care of them that’s all you need to know (s/o)”, he whispered in her ear as she whimpered and shook her head. “No no no no FRANCOIS! WHERE ARE THEY?! WHAT DID YOU DO?!”, she violently push him as she was thrown against to a car.She look up to see it was his car, she tried to balance herself to get up but she felt his hands grab her shoulder roughly. “LET ME GO!LET ME GO THIS INSTANCE!”, (s/o) cried out as her eyes grew wide.She felt his hands under her dress she wore, he slowly massaged her thighs.She turns red and felt tears running down her cheeks as she kicked her legs up in his chest. “FRANCIS!”, (s/o) felt a cloth with a weird smell get pressed against her nose as she whimpered. “Sssssssh it will be ok mon amour, we will just look at what went wrong”, Francis grabbed her waist as she felt herself get dizzy.Her eyes grew heavy as she felt a seatbelt click as Francis kissed her forehead gently as he smile. The last thing she heard was the start of a car engine after her world turn dark.

2p  Canada: “Matt you’re like a big brother to me silly”, (s/o) giggled as she looked around as she looked at the trees.Matt had taken her to the woods to tell her something important and so she agree to go. Matt was hit hard by her answer as he mumbled words. (S/o) wrapped her arms around her shoulder as she shivered, “It’s getting late Matt can you take me back home?” Matt slowly look up to her, “no.”(S/o) looked confused and asked him again, “w-what?Matt what did you say?” Matt tilted his head , “I said no (s/o).Why go back home if we can get along here”, Matt grab her wrist as he lean her against a tree. (S/o) yelped as she looked at Matt as she blushed when she felt his hands go around her waist gently and warmly. “Matt stop.Matt!”,(s/o) whimpered as he peck her lips.He got close to her ear as he whispered, “Do you think I’m just letting you ?”Matt bit her ear as she whimpered, he slowly kissed her neck, sucking her skin roughly. He started leaving hickeys behind .(S/o) felt her heart pounding fast , she needed to get away. She struggle as she try pushing him of, she lifted her knee up and kicked him in the stomach, making him grunt. She ran through the trees as she yelled for help. “HELP ME!PLEASE!”, she panted as she hear a loud whistle.She look behind confused of what that was for as she saw a huge polar bear chasing her. Her eyes grew wide in fright as she panted harder, panicking of what that thing was.It was bigger than a normal polar bear.It was her bad luck or something because she tripped over a branch, she yelp as she landed flat on her face.She whimpered as she felt leaves on her face and when she was about to get up she felt a hard breathing against her neck.She hiccuped as tears came out as she turn around slowly to see the huge polar bear staring at her.Its jaws were huge, big enough to finish her there. “Good boy Kuma”, Matt patted the bear’s side as the polar bear backed away, leaving (s/o) frighten in fear.Matt pulled her up to her feet but she trembled that she couldn’t stand up still. “Now (s/o) we could have just done this easy and simple but you made it harder”, Matt said as he smile.Matt lifted her up to his shoulder as he carried her.(S/o) tried to scream but the polar bear looked at her, she kept her mouth shut as she was drag more into the woods, never again coming back home.

2p Russia:

“I see you like a big brother Viktor~!”, (s/o) dance around the full grown fields of the sunflowers.Viktor felt his heart stop for a moment, he felt like those words burn him inside. He had his hands behind his back as he stood tall and still. “Sunflower….”Viktor spoke as (s/o) gaze at some scarecrows and look at their clothes. “Yes Viktor”, she turn around as she waited for his response.He smile, not usual for him to do but he glance at the scarecrows, “do you like my scarecrows, sunflower?”(S/o) looked back at the scarecrows and nodded with a smile, “they look nice.”Viktor nodded as he came close to the two scarecrows, “how about you take a look at them .” (S/o) gladly accepted the request as she walked up to the scarecrows but she felt a shiver as when she was close to them a drop of blood fell on her cheek.She looked up at the scarecrow, it had a cloth bag hiding it’s face.She looked to the top of the scarecrow to the bottom noticing one of the scarecrow showed real human skin, one had a tattoo.A tattoo one of her friends had, she shook her head as she felt like she was going to vomit.She covered her mouth with one of her hand as she backed away.She felt a strong arm wrap its hands around her waist, she wince and try to turn around but another hand held her face as her eyes went wide. “Do you like the ‘bodies’ I use to make them sunflower.~”Viktor kissed her neck sweetly as he hummed, (s/o) began to cry as she trembled in fear. Viktor wiped the drop of blood on her cheek as he kiss her cheek gently. “You know I wanted this to be nice but you  left me no choice”, Viktor pulled out a needle he had in his coat pocket. “It could have gone any way so I came prepare, I promise you it won’t hurt sunflower~”,Viktor extended her arm. (S/o) started struggling and kick around her leg, losing the grip of his arm close to her face. “STOOOOOOOOPPPPPP!SOMEONE!GAH!AAAAAAAHHH!”, she felt a sharp pain in her arm as he pressed the needle’s liquid to her veins.She whimper as her body became limp and slowly she closed her eyes. “You and me we just need to know each other more, sunflower.~”

2p China:

“Zao you’re just a big bro for me”, (s/o) took a drink of her beverage.Zao has taken her out to drink to his house. “A brother?”, Zao  looked at his drink as he gulped his drink harshly. (S/o) nodded and took another sip of her drink as she felt Zao’s drink fall, pouring the liquid to the floor. “AH!ZAO!YOUR DRINK!”,(s/o) stood up as she was about to pick up his drink when she felt a hand grab her wrist. “Zao?”(s/o) looked up at him as he stared sad and stressed. “I don’t want to be a brother…..”,Zao’s grip became tight as (s/o) wince and yelp. “Z-zao stop my wrist hurts…”, (s/o) try pulling away but he pull closer. “I want to be more for you, I want to be your lover”,Zao gently kiss her cheek, causing (s/o) to jump in action.She push him as she blushed redly, “w-what are you doing z-zao?!”,(s/o) brushed her hair aside as she was nervous by his action. “I love you (s/o)……I love you so much”,Zao lean towards her as she bump to the table.(S/o) tried to protest but she felt her body be push down to the table. (S/o) yelp in surprise and fright as she struggle in his grip, “Z-zao!”He didn’t stop as he lean and kiss her lip, biting her her lip in the process. “You see me just like a brother?!I do everything, everything!For you, just you!”, Zao attacked her neck as she scream in fright.One of his hand travel down to her waist, giving it a squeeze. (S/o) whimper as she drool a bit, she was a mess, Zao was leaving marks around her neck as he will surprise her a kiss in the lips roughly. “Zao stop!I don’t love you!”, (s/o) yell with tears as Zao stop his actions.He stood quiet when he grin at her, “then who else will dear?~”Zao chuckled and laughed out, as he looked at her, “I took care of your friends, do you want me to go to your family next?”(S/o) stood shocked and shook her head as she felt warm breath against her ear. “Then let’s redo this stupid action, yes?~”,Zao brushed her cheek as (s/o) cried knowing it will be the last time her loved ones will see her.

2p Italy:

“Luciano,you’re like a brother to me, more like a big brother”, (s/o) smiled as she poke at her food. Luciano was drinking his wine, as he had taken (s/o) to a restaurant to talk about things and enjoy themselves.He choked on his drink as some spill out of his mouth (s/o) jumped a bit as she reaches a napkin to help him. “Ah, Luciano you spill some”,(s/o) wipe some of the wine as he blushed but looked away. “It’s ok bella”,Luciano felt her hand brush against his lips as he couldn’t resist but grab her hand.It was soft and cold, so sweet. “Luciano?”,(s/o) tilted her head as she watch him rub his thumb against her hand. “You know how ,much I love you”, Luciano kissed her palm, causing her to blush but pull away her hand. “Luciano!”,she blush by the attention she got from other people but she look down as she stayed quiet. “Luciano, I’m sorry I don’t see you that way,I’m sorry”, (s/o) looked at the ground as she slowly look up to see his face.He was smiling, with a big grin, “but we can be more (s/o), just tell me what to do.I can give you everything you ever wanted, just tell me what it is and I’ll get it.I can love you like no one else can.”(S/o) felt uncomfortable of how he was acting, this wasn’t the Luciano she knew. “Luciano you’re scaring me”,(s/o) finally said as it got him of guard. “Scaring you?”,Luciano giggled as he grabbed both of her hands making her jump a bit. “My bella, you don’t even know what might scare you”,Luciano giggled more as (s/o) was feeling like it was time to leave. “I think I should leave”, (s/o) was trying to pull away but Luciano wouldn’t let go. “But (s/o) we have so much to do~”,Luciano grin. “Luciano stop please, you’re making me uncomfortable”,(s/o) looked away. He lean close to her as he spoke, “I think it’s better for you to stay here with me (s/o), wouldn’t want you to hear about the mess I made~”,Luciano smirked as (s/o) stood confused.She felt her brain screaming at her to get away but she wouldn’t budge. “M-mess?”,(s/o) asked as Luciano nodded and quietly respond. “You know it is bella, friends and family can take up of your time.Time of me and you~”,Luciano nodded as (s/o) shook her head.She didn’t want to believe those word, she wanted to run away. “But let’s not do something stupid bella, or others may get hurt~”,Luciano kissed her cheek as she knew what he can do to the others she have left. “Now let’s make this all better as to restart again and learn how to love one another.~”

2p Germany:

“You’re the best big brother I had Lutz!”,(s/o) watched Lutz put the weights down he was using.He had invited her to his waiting room he had to talk and chill but it didn’t went like he wanted it to go. “B-brother?”,Lutz scratch his chin as he didn’t like the sound of that. “Brother wasn’t what I expected”,Lutz cross his hands as he looked at (s/o).She shyly looked away as she blushed but shook it of, “I’m sorry Lutz, it can’t work out.”Lutz shook his head as he brushed his hair. “I don’t want that (s/o)…..I love you”, Lutz looked at her with sadness but he tried to be happy and cheerful. (S/o) shook her head, “Lutz I’m sorry, it just can’t.”Lutz grabbed her hand making her jump in fright as she saw him on his knees. “I love you (s/o), with all my heart”,Lutz kissed her palm as she was getting nervous and uncomfortable. “Lutz stop please.Don’t please”, she try to pull away as he tighten his grip. “Luts!”,(s/o) was now struggling as she tried to push him of.He didn’t nudge, he kept holding on her tight, he didn’t want to lose her.Watch her walk of without him, without him been in her life. “I’ve done so much (s/o).I’m not just gonna watch and let it be thrown away~”,Lutz cupped her face as he kissed her in the lip. (S/o) froze as she blushed and felt like this was not right.She whimpered as Lutz pulled her closer as he wrapped his arms around her waist. “I love you (s/o), I really do~”,Lutz panted as he slowly kissed her jaw line going lower to her neck.(S/o) wasn’t liking none of it as she struggled more before shouting out, “LET ME GO THIS INSTANCE!LUTZ!I DON’T LOVE YOU!I NEVER WILL!”,(s/o) didn’t thought about it as she slapped him across the face.She stood still as she realized what she had done. She looked up at him.Worried and scared of what his reaction will be.Lutz looked at the ground as he felt a sting in his cheek, he slowly touched it as he winced and slowly turn to (s/o). “(s/o)….”,Lutz stared at her as she grew scared as tears were coming out of her eyes. “I didn’t mean to”, those words took it, it was the last thing it took.He quickly dash towards and threw her to the wall. “So many things you don’t mean to do (s/o)”, Lutz brushed her hair as she cried out more. He smiled as  he spoke, “but we can fix that, let’s start over,yes?~”

2p Japan:

“A brother is a better term I see you as Kuro”, (s/o) said as she set down the gift he had brought her, he wanted her to come to his home to surprise her with something lovely.Kuro froze his tracks as he was going to get her some tea but some plans were ruined. “Brother.”,Kuro cleared his throat by the sound of that word made him unease. “Yes”, (s/o) nodded as Kuro shook his head in disbelief. “(S/o) you must be doing something at me, joking around ,you know how people are these days”, Kuro smiled warmly hoping for that. (S/o) shook her head as she frowned, “I’m sorry Kuro but you’re just a brother, nothing else.I can’t see you as a lover either”, (s/o) felt a bit uncomfortable with how this talk was getting.SLAM.(S/o) jump out of fright a Kuro’s hands trembled on the table, he was breathing a bit hard as he stared at the table. “Kuro?”,(s/o) stood up to help him thinking he was having problems with breathing.A chuckle, that was the only that was heard.It stopped (s/o) in her tracks as carefully stood still.Kuro looked at (s/o) with a smirk, “You know I’ve done everything to make everything easier for you (s/o).”Kuro smiled as (s/o) stood confused but listened carefully. “Take care of those who bother you, who push you down”, Kuro walk close to her as he caressed her face. “Is it time to take care of those who distract you, who take you away from me?~”, Kuro gently placed a hand on her thigh as he gazes at her with his eyes half lid.She blushed madly but those words had her on alert. “Ku-u-uro p-please”,(s/o) plead as she moan a bit feeling him press himself against her.He slowly rock himself on her as he whispered in her ear. “Mercy?Aren’t we being pushy no?~”,Kuro giggled as he cupped her chin roughly making her look at him in the eyes. “How about you stay for a long while, to fix our mistakes or make the outcome even more better.~”

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ok but what is the Voltron Family's thoughts on the Ghibli films? (especially my fav, howls moving castle pretty pretty please)

[The Voltron Family] Saturday morning and the whole family was in the breakfast table eating, well, breakfast. Keith left because a package was delivered so when he came back to the dining area, he was beaming.

Keith: Alright, little Shiroganes. After breakfast, we are having a movie marathon. *hands on hips* 
Lance: We are?!! *excited* *drops his spoon on the table with a cling*
Shiro: Captain, what did I say about dining etiquette? 
Lance: *glances and pouts* I’m sorry, Daddy Shiro. *picks up his spoon*
Pidge: What are we watching, Daddy Keith? We finished Avatar: The Last Airbender already and Legend of Korra. Don’t tell me we’re rewatching Sailormoon again? *glances at Lance*
Lance: Oh, shut up, Pidge! You love it! *sticks his tongue out*
Pidge: *grumbles* *eats her cereal* No, I don’t.
Hunk: Is it a new one?
Keith: *nods* There was a sale on Ghibli films, I’m talking about 50% off and I just went nuts. So… I pretty much bought everything! *shows them a huge box*
Shiro: *jaw drops* Keith! What the—
Keith: It was on sale, Takashi. *rolls his eyes*
Hunk: What are Ghibli films? *cocks his head*
Keith: *smirks at the kids* Anime movies.
All three kids: *eyes sparkling in delight* *incoherent noises about asking their Daddy Shiro to watch the movies NOW*
Shiro: *chuckles* After you eat your breakfast. *wipes Pidge’s dribble* 
Pidge: BUT DADDY SHIRO!!! *spreads arms* WE DON’T HAVE ALL DAY!
Shiro: Yes you do, sweetheart. The movies can wait. You finish that cereal and milk then you all can watch. *looks at Lance* And Lance, just because you’re eating quickly doesn’t mean you get to watch soon.
Lance: *stops eating* *gapes at Shiro* *heartbroken* I hate you.
Shiro: I love you, too, buddy. *smiles*

Keith was setting up the TV in the living room while Shiro brought over some cupcakes and a pitcher of orange juice for their snacks. The kids pushed the seats and connected them to the big sofa to create an even bigger one so they could all fit, perfect for their movie watching and cuddling.

The usual set up was Pidge on Shiro’s left, Hunk on Keith’s right and then Lance at the center between his Daddies. Sometimes they switch, depending who wants to snuggle closer with who. This time however, Hunk, Lance and Pidge were all at the center.

They started with Ponyo. The kids were full of laughter.

Pidge: Sousuke is Hunk! *giggles* Lance can be Ponyo.
Lance: Hey! *crosses arms* Why can’t I be Sousuke?!
Pidge: Because he’s too nice, duh!
Hunk: But Ponyo has powers though!
Lance: *smiles* Okay. I like being Ponyo then. *squeezes Hunk’s hand*

They moved to Spirited Away.

Hunk: *cries* This is so… sad. 
Keith: Awww, baby. Come here. *cuddles Hunk*
Hunk: Will she be able to go back to her Mommy and Daddy?
Lance: It doesn’t matter, Hunk! Haku is so cool! He turns into a dragon!
Pidge: As much as I don’t like to admit it, I have to agree with Lance. *nods* Dragons over—
Lance and Pidge: EVERYTHING! *laughs* *high fives each other*

The kids’ favourite would have to be Howl’s Moving Castle.

Shiro: *sobs* Every. Single. Damn. Time.
Keith: Awwww, babe. You cry all the time with this movie. *endeared*
Lance: *wipes Shiro’s tears* Daddy Shiro, please. You’re Sophie.
Shiro: *sniffles* *nods* I am Sophie.
Pidge: It’s the white hair. I agree with this 100 percent. *nods*
Hunk: *smiles* That makes Daddy Keith Howl then!
Lance: *turns towards Hunk* What?! How come? He’s blond!
Hunk: Because Howl is handsome like Daddy Keith and he can change his hair color, Lance!
Lance: *sits back and really thinks about it* Huh. That’s true. Plus… *looks up at Keith and smirks* He’s in love with Sophie who’s Daddy Shiro. *teases* 
Pidge: And they kiss. *makes kissy faces*
Lance: *tries to act* Oh I love you Sophie! Marry me! *holds onto Hunk*
Hunk: *giggles* Oh I love you too Howl! *places hand on chest dramatically* Please carry me and we will fly into the sky like birds!
Pidge: *joins in* And we’ll have 1000 babies! *makes kissy faces again with his brothers*
Keith: *smiles at the kids* *notices Shiro looking at him* What?
Shiro: *smiles fondly* They tease us as if we’re not married. *grabs Keith’s hand and squeezes it*
Keith: *chuckles* *squeezes back* I know. *turns to Pidge* 1000 babies is a bit excessive though, sweetheart. Might wanna rethink that thoroughly. 
Pidge: But Daddy Keith! *whines* It’s the power of love!
Lance: The power of love can do anything!
Keith: *frowns* The power of love can’t produce 1000 babies.
Shiro: *raises an eyebrow* Are you sure, Keith? Have you tried? You might wanna rethink that thoroughly. *teases* 
Keith: *slowly smiles* *pinches Shiro’s side* Shut it, Sophie. 

fignan  asked:

What's up with Peter's elongated skull? Is that all brain?

A lot of it is brain! A little of the very back of it is an illusion because he has huge jaw muscles attaching to the top back of his head, and he also has expanded sinuses and big teeth in his big mouth, but yeah, he has a big ole long brain. He needs it to coordinate a body that big (so it doesn’t really give him any kind of intellectual advantage, the extra brain matter is basically just making sure he knows where his feet are).

Congratulations, you now know more about Peter’s anatomy than Peter does.

(He’s not really sure about the location, shape and size of like, 80% of his organs since it’s all a mystery until he needs medical attention and even then things are limited to the size of the scanning equipment)

BTS reaction to you walking in on them naked.

Hello my kpop fam! Here I am again, with another reaction lol Hope you will enjoy it. Requests are open!


Originally posted by j-cypher

You were dating Jimin only for few weeks, so you two hadn’t been in intimate situations together yet. One day, you decided to make him a surprise visit at the dorms. Namjoon let you in and showed to Jimin’s room. He knocked and went in, only to see Jimin… in full his glory; naked. Namjoon was as shocked as you were. You slowly closed the door and waited silently until Jimin got out, clothed this time. His face was bright red and he couldn’t bring himself to look at you. For the next hour, he couldn’t say a word without giggling.


Originally posted by yoonseokismyreligion

He would scream, like some kind of scared animal, as soon as he noticed that you saw him… ALL of him. You ran out of the bathroom and he ran after you, still naked, trying to assure you it was okay. Then realizing the state he was in, he screamed again and hid behind the nearest member, who tried to avoid him as much as he possibly could. It was a mess.


Originally posted by jeonbase

This poor boy was so shocked that he dropped the towel that he had the option of covering himself with and just stood there with huge eyes and his jaw to the floor. You could almost see his face getting redder and redder while you were exiting the room in a hurry. He tried to act like nothing happened, but it was useless, since his hyungs wouldn’t let him forget it. When he finally would be able to speak, he asked you: 

“So.. Y/N…. impressed?”


Originally posted by cutae-hyungie

When you accidently walked in the bathroom while Tae was getting dressed after a shower, you both screamed your lungs out, just standing there with pure shock, Tae covering himself with a towel, you covering your eyes. You were too shocked to move, your knees shaking and palms sweating. Taehyung wasnt much more calm than you, pale as a ghost. He exclaimed in terror:



Originally posted by yoonseok

You were supposed to meet with Yoongi at 6, but you got ready ealier so you decided to surprise him at the dorms. Hoseok told you that your boyfriend was still showering so you should wait for him in his room. When you opened the door and walked in, you saw Yoongi, naked, putting on socks. You screamed in terror and turned around, shocked from seeing him like that for the first time. He seemed unbothered, continuing what he was doing.
“Come on, dont be so shocked, you knew Im hot.”


Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon

When you accidently walked into the bathroom while Rapmon was showering, he just looked at you surprised and asked if you wanted something. Your scream of pure terror was more shocking to him than your entrance. After that he acted normal, when asked about the accident, he said it was normal and not a big deal.


Originally posted by bangtan-got7-boys

Seokjin would be very emberassed, would try to cover himself, while screaming like a small girl. When you left the room, giggling, all red and shy, you would hear a loud: “Which one of you, you morons, let her in?!” Other boys would laugh at his anger, but in frontal confrontation they would apologize and try to blame others. Jin would ask you how you were feeling, if it was a big shock for you, and most importnntly, did you find him as hot as you should.

Study Buddy's Pt 1 - Philip Hamilton x reader

Warnings - A few swears, I think that’s it tho
This Is my first fanfic so sorry if it’s cringe ._.

You sat in class, bored as ever you played with your hair you weren’t paying attention

You failed most classes the only few you passed you got like a C or B this wasn’t one of those classes this was math you suck at math you get Ds or Fs in the class most of the time

The bell rang and you started packing up your stuff when you heard you teachers voice say

“Y/N, And Philip, please stay after class.”

You groaned and got up and walked to her desk that was at the center of the room Philip wasn’t far behind you

“Yes Mrs. Reynolds?” You said sweetly

“Your failing Miss Y/L/N.” Mrs. Reynolds stated.

“Okay, and?” You said dropping the hole sweet

I want Philip here, to tutor you.“ She stated and you gasped.

“What.“You said bluntly.

"No arguments please, and just give him a chance.” She said angry at your attitude.

“Ugh fine.” You said and turned around to Philip who has been very quiet

“Meet me at my locker in 5 Minutes, we’ll go to your house and study.” You said walking away before he could reply.

You walked to your locker and grabbed your stuff and out it in your bag it was Friday so you doubled checked and made sure you had everything you’d need for the weekend

when you closed your locker you jumped and screamed a little cause Philip was right there you had dropped you backpack out of fear

You both bent down to grab it and hit your heads

“Ouch.” You laughed and rubbed your head he was doing the same thing.

You looked at his face you never really realized but he was kinda cute I mea- not Y/N stop think this stuff you have a boyfriend.

“S-sorry.” Was all he said.

“its okay, you just scared me a little.” You stated and bent down and grabbed your backpack when you stood up straight again he said.

“Ready to go?”

“Sure.” You said and walked out of the school together

As you got in his car you breathed in and smell of mint you smiled and put your stuff by your feet and buckled up.

“You have a pretty smile.” Philip said and started the car

“Uh, thanks."You said blushing at his comment


You had just pulled up to his house-
No Mansion it was huge your jaw dropped when You saw it

"You failed to mention you lived In a mansion, Hamilton.” You said unbuckling, grabbing your stuff and opening the car door

“uh, I don’t like to brag.” He said getting out of the car and blushing from embarrassment.

“Dude it was a joke, chill.” You stated walking up the stairs to his front door.

When you got to the door he opened it for you

“What a gentleman.” You laughed as you walked in his home

He laughed then you heard a female voice call out

“Philip is that you?”

“Yeah Ma” Philip yelled back

“Come in the kitchen please.” “ma” called out Philip grabbed your hand and took you with Jon to the kitchen when you got to kitchen there were two women one with pale skin long brownish blackish hair, and one with slightly darker skin and long curly hair

“Aunt Angelica?” Philip asked not letting go of your hand

“Hey Phil.” The woman I’m Guessing is Angelica said

“Whos your friend.” The pale one asked.

“Oh this is Y/N, Y/N this my Mom and my Aunt.” He said pointing to the pale and darned skinned women.

“Nice to meet you Mrs. Hamilton.” You said holding out you hand that Philip wasn’t holding.

She shook it

“You to Mrs..” You trailed off

“Schuyler.” She finished shaking your hand

You smiled and said

“Philip shouldn’t we get to work.”

“Yeah.” He said dragging you to his room you heard his mom yell

“Door open please.”

You laughed and he groaned

“Your mother seems nice.” You said grabbing your laptop and books

“She is.”

You guys sat in awkward silence till Philip said

“Okay this isn’t going to work unless we get to know each other” you nodded and your phone buzzed you pulled it out of your pocket and saw a text from Lucas (your boyfriend)

You smiled until you read it then you started crying

Lucas❤️💙 -we are done dont text me ever again.

“Y/N? What’s wrong.” Philip asked and you have him your phone so he could read the text

He frowned and said.

“I’m sorry.”

He hugged you and you guys laid down on his bed and he let you cry into his chest.

“Hey Phili- oh uh sorry.” You heard and female voice say

“Oh hey Angie what do you need?” Philip said

“I was wondering if you had seen my headphones?” The voice asked

“Yeah dads study.” Philip stated.

“Thanks Phil.” The voice said and walked away.

“Who was that?” You asked wiping your tears and sitting up.

“My sister.” He stated

“I’m going to be a laughing stock,” you said

“Why?” Philip asked

“I have no one to go to prom with now.” You said he was about to say something but you cut him off.

“Let’s get to getting to know each other.”


After a few weeks of studying you guys were playing 20 question while hanging in his bedroom

“Fav color?” He asked.

“Black.” You stated.

“Will you go to prom with me?” He asked you, this question was a shock to you you didn’t know how to reply you just smiled and kiss his cheek.

“Yes.” You said holding his face in your hands he leaned in and kissed your nose you smiled and laughed at him.

As freaky as deep sea fish are…imagine deep sea mermaids. With pitch black or transparent skin, huge underbites and hinged jaws to accommodate their monstrous teeth, bio-luminescent bulbs along the length of their bodies…Gigantactis mermaids and Pelican eel mermaids and angler fish mermaids and vampire squid mermaids and goblin shark mermaids

Music Series: Malibu by Miley Cyrus

This song reminded me of my first time to ever see an ocean first-hand and how amazed I was by it. When I was a kid, my parents took our family to the Pacific Coast and we followed it from Washington all the way down the California shoreline. It was amazing, and I hope to make it back out there sometime soon. Hope to make it anywhere sometime soon.

If there is a deeper meaning to this song, I don’t want to know it. It’s sweet and fun and I like its personality.

This was my initial thought that popped into my head, as I read the lyrics and listened along. Thank you, Anon, for requesting, and I hope you like it!

Miley Cyrus’, “Malibu”. Link to this song on Spotify is Here




You were a bundle of nerves on the plane ride to America. Not only had you never been on a plane before, but you’d never been anywhere before. Your entire life you had never left London, and although eager and excited to experience it with Harry, you thought you were going to lose your breakfast on that plane ride.

“You doin’ okay, babe?” Harry asked, caressing your leg with his finger as he looked up from his music playlist.

“Yup,” you lied through your teeth. Harry laughed, seeing right through you.

“Long trip, if you feel sick,” he says, pointing to the barf bag. You nod and close your eyes, feeling him grab your hand and kiss your cheek.

This better be worth it’, was all you kept thinking about seeing an ocean for the first time.

And was it ever!

I never came to the beach or stood by the ocean

I never sat by the shore under the sun with my feet in the sand

But you brought me here and I’m happy that you did

‘Cause now I’m as free as birds catching the wind

When you told Harry about your lack of travels, he immediately decided that had to be changed. He was about to leave to travel back to California for work for awhile anyway, and had insisted that you come along with him. Since the two of you had started dating, you had been nearly inseparable, and Harry was going to be away for a bit this time and wanted you with him. As excited as you were about it, you had dreaded the flying part of the trip since the day you accepted his invitation.

“Do they sell valium over the counter?” you asked him, only half joking.

Harry laughed. “Sweetheart, you’re going to be fine! I’ll be right beside you the whole time, and I promise to keep you distracted so it will go by quickly. It will be worth it when you see the ocean, I promise.”

I always thought I would sink, so I never swam

I never went boatin’, don’t get how they are floatin’

And sometimes I get so scared

Of what I can’t understand

Harry could barely keep his eyes on the road, not wanting to miss one facial expression from you, as he drove the two of you to his favorite Malibu beach spot. Extremely secluded for a public beach, Harry had never had problems with the public there, and wanted your experience to be memorable for the right reasons, not because of being attacked by paps and fans.

As Harry drove close enough for you to get your first real glimpse of the wonder, he smiled seeing your face. He didn’t even see you blink. You turned and looked at him with huge, bright eyes, jaw dropped deeply, and you didn’t appear to be breathing.

“What do you think, love?” Harry asked, giggling. “Beautiful, isn’t?”

You look at the view again in disbelief, then back at Harry, carefully wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing his face.

“Thank you!” you say. “This is amazing!”

“You’re welcome,” Harry says. “I wanted your first time to see it…to be with me.”

But here I am, next to you. The sky’s more blue in Malibu

Next to you in Malibu. Next to you, baby

You hold Harry’s hand as he carries your beach things, and you make your way closer to the water. He finds a good spot away from others and lays out your and his possessions on the sandy shore.

“Come on, baby,” Harry says with a smile. “Let’s get in the water.”

“Are there sharks?” you ask nervously.

Harry laughs out loud and grabs your hand.

“Come on, you silly girl,” Harry chortles.

You walk toward the water with him, clutching his hand, fingers laced with his.

“You didn’t answer my question…” you say, as he laughs at you again.

We watched the sun go down as we were walking

I’d spend the rest of my life just standing here talking

You would explain the current as I just smile

Hoping that you’ll stay the same and nothing will change

And it’ll be us just for a while. Do they even exist?

That’s when I make the wish, to swim away with the fish

You slowly walked alongside of Harry as the evening progressed. It was getting dark, you had gone for dinner, and returned to the boardwalk to once again enjoy the view. Harry watched you as you looked out at the ocean, your hair blowing behind you in the breeze, as the long skirt of your dress ruffled like the waves you were watching.

You felt his lips kiss your shoulder for a long moment, then turned your face to him, accepting the kiss he had for your lips.

“I think I could stay right here forever,” you say.

“It is beautiful, isn’t it?” Harry says, looking out at the view.

“It is, yes,” you say, “But that’s not why.”

Harry looks at you questioningly.

“I think I could stay anywhere forever, as long as you’re next to me,” you say lovingly.

Harry kisses you passionately, his arm around your waist, pulling you against him, then you both look out at the water, before walking back to the car to go home.

Is it supposed to be this hot all summer long?

I never would’ve believed you,

If three years ago you told me I’d be here writing this song

But here I am, next to you, the sky’s so blue in Malibu

You pull your legs up closer to you in the lounger, watching and listening to Harry sit next to you, playing his guitar and singing a song. How could you ever have known that one day you would be sitting next to such an amazing man who loved you? You wondered if he thought the same about you, but you knew by how he was with you that he did.

Harry looks at you and grins, playing for awhile longer, then setting his guitar down carefully, leaning his head back on the lounger and staring at you.

“You realize how in love with you I am, don’t you?” Harry asks you earnestly.

You smile at him as you bite your lower lip between your teeth. He giggles at you, then kisses you so tenderly, you nearly lose your breath.

“You know I’m desperately in love with you, too, don’t you?” you ask him, nervously and unsure why.

He smiles at you before kissing you again, putting any doubt you may have behind you.

“Answer your question?” he asks, smirking.

You giggle, loving his touch on your skin, his kisses on your lips.

“Thank you for bringing me here,” you say.

“Thank you for wanting to come with me,” he says. “Worth the plane ride?” he smiles.

“I’ll go anywhere you ask me to go,” you say honestly, not caring about any silly plane ride.

We are just like the waves that flow back and forth

Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning and you’re there to save me

And I wanna thank you with all of my heart

It’s a brand new start, a dream come true, in Malibu

Colorado Air

I haven’t felt like writing much lately, so here! Have this random fit of inspiration where Sid and Geno are Sid and Geno, and Carter Rowney is introduced to what Sid and Geno really are.

They win handily in Colorado even if Sidney is still two points short of a thousand. He doesn’t care, not when Geno wasn’t there on the ice to have shared the moment anyway. It still feels good to go out and celebrate the win though, to catch up with Nate and Matty, and let Geno drag him back to the hotel when Flower reminds them all about curfew.

Sidney’s been feeling high off the win all night, and he’s still feeling a little euphoric when Geno crowds him into the door of his hotel room, or maybe that’s the shots Nate had talked him into earlier, or just the thin Colorado air. Whatever it is, Sid sighs in contentment, bending his neck to one side to grant Geno easier access.

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steven grant rogers literally is so GONE for sam wilson it’s astonishing. winter soldier opens with him bothering the fuck out of this cute runner in the gray sweats and ends with him looking at that same runner like he hung the moon and the stars in the sky

Only You

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader (smut)

Warnings: BDSM - orgasm denial, restraints, beating, choking

Notes: Everything that takes place in this one-shot is completely consensual! Lovely Steve would never do anything to hurt you if he knew you weren’t 100% into it.

The lights are dim in the bedroom, casting a warm glow on Steve as he sits in the armchair, idly smoothing the lapels of his World War II uniform. You’re standing before him, clad in garters, stockings, and the world’s skimpiest pair of black lace panties. Your breasts, tantalizingly round and full, are exposed, and you can feel your nipples growing pert under the cool gusts of the air-conditioner. Steve notices too, letting slip a low hum of pleasure.

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Could you do relationship headcanons with Mtmte megatron with a bot s/o?

Listen I am on the Pro-Megatron team I’m so pumped to write this


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