huge hillier

Modest's Corporate Changes

I found this out late Sunday and privately shared it with a few people, but was hesitant to post it because I’m NOT certain of what I’m seeing. However, now that Modest is actively trying to undermine the band by not only implying that Harry is going solo, but that Niall is starting a golf management company with them, I’m done.  I’ll put this out there and let what happens happen.

The facts are there, just know that my interpretation is based on what I see, not because I have insider information. So I may be completely mistaken.

After looking further into the corporate changes that Modest filed Sunday, I realized that while Magee & Griffiths had changed their individual director addresses to 91 Petersborough Road from Duke Street where Modest’s physical office has been for a while now, it doesn’t appear to be a downsizing as I originally thought.  The Modest offices are still officially listed as being on Duke Street. So why the change for the two individual directors? The Petersborough Matrix location has been associated with them for years as the place that 1D fan mail goes.

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