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College!AU Jungkook
  • major: computer science 
  • minor: digital art 
  • sports: on-campus dance crew, track & field 
  • clubs: e-sports club LOL 
  • is basically considered the “computed genius” of his year and all the professors in the computer science major just adore him 
  • halfway through his freshman year he was offered an internship at TWELVE different companies that had all heard about him because of the software projects he had perfected and also the fact that he apparently holds the record on campus for writing a code up in approximately 3.5 minutes
  • he thinks algorithms are fun and didn’t have to take the core for Calc 1 because when he was in High School he was past Calc 3
  • can take apart and rebuild a computer faster than most of the professors themselves
  • the cute thing is that as much as he knows about the inner workings of computers and all that, he’s also crazy about computer games and is super competitive. plays everything from World of Warcraft & League of Legends to Minecraft and Garry’s Mod.
  • is part of the universities e-sports club and plays in local tournaments for like cash and he has been scouted to join pro LOL or Starcraft teams but he’s like meh not interested but thanks
  • digital art is his minor and it kind of confuses the computer science department heads because they’re like!!! jungkook!!! you could do so much better how about?? mathematics oR economics as a minor and he’s like sketching his favorite playable character from mortal kombat like “nope. drawing is fun. drawing on the computer is even better.”
  • he kinda has this secret dream of being able to be a game software designer but he keeps it quiet from most people because everyones always on his case about the gREat things he can do with his mind like write software for the government or huge corporations and he’s like yeah yeah but in his head he’s got all these cool designs and plots for characters and adventures 
  • and the fact that he’s so good at like ?? everything kind of makes him the target for mean jealous peoples hatred and so his only real friends are like this small group of people that he meet through jimin, a friend of his on the dance team
  • other than them jungkook doesn’t really warm up to people the way jimin and taehyung do,,,,he kinda tends to be shy and closed up
  • oh and he does track & field because the coach like begged him to join after he saw jungkook doing a dash across the campus to get away from jimin who just wanted to give his best buddy a kiss on the cheek
  • and actually you meet jungkook because see you’re sitting in study hall with your laptop and you’re finishing up this essay. it took you like 10 hours to write and you’ve got like one billion sources and you’re on your last sentence when BAM your computer just freezes and dies on the spot
  • and you’re sitting there looking at your screen like what. the. fuck.
  • and jungkook is like two seats away with his headphones in watching some walk-through on his phone and laughing at all the mistakes of the streamer when he hears you let out the tiniest little yell and like almost slip onto the floor of your chair
  • and usually jungkook isn’t the type to put his nose into other peoples business but seeing as though you look like you’re about to start sobbing and the fact that your laptop is threatening to fall of your lap and break he’s like
  • “excuse me- your laptop-”
  • and you’re like” itS DEAD B ro  IT JUSt D I E D it RIPPED On me I wanNA sCream THAT PAPER is DUE BY 3 o’clock tHIS is the bittersweet end”
  • and jungkook is like 
  • well firstly he bursts into laughter because ‘the bittersweet end’ thats funny but also he’s like “hand me your laptop”
  • and you’re like what no how do i know you’re not gonna take it and run and jungkook’s like “because i have a macbook at home i don’t need your little pc notebook laptop” and you’re like Excuse me don’t trash talk my laptop and jungkooks like “fine fine but i can fix it hand it over”
  • and you’re a little suspicious because jungkook doesn’t look like he can fix it not when he’s wearing ripped up denim jeans, a white t-shirt three sizes too big and timberlands that look like they’ve seen hell and back but you’re like well…….it’s worth a shot
  • so you hand it over to him and jungkook like flips it over, checks the bottom of your laptop touches some stuff presses some buttons listen im not a computer science major jungkook is here
  • and when he presses the power button WALLA the screen turns on and there’s your saved word document with your essay and you’re like
  • staring at it and then looking back at jungkook with your mouth open and he’s like “told you” and you’re like 
  • “dude. dude you are GOD” and jungkook’s like “maybe not god but like yes im really really good.” and you’re like “i owe you one!!” and jungkook’s like nah forget about it bUT THEN
  • he hears it
  • the voice
  • that voice
  • and jungkook’s like oh nO and you’re like??? what oh look it’s jimin i know him he’s nice-
  • and jungkook is like hide me. please don’t tell him im here let me get behind yo-
  • and he like tries to get over you to the seat that’s like beside you but jimin is like jUNGKOOK!!! ive been looking for you - oh well hello there
  • jimin like smiles and waves to you and you like awkwardly wave back and jimin’s like “i didn’t know you knew jungkook, am i……….interrupting something (——:” 
  • and you’re about to be like “what?? no!” but jungkook sits up and is like “yes. jimin this is my significant other. we were just talking about where we were going to go on our DATE so if you could give us some time…..”
  • and jimin (being a sucker for all things romantic) gets a little red in the ears and is like OH OH I SEE WELL I WILL BE ON MY WAY 
  • and like winks and does a little finger gun @ jungkook
  • and you’re sitting there in stunned silence and jungkook is like umm uhhh umm 
  • and his face is getting redder by the minute and his eyes are wide like a lost bunny and he’s like “REmember how you said you owed me, yeah that was the favor I’m sorry-”
  • and you put your hands up like it’s fine it’s fine but why are you avoiding jimin?
  • and jungkook kind of sighs and he’s like dont get me wrong i love my hyung but he’s always saying i should go out and do things like date or whatever and im just like,,,,,,,id rather stay home and stream overwatch or something
  • and you’re like i know that Feel but you’re also like jimin is kinda right like isn’t that what college is about having fun and doing stuff but you shrug because it’s not your business and jungkook did fix your laptop and he is pretty cute you wouldn’t mind actually going on a date w/ him but since he’s obviously not interested you two like part ways and you thank him again for fixing your laptop and you’re like that’s that
  • ok im being dramatic but yeah you notice jimin at smoothie place near campus and you’re like oh no i better hide so he doesn’t ask me about jungkook
  • but jimin sees and he’s like HEY and you’re like fRICK but you smile and wave and he like jogs over to you and he’s like “listen this is going to sound so imposing and what not but im so happy you’re dating jungkook because he needs to get out of his shell and i never thought he’d find someone that he’d willing let do that and im just so thankful for taking care of him” 
  • jimin like grabs both your hands and does a little bow and you’re like oh my god what did i get myself into
  • and you have to search the whole campus until you find jungkook in one of the empty computer labs of the lab buildings and you’re like hEY WE HAVE A PROBLEM 
  • and jungkook takes his headphones off and he’s like ???? what problem wait one sec let me finish this -
  • and you’re like jungkook stop playing your online game and listen to me-
  • and he’s like one SEC i promise it’s for a good cause and you’re like what good cause it’s some online battle but then you see the screen flash the word ‘victory’ and you’re like jungkook this is serious-
  • and he’s like yeah yeah i know i just needed to beat that game it’s like a charity thing im doing that if i beat like twenty straight rounds this company will donate 20,000,000 won to a childrens hospital so
  • and you’re like hold up back it up you’re playing games for,,,,,,charity
  • and he kinda scratches his neck like well yeah i mean im good at it so i might as well put my skills toward helping people
  • and you’re @ you’re own heart don’t you dare skip a beat
  • but then jungkook also adds in the info that he fixes up old computers at poor schools so kids will be able to use the internet even if schools can’t afford newer models of computers and you’re like
  • well damn there my heart goes skipping TEN beats
  • and jungkook’s like so what’s up is it your laptop- but you’re like no no it’s park jimin he basically thanked me for being your significant other and was very genuine and passionate about this “relationship” of ours jungkook how are you ever going to tell him you lied
  • and jungkook’s like oh no,,,,,and you two are like standing there looking at each other like we done messed up until jungkook like clears his throat and he’s like
  • “wELL there is a way we could get away with it”
  • and you perk up like how??? tell me!!! and jungkooks like “well-ah-um-ah d-d–da-date–w-w- we could g-go on a date and see- see if mayb-maybe….”
  • and you’re like date? see? and you’re like oh he means see where it goes and you like instantly feel your own cheeks heat up and you’re like 
  • “actually,,,,id love to but,,,but,,,wait jungkook-”
  • and he’s like swallowing like yes??? 
  • and you’re like “did you think i was cute when you saw me in study hall with my laptop?” and he looks like he’s been caught red handed and he’s like wHAT No and you’re like oh my god you did 
  • and jungkook admits it (after you two bicker cutely about it for like half an hour) that yes he actually did think you were cute and honestly he would never have asked you out if it weren’t for this Twist of Events
  • and you two like laugh a little at each other because honestly you two were too scared to see if the other person would actually go on a date that when you pretended to date in front of jimin you both were like but this could never be real!!!?!!?!?!?
  • until you two are finally at a movie together, probably a movie based of a comic or something or like a kids animated movie lol, and you’re laughing sharing popcorn and then jungkook is like there’s a ferris wheel near here!! and you’re like fRICK yES take me and you two literally are like five year olds laughing and joking with each other on that date
  • and jungkook finally sees why the hell jimin is so into romance and love and all that jazz
  • because as much as he’s having fun and doing things he likes he’s doing them with someone as stunning and breathtaking as you
  • and sure when jimin comes around you guys have to amp up skinship or whatever but the second he leaves jungkook is like 10 feet away apologizing and you’re like jungkook it’s ok,,,because tbh his arms around your shoulder is so nice and warm
  • and you guys go on a couple more dates on the DL and it’s so cute and finally jungkook walks you to your dorm and is like hey,,,,,,hey,,,,,,,,and you’re like hmmm and he’s looking at your lips but he can’t bring himself to do it so you like roll your eyes and lean up to kiss him and he’s like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • and you’re like also !!!! but you like cover your mouth and look down and this would be so innocent and soft if it weren’t like the next second jungkooks like 
  • “you wanted to kiss me for a long time right? you were holding back RIGHT?” 
  • and you’re like JUNGKOOK SHUT IT 
  • and you’re chasing him down the street and his laughter is loud
  • and jungkook would totally call you up just so you two can sit in the park near the campus at night and push each other on the swings and it’s like
  • childish but you kids are so pure and so excited about everything
  • jungkook like rants a lot about all the games he’s played and his favorite characters and he like tries to help you get better at the games you’re interested in
  • and also he’s always there to fix anything that goes wrong with your laptop or phone
  • and like jimin thinks you two have been together for a super long time and you and jungkook are like actually jimin,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and when you finally tell him how you actually got together you expect jimin to like be super mad but no it’s the opposite jimin is like 
  • and you’re like well kinda and jungkook is burying his face in his hands like oh my god jimin … the reason i was able to fall in love….and jimin is like YES IM CUPID I KnEW IT
  • you going to jungkook’s dance competitions and like jimin is always pointing you out and jungkook waves shyly and you’re like he’s so adorable how and jimin’s like JunGKOOK lOVES YOU and the entire bleacher of girls is like casting glances at you and you’re like ,,,,,,oh god and jungkook’s like covering jimin’s mouth his hand like hYUng CHill
  • jungkook showing off his math skills by calculating tip and total prices when you go out to eat or shopping and you’re like “im dating a human calculator”
  • jungkook purposely ignoring you to play on his nintendo 3ds and you’re like jungkook kiss me and he’s like wait im playing fire emblem - and you’re like jungkook i will turn off your 3ds right now and he’s like ok ok ok 
  • (but in reality he was playing on purpose to see if you’d get pouty w him)
  • you meet the rest of his friends and they’re all equally as surprised to see jungkook dating and being so happy especially taehyung and yoongi who’re like “is this really jungkook? the jungkook who only knows romance through side plots in games?” 
  • it’s jungkooks birthday when you’re all over at his dorm together because jin baked a cake and jungkook was forced into a silly party hat by hoseok and jimin and like
  • everyone’s slowly leaving and jungkook is like “hey, can you stay?” and you’re like sure and idk it’s romantic the only light in the whole dorm is the candles still on the cake and jungkook asks you to close your eyes as he kisses down your neck
  • and like,,,,,you know he leads you toward his bed and like ,,,,, you mumble his name against his neck,,,,,and then-
  • and you and jungkook are like two flustered messes coming out of the bedroom and jin is like 
  • oh…….OH YOU TWO CHILDREn- and basically you get lectured by him and it’s hilarious jungkook is like jin please and you’re like so embarrassed you can barely speak up
  • jungkook creates a code so that every time you open up your laptop a little bubble with his face in it appears and there’s a message like “you’re lucky you have such a cute boyfriend” and you always like do a little ‘pfft’ but it’s adorable and you keep it 
  • you love watching jungkook sketch instead of just do digital art like sometimes you’ll see him sitting on the windowsill in one of the campus building looking out of the window and just drawing and he looks so serene with the light hugging him
  • and also jungkook in his big oversized clothes waiting for you after class so you two can literally just go to his dorm and cuddle 
  • jin: “take them out on a nice date jungkook, hear ill give you some money-” you and jungkook: “is buying 5 bags of cheetos with this money you’re gonna give us count as ‘doing something nice’?” jin: “………you are both children. Children.” 

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Trump Gave His Kids A Big Stake In Huge Government Deal, Document Shows
A key document obtained by BuzzFeed News shows how the GOP nominee took control of a taxpayer-owned landmark near the White House with only a $2.4 million equity investment. He also gave more than 22%
By Aram Roston, Daniel Wagner

Now that Trump’s General Services Administration has decided Trump isn’t violating its lease–even though he is obviously an “elected official of the Government of the United States,” which the lease expressly prohibits from having “any share or part of this Lease” or “any benefit that may arise therefrom”–he and his kids can rake in the profits.


We’re coming to a tipping point—I know you know that. There’s going to be a huge conversation. Is government an instrument of good or is it every man for himself? Is there something bigger we want to reach for or is self-interest our basic resting pulse? You and I have a chance to be among the few people who can frame that debate.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I have a question that might span over a few different Script specialities, so I’m hoping this is the appropriate place to ask. Sorry ahead of time, because it’s a long ask! So in my story, there is a phenomenon of the human condition was discovered: when people are pushed beyond their extremes in a life-or-death situation, sometimes their soul ‘fractures’ into two pieces. One stays inside the ‘original’ body, but the other manifests as an exterior physical self. (1/9)

This second body takes on superhuman qualities, such as extreme strength, flight, elemental abilities, etc. and fulfills a role akin to a guardian. Usually the ability is relevant to whatever life-or-death situation is at hand. Ex: If someone is at risk of burning to death, the second body might have water-related powers to save them. (2/9)

So, the first documented case appeared during the World Wars where a soldier’s guardian manifested to save him from a crumbling building. Initially, people didn’t know how this was happening, but over the next few years, a lot of similar cases were cropping up. Consequently, speculation linked the appearance of the second half with violence. (3/9)

Because of the chaos of the World Wars, more people were being placed in life-or-death situations and therefore being more likely to spawn that soul fracture. It was still unclear as to how this was happening (was it because of genetics or some higher spiritual power, etc.), so governments secretly began experimenting where they took people and placed them under inhumane conditions to try and trigger the transformation. (4/9)

However, a huge majority did not actually transform (maybe only 1% were able to fracture) and this resulted in a lot of deaths. When the public discovered this, there was a lot of uproar and fury, and the UN banned any experiments that tried to trigger fracturing. The only research allowed would be things like interviews or non-invasive medical procedures on people with existing guardians. (5/9)

But because for the most part the soul fracturing remained unknown, many legal, ethical, social, and religious issues arose. There were questions like if the ‘other’ halves were considered humans. Were the “originals” any more human than their secondary counterparts? Did they deserve distinct rights and privileges as citizens of the state? Because they had superpowers, should they be classified as weapons? (6/9)

Should they be regulated, and if so, how? Were the “originals” still fully human? Is it medically ethical/legal to try and trigger the transformation for a patient who has a fatal disease/condition? Are the soul-fracturing a result of genetics or because of some unknown deity? Etc. There was some discourse about the issues like the politically correct terminology to refer to the ‘others’ and the ‘originals’ but legislation remains a grey area still. It’s a popular topic among politicians. (7/9)

After the war, there were fewer cases of soul-fracturing, so those who had other halves were regarded with some fear and suspicion. Right now, I’m tentatively saying that about 3-5% of the world population currently have other halves. So basically, my questions are 1) is the government and UN’s reaction to the phenomenon realistic and feasible, (8/9)

2) how do you think the government would currently handle the existence of these super-souls (in terms of politics, military, medicine, etc.) and 3) are there any social/logistical problems that I haven’t covered but you think would be relevant to explore? Again, I’m sorry this ask was so long, but I am apparently very bad at condensing my explanations. (9/9)

I apologize for taking so long to get around to posting this, but I hope you find our commentary useful! -Werew

constablewrites: For the first question: It’s a reasonable response, but I’m not sure the UN necessarily has that sort of power. Those sorts of things are usually managed by treaties, which I believe the UN can help facilitate, but it can’t just make decrees and expect them to be followed. If you’re concerned about that angle, do some research into real-life analogues where the international community decided to set certain ethical standards. There’s plenty of precedent for that.

For the second and third… I don’t think this is really something anyone else can answer for you. Taking a twist on reality and exploring the ramifications of it is what speculative fiction is. There are a million different directions it could be taken, and deciding which aspects are most interesting to you and ring most true is how you find your story. You can find your way in by reading/watching/playing other media where they’ve explored similar questions, or by doing research into relevant areas of law and policy so you have a better understanding of how they work and where your concept might fit in.
If you have specific questions about a particular detail you’ve worked out or get stuck on, you’ll have better luck getting specific answers, but nobody else can build your world for you.

MareeB: This is such a sweeping ask, it’s hard to nail down anything. Something like this would change so much. But this concept does remind me rather a lot of Bleach, and the relationship between Shinigami and Zanpakuto. The asker might find it useful to check the show out, to see how it plays with this concept. The story arc in episodes 230-265 deals with the zanpakuto specifically

Bina: (rubs hands together) Alrighty, here’s my immediate impression of what some more social/logistical problems that you might not have considered yet (Question 3, and maybe some of 2)

Would high-profile hospitals or governments offer huge amounts of money to buy someone’s second half from them? For the sake of testing medical advancements and such. That way, it’s more of a legal acquisition, although it really does raise the question of “are the fractured halves (I’ll call them FHs) independent entities, or are they ‘owned’ by the original half (OH)?

Would insurance companies try to raise rates on OHs? Would governments demand  that OHs get insurance to cover for any potential damages their FH causes?

Would landlords try to unfairly raise the rent on someone they knew had an FH? Seeing as how it’s an extra physical body. Or would they kick them out, seeing as how those crazy superpowers might destroy their building or harm other residents?

Has an FH ever "gone rogue”? Has an FH ever failed to protect their OH?

Can FHs accurately predict the harm that might come to their OH (like foresight or some kind of “Spider sense”), or do they have to guess?

What happens if an OH is the one harming themselves? Or deliberately putting themselves in harm’s way? Would an FH interfere, or are they unable to lay a finger on their OH?

What happens if the OH dies? Does the FH exist independently? Or do they die as well? What happens to the mental state of an FH if their OH dies?

If a young child gets an FH, does the FH’s appearance grow up along with the child? Or will the grown-up OH have an FH who still looks like a child? OR, is the FH’s appearance completely independent of their OH? Can the FH be a different gender than their OH? (This might relate to transgender/genderqueer people, and give that portion of the LGBT+ community a reason to be on the side of FH rights.)

Do FHs acknowledge each other’s presence? Can they communicate with each other? Do they have a special language or means of communication amongst themselves?

What kind of social justice organizations exist for the sake of FH rights? What kind of progress have they made? How seriously are they taken? What 'allies’ do they have in terms of other organizations? Any religious groups on their side? Environmentalists? Weird, niche cultists? Teacher’s unions?

Would a nation that’s very humanitarian towards FHs get into fights with other nations who treat them cruelly?

Is there a nation who’s the lead example in FH having equal rights? A nation who treats them the worst?

Have opinions on FH rights caused existing international relations to deteriorate or fall apart entirely? Have they forged new ones between unexpected nations?

[These are questions I’d need answered to add further points/refine existing points:

Do FHs have their own innate independence? Free will? Or are they sort of an Artificial Intelligence deal, where they have a Purpose and the means to fulfill that Purpose, but aren’t immediately inclined to question their lot in life nor value their own thoughts and feelings?

Can FHs speak? Do they only speak to their OH? Or are they taciturn in general?

Are FHs willing to be physically separated from their OH? Or do they take that guardian role super seriously and would fight if someone/something tried separating them?

Do FHs listen to orders by their OH? Can they be trained and commanded like dogs? Or do they have to be argued with to make them do things outside of guarding?

If you cut them open, what are they made of? Blood and bone? Sand and ash? Stardust? Nothing at all? (This might hint to the 'was there some higher power who was responsible for this)]

Synth: Well, I don’t think there is much to add to Bina’s commentary other than I agree that nailing down exactly what the FHs are will help narrow down answers for the other questions. Them being completely separate individuals capable of independent thought and with their own hopes and fears will make for a much different story than if they are in some way bound to their OH, like how the dæmons in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials novels are physically separate from yet spiritually still connected to their humans.

Werew: Oooh I didn’t even make that connection, His Dark Materials is a great series to look at. Even though dæmons are a normal part of society and have been basically forever, those books get into ALL KINDS of ethics about them. I imagine that, in your situation, there would be MUCH more in the way of ethics and controversy because FHs are not extremely prevalent, have not been around forever, and the degree to which they are necessary to their OH is not entirely known.

The New Jedi Order Massacre

So, given some new information I’ve discovered, I didn’t really want to make a big video about the whole thing, I just wanted to write some thoughts I had about the “Massacre” and why I hope it’s not what it seems.  

This is what we ‘know’ about the New Jedi Order.   

- It existed.  I was one of those people who long believed it didn’t. (Due to PH statements saying to be careful calling it a ‘massacre’ or an ‘academy’ and that the forceback was NOT with Luke’s students)  I had hoped that, perhaps, the force had been dormant since Ben’s birth. (A new generation of Jedi could have been singular, and the destruction could have been the acolytes and the Church) But given recent rumors and the Visual dictionary, there were force sensitive students training with Luke. (I would have loved it though if Rey’s awakening was the first since Ben’s birth.   That the force was dormant for a long time (Rather than a few years))

- Kylo’s “Deadly Light Saber Skills” stopped the New Jedi Order from rising to power.   This is stated in the visual dictionary, we can beat around the bush, but to me, we can’t deny what this implies.   Kylo is responsible for the death of Luke’s students or that is what the Galaxy is lead to believe.  

Let’s talk about Claudia Gray’s Bloodline for a moment:

When it is discovered that Vader is the biological father of the Skywalker Twins this turns the Galaxy against Leia.  While she does have some loyalists, even her closest confidants for a short time begin to fear her, or think she’s a traitor/liar.  

Luke is mentioned very briefly by a concerned politician.  ( Luke is known to be force sensitive, he’s public about it. But it is stated that Leia has kept her abilities hidden, and it’s implied that Ben’s are hidden as well.)  This politician has their concerns about Luke and brings them to light in a very public fashion.  How are we to trust a force sensitive like Luke, who is born from the ultimate evil?  How can we let him run free in the Galaxy? This infuriates Leia and it’s dropped pretty quickly, she refuses for Luke (and her son) to be involved in her scandal.  Especially because Luke wanted to tell people earlier (specifically Ben).  Leia was the one who wanted nothing to do with that information.  

What this does though, is makes it known that there are people out there, most of the political world, uneasy of the Skywalkers.  The New Republic is already in shambles, and war is brewing again.   There are people desperate to prove that the Skywalkers cannot be trusted for the sake of political gain.  They need to prove that Vader has influenced them and they are not the beacon of light the Galaxy has thought. 

Kylo Ren is a political tool.  He stops being a person, and he’s now just a pawn in the war.   Or rather, a knight if you will.   This isn’t about Ben at all, it’s about destroying Luke and Leia (and Han).

(But destroying Han is one step closer to destroying Leia)

We have the Republic, the Centrists and the Populists.  Both parties have people who are adamantly against Leia.  Who want Leia out of power for good, for she can’t be trusted.   The Centrists ousted Leia in the first place for being Vader’s daughter, but that was just the beginning.  Luke and Leia had enough in the war efforts and good merits to make some believe that Vader’s influence hadn’t been passed down the familial line.  But we have the son.  The son who has remained out of the limelight because even his family knows, he is the perfect candidate.   

I have little doubt in my mind that we are going to learn that the New Republic was/is it’s own kind of horrible and corrupted.   It’s been outlined in Bloodline and that was a direct request from Rian Johnson himself, making me think that it may play a prominent role in the movies.  

So we have the coaxing of Ben from Snoke.  The subtle pull to the darkside is there.  The anger and fear are already inside of him.   We have an untrusting government who fears the fact that Son of Vader is training a new Force Sensitive army.   A superhuman Army.   We have politicians desperate to prove that Vader lives on in his familial line.  We also have potential Padawan students, who have just learned that their Jedi master is the direct descendant of the most terrifying man in recent history.  

So what does this mean for the New Jedi Order?  Not good things. 

1) Could Kylo Ren have been framed or set up?

Maybe.  It’s something I would love, and I do really believe that Kylo thinks he is doing the right thing for the Galaxy.  We have heard Rumors that Rey begins finding sympathy for Kylo, so that leads me to believe there is more to THIS story in particular.  Had the corrupted state of the New Republic ordered this “massacre”?  Had they framed it on the cherished Son to prove to the Galaxy that those Skywalker’s had the potential to be just as bad.  Had that betrayal (from the Republic and his own Family) pushed Ben over the edge? If Vader is who they were so afraid of,  Vader is who they would get.   A constant theme of Star Wars is that we create the villains we see, but we can also create heroes.   Had the Republic created the monster by wanting to prove that there was one? 

2) Could there have been a Padawan Uprising?

In a Galaxy where people are still so afraid of the return of the Empire, this also may be logical.   Had the students turned against the master out of fear?Had they turned to fear?  It’s possible to me that Ben turned against his fellow students because they had turned against him.  Not only had his apprentice turned to the darkside, but his other students had as well.  

3) Could the Jedi Knights be the Knights of Ren?

Now, I would love this, but it seems unlikely (especially given that the Knights have been around for much longer than Ben’s involvement).   But to me, Ren is no doubt short for Renaissance.  Perhaps Rebirthed Jedi Knights.  Maybe a few went alongside Ren, the one’s who sided with him if the other Padawans turned against him.   Interesting, but unlikely. 

Or we have a black and white, that’s the day Kylo turned, without much explanation.  It just happened. 

Either way, I have a huge feeling that the Government did everything in their power to make sure this happened.  This is coming from the Centrists (First Order) and the Populists.   The First Order needs their ‘Vader’ and the Populists need to make sure ‘Vader’ doesn’t return.   (Even if that means taking out the threat before it exists)

Why do I think there is more to this story?  

For one, that they didn’t discuss it much at all in the movie when it seems like a huge turning point for Ben’s character if it really was so Black and White.  Another reason is because Leia still see’s this light, and blames Snoke and not necessarily her Son for what happened.  But it is mostly because of his offer to teach Rey.  He doesn’t want to kill her.  He isn’t necessarily threatened by her existence, more awestruck, so I’m lead to believe that he isn’t desperate to eliminate force users in general.  There must have been a reason.

 Luke’s disappearance, to me, seems very sudden.   I’m not entirely convinced he had even spoken to Han or Leia since the incident.  He truly disappeared.  I think after the event, Luke sent away R2, then left himself without a word.   So how do Leia and Han know the details of this event?  Why is Leia not entirely convinced her son has completely turned?   There are a lot of questions to this story half told, and I hope they have taken the opportunity to explore it. 

So I'm vegan now

I’ve been on a documentary kick lately. The problem with me and documentaries (and information in general) is that when I learn something I can’t just sit there and let that information enter from one ear and exit through the other. I’m the type of person that does something with it.
A few days ago I watched the documentary called “What the Health” on Netflix. In short, it talks about how the government, huge food companies, and even some major health organizations are controlling what you eat in one way or another. It also touches on how bad animal products actually are for you and how the food that you are most likely consuming is probably the source of most major diseases!

I have to confess that I was pretty scared to watch it, because I knew my life would change completely if I did, but I’m glad I pressed play. I would much rather start from zero finding what to eat and figuring things out, than continue to harm my body, the environment, animals, and even other humans!

While watching the documentary I noticed one of the people interviewed was from so Mat and I looked it up immediately after it ended and we bought their meal plan for one week. It gives you detailed recipes and even a grocery list so you know exactly what to buy to cook these meals.

This meal plan is definitely a life saver if you’re new to this whole plant based lifestyle! Or even if you’re not, you might also benefit from it :)

So far it’s going well for us, but we will definitely have a lot to adjust! I’ll keep talking about this here and there on here, and as always, if you have any questions feel free to ask me! :) I know this change can be very difficult (trust me!), but it’s possible and totally doable ♥️

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Friendly reminder Trump has signed anti-LGBT laws, denied Pride Month, is about to consort with anti-LGBT politicians AND stayed silent on the Chechnyan genocide. You deserve to be torn apart and killed for being a conservative vermin in the first place, but actually being outraged that people ban his supporters is laughable and disgusting.

The only “anti-LGBT” laws that Trump has signed are undoing Obama’s executive orders forcing schools to let trans people use the bathroom they want and I think some law saying that Christian bakeries don’t have to bake gay wedding cakes. It’s not the end of the world. Also, sexuality isn’t on par with race, so it’s not like he undid legislation from the Civil Rights Movement.

You know, society seemed fine just 10 years ago before those 2 things came into effect, but progressives act like American society 10 years ago was Hell on Earth, which means that these “causes” aren’t a big deal and are trivial, and the people who say they are are being overly dramatic and showing just how far to the left the left has moved since just 10 years ago.

As for the trans bathroom thing, you do realize that that’s disgusting to most people, right, and that most women do not want this? Trans people are .3% of the population, so why is the left trying to force the wishes of .3% of the population on 99.7% of the population? A tiny societal group should have to be considerate of a large societal group, not the other way around. And Trump said trans people can use whatever of his bathrooms they want, so he’s not even against them; he just understands that most people don’t want this and feels it should be up to the property owner.

As for the gay cake thing, if someone doesn’t want to bake you a wedding cake, you know what you do? Don’t give them your business anymore. Why should you be forced to be a part of someone else’s ceremony? You can just drive to a different cake store, so it’s not like you’re even being horribly inconvenienced by this. It’s not like it’s based on race, which would be far worse and actually bad. And again, Trump isn’t against gays getting wedding cakes; he’s against people being forced to make them. Muslim bakeries won’t bake them, but you don’t see the left getting outraged and trying to ruin them. Same with Jewish bakeries. And the left discriminates against people all the time. The film industry is overwhelmingly liberal, and if they find out you’re a republican, most of them won’t hire you. Same with other areas. Fucking hypocrites.

“Denied Pride Month?” What does that even mean? Did he stop other places from having it?

“about to consort with anti-LGBT politicians”

You know, since these politicians make up a huge percentage of the government, he can’t not work with them. What is he supposed to do, not talk to them at all and get nothing done? You know, there are so many far more important and actually gigantic problems that exist outside your LGBT bubble, right? That’s a problem in the LGBT community. They tend to be single issue voters. LGBT legislation is the only thing that seems to matter to them since it directly effects them to the point of being out of touch with the rest of society, and they put it above things like ending the reckless, unnecessary wars overseas, fixing healthcare, making the economy thrive again. Those are the things that are on the minds of most people. But as long as you can get your gay wedding cakes and trans bathrooms, right? But something tells me you’re not actually LGBT and are just one of the progressive moral busybodies who goes around getting offended for other people.

And don’t democrats also consort with anti-LGBT politicians and stay silent on human rights abuses? Obama and the rest of the democratic politicians have worked with human rights abusing countries in the Middle East (so the Middle East) and given them arms and money and have armed and funded Muslim terrorists. How do you think those groups treat LGBT people? But even the progressive electorate won’t criticize them. Progressives tolerate the illiberal for the sake of multiculturalism. The worst you’ll get from a large percentage of republicans is being against gay marriage, not wanting to have to bake gay wedding cakes, and not wanting trans bathrooms, but in the Middle East, they jail, torture, and kill gays, and it’s enshrined in law, but yet you won’t hear progressives say anything about it, and they treat republicans way worse, because progressives are racists who treat minorities like children and give them preferential treatment because of their race and refuse to criticize them because criticizing brown people makes them uncomfortable and constantly spout anti-white hatred. Your principles have to be universal, applied to all groups, all people equally, and they aren’t. That’s what would make you a true progressive, espousing your values no matter what, being against violations of these values you supposedly hold so dear wherever they are. Progressives don’t care about LGBT people. If they did, they’d be condemning the Middle East nonstop instead of silence and condemning the people who condemn the Middle East and defending it. When the Orlando nightclub massacre happened, the left’s focus was completely off the LGBT community and completely on making sure people don’t say bad things about Islam.

Again, American politicians need to work with the world, which means they kinda have to work with unsavory governments and can’t just cut them off and kinda have to stay silent on their transgressions, but republican politicians will at least criticize the human rights abuses of POC-majority countries we’re not trying to work with, but the democratic politicians and even the democratic electorate won’t even do that.

“actually being outraged that people ban his supporters is laughable and disgusting”

The left regularly works with theocratic Muslims who support Sharia law and have far stronger anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-Jew, anti-lots of things sentiments than your average republican. I guess it’s true what they say; if the left didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have standards at all.

“You deserve to be torn apart and killed”

Typical liberal tolerance. This shows how far the left has fallen since the 90s that they now hate the right when they used to view their opinions as just opinions and not human rights abuses, and a large section of them are for political violence to advance their views. It also tells me you’re a communist because communists take their political views so seriously that they’re for committing any atrocity to advance them and only care about people in the abstract and not individually. If conservatives deserve to be torn apart and killed, do you think Middle Easterners should be torn apart and killed when they’re way worse?

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Personally, I agree with the accords (the way a congress would agree with a bill. Like make certain adjustments and it's brilliant but I guess its okay) and Cap kinda started the debate that led to the fight, but on principle of what Tony did throughout the movie to get his way makes me team nobody ur both wrong. Like personally, I just wanted Bucky happy the whole movie.

I mean I disagree with the accords massively. Like….hugely.
Governments being in control of deciding who deserves help and who doesn’t and where help can be applied is a…terrible idea. I know it’s a terrible idea bc we live in a world where that’s the system in place and refugees are being banned from entering safe countries, Flint have been without clean water since 2014, America is slowly turning into a replica of Nazi Germany and the rest of the world isn’t questioning it. Like government being the final say in who gets help is a terrible idea bc politicians have power and they have that power as a direct result of money and money comes to them through war and disaster and that always comes at the cost of human life. Steve was right, they’re people with agendas and agendas change. And their agendas do not put people first, they put finance first.

The very point of the Avengers was that they were outside of that mindset. They weren’t getting paid, they weren’t profiting, they were just people with the ability to help, and so help is what they did. And that was their choice to make. They weren’t bound to anyone telling them they had to go somewhere or that they couldn’t go somewhere. They made their choice and the choice was their own. Which meant the consequences were too.

Tony wanted to pass those consequences onto someone else. Which is a thing a lot of people that have grown up with privilege do. They want to get the glory when things go right, without taking the responsibility when things go wrong. He’s feeling guilty about things that went wrong bc of choices he made so he’s saying “Give them the final decision as to whether we help or not, and that way when things go right, people see us saving the day, but when things go wrong, it wasn’t our decision to be there”.

Also, the fight in Lagos that led to the accords, had Wanda not done what she did, significantly more people would have died from Rumlow’s bomb blast, she minimised the casualties. When you’re dealing with threats like they deal with obviously people are going to get hurt, like Steve said you try to save as many people as you can. Which is what Wanda did. So the instigator for the accords was ridiculous bc would they have rather Wanda not done anything and that whole market place been dead?

As for the actual fight, Steve and Tony aren’t even fighting about the same thing??? The actual fight in this movie has Tony refusing to budge from his stance of “We have to sign the accords, you have to hand Barnes over, that’s what is going to happen” but Steve is like, not even talking about the accords at that point. Steve’s like, trying to do his job as an Avenger. He literally says to Tony that Zemo has access to 5 other soldiers capable of doing more damage than Bucky and they need to go and stop that. Like it’s not even about the accords at that point, and Steve isn’t being shady and hiding that fact, he straight up tells them that there’s a serious threat that needs to be taken care of.

Basically I disagree with every single choice made by Tony in this whole movie and I agree with every single choice made by Steve in this whole movie bc Steve was being practical and Tony was being egotistical.

But none of this even matters bc Bucky didn’t get hugged at all in this movie so what was even the point.

Examples of Moriarty not being a totally evil person

-Did let the victims in TGG go if they played by the rules and Sherlock won the game. Which suggests he does at least have some warped sense of honor.

-Let Molly end their relationship and walk away unscathed.

-Continued to leave her alone after TGG even though she was a fairly big loose end and could identify him to the authorities.


- Didn’t charge Sherlock for the taxi cab ride in TRF.


- Did not file a complaint against Mycroft or the British government after their shoddy treatment of him while he was being interrogated.

-Was likely sexually satisfying Kitty for a while. Poor woman looked like she needed it.  

-Single-handedly proved to the government the huge flaws in their various security systems.

See? he’s not so bad.

hannahpixiesnow: Spent a day in an inspiration factory ❤️ now I’m home & ready to make some more magic xoxoxoxo endless gratitude for the dream which is life let’s do some cool shittttttttt ✨ AND KEEP YOUR EYES OUT THIS WEEKEND ❤️ I think my accountant will then be able to make the gofundme donation and you can all give yourself a fuckin high 5 cos we are well on the way to the grand total, and you have all managed to raise thousands of pounds for sexually exploited women and children, from Raksha Nepal. An amazing humanitarian organisation that I wholeheartedly look forward to introducing you to via your iPhone - in November this year ❤️ you can make a real difference and I’m gonna be the middle man and show you how - by doing what I can/where I can - to hustle the magic. You can then see where your money goes and the real humans it helps - not into the pockets of huge government ran corporations that turn charity into profit x more info to come!! Thanks so much for the love/support and for just taking the time to read my sporadic excitable ramblings about pulling together & doing good tings xxxx


Repressions against Casapound Italia

CasaPound Italia, as a social movement, emerged after the occupation of the building in the centre of Rome - the very epitome of their militant approach to implementing the cornerstone of their social policy: “A roof over the head for every Italian family!” Today, Sep. 29, CPI proved once again that they are ready to walk once chosen path till the end and fight for the advocated values even at the expense of their own freedom.

Several families were evicted from the house in the center of Rome, Via del Colosseo 73, in which they have been leaving for over 30 years: a sixty-year-old diabetic lady and a family of four, including a son with disabilities, along with a dog. Moreover, the lady was relocated by the authorities to the gypsy neighborhood, and the family to the suburbs without the real possibility of accomodation. CasaPound decisively occupied the house and resettled there again this family and the elderly lady.

Afterwards CasaPound have come to an agreement with the government that it will find a decent accomodation for these inhabitants, but the promise, of course, was not fulfilled. As a result, the activists of CasaPound, headed by its Vice President Simone di Stefano, occupied the building again. Today in the morning, however, arrived the police along of firefighters, deconstructed the door and entered the building. Militants of CPI barricaded from inside, but the law enforcement made their way through the obstacles and arrested 16 activists, including Simone di Stefano and CPI’s International Secretary, Sébastien de Boëldieu, as well as the father of the family.

CasaPound activists entered one of the City Council’s terraces on the Capitoline Hill to protest against the illegal detainment and find out the destiny of the evicted families.

In the evening 12 activists were released; however, Simone di Stefano and 3 others will spend in prison the entire tomorrow’s day and the Friday night.

CasaPound is sure: the government assigning huge sums of money for the accomodation of the refugees, treats Italian families as aliens in their own hometowns (injustice that was fairly obvious during the recent disastrous earthquake in Italy when CasaPound, in fact, did the job of the government and the emergency services). All healthy social and national forces stand in solidarity with CasaPound against the anti-people governments reigning all over the modern world.

The Corruption in the Consulate

Over the course of Kaladesh, as well as Aether Revolt, there have been a lot of questions about the nature of the Consulate. Is it a good or bad organization? Are the renegades actually the good guys for wanting to take it down?

The answer is complicated. No system of government is perfect, and frankly the Consulate is one of the most benign governments in the multiverse. But that doesn’t mean it is without problems. Individuals like Kambal and Baral flourish under the Consulate, and the ability for Tezzeret to usurp control so easily is startling.

While the Consulate is ostensibly a socialist meritocracy, like any government system, it’s not perfect. There is an unlimited supply of aether, but refining that aether creates a limited supply. The consulate believe they’re the solution for an equitable distribution of aether, and strive to ensure that every stage of invention - whether it’s aether collection and refinement or the use of devices - is safe. This creates a demand for anyone who wants to do something outside of these narrow circumstances. That creates the renegades.

The renegades are not actually a cohesive group of individuals. It took Tezzeret’s epic levels of tyranny to bring them together, and that’s because most renegades couldn’t be more different. Some are common criminals. Some are just inventors or artists that chafe at consulate regulations. They’re lumped together because it’s easier for the consulate to do so, but in reality it’s a broad term for a wide range of political opinions and actions that run contrary to the consulate.

So who feeds the renegades their supplies? Why does the consulate tolerate the renegades?

Why do people tolerate Kambal?

Kambal, Consul of Allocation by Vincent Prose

The problem with Kambal is that there is likely no way to remove him from his position, even if the greater consulate was aware of his corruption. Consuls are lifelong appointments, and Kambal proved to be skilled enough for the position, and had enough popular support, to be made an Enlightened Keeper.

Further, his corruption actually serves a valuable purpose - one the other consuls would be hesitant to stem. He’s the ultimate source of most of the illicit renegade aether supply. If the consulate simply turned that off - and removed most of the illicit aether from the underground markets - what do you think would happen? I’ll give you a hint: it would look a lot like the second block of Kaladesh.

In fact, Kambal carefully managing the supply that crime lords like Gonti have to sell gives the consulate a number of advantages. It keeps groups with conflicting ideologies relatively happy, which means very little in the way of outright opposition to the consulate. Real societies often have a similar unvoiced relationship with organized crime for similar reasons.

Is that necessarily a good thing? No. But it an explanation for why someone like Kambal might ultimately be necessary to the consulate.

How does Baral even have a job?

Art by Lius Lasahido

How does a guy who exceeds his authority at every step, waste tons of supplies on minor criminals, and acts as judge, jury, and executioner still have a job in the relatively benign Consulate? The simple answer is bureaucracy.

Like with Kambal, the Consulate has very little oversight over itself, so like corrupt law enforcement anywhere, Baral just submitted the narrative he wanted passed along. Since he usually kills the mages he comes across, there’s no one but his closest lieutenants - all loyal to him - to argue against his narrative.

It’s not exactly clear where Baral is assigned and when, but his command of the Dhund, the consulate’s secret prison, is also hugely problematic. Now, most governments have secret prisons, off-book places where they can store people (this isn’t a good thing, just reality). The major problem with these places is again very little oversight except for people who are already invested in their success. And so Pia Nalaar is somehow held for years by the man who murdered her husband, tormented daily, and with no accountability.

The Solution?

Independent Oversight! It’s a critical piece of any functioning body, to have to be responsible to someone who isn’t invested in your success for one reason or another. Following the Aether Revolt, my hope is that the Consulate itself isn’t dismantled, but instead a governing council of popularly elected leaders will be mandated by the victorious renegades. This group would be responsible for setting the policies that the consuls would carry out, and ensuring that the bureaucracy of the consulate doesn’t allow for people like Kambal, Baral, or Tezzeret again.

I just had an idea for an AU: What if Lena wasn’t adopted and the Luthor family was from Krypton as well.. I don’t really know much about the kryptonian society but what if the Luthor’s were not really well off and when they realized that their planet might die they became criminals, got themselves a spaceship and got the hell out of there.. on earth they can use their knowledge of advanced technologies to build LuthorCorp and make it a success.. and when Superman starts flying around they are first indifferent towards him until Lex starts with his obsession, tries to kill Superman and gets thrown in jail for it.. so the Luthors start their plan for revenge by sending Lena to National City where she’s supposed to start a friendship with Supergirl and then help them kill her to get back at Superman.. but Lena starts to fall in love not only with Kara but also with Supergirl so one day she accidently lets slip to Supergirl that she’s from Krypton as well.. they have a long talk about their home planet (lena was only a baby back then) and Kara tells her about how it was living there.. Lena then says something about her family not exactly having a great time there and explains that Krypton wasn’t a good place for everyone, that not all had a privileged life there and that the Luthor’s had a really huge dislike for the government on Krypton.. Lena then tells her about her family’s plan and that she’s sorry that she went along with it for so long.. Kara forgives her and confesses that she’s actually Kara Danvers.. they start spending even more time together, trading stories using krypton’s language.. they kiss one day and Kara starts thinking that Lena might be the person she wants to take as a mate.. Lena helps Kara bring down her parents although she feels really really bad about it, they’re still her parents after all.. but it’s okay because after all she has Kara now and they’re going to be married in a few months <3

I’m not a huge fan of government in general. But if it must exist, it must be informed by secular values, not religious ones. 

Values learned not via traditionalism, but through rationalism. 

Man’s laws are Man’s, God’s laws are God’s. The punishments for breaking Man’s laws must necessarily be meted by Men. God can deal with God’s laws. 

sparrowsfallingfromthesky  asked:

E/R. AU where Enjolras is an inspirational speaker and Grantaire is obviously his cynical self but he finds it hilarious to show up at Enjolras's lecture things and then whenever there are questions at the end he asks really dumb questions and Enjolras gets really annoyed but then they keep running into each other in other places and they end up falling for each other.

(This is probably more “inspired by” than an exact prompt fill, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!)

It’s not that Grantaire means to heckle the most famous investigative journalist of his time.

(That is probably a lie.)

Grantaire goes to the talk because, well, most famous investigative journalist of his time, and Grantaire may be fairly apathetic, politically, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to turn down a chance to see him when he’s talking in Grantaire’s very own city. Talking quite a great deal in his very own city, actually, judging by the amount of universities and clubs that seem to be having him in.

Honestly, blow one huge government scandal and suddenly you’re Batman.

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The Prompt Guy, who has confirmed he’s lived over 6 billion years, is now a subject of interest of the illuminati. At first, their attempts to take him were subtle and half hearted, but now, he’s their top priority. Every world government, huge cooperation or organization has turned a blind eye, hoping no one would notice his disappearance. Now, his loyal followers must do the unthinkable to save him: team with the Alien King.

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Of courssssssssseeee sssssssweet heart ╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚ *slithers around* (im so bored I'll be serious later 😂😂😂)

(Haha it’s fine this is actually kinda hilarious!) Zelo: *Stares at you starry eyes* Can you get me the M600SR tracking point rifle??? Yongguk and Himchan said that those were nearly impossible to swipe unless we were to break into so huge government base or something *o*

Reylo meta

Strap into your seats, ladies and gents, because this literature major is about to learn you a thing and it involves Star Wars, Shakespeare, and shipping and boy are you in for a bumpy ride.

Originally posted by fightme-rey

I want to talk about how deeply entrenched Star Wars is in our mutual tales and stories - and, particularly, about the main source of a huge amount of our literature. And because others have already touched upon Hades/Persephone and Arthurian legends and mythology, I want to talk about Shakespeare.

You read that right. Star Wars and Shakespeare.

Originally posted by lucky-ducky-123

You see, Shakespeare’s plays can be divided into three main categories: comedies, tragedies, and histories. Often, comedies and histories are lumped together. Just keep this in mind.

So, what’s a Shakespearian comedy/history? What’s a tragedy? Here’s the BIG BASIC IDEA that will direct us back to TFA:

Comedy/History: Order is restored to a chaotic world through a marriage or series of marriages. It’s not always happy or funny.

Tragedy: Order is restored to a chaotic world through a death or series of deaths. It’s not always sad.

SOUND FAMILIAR? RESTORING ORDER TO THE WORLD/GALAXY? I digress - but I really don’t. Listen up, fuckers, because I’m putting some work into this shit.

OK, enough about Shakespeare. You guys don’t like Shakespeare that much, do you? You do? Great, because we’re not done with Shakespeare.

Originally posted by infiltrate--imagination

Because I could literally pick any Shakespearian play to prove my point. But there’s one (or rather, a series) in particular that I’m using. And it’s the King Richard II to King Henry IV stories. And the only thing you need to know is this: that each individual play can be considered a tragedy. But, when taken together, they build a massive, four-part comedy. Why? Because the overarching conflict that is causing disorder and chaos (the war between France and Britain) is solved with a marriage. 

So in the same way, each movie in the Star Wars movie-verse can be individually considered a comedy or a tragedy. Hell, even each set of three can be viewed separately. But, in an overarching wave, I’m arguing that Star Wars, all nine films, will end as a comedy.

Episode I: We get thrust into a story about galactic priests and governments and huge things, but the hero of our story is a small boy. We get a big death (Qui-Gon dies) but we end with something resembling a comedy as Anakin becomes Obi-Wan’s apprentice and Padme presents a gift of appreciation and friendship to the Gungans. We also get cool Shakespearian comedic tropes of mistaken identity and we also get the inkling of an idea that lineage will be important. Episode I is a comedy.

Originally posted by melsshortformelody

Episode II: Oh BOY this one is FUN. See, Attack of the Clones ends with a marriage, but it’s a secret marriage - which is NOT comedic. Secret loves and marriages fuck shit up in Shakespeare (see Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Antony and Cleopatra, etc.) Plus we get the official Jedi acknowledgment of the impending Clone Wars and that impending violence and death will be the only way to restore order to the galaxy. Episode II is, without a doubt, a tragedy. 

Originally posted by glamorous--love

Episode III: Do I even need to address this one? Ok, I will for the sake of continuity. Revenge of the Sith is a tragedy. It ends with a shit ton of death (but also parallel life), only increasing the ironic tragedy of the entire situation. So, overall, we could call the series of films I,II, and III a tragedy. I’m calling it. It’s a tragedy. Everything is chaos and that chaos is resolved, if not really solved, with a series of deaths. Fucking hell, Obi-Wan.

Originally posted by livingintechnicolor-ii

Episode IV: Do you fuckers like comedy? Because that’s what you’ve got in A New Hope - straight comedy. I know that other bloggers have already touched on this, but ANH ends with the most wedding-ish scene ever. It’s a big celebration marking the restoration of some form of order over the chaos that reigned terror over the galaxy. 

Originally posted by purple-lightsaber

Episode V: Tragedy, you little shits. I hope you’re starting to see a pattern, because my fingers are getting tired and pretty soon I’m going to have to open a new bottle of wine. Fuck, the title tells us everything. The Empire Strikes Back by killing off a bunch of people and things, including Han Solo (we are led to believe) and Luke’s innocence. We’re trying to restore order by killing off the things that previously caused disorder.

Originally posted by 1980s-90sgifs

Episode VI: I don’t really have a choice in this one. It’s a comedy. And here’s the only reason why: George Lucas couldn’t end such a popular series as a tragedy. He could have easily shown Luke’s slide into the dark side, blah blah blah. But nope, this shit’s family friendly, and we end with a bonfire and a big-ass party. Yep, people die. Darth Vader dies, for a big example. But comedies and histories don’t necessarily avoid death - in fact, in many comedies, the “big bad” does die, or is exiled or something like that. So I’m calling Episode VI a “reluctant comedy.”

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And this leaves us, where? It leaves us with a tragedy and a comedy - or, as I prefer to call the original series, a “reluctant comedy.” We can put the original trilogy on the same literary level as Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure.” It ends with a series of marriages so, literarily, it MUST be a comedy, it certainly doesn’t feel that way, given all the pain and death also associated with the story.

My theory: We’re going to get our fucking ULTIMATE INTERGALACTIC SPACE COMEDY. And we’re going to get it through Rey and Kylo Ren. 

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Episode VII: I’m going to be completely honest with you: I don’t know how to categorize this shit. There’s no big ceremony, celebration, or series of marriages at the end. But neither is there an attempt to restore balance through killing a bunch of people. Yes, we get Han’s death. But we also get the destruction of the Starkiller Base. And that’s pretty parallel to ANH, right? Obi-Wan dies, and the Death Star gets blown up. But we call that shit comedy because of the ending ceremony. But we can’t categorize this one. Why?

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The writers knew EXACTLY the shit they were pulling. There is no defining TFA because they’re creating an OVERARCHING comedy (or tragedy, but it’s going to be a comedy, trust me), unlike the previous series. 


Because we’re gonna finally get that fucking balance we fucking crave like that mineral. We need balance. Balance of comedy and tragedy, balance of light and dark sides of the Force, balance of literally everything - it’s how the Force likes to exist: In BALANCE. And lookie lookie here, you little kiddo shits, everything we’ve seen so far within both Rey and Kylo Ren represents a struggle to either FIND or FIGHT that balance. And when these fuckers team up, we’re going to finally have that balance that it took NINE FILMS to reach.

Oh, and when I say “team up” - that’s our marriage. I’m not saying they’re actually going to get married and have a fucking ceremony and shit. But they are absolutely going to team up and fight the “big bad” - Snoke. And Ren is probably going to die - but his death doesn’t bring order to the galaxy - Rey and Ren’s “MARRIAGE” will bring that balance.

So there you go.

Big fucking intergalactic space comedy.

Post-Cyberpunk - A Balance of Light and Dark

Post-Cyberpunk is a term I originally came across a few years ago on TV Tropes. It refers to a sub-type of cyberpunk rather than a separate genre. Post-Cyberpunk works are still cyberpunk. Now first off I want to admit that I might be completely misinterpreting what post-cyberpunk is suppose to mean and I know what could be considered post-cyberpunk is open to debate. I merely use the term (possibly incorrectly) to refer to cyberpunk which isn’t quite as dystopian as some cyberpunk can be. What I want to talk about here is why it’s my favourite type of cyberpunk and in order to do that I’m going to use Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex as an example.

To put it simply I like post-cyberpunk because it provides a balance between light and dark, it shows a world that’s neither a dystopia or utopia. There are parts of the world that are bad but there are also things that are good, it’s not unrelentingly grim. In general I like to see this contrast in stories, I like some stories which are darker and some which are lighter but ultimately I think having contrast in tone regardless of what you are overall going for is a good thing. Some cyberpunk stories are basically “grr, technology is evil” which usually makes me roll my eyes. In post-cyberpunk technology is essentially neutral, what matters is how people use that technology, it can improve people’s lives or make them worse. And I find transhumanism, the idea of using technology to improve the human condition to be a fascinating theme to explore. Likewise the technology itself is just really cool. Morality tends to be grey rather than simplistic black and white, good vs evil and the problems people face are often far reaching societal issues which can be difficult (although not impossible) to fix. In post-cyberpunk the world can get better or worse and while things may never be perfect there is room for optimism, things can improve.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is a good example of what I’ve been talking about. The world is very much a mixed bag. There have been two more world wars, poverty and inequality is still a huge problem, governments and corporations both are horribly corrupt and all manner of other awful things still happen. But there are still good things in the world, lots of people still live relatively normal lives and there is still joy to be found. Technology can be used for nefarious ends like the Individual Eleven virus which is a computer virus which infects people’s brains and causes them to do terrible things but it can also be used to improve lives like how many people’s lives are better due to cyberization. In terms of morality people run the gamut, sure you have genuinely good people like the Tachikomas and terrible people like Ghoda but on the whole people and morality is more complicated than that. Take Section 9 for example, they’re the heroes and are for the most part good sure but they have murdered people and they still work for a government that is shown to be corrupt and doesn’t seem to have people’s best interests at heart. As for complicated issues, the refugee crisis in the 2nd GIG is a problem that can’t be resolved by simply shooting Ghoda in the face but that doesn’t mean people can’t try to improve the lives of the refugees.

So I’ve rambled a lot, possibly incoherently. Hopefully I’ve gotten what I was trying to say across and haven’t just wasted your time. To sum up I do like stories/settings with a lighter tone and stories/settings with a darker tone and I by no means inherently dislike more dystopian cyberpunk. But something I like about post-cyberpunk is how it shows us a world that is neither a dystopia or a utopia, where good things and bad things happen, where things can get better or worse and where technology is ultimately neutral, what matters is how we use it.