huge glass eye

Sweater Weather

Pairing: EXO Kyungsoo (D.O.) X Reader

Genre: Smut

Warning: Swearing

Word Count: 2796

A/N my iphone got run over by a car lol rip :(

Btw no, this isn’t anything to do with the nbhd’s song lolol (but it’s a good song)

It was bright – brighter than you’d ideally wanted for the situation. You’d always pictured yours and Kyungsoo’s first time somewhat in the dark; both of you could be self-conscious of your own bodies. Well, that was if Kyungsoo was going to make the move.

You were both sprawled out on his large, dark grey couch. It was L shaped, one end of it pointed towards the huge window that adorned a third of his living room wall. Kyungsoo’s apartment was almost the penthouse, deeming it impossible for people to see in.

It was another rainy day in Seoul, yet the clouds were a shocking white. The light cast on Kyungsoo’s skin, only enhancing his pearly white skin and making you extremely jealous at his lack of imperfections. It also managed to make the open plan apartment seem far larger than it really was, allowing you to feel vulnerable in an open space while also remaining safe close to Kyungsoo.

Your legs were tangled together, him lying on his back and you on your side while you gazed up at him, your chin rested on his chest. You watched him with adoration as he observed out the huge glass pane, eyes dancing over the water droplets arranged irregularly – like stars – across the glass.

The room wasn’t lit in an artificial light, and you appreciated the natural beam coming from the white clouds. His dark hair stood upwards, neatly craning to the side. You couldn’t help yourself run your hands through it, disarraying it messily. You’d appreciated the ever-increasing length of it so much recently.

You wondered if he was contemplating something, the two of you had been silent for a while as he studied outside the window. Every once in a while, his plush lips would part slightly, like he wanted to say something or initiate something, but he never did.

His eyelids were tipped downwards, still looking outside while your eyes stayed upon him. Finally, he released a deep sigh and moved the hand that was resting on your waist, running it up and down affectionately. It wasn’t erotic in the slightest, only loving.

Kyungsoo made you feel so loved in almost every way possible, however, you’d never made love. You both wanted to, Kyungsoo especially – as he worried that he hadn’t proved to you quite how serious he was about your shared love - but he was slightly nervous and would be unsure of how to commence it. He didn’t know whether you were ready, but also, he was just generally nervous to make the first move.

His dark irises shifted from the bright window to look at you, locking your eyes together. He couldn’t help but smile, only a small smile, upon seeing your expression . You’d looked so intrigued, studying his features, your eyes wide in interest. You returned the smile, blushing slightly. His arm tightened around you and he curved his body closer to yours. You pushed yourself upwards slightly, allowing your lips to become inches away.

Your lips pressed together gently, his hand still running comfortingly up and down your side. You lazily moved your lips together, sighing into the kiss while you allowed his arms to soon cage you into him. They were stronger than you had previously thought – locking you close to his body.

A flicker of control eased its way through him and he gently tugged at your oversized sweater, motioning for you to come closer. You ended up right on his lap; he had backed up and sat up slightly against the back of the sofa.

You stayed like that for a while, your thoughts becoming more heated and wondering if he felt the same. You were positive he did, as his fingers dropped from your sides and began to play with the hem of your sweater, but they hesitated. You depend the kiss in attempt to assure him that it was what you wanted, your hands moving from his arms to rest on his chest through his white shirt.

However, his uncertainty got the best of him and he returned his hands further up your body. You pulled backwards, breaking the kiss and looking down at your boyfriend. He looked up at you in concern, his brows furrowing while you gave him a look that Kyungsoo couldn’t quite read.

“Is… everything alright?” he asked, his voice low and his eyes searching yours. He dropped his hands from your sides, automatically thinking you didn’t want to take it further, but you smiled, taking his hands from the sides of his thighs and placing them back where they were.

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I love the smaller sunnies that Bella and Kendall have been wearing. The huge bug eye glasses of the early 2000s (Nicole Richie) are finalllyy going out of style. Just saying bc I read a confession about how they’re just trying to be iconic but honestly fashion comes and go, fashion repeats itself, and I feel like this style is finally changing. That’s one of the main reasons I love these girls bc they help change these kinds of fashion trends.

anonymous asked:

Hallo! Looks- I'm 5'3", I have a cringy brown bob, blue eyes, huge glasses, short nails that are always painted but not very well. And other stuff- low-key way too obsessed with school but high-key way too obsessed with procrastinating to do anything about it. I love HP, Dan and Phil, Sherlock, and other assorted time wasters. I make a mean hot chocolate and I like to write! (Oh and I'm female)

Hellooo! I’m sure your bobs not cringy and I think big glasses are very cute and sweet. Lmao I’m the exact same way with school tho? We have the same interests in time wasters though 😂😂 and I do write a little bit too

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