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Luffy’s outfits through the series 

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CS AU || Not What You Expect 

Your happy ending may not be what you expect, but that is what will make it so special.
 - Snow White, 3x11

Princess Emma, along with her parents, ruled over the kingdom Misthaven in relative peace… until one night, the Dark One comes to collect on a deal that her parents had made to ensure her safety before she was born.

Emma decides to strike a counter-deal with Rumplestiltskin: if she could find her true love by the next new moon, he would leave their kingdom and her family alone for good.

Not one to sit around waiting for a prince to come save her, Emma then sets out to find the one who spent his whole life (and then some) hunting down the Dark One—Captain Killian “Hook” Jones, notorious pirate and scourge of the seven seas. Together, they go on a quest to defeat the Dark One once and for all… and perhaps find true love along the way.

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klaus opening up to caroline

Guys, at the risk to sound annoying and unpopular, I need to ask you to really, really try to better control spoilers. I was so excited because I was about to watch tonight/tomorrow episode completely unaware of what will happen and trust me, it is annoying to having your efforts ruined only a few hours before it.
CBS already has its faults with the increasingly spoilerish promotional material, but I can handle it with targeted blacklisting and staying away in the right moments. Still, I can’t watch out every single post around here. Fanfictions are great, you are all so talented - but if these are based on spoilers, please put some warning. Anything. We said it many times, a word in tag or in body is enough.

Thank you :*


The Batman: On the anniversary of Robin’s death, the mysterious Red Hood leaves a trail of bloodshed throughout Gotham City. When the trail goes cold, Batman gets word of a dirty bomb being planted in Arkham Asylum by the new foe. In turn of event, Batman is lured into a trap by the Red Hood without a bomb. The Dark Knight is now faced with the task of survival and facing old demons locked inside.