huge dunk

Magcon Adventure Part 3

Your P.O.V.

Once you said bye to Aaron, you went down to the pool with the rest of the guys. On your way down, you couldn’t help but think that something was up with Aaron. He usually didn’t get annoyed so easily, especially towards you. Ever since you guys have been here, he’s been weird around you. You couldn’t understand what you had done to make him that way. Maybe you coming to Magcon with him wasn’t such a good idea. You started thinking that maybe going home might be the best way to save Aaron and your’s friendship. Before you could dwell on that thought to long, Matt interrupted you.

“I still can’t get over how beautiful you look Y/N” Matt said, walking close beside you.

“How about you tell me that when I’m not in a bikini.” You say with a slight smirk on your face.

“It’s not cause of what your wearing, you could be wear trash bags and I would still think your beautiful.” He says, trying to keep his eyes off your body.

“Mhmm, well when the time comes that I wear trash bags we’ll see if you still feel the same.” You say laughing, as you continue to walk ahead.

“Ohh that girl has got sass.” Nash says playfully punching Matt’s arm.

“Shut up would you?” Matt asks Nash, looking annoyed.

“Would you two stop. We came here to swim not argue.” You tell them while walking threw the door to the pool.

As you were taking your shoes off and setting down your towel in one of the nearby chairs, you heard screaming. You turned your head in time to see Taylor running towards you. Before you could say anything he had picked you up, and thrown you in the pool.

“ Taylor you idiot!! Why in the hell would you do that!” You yelled at him while getting the water out of your nose.

“Come on Y/N learn to have some fun.” Taylor says laughing at you.

“ Oh I know how to have fun.” You say with a smile. You then lean over and dunk Taylor’s head under water.

“ Alright you asked for it!” Taylor said after he got his breath.

Next thing you knew it became a huge dunking war between everyone. You never had so much fun before. After a couple of hours, you decided to go up and see how Aaron was doing. You felt bad that he was up there all alone, while everyone was having fun down here.

“Hey guys I’m going to go and check on  Aaron.” You tell everyone, while getting out of the pool.

“Here I’ll come with you.” Matt said getting out of the pool as well.

“No Matt it’s fine. Stay here and have fun.” You say while gathering your things.

“Nah I’d rather come with you.” Matt says coming up beside you.

You weren’t really sure how to respond to him, it’s not like you were used to guys flirting with you. Sure Matt was cute, but you just met him, he was basicly still a stranger. On your way to the elevator, you noticed Matt getting closer and closer to you. It was starting to make you feel uncomfortable,and the elevator ride wasn’t any better. He slowly kept making his way closer to you, until your back was up against the wall.

“Matt what are you doing?” You tried asking as calmly as you could.

“Oh come on Y/N stop the act. I know you like me." Matt says getting close to your face.

"Actually I don’t, and even if I did I surly wouldn’t now.” You tell him disgusted.

Right before he could respond the elevator doors opened. You let out a sigh of relief, until you saw Aaron standing there looking heartbroken. Before you were able to say anything he took off the other way. You shoved Matt off of you and ran after Aaron.

“Aaron!! Aaron wait!” You yelled after him,trying to catch up.

He stopped and turned to look at you.“What do you want?” He says annoyed.

“That wasn’t what it looked like I promise!” You say out of breath.

“ Really? You sure about that? Cause it looked like you and Matt were having a great time in there.” Matt spits at you, turning back around and heading back to the room.

“ Believe me it wasn’t like that. He was like forcing himself upon me. I was trying to tell him I didn’t like him like that.” You say almost in tears. Why was he acting like this?

“ Don’t you accuse one of my friends of doing that. If anything it was you throwing yourself at them.” He yells out in anger, while trying to open the door.

“ How could you say that about me? You know me better then anyone. You know I’m not like that.” You say completely shocked that he would say something like that.

“Maybe I don’t know you as well as I thought.” Aaron says looking straight at you.

“Aaron why are you being like this?” You ask, trying to hold back the tears.

“ Maybe I don’t like to see my friends all over the girl I.. Never mind just leave me alone.” He says, while blushing a deep red.

“The girl you what?” You ask wanting him to continue.

“Look just forget it!” He said looking at you, then slamming the door in your face.

What was he about to say. Why would he care if his friends were flirting with me? It’s not like we were together or anything. You slowly slid down the wall until you hit the ground. You sat there thinking of any possible reason why he would get so mad. Until it hit you, what if Aaron likes you?